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Thread: Forced To Watch My Wife Raped By Two Black Men (While Getting Raped Myself)

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    Default Forced To Watch My Wife Raped By Two Black Men (While Getting Raped Myself)

    I want to tell someone about the horrible, horrible experience I had of having to watch my new bride brutally raped by two black men. What made this experience even worse is that the two men raped me at the same time. Absolutely no one knows about this except me, my wife, and our two rapists.

    My wife and I had just gotten married, having graduated college the year before. I had had a couple of girlfriends before meeting my wife. But, she was a virgin when we met. I always liked the fact to no other guy’s dick had been in her mouth or in her pussy, and that no other guy’s seed had ever been planted in her. My wife is beautiful. She’s a petite 5’2” and weighs about 110 pounds. She has shoulder length blonde hair and green eyes. She has a tiny figure, but nice firm B-cup breasts.

    We were on the 2nd day of our honeymoon in Jamaica when “it” happened. It was late at night and we had had quite a few drinks in the bar of the hotel we were staying at. I went to the men’s room and came back to find two very muscular black men talking to my wife. They appeared to be “locals” and looked as if they were professional bodybuilders or football players. They were flirting with my wife when I came back to the bar. Once I showed up, they talked to Amy for a few more minutes but then went on their way. I was somewhat flattered that these two men were interested in my beautiful new bride, but glad to see them leave. Amy and I went back to our room and started to get dressed for bed. I was in the room in my boxer shorts and Amy had just come out of the bathroom wearing only a silky white camisole and a pair of matching string bikini panties. I was starting to get hard thinking about how much I was going to enjoy my new bride that evening.

    Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. I looked out of the peephole but couldn’t see anything. I set the chain on the door and opened it a crack to see who was there. I thought it might be the maid or someone else from the hotel. When I opened the door, suddenly it slammed open, knocking me down. When I figured out what was going on I noticed the two huge black men from the bar standing in our room. I noticed one had already shut the door to the room and locked it. They both had huge, sharp knives in their hands. I screamed “Get out of here.” They both laughed and the one said, “We’re not leaving until we are done with your pretty wife.” It quickly dawned on me what they wanted. Amy knew too. She was standing there, practically naked, terrified by the thought of these two black men raping her. I started to stand up to protect her and quickly found a knife at my throat. One of the guys said, “If you try to stop us we’ll kill you and rape your wife anyway. You just lay here on the floor and watch!” I was terrified and just sat there on the floor. I couldn’t believe what was happening.

    They both quickly undressed revealing their huge, muscular bodies and equally huge, muscular cocks. They both quickly got hard. Their cocks were huge, extending halfway up their stomachs once erect. They were dark black in color and covered in pulsating veins. They looked rock hard to me. I had never seen anything like them, even in porn magazines and movies. Amy was literally paralyzed with fear. The only cock she had ever seen was mine and mine was less than half the size (length and width) of what she was looking at now.

    They both just stood there, laughing at Amy’s shock and surprise. They both began stroking their massive erections. They got even bigger and harder and began the glisten with pre-cum. By this time Amy had retreated to the bed and was covering herself with a sheet. The two men approached Amy saying to each other “Let’s fuck this white bitch everywhere.” Amy screamed to me “No! Jim, please help me.” I said “I can’t help you Amy, they will kill me. I’m so sorry; I can’t even image what is about to happen to you.” Just then one of the men turned to me and said “You don’t have to try to image what we are going to do to your little bride, you can experience it yourself.” I was confused by the comment. But, suddenly, the man walked over to me and, before I knew it, grabbed a handful of my hair and shoved his cock in my mouth. I couldn’t believe it; I was being forced to give this guy a blowjob. He was cramming his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth. It barely fit in my mouth and he was going so deep into me that I was choking. He just stood there thrusting himself into my mouth faster and faster. It was all I could do not to choke. I could feel something salty begin to fill my mouth. It was his pre-cum. All I could think of was “This is how Amy feels when she sucks my cock.” Also, I kept thinking, “This is what they are about to do to Amy!” I heard the guy moan loudly and then he thrust deep into my throat. His huge gross cock exploded in my mouth and began to throb wildly. He was coming in my mouth. Most of it shot straight down my throat because he was so deep in me. What didn’t immediately go down my throat filled my mouth until I was forced to swallow (which I did over and over again). Amy had never let me cum in her mouth when she gave me blow jobs and now I could see why. I felt him go soft in my mouth and he pulled out of me. I looked up and Amy was horrified at what just happened to me. While my attacker held a knife to my throat, the other guy grabbed Amy by the back of her head and began to brutally fuck her in the mouth. She fought him, but he was too big and strong for her to resist. It sickened me to see a strange man’s cock thrusting into my new bride’s mouth. The site of that huge, hard, veiny black cock being repeatedly thrust into my wife’s beautiful, delicate mouth was more than I could stand. Amy was crying while the man raped her in the mouth. I heard him begin to moan loudly and knew he was going to deposit his seed into my wife’s mouth. I screamed “Please don’t!” He just laughed and crammed his entire cock into her mouth and down her throat. She began to choke and his sperm oozed from the corners of her mouth. He grew limp and pulled out of her mouth. Amy stopped choking, wiped her face on the bed sheets, and sobbed quietly.

