• Stay At Home Mom (Ch. 2)

    Then the cell phone rang. She pressed "send". "It's
    me," her husband said cheerfully. "I've got tickets for the
    Orioles and the Yankees. Can you get a sitter?"

    "Hi," she said, with a normal, almost nonchalant tone.
    "Is this tonight?" she said, clearing her throat. "Yeah,"
    Dale said. "We could get a bite to eat at this Thai place
    near Camden Yards."

    The three young men sat with their eyes riveted on
    Liz's rounded ass and long, smooth legs. They would settle
    for nothing less than all the sex they wanted from her.
    They wanted it now. They knew that any woman who would
    dress the way she did and flirt with them about it, then
    have that bizarre exchange with her husband in front of
    them, was one hell of a hungry housewife. If she wasn't,
    she would learn, and from them. Now.

    They flinched as they saw Liz, her left hand holding
    the phone to her ear, carress her hair with her right hand,
    then slowly move her nervous fingers to her neck, where she
    scratched. She rested her hand on the knot of the top
    strap, her back still to the young studs in her family room.
    She paused, trying to collect herself as a heat wave rolled
    toward her, the sound of her husband's voice acting like
    gasoline on a fire. Her ears ringing, she undid the knot,
    then impatiently Lizzy undid the lower knot, and her tits
    were unbound. She let the bikini top fall silently to the

    The young men breathed in and marvelled at her big
    tits showing themselves from the sides so wonderfully and
    abundantly. They protruded outward from her body. She
    planted her fingers in her hair and slowly turned to face
    her lustful admirers. Dale said: "Are you there?" "Yeah,
    I'm here," she said, her voice shaking with a surge of
    carnal desire, "the girls needed something." She walked to
    within two inches of the blonde guy and stared, then closed
    her eyes for a second, then gazed down again at his now
    exposed turgid prick, proudly standing, facing the ceiling.
    The blonde guy moved forward and buried his face in her
    tits, and his strong hands squeezed them inward. She almost
    dropped the phone. It was happening, and she was feeling so
    fucking hot.

    Dale went on: "Can you get a sitter? The game starts
    at 7:15 and we could grab a dinner at around 6, so you could
    meet me at Bangkok Palace then." "Yeah I can call
    somebody," she said, thrilling with the sensation of a
    torrid mouth licking and sucking her breasts. "It should be
    fun!" Dale said. He sensed that she was distracted by
    something, and then a call came through. "Honey, I gotta
    call you back," Dale announced abruptly and hung up. A few
    seconds after he did, his wife said: "Okay." She threw the
    phone on the carpet. Immediately she wrapped her fingers
    around the blonde's cock as he continued to feast on her

    The other two guys had pulled their clothing down to
    their ankles and were blatantly jacking their hard dicks.
    The student said: "Wrong number?" His voice was shaking
    with lust. Lizzy was gasping she was so aroused. "Uh, that
    was my husband." The student looked at the bald guy and
    winked. "Let's get him back, babe," he said, "You can
    tell him about all the cock you're about to swallow." Liz
    was losing herself in the filthiness of this situation and
    looked over at the student. "Maybe I will." The bald guy
    said: "Christ look at those boobs. How do you carry those
    fuckin things around?" "Want some?" she said to him. Her
    hand jerked rapidly on the blonde's dick. She fell to her
    knees and, smiling up at the blonde, grabbed his balls in
    her eager hand and slowly lowered her mouth, tongue wagging,
    to the rock solid head of his large prick. She kissed it
    several times, then ran her tongue up and down the shaft and
    around the head, which she rubbed lovingly over her lips and
    cheeks. Clutching the shaft, with its conspicuous veins,
    she kissed his balls, then licked them. Her mouth seemed to
    be flooding with saliva, and she let it fall freely on his

    She then spit on the head again and jacked him off
    while she turned to the other two and stared, unsmiling.
    She reached her free hand around and pulled down the bottom
    of her swimsuit. Her mouth opened wide and she turned
    around and slowly took the hefty organ into her mouth. The
    young guys began to hear Lizzy's uncontrollable, muffled
    moans of excitement and pleasure.

