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    by Published on 09-19-2014 04:34 PM  Number of Views: 1500 
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    Formerly called Four Corners Fucking and re-done with more detail since the first time I posted
    it I was short of time.

    by EroticWriter

    “Do you really plan to do it?”

    I knew what Sharon was asking about, but I wanted to hear her say it again. “Do what?”

    “Fuck me in four states at once.”

    I loved hearing that. The F word was something I usually could not get my wife to use, but for this occasion I had told her that we would be fucking and not necessarily making love. We were on U.S. Route 160 and heading south. Much of our trip to the four corners monument was being made in the state of Colorado, but soon we would be seeing three other states, and standing on them, all at the same time.

    And also be fucking on them, all four of them. That was the plan. It was nearing dusk and I knew that any tourists in the area were probably already headed somewhere else. You can't do much viewing of the beautiful red southwest in the dark.

    Sharon was leaning towards me now, reaching across the center armrest and had her left hand on my leg. She was caressing me, doing it slowly and I knew that she was not only building the suspense for me, but for herself as well. I would have reached over and fondled that pussy I love so much, but she was wearing jeans.

    There it was ahead, the sign announced, Four Corners Monument. We pulled in, and saw people all around, and some permanent structure with roofs surrounding much of the parking lot around the monument. The roofs were for the purpose of allowing the Navaho to set up booths and sell trinkets to the tourists. The last time I had been through here, there had been nothing but little wooden huts of a temporary nature standing ...
    by Published on 09-19-2014 04:33 PM  Number of Views: 1467 
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    I was supposed to meet my wife, Maureen for dinner. I was supposed to be home at 5 pm. I was supposed too, but my boss made me stay late due to a client presentation coming up and by the time I left it was already 9 pm.

    I had called Maureen at 4:45 and told her the issue with my boss and she laughed and said she was going to the Winchester, a local bar/eatery that usually had a live band and a dance floor. ...
    by Published on 09-19-2014 04:31 PM  Number of Views: 1299 
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    She Caught Me Fucking Her Mother
    by EroticWriter

    Formerly called Short and Sweet and now re-written for your enjoyment.

    A suspicious husband was in his car sitting outside his mother in law's house. He called his wife. Marty sounded like she was smiling and said, “Hi honey. I'm with mom, and we're shopping.”

    He frowned into the phone and said, “No you're not. I'm sitting in front of your mother's house and her car is here and I know she always goes to meet you. I'm going to knock at her door.”

    “No Fred, wait!” But Fred had already clicked off the phone. He was going to knock just to be sure and knew that he had to get to the door before his wife could call her mother's number. His wife's mother was widowed for three years now. She was quite attractive, but Fred had always played it straight and never gave her more than the usual son-in-law glance.

    Fred knocked, and sure enough his mother-in-law was there and answered the door. Now Fred knew for sure that his wife had lied to him.

    The phone rang behind her. Mildred looked around, as if to answer that. He pointed. “Mildred, that's your daughter Marty on the phone. Tell her that you see me outside but you aren't going to answer the door.”

    She looked strangely at him, and he said, “Go on. Tell her that I'm knocking but you're pretending that you're not at home.”

    “Wait here.”

    Fred waited, heard the phone stop ringing abruptly as it was answered, and he could hear his mother-in-law's voice as she talked on the phone.

    She came back and confirmed, “You're right, that was my daughter. So what is this all about?”

    “I think you know,” and Fred proceeded to tell her of his suspicions.

    After he had finished bluntly telling his mother in law why he was there, Mildred invited him in. They talked and Mildred admitted that she ...
    by Published on 09-19-2014 04:29 PM  Number of Views: 821 
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    Her Tonsillectomy

    by EroticWriter

    Jeannie was placed in a semi-private room, with one other woman. The tonsillitis
    infection had come on suddenly, and Jeannie was taking time off from her part time
    job at the grocery store. Needing every penny that they could earn right now, her
    husband had gone on to work, as they had agreed.

