Help...i Just Discovered That I May Be A Cuckold

Discussion in 'Ask SandyWho!' started by Yann, Sep 4, 2016.

  1. Yann

    Yann Discovered he's a cuckold

    Sep 4, 2016
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    Dear members,

    I am a 34-year-old husband married to a beautiful wife, and lately, through watching porn flicks with my wife, I discovered that topics such as cuckolding are an incredible turn on for me. My wife noticed when we watch «Hotwife» or «MMF» videos I get harder and more excited.

    How do I approach her with my discovery without making her think less of me? I need guidance on how to process and live with this new reality.

    Any advice or suggestions are welcome.

    Thank you.
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  2. Custer Laststand


    Jul 18, 2007
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    First, note the definition: cuckold — a man with an unfaithful wife.

    Since you're married, you are part-way there. But, since your wife does not fuck other men (I gather), you are not there yet. Rather, you are a wannabe cuckold.

    I see no one has responded to your question, so I'll pass along a suggestion I've made recently to some others who have asked it. First, I suggest mentioning to your wife that you've run across two articles recently, and asking her what she thinks of them. There's no need, initially, to tell her you want her to become your hotwife or, if you prefer, your cuckoldress. They are:

    The Science of Cuckoldry, by sex therapist and relationships counselor Susan Gower:

    The cuckold phenomena:

    (The latter article is originally by Dr. Cherry Lee, Ph.D., which is a pseudonym.)

    Then, if your wife seems even slightly interested, I suggest embarking on the course of action outlined here:

    How to Transform Your Wife to a Hotwife:

    If, however, your wife rejects the whole concept out of hand, that will mean you have more work to do. A way to proceed (in either case) might be to expand on your wife's apparent interest in cuckold porn by arranging a visit by both of you to a swing club meeting. Such clubs usually allow prospective members at least one initial visit during which they observe the action, but do not participate. If your wife seems cautiously-interested, I suggest encouraging her by making it clear you will not have sex with any other woman at the swing club. Rather, you will play the role of her guardian, and protect her if she is unduly pressured to have sex by a man she does not find attractive.

    Good luck! If you decide to forge ahead with your secret desire (say, per the above), which may also be your wife's secret desire, please keep us updated on your progress.

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