    "Looks like she's a decent cocksucker," the bald guy
    said. He called with a raised voice over to the blonde, as
    if he were upstairs: "Hey dude, can she suck cock?" She
    turned, keeping her mouth full, but gestured maternally with
    her hand to watch the loud voice. "Oh sorry," he said. The
    blonde guy smiled. "She's got a nice slutty mouth to go with
    those 48 double E jugs, don't you cocksucker?" His eyelids
    grew heavy as he gazed lustfully at her head now bobbing up
    and down on his prick.

    After a few minutes she stopped blowing him and
    grabbed her tits, let saliva fall from her mouth between
    them, then plopped the large, hypnotic flesh on either side
    of his crotch. She worked his cock between her breasts and
    directed a mock protest to the blonde guy: "I object to
    that! My tits aren't THAT big." She moved her tits up and
    down, easily keeping his cock buried in the cleavage. "But
    close," she smiled. As the bald guy stood up and moved
    toward her ass in duck steps, his clothes at his ankles, the
    student smiled at the blonde guy and smirked: "So honey, you
    don't object to stuff like 'slutty mouth' and 'cocksucker',
    just '48 double E jugs, right......cocksucker?" The boys
    were getting more and more excited about talking to her with
    filthy language. The blonde guy smiled back and raised his
    thumb victoriously. Lizzy said nothing and resumed her
    passionate sucking of his dick. "Guess not," the student
    said. Then he looked at the bald guy, who was slapping his
    ha ck against her naked ass, "hey, asshole, I wanted to fuck

    The bald guy smiled over at him. "Relax, bro', we're
    ALL going to fuck her. I'll just fuck her a little." "Yeah
    right," the student laughed. Lizzy looked back, her hand
    groping for the bald guy's dick, "I don't think I'm wet
    enough." The bald kid lay on his back and scooted under her
    crotch, which he pushed himself up to by bracing himself on
    his bulky arms. His grizzly beard rubbed against her smooth
    inner thighs. His tongue found her clitoris and almost
    immediately she began to jerk convulsively. The bald guy
    quickly got back on his knees and jammed his rarin' to go
    prick inside her. "Wet enough?" he gasped, promptly
    working up to power strokes, "she's a fuckin' lake of cunt
    juice. But nice and tight. Hey doesn't your husband ever
    fuck you?"

    Back at his office, Lizzy's husband had to get off the
    phone. But he could not pay attention to the systems
    analyst complaining about the company's local are network.
    Dale was eager to have an evening out with his wife and had
    unsuccessfully tried to rush this second call. But he
    thought, hell, it is business. They are paying me. Finally
    they were done, and he called her on the cell phone.

    The cell phone rang back in his family room. "Speak of
    the devil, I bet that's your husband" the student said,
    getting off the couch and kneeling at her side, attempting
    to position his crotch so that she could jack him off. He
    picked up the cell phone and shook it once in the air next
    to her face. "Shall I take a message?" he grinned, stroking

    He pressed "send" and held the green Nokia to her
    face. Panting, Lizzy let the blonde guy's cock fall out of
    her mouth. Her left hand immediately latched onto it and
    jacked it fast and furiously. She was so grateful that the
    student had held the phone to her ear and that her husband
    had called her back. In fact her body demanded it. She
    just had to do this.

    The bald guy delighted in seeing the phone at her
    mouth and fucked her harder and deeper. His loins smacked
    against her, making her buttocks ripple. "Hello?" she said
    into the phone, the part of her praying that it was not Dale
    all but dead, the part praying that it was - on fire.

    "Sorry about that," she heard Dale say, "I had to take
    that call." The sound of his voice drove her crazy with
    lust. "Hi honey," she managed to say, her breathing
    suddenly interrupted with whimpers of pleasure she had never
    known. She could barely talk. Her reaction was obvious to
    the young cocksmen helping themselves to her body in her
    home and the student was careful to keep the phone placed at
    her ear and lips. "Fuck her harder!" he whispered to the
    bald guy, who was doing some whimpering of his own. She
    buried part of her face in the blonde's balls as the hard
    cock within her pumped faster, pleasuring her hungry body.

