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Jan 4, 2018
Jul 3, 2013
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Jan 15, 1966 (Age: 52)


New around here..., Female, 52, from Chicago

Beloved Member :)

I just had emergency surgery. A second double mastectomy. The good news is i hope to have my precancer 36DD back in 6 months! Jan 4, 2018

MWBitch36d was last seen:
Jan 4, 2018
      Get well, gorgeous! See you soon better than ever...
    2. MWBitch36d
      I just had emergency surgery. A second double mastectomy. The good news is i hope to have my precancer 36DD back in 6 months!
    3. bobstudio83
      Mmm, I was just in Chicago a few weeks ago... I should get to know you before my next visit there.
    4. NordicAlien:P
    5. Anthonyisw8ting
      Hi, you look amazing. We should gt to know each other better.-Anthony
    6. WimpHub2
    7. Khristy Creams
      Khristy Creams
      Thank you for the follow!
      1. jbalk20 and MWBitch36d like this.
    8. Taylor_Uk
    9. darkmeat4IRfun
      Prime fucktoy for bare darkmeat ! Very pretty
      1. MWBitch36d likes this.
    10. linkme4real
      your hot and sexy ....wish to meet you one day !
      1. MWBitch36d likes this.
    11. manson
      woww soo beautıful you are
      1. MWBitch36d likes this.
      2. manson
        Follow me back :))
        Jun 7, 2017
    12. bisexysteph
      Hey there, I'm Steph living out the Chicago burbs I keep looking for you but haven't been lucky (dammit). I'll keep trying...
      1. MWBitch36d likes this.
    13. BBCforFemorCpl
      Sexy pics hon.
      1. MWBitch36d likes this.
    14. BigBlackAlpha
      Hello Bitch
      1. MWBitch36d and sibmu like this.
    15. kennyj
      From what i can only see :) you got a kick ass body . Does the pussy taste as Good as you Look ?? Mmm sure would love to taste it
      1. MWBitch36d likes this.
    16. kennyj
      Damm didn't know Chicago was into building body's that Great :P Mmmm 36D HUNN??
      1. MWBitch36d likes this.
    17. Paulzh
      You have some nice pictures there.
      1. MWBitch36d likes this.
    18. MarriedBlackMan
      damn you are sexy!!
      1. sibmu and MWBitch36d like this.
    19. MarriedBlackMan
    20. ertu
      Hi,happy valentine's day.
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    Jan 15, 1966 (Age: 52)
    Country Flag:
    United States
    Married Cheating fit rich housewife.

    Love to be dominated and used! love to be forcefully seduced! I also love sweaty outdoor sex whether in a forest on a beach in a pool or hot tub... and more

    I love rough sex bondage name calling being seduced either subtly or forcefully i am open to ideas so just tell me what you like and we can work from there. if all else fails take a look at the sites below...

    my taboos are no pissing shitting fisting incest or involving my family so don't ask about my family members or insult them!NEVER insult my husband!

    Don't ask about phone, Skype or cam i have been burned and wont go there. If it is a deal breaker for you then don't even say hi. Also if you do i will ignore you.

    also do NOT ask for my yahoo until we have talked a few times. that also includes the worn out "its more reliable" or any rendition of that. I dont share my skype or any other form of that. thank you and yes that includes kik or anyother form for those who are slow at understanding.

    It has been pointed out to me that my profile starts hot and turns bitchy... i hate that but that is because there are some people here who simpy cant read....

    i DO love to rp. i come here searching for orgasms both giving and getting. for me the mental picture of the scene is more important than just swearing. i love the idea of the "total orgasm" the mind cummming as hard as the sex glands!

    Sex, Shopping Arrogant aggressive assholes
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