• Taking Another Mans Wife

    Decide for yourself how much truth is in this story.

    I've had a 'thing' for another man's wife for sometime now. I'm otherwise happily married with cute as a button kids.

    Around the corner from us live Pete and Lara. They have kids too. In fact the neighborhood is filled with couples with kids. It's a fine neighborhood.

    I'm 45, as is my better half. Pete's 40 and Lara is 35.

    I've had this thing for Lara since I first saw her. She's just a very attractive woman slim, sexy, shortish blond hair, maybe 5'6' or so.

    Lara dresses sexy but in no way comes off as slutty. She can wear a pair of tight jeans or a short skirt,but it's never too short. Her clothes are never too tight or too revealing. She's a mom, and frankly, seems like a fine mom. And she certainly seems to love her husband.

    And I've wanted to fuck her.

    Now I've been fully aware that I had no chance of scoring with Lara (at least with her consent). As couples, we are friends that see each other on occasion as a foursome.

    I found myself always looking or the opportunity to check her out. Honestly, it's been frustrating. She's hot and I want a piece and there is nothing I can do that will substitute.

    I've been fantasizing about her. I'm finding the more I fantasize about her the more I want her. And it's not like I want to leave my wife for her. I just want to fuck the chick.

    I had hoped that there were ways to get over obsessions. I thought maybe fantasizing about her would be sufficient. I even wrote a story here about her being raped in the hopes that would produce a sufficient happy ending. But, no I still just wanted to get in her pants.

    Last summer, we hosted a party for several of the neighborhood couples, include Pete and Lara. As you can imagine, I was anticipating checking Lara out at the event. About 15 minutes before the party was to start, an idea hit me, like getting smacked on the side of the head.

    My idea was simple I was going to grab a drinking glass, take it to the washroom and jack off in it. I'd hide the glass in our cupboard and when it came time to serve the punch I'd made (laced with vodka naturally), I'd pull that glass out, add the punch and let her drink it.

    I made sure my wife didn't notice and grabbed a glass and excused myself to the washroom. I began to wonder about whether she'd be able to taste anything! What if she said something? Well I decided to jerk off in the glass and hide it. I could try adding punch in at the appropriate time and make a call then as to whether I would go through with it.

    The thought of what I was thinking about doing made it easy to cum. Within 5 minutes I was finished. I made sure the load stayed at the bottom of the glass and quickly exited the washroom and hid the glass on a higher shelf.

    Now, I'm not going to tell you that the glass was filled with a bucket of cum. I don't want to exaggerate the facts. But it certainly was more than a thimble full.

    The very idea of what I was contemplating excited me, even though I wasn't sure I'd go through with the plan.

    But when Pete and Lara showed up Lara looking very sexy in a sleeveless top and jeans and I just felt compelled to go through with it.

    They weren't the first to arrive. I ushered people into our backyard. If I was going to actually do this, it would have to be so no one could see anything at all suspicious. It would have to look like I gave her a random glass out of the few I was bringing.

    Well, I went for it. It turned out to be pretty easy to do. I grabbed her glass from the top of the cupboard, while everyone was outside, and quickly filled it with punch. I gave her glass a little stir with a spoon, wanting to make sure that no globs of sperm would be evident. And then I served the drinks to everyone.

    It was so hard for me to interact with people. I want to watch Lara drink it I wanted to watch every sip. And, frustratingly, she held her glass for a while without putting it to her mouth.

    Someone else complimented me on the punch. I smiled. Lara asked me what was in it, and I told her it was my special concoction. She smiled and said "I bet it is." and then put the glass to her mouth.

    My cock has never been so hard. I watched her drink it. She just said "Good."

    It was such a special night for me. Lara swallowed my sperm. Late in the evening I saw her give a small kiss to Pete. And I knew my sperm had passed by those lips.

    My euphoria lasted a day. I now needed more. For the first time, I actually considered raping her.

    But in spite of my obsession, I still can be a realist. When would I get an opportunity to rape her? How would I ever be able to get away with it? Nevermind getting away with it how would I even be able to succeed? Even if I got her alone, the odds are she'd resist.

    Sure I'm a man. Not the strongest nor the weakest, but a knockdown fight with her wasn't quite as appealing. If she were already tied down to the bed, I would jump at the opportunity to fuck her, even against her will. But a fight just wasn't going to be in the cards.

    Fortunately, someone upstairs must like me. Someone upstairs must have thought that I deserved that shot the chance to fuck Lara.

    My opportunity came to me two weeks after her swallowing my sperm.

    It was a Thursday night. My wife and kids were up at her parents' cottage for a couple of weeks and I joined them on the weekends. I called Pete and Lara's house and invited them over for a bbq or something, explaining I was on my own.

    Pete declined and said that actually they were going out to dinner shortly just the two of them and had arranged for a baby sitter. He then asked if I wanted to join them. Thinking quickly I declined, but told him that when they got home from dinner, they could drop by for a beer or something before going back home.