    "Where are you?" Dale asked. "How are you?" she
    finally said. "You sound like you're out of breath," Dale
    inquired, puzzled at the way his wife was sounding. "Uh,
    I'm on the treadmill," she managed to add. "I thought maybe
    those young guys were chasing you around the yard, trying to
    get their hands on you" Dale laughed. "Just kidding," he
    said. "Oh, well, they're here now, doing as they please to
    my body," she said. "Just kidding," she added.

    With that Lizzy's body skyrocketed into an orgasm.
    This was unbelievable! It was so strong she began to laugh.
    Dale went on: "So are you coming to the game?" He was
    hearing sounds that came over the phone less like work-out
    noises than cries of discomfort. And then he heard her
    orgastic laughter. "Are you all right? Honey?" he said,
    hearing no response. The bald guy then grunted wildlly and
    shot his wad inside of her in four or five spasms, his hands
    firmly grabbing her tits and pulling them out to the side
    harshly as he climaxed. "I'm fine," she said, gasping. "I
    guess I have been away from the treadmill for too long."

    She was feeling so evil now, and she wanted to get
    more wicked. She wanted Dale to do more talking so she
    could take this experience as far as she could. "You know
    Dale, I missed you today. And I would love to come to that
    game," she said, and she dove into the blonde's dick and
    took as much of it as she could into her mouth and into her
    throat. She started choking, which made her lovers laugh.
    "I hear laughter, what's so funny?" Dale asked. "The TV,"
    Lizzy said, rubbing the man flesh all over her face, "this
    prick on Rosie is such a he-man about his body he's funny,
    and I'm choking. He's such a dick." Dale was struck by her
    vulgar language; using words like this was not her style.

    She rose up on her knees and pressed the phone
    between her tits. "Who wants to fuck me?" she looked up and
    smiled. The blonde guy whispered "me!" The dark student
    said: "I'll fuck those tits." "Hang on a second," Liz said
    to Dale, "that's the other line." She covered the mouth
    hole with her hand and said to the blonde: "the couch opens
    up. Hurry." They ignored her and the blonde guy grabbed her
    and threw her on the couch, her tits bouncing and jiggling.
    Picking her up like a rag doll he threw her on the couch
    again and rolled her back and forth. "Look at those fuckin'
    things shake," he smiled, his cock rubbing against her
    thigh. The three youngsters watched fascinated as her huge
    boobs in delayed fashion tumbled over toward the direction
    her body was rolling to, then back the other way. The bald
    guy chuckled and knelt down at her side. He squeezed and
    sucked her tits.

    Dale sat at his desk, waiting for his wife to return.
    This would be their first outing at the ball park, he
    thought. They could relax and have a few beers. The
    weather was perfect for it.

    Then the dark student pulled her by the shoulders so
    that her head was hanging off one end of the couch. The
    couch was part of a larger set and had no arms. He
    positioned himself at the side of the couch and aimed his
    long prick into her face. He rubbed it greedily over her
    cheeks and eyes. Her one hand fastened on it and she
    extended her tongue to its head. One foot resting on the
    floor, the blonde guy parted her legs roughly and sunk his
    monster cock between her soaking lips and deep into her
    twat. He was impatient and began with deep, quick strokes.
    His dick stretched her out more. His strong hand fastened
    on her buttock, and slid into her ass crack, a finger
    entering her asshole. She yelped with pleasure. Wide-eyed,
    and craving what he was doing to her, Liz took her hand off
    the mouth hole of the phone. After a few second she spoke
    to Dale, her voice rippling with the thrusts of the blonde's
    cock deep inside her body.

    "I'm back" she said. "So how was your day? I want to
    hear all about it," she said. "You want to hear all about
    my day? This is a new one. It's boring," Dale asked. He
    smiled that his wife was showing an interest in his work,
    which was unusual.