    Nervous about going under the knife and wanting someone to talk to, Jeannie
    befriended the woman who was sharing her room. She learned that Mary would be going
    home soon, so she probably wouldn't be around to keep company with Jeannie after her
    surgery. They swapped stories, and the fact that Jeannie was having what was
    considered childhood surgery as an adult was joked about.

    Mary was still in the next bed when Jeannie was rolled away for surgery. It was late
    in the day. Jeannie had been scheduled for earlier in the day, but her doctor had
    been involved in emergency surgery due to an accident.

    After surgery, Jeannie was placed into her bed while still unconscious. Not knowing
    about the changing of the time of the operation, her husband came to visit her in
    the early evening. Thinking that she would be awake and ready for visitors, he had
    brought flowers. Jeannie remained asleep.

    When he expressed his concerns, the duty nurse said that there was nothing abnormal
    about that, some patients woke up quickly and others would remain asleep for hours.
    It appeared that Jeannie might be one of the latter, and the nurse advised him to
    head on home. The nurse promised that she would tell Jeannie he had been there when
    Jeannie awakened. As her husband left, the nurse was putting the flowers he had
    brought into a vase.

    When Jeannie awakened from a dreamless sleep, she tried to move, and couldn't.
    Something was holding her down. After a little while, Jeannie realized that someone
    was lying on top of her. Initially, she was too woozy to be scared. It was dark, and
    it seemed like a dream. Still under the effects of drugs, Jeannie was too weak to do
    anything but lie there.

    Unable to speak, Jeannie looked over to the next bed for help. In the dim light
    coming through from the outside, Jeannie could see that the bed Mary had occupied
    was empty. Too bad, she thought, Mary could have told her if it was her husband that
    was holding her down. She couldn't see his face, but it seemed pretty sure that it
    would be him.

    The person holding her down, whom she now knew for sure to be a man, was sweating
    heavily even though he was unmoving. In her drugged state, Jeannie could not make
    the connection as to what was happening. She tried to reason it out. He must not be
    holding me down so that I won't fall off the bed-he must have some other reason.
    by Published on 09-19-2014 04:27 PM  Number of Views: 1620 
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    First To Get Sloppy Seconds On His Wife

    by EroticWriter (most of it)

    Note readers. This is a hot story with title changed slightly that I read on another site and liked so I decided that I would greatly enhance it by making up and adding detail. In the process I also added a long scene of men dancing with the wife in the story plus our husband meeting another couple and the beautiful redhead wife, and the part about a second man getting into the hotel room. My compliments to the original author. Enjoy.

    My wife is 40 years old and slim. Her face is deceptive, being rather young in appearance and most people would guess her to be in her mid-thirties at most. She has an exceptionally nice figure for her age and still loves sex. She does most things I want – oral sex on demand and on occasion she takes it in the mouth and swallows. Best of all, in addition to her tight pussy, she cums easily and I always know when it is happening, because she lets me know.

    However one thing I have not been able to get her to do is to experiment and maybe have sex with another guy while I watch. I haven't come right out and said that I want her to fuck another guy, you know how it goes. Basically I have hinted around, sort of feeling her out, but she won't respond or react to my comments. I know that she might have a fantasy of being fucked by a younger, fit guy but she has some moral hang-ups to do with marriage I guess.

    But though on the surface my wife is sort of...a prude, she might not actually be. Read this and see what you think.

    Several weeks ago we took a holiday to a resort area in the state of South Carolina and as usual spent a lot of time doing things like walking, lying on the beach, eating at decent restaurants and doing some drinking, in moderation.

    On one particular night my wife was drinking quite a bit more than usual, and she was mixing drinks.

    The evening began with a couple of glasses of beer and was followed up with a bottle of wine with a fine cuisine meal. Then she moved onto Bacardi and coke, and if I remember correctly was also drinking whiskey at some point.

    I wasn’t putting any limits on our consumption because we were remaining within walking distance of our hotel. But I was allowing her to consume more than me. Someone needed to get us back to the hotel so I had decided to get high, but not too.

    We did some dancing, and a guy from a group of five guys came over and asked her to dance.