    Pete liked that idea, but made no commitment. I knew he'd like that idea because he is an occasional pot smoker and he loves my backyard deck as a place to indulge in this habit. Lara usually joins him.

    I waited anxiously to see if in fact they'd show up.

    The three hours between that phone call and when they showed up at the door seemed like an eternity. I had spent most of that time pacing. I spent a little bit of that time taking out some sleeping pills from a prescription I had been given a little over a year back.

    I thought about it long and hard. I decided I was going to let Pete sleep the night off, while I have my way with Lara.

    They showed up. I gave him a dose and a half . I didn't want to kill the bugger; I just wanted to fuck his wife.

    They showed up. We sat on the patio. I declined to smoke. I watched him drink up the Perrier I had served him.

    He moved to a chaise lounge and praised his weed, which he told me was a premium variety. Lara giggled a bit.

    Pete began to fall asleep. I managed to convince him to move inside to a couch.

    I was very excited. It was like I was meant to fuck Lara. This was too easy.

    Lara and I talked a bit, poking fun at sleepy Pete. I didn't take long for him to be out of it. It was a warm evening shortly after 10 p. m. She figured Pete's nap would be short. I was fairly certain that it would be impossible to rouse him.

    Pete was on one couch. Lara on another. I moved quickly.

    I moved from the chair I was on to beside her, put my arms around her and kissed her on the mouth.

    Sadly but expectedly she resisted.

    I was ready for this. I pulled out a pair of handcuffs from my pocket.

    I told her that I simply absolutely had to have my way with her Pete would never find out but I wasn't willing to take no for an answer.

    She called me a bastard. I responded quickly. Getting the hand cuffs on one arm was easy. But we battled to get them on the other. I had to twist her handcuffed arm behind her to get into an advantageous position. She was still struggling, mostly face down on the couch, but I succeeded. With the snap of metal she now had both arms handcuffed behind her back.

    I could now take my time.

    I felt her breasts. I picked her up back into a seated position so I could kiss her. Her resistance was now passive. This was good.

    I told her how badly I wanted to fuck her. I told her how hot I thought she was. And then I told her I wanted her in my bedroom.

    Lara didn't say anything. She paused and then got up and went with me up the stairs. In my bedroom I had her stand in front of a full length mirror. She watched as I felt her up. I pressed my bulge against her handcuffed hands. She watched as I unbuttoned her jeans. She watched as I slid my hand into her panties.

    It was hard but I really did my best to take my time with her.

    She finally mustered the courage to speak, telling me she wasn't on the pill. I took advantage of this too and told her if she gave in to me I'd make sure not to cum in her. She nodded her agreement, and asked me to never tell Pete.

    It was 10:45. For the next two hours Lara was mine. It began with me fucking her from behind as she stood against my bed with her head resting on it. In between the hand cuffs came off. It ended in the missionary position.

    I had lied and cum in her the first time. She cried a little and said, "You promised." I told her to not worry, because I hadn't wanted to admit to her that I had a vasectomy. This was a lie too, but it seemed to pacify her.

    I had wanted her so badly that it didn't take me long to recuperate. This gave me the opportunity to be in her mouth. I made sure she did all the things I had been fantasizing about.

    I was sheer ecstasy to have her sucking on my balls. But with such an opportunity, sperm in her mouth wasn't what I needed and I went back to fucking her.

    I don't want to say she had an orgasm, but I will claim that she responded this time sexually. I lasted a long time, making sure to live out my fantasies and all their positions.

    We ended in the missionary position, again with me cumming inside her.

    I continued with some after play and insisted on taking some pictures for my memories. She wasn't in a position to refuse.

    Lara asked to shower, but I told her no. I wanted to see her getting dressed knowing I'd pumped my sperm into her.

    Just thinking about it as she got dressed got me semi hard again.

    I told I was going to need it one more time. She had a resigned look on her face as I guided her down to her knees. This time I did finish in her mouth not that I had much sperm left to give. As she finished, I took my cock in my hand and squeezed it. A gob of sperm formed at the tip. I asked her to give me her wedding and engagement rings. She didn't want to, but complied. I took them, rubbed them into that gob of sperm, and then put them back on her finger.

    We went downstairs and she couldn't wake up Pete. I told her not to worry and to go home to the kids so the baby sitter could go home. She agreed with the plan.

    Lara knew there was no way she'd ever tell anyone what had happened. She had no clue that I had drugged Pete. As she was ready to go I made one last request of her that she kiss her husband good bye on the lips.

    She got the symbolism. Lara bent down and kissed Pete for me. The two of us knew her lips had just been on my cock. The experience had been perfect.

    As she left I told her I would need that again. She looked at me didn't say yes, but didn't say no either. It was more a look of her realization that it was a possibility that it would happen again, even against her will.

    You tell me if this is true.
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