    She could not resist fucking these guys, with him on
    the phone. She felt like she was going to cum again.
    "Yeah," she panted to her husband, "walk me through it while
    I work up a sweat here. I'm going to raise the angle and
    speed on the treadmill honey. Just so you know about the
    huffing and puffing...I'm so glad you bought me this for

    Dale, still a bit bewildered at the vigorous sounds of
    his wife's workout, began what was a five minute rundown
    over the phone, sharing with her his day. He took pains to
    explain technical projects he was managing. Meanwhile, the
    student was pulling on her tits, into her neck and at her
    face, while she eagerly guided his prick into her mouth. The
    head of his warm, pulsing cock rammed into her tongue and
    prodded its way into her throat. She struggled to breath
    through her nose, and thrilled at the sensation of his
    testicles mashing against her eyes and her nose. The blonde
    kid gazed in the direction of her face and saw only two
    fluffy masses of tit flesh, getting mauled by his buddy.

    When Dale took pauses in his monologue by saying: "you
    know?" or "right?" she, at first, would grunt or manage an
    "oh really?" and then stuff the dickmeat back into her
    hungry throat. Her lovers were no longer concealing their
    own pleasure, yelling and panting freely, with profanity.

    The student pulled on her nipples and jiggled her tits
    ferociously, and repeatedly raised and lowered his crotch
    onto and off of her face. His hairy balls slapped into her
    cheeks as he jacked himself, his breaths growing shorter and
    louder. Then she felt, but now could not see, a warm, stiff
    prick sandwiched between the very generous mass of her
    boobs. The student heartily pushed her soft tits together
    so that they concealed his tool. He could not believe how
    good it felt to bury his cock in these huge boobs.

    The cell phone spilled onto the couch. She could
    barely hear the tinny sound of Dale's voice over the phone.

    The blonde pushed Lizzy's legs up, spread them wide,
    and drilled harder at her cunt. His left foot dug in to the
    carpeting and his right knee practically ripped the cushion
    it kept stabbing into. His prick tingled and vibrated with
    pleasure at the feeling of her tight pussy. She was
    thrusting her ass at him, completely lost in the pleasure of
    his fucking. He found her soaking clit, then grabbed her
    fingers and guided them to slowly begin to jack it. She
    instinctively began rubbing her clit with two fingers. She
    and her two studs were moaning now, uncontrollably. She
    thought of the phone, now tumbled onto the floor and went
    over the edge, coming again, her cries of intense pleasure
    muffled by the masculine ass smothering her mouth. The
    brunette's buttocks rode relentlessly on her neck as the tit
    fucking increased in pace.

    Dale sat at his desk and was now more than puzzled.
    He was hearing panting and cries but he was now convinced
    that his wife was no longer on the treadmill. "Hello?
    Hello?" He put it on speaker phone, oblivious to his
    assistant staring into his office. Dale heard panting and
    thumping, or the sound of something smacking. A sense of
    shock swept over him. My God, he thought, is she having sex
    with someone? He sat there, frozen, listening and not
    wanting to jump to conclusions. Could this be happening?
    His boss appeared in his doorway and signalled that he
    needed him next door. He rose from his desk, alarmed,
    intimidated by the sounds coming from his home. He was too
    disturbed to turn off the speaker phone when he headed out
    of his office. But his boss changed his mind, and urgently
    needed to look at something on Dale's database and called in
    two programmers and Dale's secretary. Dale's boss asked him
    to grab a third manager across the floor. "We'll be pulling
    that file his boss said as Dale, now remembering the speaker
    phone, left with great reluctance to find the other

    Dale's boss, Dale's assistant and the two programmers
    entered his office and his boss sat in front of his PC. The
    speaker phone was on, and one of them, not yet discerning
    the nature of the sounds, playfully whispered: "Let's turn
    it up." He pressed the volume all the way to the maximum

