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Thread: My wife's first going black( true story)

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    Default My wife's first going black( true story)

    We had been married for several years and had enjoyed bringing other guys to our bed many times but had never taken that step of going black until now. I had told my wife many times how I would love to see her with a well hung black guy and she finally agreed to place an ad and see what happened.
    She received many replies and finally decided on a truck driver who went through our area about every week. She told me that I was to meet him at the truckstop and bring him to our home and the date was made for the following week.
    We spent the week talking about what was going to happen and she told me that if she was going to do this that there would be only one rule and that was that the two of them could do anything that they wanted while I watched, filmed and took pictures only. I agreed to this and assured her that I wanted her to enjoy herself and I would love her even more afterwards.
    When the night arrived she told me to go pick him up while she got ready for him and to tell him the only rule. On the way to our home I told him that they were to do anything that they wanted as long as they both enjoyed.
    " You mean I can have your wife anyway I want"? I replied " She will be all yours to enjoy anyway you want and all you want".
    When we got to the house and walked in and he seen my wife dressed all sexy and waiting for him he said"I'm really going to enjoy this". He walked over to the couch where she was sitting and sat down beside her. I got them both drinks as they made some small talk, but it wasn't long before he took her into his arms and started kissing her. I could tell by the way she was responding to him that she wanted this to happen. He soon had her skirt pushed up to her waist and his hand in her panties. When I heard the moan from her I knew that he had slid his finger into her hot little pussy and she was his to take. I watched as she slid her hand into his pants and pulled out his big black cock, and it was big, about 9 inches and very thick. Seeing her little white hand around his shaft was so hot and seeing the look on her face as she looked at that big cock and said " My god, you are huge"! " I don't know if I can take all of that". I knew that she had never had a cock anywhere near that big before, but I could tell she really wanted it bad. She dropped to her kness and removed his pants and crawled between his legs and started licking his cock. "That's it baby lick my black dick". She was soon taking it into her mouth and sucking his big cock and playing with his big balls. After a few min. of this she sood up and took his hand and said" I want you in my bed" She led him to our bedroom as I followed them. As soon as the door was shut she was all over him and they were ripping each others clothes of until they were both totally naked. He then layed her on our bed, spread her legs wide and began licking and sucking her pussy. She was moaning and telling him how good it felt and was cumming all over his face. When he came up for air he looked at her and asked " Do you want this black dick" " Oh yes, I want you to fuck me now. Give me that black cock"! She then took his big cock in her hand and guided it to her soaking wet pussy. It was so big that he had to work to get it in her, but soon had the head inside and was letting her get used to it as he slowly started working it in and out, sliding a little more into her each time until with one big lunge he buried it all the way inside her. "Oh my god! It's so big and I love it". " I have never felt anything this good before". He took his time and fucked her in several positions, making her cum over and over on his big cock. " I'm ready to cum. Where do you want it"? She looked at me as she told him " I want you to cum inside of me" Fill my pussy with your seed". He smiled as he ask her " You want my black seed in your married white pussy:? :Yes, cum in me and make my pussy yours". "I want to feel you shoot inside of me". A few more hard and fast strokes and I watched as he shot his black seed into my wife's pussy and heard her cry of pleasure as he was shooting into her and making her cum again with him. As he withdrew from her I saw how much cum he had shot into her, it was running down her ass and onto our bed, her little pussy was completely full of black seed and she was loving it.
    " I have never been fucked that good before"! " I want lots more of your black cock"! He told her that she was now his slut and he would be comming over here alot to fuck her. "Yes, You can have all you want". I want to be your slut and take all of your cum"!
    He spent the night with her and fucked her 3 more times before leaving in the morning. True to his word he did stop here many more times and made my wife his total cumslut. She was now a black cock slut and we both loved it.
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    Default Her first time

    Some more pics. from that first meeting.
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    Default Her first time

    She did love it!
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    Great stuff great story!

    Let's see more pics!

    Why did you not clean her up?


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    FANTASTIC! If you have more, please post them.


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    Default Wife goes black

    Everything happened so fast the first time and was all so exciting for both of us that I didn't even think to clean her, but that all changed the next time.
    The next time was one week later. He called and said he was in town and wanted to come over and fuck my wife. I again agreed to pick him up at the truckstop and left to go get him. When we got home my wife met him at the door wearing only a sexy thong with a big wet kiss. She led him right to our bedroom and undressed him while telling him how much she wanted his cock again. He told her to get on her knees and suck his cock while he watched. I watched as she dropped to her knees and took his big cock into her mouth and started sucking. He grabbed her head in both of his hands and started fucking her mouth. "Yea baby suck that black dick". "You are my slut now, so show hubby how much you need black dick". All this talk really turned her on and she was sucking his cock like there was no tomorrow.After several min. of his fucking her mouth he pulled her up and gave her a kiss and said" If you want this black dick get your panties off and get on the bed". She pulled her panties off and jumped on the bed waiting for him. "Tell your hubby what you want".
    " I want his big black cock inside of me". " I want him to fuck me and cum in me". He joined her on the bed and spread her legs wide apart then went down on her and licked and sucked her pussy until she was cumming all over his face. He came up for air and looked at me with her juice all over his face and said," You like watching your wife being my slut, don't you"? I replied that it was hot seeing her used like that. "You want me to fuck your wife"?
    "Yes, fuck her and fill her with your black seed". He smiled at me and told me " Get over here and guide my cock into her pussy". As he knelt between her open legs I took his big cock into my hand and guided it to her waiting pussy. I rubbed it all over her slit getting her juices all over his cock until he said" Now put it in her". I guided the head of his cock to her open pussy and watched as he shoved it into her. " Now thank your hubby for giving you this black dick". " Thank you honey". " He feels so good inside of me and I need him to fuck me". He put her legs on his shoulders and started to really fuck her hard and deep, making her cum many times on his cock. He flipped her over and took her doggie style, driving his cock deep into her over and over. " Do you like seeing your wife taking this big black cock"? " Yes, she looks so hot taking your cock like that". "I want her to be your slut and whore".
    "Oh, she already is my slut". " See how much she needs blacked now"? " I'm going to fill her with my black seed now and you are going to lick it from her cunt". " You will clean her up good and get her ready for me to fuck again".
    As he finished saying that he started to shoot into her, filling her pussy with his seed and making her cum again with him.
    "Now get down there and suck my cum from your wife's pussy". I got between her legs as they both watched me and started sucking his cum from her and swallowing his cum and hers as it was all mixed together. She pushed his cum out into my mouth for me to swallow. "Yes, clean me all up so he will fuck me again". " I really need and love his big cock". She layed in his arms, kissing him and telling him that her pussy was all his now while I clean her up for him. He told me to keep cleaning as he shoved his cock into her mouth and told her to suck it. It wasn't long until he pushed me out of the way and rammed his big cock into her again. He fucked her for 30 min. making her cum again and again, then he pulled out and said he wanted her to suck him off and let him cum on her face and in her mouth. I watched as my wife stroked and sucked his big cock and balls until he shot his cum on her face and in her mouth, giving her her first black facial. She licked and sucked all of his cum up and swallowed as we watched her. When she was all done she looked up at him, smiled and said "THANK YOU".
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    Default Her facial

    Pics. of her first black facial.
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    Default My black cock loving cumslut

    More pics.
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    Hottest thing ever

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    Awesome azz pic she hot as hell and i can see that she enjoyed herself IMMENSELY!!!!!

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