1. Re deleting albums, pics, threads etc - PLEASE don't ask some random guy on teamviewer to spread your wife's pics around, then msg us demanding we take them down as soon as you reach your climax. This site is free to use. That does not entitle you to demand that we spend our time and labor cleaning up after you. We now have an upgrade service that WILL buy you our time and labor. You get complete and prompt customer service for nearly any request, and you also get access our hidden bonus section, a library of thousands of porn movies from the biggest studios, PLUS you get to see hidden archives in the media section etc and so on. Click the UPGRADE link at the top of the page.
  2. We have a new videochat room. The company that makes the old software is kaput, so this change was necessary. The link to the new chat is in the navbar, same place as the old chat link. The url, in case you need it, is http://www.slutwives.com/videochat/index_popup.php/. You MUST be logged into slutwives.com forums and you MUST have flash enabled in your browser to access the chat. I know the website is giving an insecure error, we're working on it. It's just an issue with the security certificate being out of date.
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Apr 22, 2013
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Jan 21, 2018 at 8:04 AM
    1. subhub174014
      I own darkwanderer.net, all the sites on fetishbucks.com, we're building a dating program and plenty more besides that. Very few memberships are sold via slutwives. I don't have enough hours in the day to spend hours daily on a site that makes about 3.00/day, and if someone is making an account on sw and then grabbing pix there's not a whole lot that can be done about that.

      We're moving the tube side of sw to a few other sites, most of what problems are left will be solved by not having to integrate the two types of software on one site.
    2. subhub174014
      I for got to mention. cumbox quit over the whole deal.he was mad about taking so long to fix forum,they had "other" priorities and he can keep track of who is on here and who is member but not who is saving,needed a techie and they are working on the dating site. so he got mad and quit, think maybe that is part of why the MOD is mad at me,now has no one to run the forum. I told him get the pic stealing stopped and I will start posting, but said right now NOT a priority... man I am bored to death especially this time of year!.. another month or so I would just go fishing
    3. subhub174014
      Man it is strange not posting. I will not go back to cuck place. first I would have to ask or something and he has me locked out.I keep looking hoping someone will mention the pics are all coming from me/here but doesn't happen, don't you do it!
      as for here this guy gave me this big line about all the changes he was working on and trying to improve site and make it bigger. bull shit. I have been on him about the pic stealing. I finally get a message from him. he is working on compliling all the stories from this site and dark wanderer ( he owns both and a few other sites) and says he could care less about the forum it only pays him about 3 dollars a day. he has people working on a dating site to add to this site which should pay more. I bought a thing to store pics and put 25 folders in it for now. 23.000 pics! no wonder this thing has been getting slow! been adding to it hoping someone will text me telling me they got the guy and got it stopped... so wait and see I guess
    4. subchard
      Maybe it's time to take a break? Relax and get away from posting for awhile.
    5. subhub174014

      man I am getting slammed all over the place.... at cuckold place... my one "friend' just sent a message saying I was still posting and was going to turn me into police.... and popeye1 saying he didn't like my posts anyway they are all from other sites... hell ALL pics came from someplace else.... no one defending me at all.....and here .. of course makes sense with his name tokyocouple wants "other" pics.... but posting here has become worse than any time I have posted anywhere... can't win

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