    Meanwhile his wife had managed to find the phone and
    went to press "end", but the sensation from this evil
    fucking was too much and she left the phone on. Her hand
    returned to her clit as the blonde's king size dick slammed
    away, in and out of her cunt. He repeatedly pulled it all
    the way out and jammed it in again, balls deep. Through the
    sweat and the heat he looked at the brunette, just a foot
    away from him, and they smiled and then high-fived. "Fuckin
    A, what a slut!" the blonde yelled. The dark student's face
    contorted and his head drooped. He grabbed roughly at the
    large tits he was fucking and cried out in climax. He let
    loose several strings of semen. The cum flew out of his
    cock and some of it landed on the blonde. "Hey, fucker!"
    the latter exclaimed. But the sight of his friend shooting
    all over her sent him to a higher degree of stroking. He
    slammed into her even harder and faster, his dick about
    ready to explode. The student got off her and collapsed on
    the r. Liz was almost in another world from the steadily
    intense dicking. Her hand deleriously rubbed her clit and
    her other pawed her tits, rubbing jizz on them.

    The employees in Dale's office sat in disbelief,
    hearing these sounds emanating from the speaker phone. The
    man who had turned it up looked at the display, saying the
    number out loud, then adding: "Uh, someone's having a REAL
    good time at that number!" Everyone laughed slightly.
    Dale's boss grinned and observed: "That's Dale's home

    Dale then returned to his office with the other
    manager. At his PC, Dale's boss began his search for the
    file. He looked up at Dale and said: "Hey, are you all
    right? You look a little pale." The carnal sounds were
    clearly audible, and Dale looked in a panic at the phone's
    speaker. He reached over to punch the speaker button to
    shut down the call when his boss moved the phone out of his
    reach. "This is one hell of a phone call you got going
    here, my man, and you know we don't approve of porno on
    company time" Dale's boss said, looking around at the
    others, all of whom were grinning. Dale cleared his throat
    and managed a grin: "Lizzy is really into working out these

    Meanwhile, in the family room, the bald guy, now hard
    again and standing over her, exclaimed to the blonde guy:
    "Fuck that cunt, man. Fuck that horny slut." She screamed
    as once again sexual climax overwhelmed her. The blonde
    then yelled obscenities and let loose his man juices inside
    her. The bald guy jacked off over her, yanking another load
    out of his revived dick. He sped up his jerking and emptied
    his nuts on her face and tits. Lizzy had never felt so
    good. She lay there and rubbed semen over her body, a smile
    of contentment forming on her cum-stained face.

    The sound of the sliding door was barely heard. The
    tatooed guy said: "Hey, what the fuck...Come out here and
    babysit, assholes. You've been in there for an hour." He
    walked in and stared at her. "Fuck me, look at those tits,"
    he said. Lizzy sat up on the couch and said, "give me a
    minute to wash up."

    Dale was beyond shocked and humiliated to stand in his
    own office, blocked from reaching his phone by his boss and
    also by the guy who turned up the volume on the speaker
    phone in the first place. In desperation Dale yelled: "Uh
    Lizzy, you there? Can we talk later?" "She's really working
    those muscles!" one of the other men in the office said,

    After three tries Lizzy managed to get up from the
    couch. She picked up the phone and said: "Hello?" Dale
    could not afford to let on that he suspected her of
    something adulterous and frantically shouted: "Lizzy? How
    was your work out, honey?" Still out of breath she said:
    "Fantastic. I never knew I could feel so good." She stared
    at the older man and the goateed kid rubbing their crotches
    and smiling intently at the sight of cum on her face and

    "Oh I bet it felt good," Dale's boss muttered, making
    everyone laugh. Dale ignored him and said: "So are we going
    to the game tonight?" He was trying to salvage this
    situation; there was no way these colleagues of his, and his
    boss, were going to get the impression his wife was having
    sex and that he was listening to it at work. "Oh yeah,
    babe," she said, as the two guys opened their flies and
    pulled out their hard tools. Dale said: "So that crazy
    movie you had on while you were working out helped pass the
    time?" His wife did not go for it. She said: "No movie
    here. I turned the TV off after Oprah." Then: "Hey are you
    on the speaker phone there? Are you and I not alone?"
    Dale's boss jumped in and yelled: "Hi Lizzy, it's Phil. I
    would say you are definitely not alone!" He sat back in
    Dale's chair with a shit eating grin on his face. Lizzy
    said: "Hi Phil!" She thought: this was even nastier! She
    got on her knees, opened her mouth wide, and gestured to the
    tattooed guy a e young goateed kid to walk over to her,
    which they did.

