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Thread: well hung n xtremely thick

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    Default well hung n xtremely thick

    hi ya ladies let me know wat ya think

    holla back
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    Scuse me........while I kiss tha sky!!

    Straining for the clouds or what bro? Careful, you'll putcher own eye out!

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    reaching for the sky for sure

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    Default The pix

    Focus? Where's the focus?

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    FAT, THICK AND JUICY? Sounds like a Wendy's commercial. Maybe I should cut it off, throw it on the grill then put it in a hotdog bun add some mustart and chili. etc. Does it plump when you cook'em?

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    yo cuck dont hate a superior cock. Too bad if u got a 2 incher.

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    It is rock hard, fully pumped with blood, and would be excellent for a sexy lady to squat her bottom on and RIDE like a cowgirl until the cum squirted out in several orgasms. A HARD cock like this one is able to press against the clitoris when pelvis is on right angle.

    I rate it 8 out of 10. Couldn't mark it higher without a test drive.

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    hmmmm... that cock is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. (and believe me, I have seen already quite a bunch...)

    Tell me how it feels, when you stroke this big piece of meat. I would love to watch very close and then open my lips and take it all....

    hmm, superstud!!

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    If u gals wana test drive it then let me know i am sure u ll give it a 10 after that

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    thnx 4 da replies will set up sometin soon gals

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