    He looked to be 25 at most, but I could see by her eyes that my wife was attracted to him. Sober, she might have laughed and said “never mind, I’m a little old for you.” But instead, she looked inquisitively at me, and I said, “Sure, go ahead honey. Enjoy yourself.”

    Her hand in his, off they went. There is something about dancing that I should mention here in case you haven’t thought about it.

    Let’s say you have a woman and she is supposedly yours exclusively. You dated her, worked on getting into her pants and she resisted, saying she is waiting and saving it for her husband. So finally you tie the knot and confirm, sure enough, she has been saving it. She loves you and assures you that she will never ‘cheat,’ that another man will never know her body.

    Yet, with as little as three words, ‘Care to dance?’ or even one word…’Dance?’ another man can have your woman up against his body with his arms around her and maybe his hands, if she does not object, on her. Her breasts can end up pressed against his chest. If her nipples become erect, they both will feel them between them.

    He can have his face right next to hers. She might even feel his warm breath on her neck, and he can even be whispering things in her ears. If he gets an erection, she is going to feel it rubbing up against her. While all this is happening, all is ‘innocent fun’ and when he returns her to her husband, supposedly nothing was going on.

    Your woman might be thoroughly aroused and hiding it. Supposedly she still has never allowed another man to ‘know’ her body, and she has never ‘cheated.’ She has not even thought about cheating, or so she claims. Yet we let men, and oftentimes, strangers, dance with our women. Why?

    My wife was now on the floor with a man maybe 17 years her junior, but it was all innocent fun, right?. About that time I started talking to a guy next to me who was half of a couple. By talking to him, I figured I could also maintain some eye contact with his wife, and she was eye candy. He, like me, was into sports and we started rambling on.

    When I looked away from him and looked out onto the floor I noticed that my wife was allowing the guy she was dancing with to pull her body in unusually tight against his, and since the lights were low, I was wondering if perhaps his hands were taking liberties when he had her out in the center of the floor where I couldn't see what was going on.

    But, I was thinking, ‘My wife is 40 and that guy is just a kid, so surely she wouldn’t let him touch her inappropriately, would she?’

    He brought my wife back to the table after one song and I was wondering if he would say anything to the other guys about my wife and they would all look over at us. I watched him return to his table and sure enough, that was exactly what happened. I figured that he had told them that my wife had allowed him to feel her up.

    Sure enough, in a minute another of the five guys came over and asked my wife to dance. She jumped right up without looking at me since she figured I now had someone to talk to.

    With the other guy now holding her, the same thing seemed to be going on. In any case, if those guys she was dancing with happened to get an erection, she would certainly be feeling it the way they were holding her close.

    That song ended and another one of the guys walked up to them and took my wife into his arms before she could return to my table. Again, her body was being squashed up against his.

    I think the guy I was talking to was also seeing how my wife was being handled since he sometimes looked out onto the floor in her direction, but he didn't say anything. I noticed that his wife was also glancing out at the floor and my wife and I knew what she might be thinking.

    Our eyes met with some kind of understanding and I asked her husband if he minded if maybe I could take his wife, a cute 20 something redhead onto the floor, and he answered for her, saying she didn't like to dance. I didn't know if his wife had heard him, ...
    by Published on 09-18-2014 12:14 AM  Number of Views: 9824 
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    Megan and her coworker Doug were chatting in the kitchen at work.

    “You look very nice today, Megan,” ...
    by Published on 09-15-2014 06:10 PM  Number of Views: 2876 
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    Article Preview

    Her Boss and first co-husband

    The long and interesting story of my wife and her boss at her first full ...
    by Published on 09-07-2014 11:08 AM  Number of Views: 1139 
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    She Caught Me Fucking Her Mother
    by EroticWriter

    Formerly called Short and Sweet and now re-written ...
    by Published on 09-04-2014 09:38 PM  Number of Views: 1171 
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    by EroticWriter

    First published on 06-14-2011

    Having determined ...
    by Published on 09-04-2014 07:57 PM  Number of Views: 276 

    Speech Therapy, or Teaching The Teacher The Hard Way

    by Erotic Writer

    Taken from an original ...