    Dale said to her: "We're having a meeting. Tell them
    about the new treadmill that is working you so hard."

    His wife welcomed the hard cocks by feeling them
    mashing and slapping against her face. Her free hand
    explored their balls and the shafts of the eager flesh.

    Phil laughed: "Yeah Lizzy, tell us about the, uh,
    treadmill. What's the treadmill's name and where did you
    meet him? Or should I say 'them'?" As she took one cock in
    her mouth, then another, she heard Dale complain: "OK Phil,
    the joke is over." She saw that Dale's boss and co-workers
    were suspecting her of something slutty and that Dale was
    trying to avoid it. As she began slow blowjobs Dale and the
    others bantered back and forth. Dale's voice was higher
    pitched and nervous. So she laughed and said in a very
    suggestive voice: "I like a treadmill that gives my ass a
    tumble and stretches me out. If I get jiggled and bounced I
    am happy. It's like making love." She heard cheers and
    laughter. "Hey Dale," she heard a male voice say, "you
    better switch her to a different exercise program!"

    She was getting so hot she needed to slow down.
    "Honey," she said, the feeling of the rigid manmeat getting
    her wet again, "let me call you back about where to meet
    you." She hung up. "Be right back," she said to the two
    lovers and limped upstairs to soak a wash cloth and sponge
    and use them to clean up her body. She tidied up her crotch
    and ass areas and, refreshed, switched into the white bikini
    from her drawer. As she adjusted it on her whore body she
    noticed, to her amazement, that she still had a craving for
    young cock. She was too much in the moment to stand back
    and think about it. She needed more sex.

    She slipped on some white high heels to go with the
    bikini. She heard the cell phone ringing down in the family
    room. She applied a fresh coat of lipstick, brushed her
    hair, and turned to go downstairs when the tattoed guy and
    the kid with the goatee, a lit cigarette in his mouth,
    suddenly appeared in the doorway to the master bedroom.

    "I was just coming downstairs to fuck you," she said,
    a trace of surprise in her voice. The older, tattooed guy
    began to unzip his shorts. "Yeah," he said with a deep,
    rough voice, no trace of emotion in his face. "We thought
    we'd come up here and help ourselves to your slutty ass
    after watching your girls for half the afternoon," the kid
    with the goatee smiled. "You owe us, big time" he said,
    rubbing his crotch.

    They were so much more sinister and aggressive than
    the other three. The older guy walked up to her and his
    strong, sun baked hands grabbed her around the ass and
    pulled her toward him. "Get your husband on the phone," he
    said, pulling the cell phone out of his pocket. She handled
    the Nokia but hesitated to get him on the phone and said to
    the older tattooed guy: "Let's go downstairs." He unzipped
    his jeans and began stroking his big fat cock. Her eyes lit
    up at the sight of it, and then the goateed youngster stood
    at her side, pulling his shorts and jockeys off and throwing
    his work shoes onto the floor. He was also rock hard, and
    his dick had a large head. The older guy sat on her
    conjugal bed and stared at her. Then he said: "Get those
    big tits out and bend over for us," he commanded.
    "Shouldn't we go to the family room?" she asked, her
    tentative tone showing her getting hot at the idea of
    fucking these guys in the master bedroom. The two men said

    The tattooed guy took off his clothes as she pulled
    off her bikini top. "Which pillow is your husband's?" he
    said in his hoarse voice. She bent over in front of him,
    her very weighty and full tits hanging down for his
    pleasure. "The one on the left," she said. She closed her
    eyes, her breasts feeling so good as four hands squeezed and
    fondled them.