    By this time, my attacker was hard again. He grabbed Amy, tore her panties off, of her and ripped her camisole off. Amy tried to cover her breasts and pussy with her hands. The other man grabbed both of her arms and pulled her back on the bed. The man that had ripped her clothes off violently spread her legs apart and shoved his face into her vagina. He began to lick Amy’s pussy and thrust his tongue into her. I had never eaten Amy before. This was brand new to her. He clamped his mouth hard onto her citreous and sucked, and sucked, and sucked on it. Amy began to scream and squirm. I think the pressure on her citreous was just too much for her and, against her wishes, she had an orgasm. Her attacker pulled his face away from my bride’s vagina. His face was a mess with Amy’s cum and he was laughing. “You white bitches never get eaten by your men and you always cum when your little clits get sucked!” Amy was in tears and overcome with shame because of what just happened. Before either of us had a chance to overcome the shock of Amy having an orgasm with her rapist, the guy who had eaten her stood up and thrust his huge boner into Amy’s tight little pussy. She screamed bloody murder while he pushed deeper into her with each thrust. It took about ten thrusts for him to fit his entire length into her. Frankly, I am surprised she could even accommodate his entire cock inside of her. It was clear she was in agony. She had spread her legs wide apart and was twisting slightly from side to side. She looked like she was trying to find some sort of position where it wasn’t as painful for her. She was holding her belly with both hands. It was pretty obvious that she was experiencing a lot of pain inside as well. Given how tight Amy was and how big her rapist was, he didn’t last long. He moaned loudly and screamed “Oh shit!” I just heard Amy say “No, please don’t, not inside of me!” I put two and two together and realized that this guy was squirting his seed into my wife. I could see him clenching and unclenching his butt while he jizzed in my wife. He grew limp and pulled out of Amy. Amy lay there afterward with her legs still spread wide, sobbing. I could see that her vagina had been brutalized by this huge man. She was bleeding from between her legs and the sheets under her butt were all bloody. What I saw next really affected me. A steady stream of this guy’s thick, white cum began to flow out of my wife’s gaping vagina. Suddenly the guy that had been holding Amy said “I get sloppy seconds” and the guys quickly traded positions. The guy was hard again. He pushed into Amy, going in easier since his partner has opened up her up some. Amy just lay there with her legs spread crying. This guy was about 2 inches longer than his partner. He couldn’t fit all they way into Amy. She screamed every time he slammed into her. He had to be really tearing up her vagina, cervix, and uterus. It didn’t take long at all for him to get his rocks off inside of Amy. He screamed “Enjoy this you white bitch!” and started to pump his load into my beautiful bride. Amy just laid there and cried. When he pulled out I could once again see between Amy’s legs. Her blood had mixed with their sperm to make a terrible, terrible mess on the bed and even more black sperm was leaking out of my wife.

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    Default Part II

    Both men were laughing. One picked Amy’s torn panties up off the floor and wiped his bloody cock off on them. The other picked up her torn camisole and used it to clean Amy’s blood and his sperm off his limp cock. Amy had never bled before during sex. Even when I took her virginity, although it was painful for her, she didn’t bleed. These men were just so big, that they tore her vagina. I was never big enough to do that.

    At this point, we had both been raped orally and Amy vaginally. She had taken three loads of sperm – one in her mouth and two in her vagina. I had swallowed a load of sperm as well. It was a terrible, terrible thing, but I thought it was at least over. I was wrong.

