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  1. MasterBlkDick4U
    MasterBlkDick4U Wondering MWF
    Hi there My Jason and My Sexy Samantha! I got booted and locked out. My emails are mr.dickforurmouth@yahoo.com and or masterblkdick4u@gmail.com as my number is 9043868605 contact me asap.
  2. MasterBlkDick4U
    MasterBlkDick4U Married and Willing
    Hi! How are you? What actually are you willing to try and do?
  3. Khristy Creams
  4. 22malehere
    Any cucks or wives welcome to start a conversation with me :)
  5. WimpHub2
    WimpHub2 humiliateme
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  6. married32_open formore
    married32_open formore toolman2c
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  7. tical27
    tical27 emily_mwf32
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    I have a sexy new 53 year old girlfriend. I need a real man to help her cuckold and humiliate me. She loves sex and deserves a real man.
  9. exupman
    exupman KarenTheSlut
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    bull stud Welshhub55
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  11. toolman2c
    toolman2c Eszti
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    Paulzh zifzif
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  16. KarenTheSlut
  17. Hector51
    Currently writing an erotic story with the help of the amazing Kent mum.
  18. KarenTheSlut
    i love being exposed
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  19. toolman2c
    toolman2c Aspiringcuck
    hope u get more involved soon, she could help u tell of her exciting adventures..
  20. toolman2c
    toolman2c submissive voyeur
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