    The goateed kid was standing behind her, his hard cock
    pressing against her ass. Lizzy reached around and held his
    neck for support. He said to his friend: "Check this shit
    out." The kid put his hands on her tits and pulled them as
    far to the side as he could, then let them fall toward each
    other with a smack.. "Tryin' to pull my knockers out by the
    sockets?" she said, smarting from the rough treatment.
    "Holy shit, those are big tits," the older guy chuckled.
    The guys took turns playing with her boobs.

    The older guy, tattoos adorning the impressive muscles
    of his arms and legs, fell back on the bed and pulled her
    tits with him, causing her to fall over him. He grabbed her
    and planted her so that her big fat boobs hung over his
    head. His demanding hands pulled her tits into his face,
    and his raspy beard scratched the smooth flesh of her
    breasts. He sucked on her nipples, amazed at the size of
    each globe as it hovered over him, then mashed into his
    head. The goateed guy knelt on the bed behind her and began
    fucking her. He licked her neck and back. The feeling of
    his dick inside her and the guys' mouths working her over
    was so pleasurable that she felt like she was starting all
    over, but quicker. The fucking from downstairs had revved
    up her pussy and she was running to another orgasm, she
    could feel it.

    The older guy held the phone with his index finger
    poised to dial and said: "Let's call your husband, whore
    wife." He almost hissed it, fingering a nipple. She gave
    him the number and he dialed, looking at her with a smile.
    She smiled back and lowered a tit to his face as held the
    phone to her ear. As it rang the goateed guy reached over
    and slid Dale's pillow toward them. "Let's not leave him
    out of this slut fest," he said, watching lustfully as his
    buddy enthusiastically sucked her big tits. He chuckled as
    he fucked away: "We gotta show your man some respect."

    Dale picked up the phone, shaken after his colleagues
    had departed his office and his boss had whispered, patting
    Dale's shoulder: "any time Lizzy wants to use MY treadmill,
    have her call me."

    He reached for the receiver and let out a sigh.
    "Hello?" he said. "Hi honey!" his wife cried, with a
    sparkle in her voice. Dale shuddered and said quietly,
    "Liz, what the hell's going on over there?" The goateed kid
    reached around and rubbed her clit as he gave her a hard
    dicking. "What do you mean?" Liz asked, panting and
    playfully shaking her knockers so that they smacked against
    the older guy's face. He moaned and murmured "oh fuck
    yeah", and she closed her eyes. Her hand locked around his
    stiff cock and she jacked him hard.

    Something told Lizzy that Dale must be hearing what
    she was doing but was not exactly reacting like a normal
    man. How could she push this to find out?

    Dale said: "I mean when we spoke before I heard what
    sounded like other people and what sounded like sex." His
    tone was more apprehensive and almost curiously so. She
    made no effort to conceal her panting and grunting and said
    seductively: "Oh honey, I am just working this bod of mine,
    to make you fuck me more." Dale could not fathom her dirty
    style of speaking and found it stimulating. "I guess I have
    to come straight out and ask you if you were doing something
    that we need to talk about," Dale said. "You mean like
    other guys fucking me?" she said. "Yeah," he said. She
    decided to test him. "Like those guys working on the house
    next door? You mean have I been fucking them?"

    She waited for him to say something. With the carnal
    noises coming from their bed, and her flip comments, it was
    now that he would say something assertive or take the timid
    route. The goateed kid threw her on her back so that she
    lay across the bed sideways, her head at the edge. The
    tattooed guy practically jumped on top of her and slid his
    hot boner right up her pussy. Immediately he began fucking
    her so hard she lost the phone. Her tits bounced wildly on
    her chest. The goateed kid stood behind her head and
    dropped his shiny hard on her face. He handed her the

    Dale had been talking. "I'm sorry, honey, I dropped
    the phone," she interrupted, "what were you saying?" She
    could not help making animalistic sounds as she grabbed the
    kid's prick with her free hand and slid her fingers up and
    down its long stem. The kid grabbed Dale's pillow and
    commanded her: "Put this on your tits. We need to include
    Dale in the fun." She did so. Dale said: "Who was that?"
    She said: "Actually some of those guys are here watching the
    kids while I work out. Isn't that nice of them?" Her
    slutty ass pushed back at the older guy to get a deeper fuck
    from him. His hands buried themselves in her ass crack and
    she felt a finger or two explore her itchy asshole.