    Both guys stared to get hard again and the one said to the other (pointing between Amy’s legs) “Look at this tight little butt hole, I don’t think it’s ever been tapped before.” He was right; Amy had never let me have anal sex with her, even though I had asked her several times. The thought of being raped in the ass immediately got Amy’s attention and stopped her crying. “Let’s bust this bitch in the ass” the other one said. Amy became hysterical and just kept screaming “No, No, No.” I screamed “Please don’t, I’m begging you.” Then the first one said “OK, we’ll bust you in the ass.” The second guy used his powerful arms to shove me down on the floor onto my stomach. He then pinned me to the floor. I felt the other guy’s weight on me and before I could do anything the head of his massive cock had penetrated my anus. I screamed as he tore me open. I felt inch after inch of his hard black meat penetrate my rectum. The pain was incredible. He just kept pounding my ass, laughing. Despite the incredible pain I was in, the pressure of his cock inside of me caused me to get an erection. I wasn’t enjoying what was happening to me, but I was hard as a rock. The guy screamed “Take this white boy” and I felt his ejaculation erupt inside of me. I was now feeling what Amy had felt as this guy was planting his seed in me. The incredible pressure of this man inside of my anus caused me to involuntarily ejaculate all over the carpet of our hotel room. He got off of me after emptying himself into me. I slowly got up on my hands and knees. I didn’t think about Amy, but she had watched the entire event. My eyes met hers and I noticed she was looking at my erection, dripping with sperm. She just said “Oh Jim!” I think she thought I got off on being raped? I began to feel terrible abdominal cramps. The large quantity of sperm the black man had pumped deep into me was acting like an enema. The cramps became unbearable and before I could stop it I took a crap right there on the floor while my bride watched. She has never looked at me the same way since then.

    My, now limp, attacker moved over to Amy and forced her onto her hands and knees on the floor. He shoved her upper body across the mattress face down and he held her on the bed. The other man step behind Amy, having attained his third huge erection. I just laid there knowing Amy was about to go through what I just went through. Amy screamed into a pillow as the black man’s huge member opened her tiny, virgin asshole. He was pushing and pushing but could not get into her. He said to his partner “This bitch is TIGHT.” His partner grabbed each of Amy butt cheeks and spread them apart. He said “Ass fuck this white bitch.” The man behind Amy pushed as hard as he could. Amy screamed and her eyes welled up with tears as her butthole was finally penetrated. There was a big smile on the man’s face as he buried his erection in my wife virgin asshole. He reached around the front of Amy and forcefully fingered her clit. Even though she was crying and in pain, her attacker forced her to have another orgasm. After about 5 full thrusts he doubled over onto Amy’s back and came, and came, and came in her butt. His cock was throbbing in Amy’s butt for a full minute. He really filled her up. When he pulled his limp cock out of my wife’s butt, he left a gaping hole that was bleeding from the trauma. Once again, I laid there watching another man’s seed drain from my wife’s body. Amy moaned and moved her hand to her stomach. I think she began to cramp like I did. It added insult to injury to lay there and watch while my wife involuntarily take a crap all over the floor because of the butt rape she had just received!

    The men once again used Amy’s panties and camisole to clean themselves off. This time they left Amy’s blood and shit all over the garments. Each man had sought his pleasure three times in our honeymoon suite – 4 times inside of my wife and two times inside of me. The men got dressed and left. Both Amy and I must have passed out. We awoke the next morning in shock and in pain. By the next morning, Amy had stopped bleeding. But, she was in a lot of pain. We began to worry that perhaps she was injured, had contracted a disease, or would get pregnant (she wasn’t on the pill).

    We discretely found a local gynecologist through the hotel manager. I went with Amy to the appointment. The gynecologist asked why we were there and we told her that my wife had been raped (not mentioning what had happened to me). I was in the examination room while Amy explained to the doctor everything that had happened to her (the oral, vaginal, and anal rape). The doctor examined Amy and determined that Amy had suffered a lot of trauma to her vagina and anus and a lot of bruising to her internal organs. Amy’s vagina and rectum had been pretty badly torn by the two men. The doctor put a few sutures in Amy’s vagina and anus to help them heal better. Amy left the doctor’s office cleaned up and stitched up. The doctor said Amy should wear a maxi pad for several days to manage the occasional bleeding that would likely take place. Amy did not contract any diseases from these men nor did she get pregnant.

    To this day, Amy still has never let me have anal sex with her. This is a privilege that only her rapist has had. Even though it was a terrible, terrible event, I occasionally jerk off to the memory of these two men brutally enjoying Amy. Even though Amy came twice while with her rapists, I have a lot of trouble making her cum for me. Amy doesn’t know this. But, I put her stained and bloody panties and camisole in a plastic bag the next morning. I still have them and like to look at them while I jerk off sometimes. Also, a few months ago, I convinced Amy to let me buy a dildo to use on her. I bought a black colored one and just love to thrust it in and out of her pussy. It really turns me on. Is it abnormal of me to enjoy the memory of my wife’s rape?

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    damn that is kinda hot i to me? anything you want, please let me experience his part of the story.wish i was you dude. any guys wanna do that

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    Now that story was simple direct and brutal. We should have more like that. I liked it except for the white folks shitting themselves which i thought was pretty disgusting.

    I hope there is a sequel.

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    I agree with Rhino, great story and to the point, but the crap sence I didnt care for either, should have been left out.

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    love the story

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    It looks like you and your pretty white bride enjoyed the same black rapist!

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