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Thread: Jen with her lover AND his friend

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    Default Jen with her lover AND his friend

    My wife Jen has been seeing her latest BF James for quite a while now....on occasion he will invite a friend to his place and they will both make love to her. He enjoys showing her off to his buddies.

    Last Saturday Jen had James and his friend Gary over for dinner at our house. Gary has recently split up with his longtime girlfriend and Jen made it a point to let him know she was more than willing to try cheering him up. After we ate, she took him upstairs to our bedroom so they could get to know each other better. James and I sat in the living room for about ten minutes or so watching TV. I was really anxious to know what was going on in the bedroom so I told James I was going up to check on my wife. He laughed and said "You better go up there with an open mind....Gary's always had a way with the ladies !!!".......

    When I reached the bedroom doorway I looked in to see that Jen and Gary were kissing passionately while shedding their clothes. She smiled at me and dropped to her knees. Gary's cock was fully erect and Jen wasted little time taking it into her mouth. It was a great thrill watching them and hearing this guy groan with satisfaction as my pretty wife licked and sucked his hard-on. Just then, James made his way upstairs and walked over to the bed. He gently kissed Jen on her neck and shoulders while she blew his friend. Jen moaned softly and then turned to James to kiss him. She slowly pumped Gary's cock while pressing her tongue between her lover's lips. Suddenly, Gary groaned and his cock began to spurt. His semen splashed onto Jen's face and tits and she began to giggle. She squeezed out every last drop of his come and licked his softening penis clean before turning her attention back to James.

    I sat down in a chair beside the bed while Gary went to clean up. James proceeded to make expert love to my wife while I watched with my cock in my hand. Gary came back and looked on from the doorway as James pumped Jen's pussy doggystyle. As he fucked her to a series of orgasms, James kept asking Jen if she enjoyed fucking him in front of her husband. She was breathing heavily as she responded "God yes... I love fucking you while he watches....and sucking your big cock......... and making you come !"........Just as she said this James stiffened and blasted his seed deep inside my horny wife's cunt. He was still emptying his balls into her when I came too, all over my hand and stomach.

    James and Jen then fell onto the bed and shared another soulful kiss. Gary was sporting another erection and as much as I wanted to see him make love to Jen, I needed to take a shower to clean up and unwind from all I had just witnessed. When I came out of the bathroom I saw that Jen had closed our bedroom door - a clear signal that she wanted some private time with her lovers. I soon fell asleep in the guest room, occasionally hearing the faint sounds of slow, tender lovemaking coming from our bedroom.

    Jen sure knows how to cheer a guy up !!!

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    Default Wow

    what a hot story, almost came in pants reading it!

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    Thank you very much for sharing your story with us! It was excellent reading.


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    I second Macy's response. That is extremely erotic and sensual.

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    Default I agree!!!

    I totally agree - Your wife is another "wonderful" woman.

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    Great story. You sound like a very lucky man!

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    what a really erotic story..makes a change to all the explicit dross you get on here sometimes

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