    Dale said: "I am very concerned about what I'm
    hearing." His way of saying these lame words struck her
    funny, and made her hotter. No effort from him to take
    charge. He was just kind of going with it, passively.
    "Want to speak to one of them?" she asked. She held the
    phone up in the air toward the goateed kid and said: "Say
    hi!" The goateed kid dug the extreme nastiness of what was
    going on and said: "Hi Dale!" Dale said: "Who's this?" She
    began jacking his cock, hypnotized at the thought of his
    cock rocketing semen on Dale's pillow. "I'm one of the guys
    next door. Hey, you got a nice wife and wonderful little
    girls. Really. They're......" he paused, moaning with
    delight as Lizzy anxiously worked his dick, her eyes glued
    to it. "....really special," the kid continued. He felt an
    incredible heat well up in his insides and the most acute
    spasm of sexual release hit him like a wave. She laughed,
    in thrall at the sight of several large, strong jets of
    creme shooting from ock onto her tits and her husband's

    Meanwhile the older guy's strokes had built up to an
    almost violent level and he pulled his cock out and jacked
    it over her chest. He came loudly, and much of his jizz
    flew out in various directions. But some landed on her, and
    she dutifully scooped the splats of man juice off her tits
    and onto the pillow.

    Stunned, Dale held the phone and sat there, his heart
    pounding. He was stunned at what he was hearing and he was
    stunned at his own intense sexual response to what his wife
    seemed to be doing. He went to speaker phone. He heard a
    male voice say: "Motherfucker, where did you learn to fuck
    like that? Christ is she a hot slut!" Another voice said:
    "Let's do her again."

    Dale's free hand went to his crotch. He got up and
    closed his door and sat in his chair, and did nothing. He
    unzipped his pants.

    Lizzy, now seeing that her husband was incapable of
    outrage, said: "Honey, these guys are REALLY nice. Some of
    them are working out with me while others are watching the
    girls in the back yard. Is that OK?" While he was jacking
    off Dale was feeling a sexual desire that was incredible.
    He astounded himself by asking her: "Are these the guys who
    were looking at your breasts?" His left hand went to his
    nuts; he carressed them and threw his head back and closed
    his eyes. His dick was harder than he could ever remember.
    Lizzy smiled. "Yeah, these guys just can't get enough of my
    big tits."

    Dale was breathing crazily now. "Are they looking at
    them now?" he asked, "I won't stand for that." The tattoed
    guy was rubbing his cock back and forth on her nipples, a
    residue of jizz oozing out of his pisshole. Lizzy laughed:
    "Oh, honey, they've been staring at my tits and making
    comments about them ever since they got here." She held up
    the phone and said to her lovers: "Haven't you?" They
    grunted in agreement. Lizzy said to Dale: "Oh, honey,
    they're looking at my tits right now, and I must say I feel
    like fucking them. Is that OK with you?" Dale came in
    buckets, then as soon as he did so, he hung up the phone.
    It took him five minutes to breath normally.

    Disgusted with her and with himself, he met her for
    dinner and the ball game and said nothing about it; neither
    did she. They went came home and said nothing about it.
    They climbed into bed. Her pussy was sore.

    He threw himself dejectedly into bed and said: "What a
    day." He buried his face in his pillow and sniffed it, then
    said: "Liz, this pillow case needs laundering, right?" She
    acted confused and said: "It's just out of the drier. It's
    clean." He looked at it and asked: "Are you sure?" "Yeah.
    Good night."
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