I work out regularly at a gym and had talked to this guy Jim that I see there periodically. One day I was cooling down after a strenuous workout and Jim walked over and asked how I'd been. After a brief conversation he asked me if he could ask me a personal question. I said sure and he said that he and his wife had been talking about bringing in another man to pleasure her while he watched and he was wondering if I might be interested. He said that she'd had this fantasy of being with a black guy for quite awhile and the thought of watching her with another man kind of turned him on. I told him that as long as he was cool with it and that she and I found each other attractive I might entertain the idea. We exchanged phone numbers and he said he'd give me a call after he'd had a chance to talk to his wife Ashley.

A couple of days later he called me and said that Ashley was interested in meeting me with no strings attached. He said if we all clicked that they would invite me back to their condo. We decided to meet at a nice upscale club at a downtown location on Saturday night. On Saturday I drove downtown to meet them at the club. I went in and spotted them sitting at a secluded booth. When I walked up, Jim introduced me to Ashley and suggested that I sit on her side of the booth. I was impressed with how hot Ashley was. She had sandy blonde hair down below her shoulders. She was 26 years old with curves in all the right places. She had a sexy little black dress which showcased her ample cleavage. I also noticed that she had on black stockings and black pumps. A single strand of pearls was all the jewelry she needed to complete her look. We ordered dinner and drinks and sent some time talking. After dinner Jim suggested that I take a spin with Ashley on the dance floor. We danced a couple of fast dances and then a slow song came on. I acted like it was time to go sit down and she grabbed my hand and told me to dance this next one with her. I took her in my arms and pulled her tight and we started dancing to the beat of the music. I told her how sexy I thought she looked and how turned on she was making me. She king of giggled and said that she could tell that I was turned on because she could feel me pressing into her tummy. I asked her if she was interested in the evening progressing and she said that she was. I held her tighter and let one of my hands go down her back and I stroked her ass. She let out a light moan as I cupped her ass in my hand. I glanced over at Jim and he smiled at me. It was obvious that Jim was enjoying me holding his wife and feeling her up.

We headed back to the table and I slid in next to Ashley. She kind of sat facing me a little bit. I was watching her and she opened her legs slightly and that's when I got a glimpse of stocking tops and her white thighs. She was wearing a see through lacy black g-string and she looked intoxicating. Jim said she made a special trip to Victoria's Secret and had purchased a black lacy bustier which was certainly enhancing her cleavage, a matching black g-string and black stockings. I told her that I approved of her choice of lingerie. She then took my hand and placed it on her thigh. She parted her legs slightly and I ran my hand up the inside of her thigh and slow stroked her pussy. Jim shifted in his seat to get a better view of Ashley having her pussy rubbed by the first black man to have ever touched it. Ashley got very wet and suggested that we go back to their place.

We walked out of the club and Jim said that he would drive us back to their house. He said he'd bring me back to pick up my car later. We got to their car which was a relatively new Escalade. He unlocked it and opened the back door and said "Why don't you two get in back and let me drive." Ashley and I settled into the back seat and Jim adjusted the rear view mirror for a better view of us. As we left the parking garage, Ashley turned towards me and I grabbed her and started to passionately kiss her. She ran her hand up my leg and felt my 10 inch cock through my trousers. She giggled and immediately began to unbuckle my belt and then unzip my pants. I lifted my ass off the seat and she slipped my pants and boxers down to my ankles. My cock was hard as a rock and she immediately started to lick and suck it as Jim drove us to their home. Jim told me to just relax and let her suck me off. I wasn't going to argue with him and I let her do her thing. Ashely sure knew how to pleasure a guy with her tonque. It was very hedonistic but I just laid back and let her suck me off on the drive back to her place. When I came she swallowed my entire load. She helped me back into my clothes as we arrived at their home.

They had nice nice home and Jim told me to have a seat on their leather sectional. He went into the kitchen area to fix some drinks and Ashley came over and sat next to me on the couch. I had her lay down on me and we started to immediately kiss. I slipped my hand inside her low cut dress and cupped her breast. I played with her boobs and made her nipples hard. She stood up and I took her dress off. She looked so hot standing there in her black lacy bustier, g-string and black high heels. I slipped my fingers beneath the sides of her g-string and slid it down her thighs. She kicked it off and as she did that Jim came in the room with some drinks. He suggested that we retire to their bedroom. I watched Ashley walk down the hall and couldn't help but notice her perfect pear shaped ass. I also liked the fact that she had left a nice little landing strip on her pussy. I've never been a big fan of the completely shaved little girl look. She certainly looked like a sexy woman walking down that hall.

When we got back to their room Jim sat down in a chair and Ashley fell back on her bed. I stripped down and then settled down between her legs to eat her pussy. Immediately she was into me going down on her. She moaned with pleasure and had two orgasms. Her pussy was so wet and she whispered in my ear to fuck her. I told Jim to come to the side of her bed and hold her hand. I laid her back on the bed, she held her husbands hand and I slowly lifted her sexy legs, clad in black nylons and high heels and lifted them onto my shoulder. I slowly ran the head of my cock all over her pussy. Ashley looked at her husband and said "I thought that we agreed on him using a condom?" But as soon as those words came out of her mouth I slipped my bare cock into her and fed it to her slowly. She let out a small whimper and gripped Jim's hand tightly. I kept feeding my cock into her and her eyes started to roll back in her head. With one quick thrust I sunk my thick ten inch cock into her and she let out a loud moan. At that point I started to slowly with draw from her. I stroked her pussy slowly letting it get accustomed to my length and girth. I glanced down and noticed that she was creaming my cock pretty good and that's when I started to fuck her hard. She moaned with every violent thrust of my cock and Jim told me to really fuck her good. You could see her cunt stretching around my cock with every thrust. That's when I noticed the small tears were forming in Ashley's eyes and started to fall down her cheeks. I asked her if I was hurting her and said no that they were tears of joy. I fucked her in that position for about 20 minutes, then flipped her over and entered her pussy from behind. I grabbed her sandy blonde hair and fucked her doggie for quite awhile. She was backing her ass right up on my cock with every thrust. I glanced over at Jim and asked him how he was doing and all he could say was that he was enjoying watching Ashley being made to feel so good. Eventually I shot a load of cum in her pussy and when I dismounted and she laid down. I could see my cum oozing out of her pussy down her ass crack. She looked so sexy that way. I ended up spending the better part of the night fucking her. As the evening came to an end I was getting dressed. Ashley looked at me and said........"What are you doing tomorrow night?" I said "You" and Jim smiled and said he'd drive me back to pick up my car. Jim and I had a nice conversation on the way back to my car and told me that he'd never seen Ashley so sexually satisfied and that it turned him on to watch her fucking me. As he dropped me off at my car he said "Stop by tomorrow evening around 7 PM and we'll have a cookout and you can spend more quality time with my beautiful wife. Sounds like a plan to me!