1. Re deleting albums, pics, threads etc - PLEASE don't ask some random guy on teamviewer to spread your wife's pics around, then msg us demanding we take them down as soon as you reach your climax. This site is free to use. That does not entitle you to demand that we spend our time and labor cleaning up after you. We now have an upgrade service that WILL buy you our time and labor. You get complete and prompt customer service for nearly any request, and you also get access our hidden bonus section, a library of thousands of porn movies from the biggest studios, PLUS you get to see hidden archives in the media section etc and so on. Click the UPGRADE link at the top of the page.
  2. We have a new videochat room. The company that makes the old software is kaput, so this change was necessary. The link to the new chat is in the navbar, same place as the old chat link. The url, in case you need it, is http://www.slutwives.com/videochat/index_popup.php/. You MUST be logged into slutwives.com forums and you MUST have flash enabled in your browser to access the chat. I know the website is giving an insecure error, we're working on it. It's just an issue with the security certificate being out of date.
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Feb 20, 2014
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Sacramento CA


Cuck Seeking His Queen, from Sacramento CA

Beloved Member :)
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    1. QueenBimboSarah
      I miss ur daily finds cucky... my email has been cleaned and I can get mail again... so why don't ya surprise me with sole hot pics like ya used to ;) teehee. Email me anytime lil boi hehe ;) xoxo
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    2. QueenBimboSarah
      How has my loyal lil sissy cuck been? Better be keeping that clitty hard to big black cocks while ive been away-just cuz I disappear for a month doesn't mean ya get to let up on looking at big black cock and making that lil thing squirt watery jizz everywhere hehe. I want a new daily finding in my inbox as soon as possible my sweet sissy boy :) messgae me anytime hun! Xoxo
    3. femsubann
      thanks for your interest
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    Sacramento CA
    32 year old male that was cucked by last gf for over a year, only to be left by her for her bull. Currently looking for another ltr

    Sports, Fun, Reading, Adventure, Kinky shit