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Alabama Adventure

Oct 10, 1999

By leeroy00079

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Alabama Adventure

Hi Larry,

The trip to Alabama wasn't near as much fun as it could have been, however my husband did loosen up a couple of times and got into showing me off again. We dropped the kids off at our cousins there and stayed with them the first night......BORING! The next day we checked into a motel and went out shopping. My husband bought me a pretty red sundress with spaghetti straps on the shoulders. It is pretty short but not indecent.

We had to look in a quite a few stores before we both agreed on the dress to buy and I got a couple of opportunities to let guys see into my dressing room as I changed. The ones I liked were always too short for my husband and the ones he was picking out for me were way too long but we finally compromised. It didn't seem like any of the stores we were in had as good of setup as the one where I meet Elaine and her husband. When I modeled the dress for my husband I took the panties I had been wearing off and got to give a guy waiting for his wife a real good look at my ass.

The next day we decided to drive to Nashville to see the sights which is about 100 miles from Huntsville. I wore my new red dress with crotchless pantihose underneath. Actually my husband requested it. It's 4-lane interstate all the way and we passed a quite a few truckers along the way. When sitting in the car my dress just covered my pussy so if the truckers got just a little ahead and looked down through the windshield they were treated to a great view up my skirt. On three occasions my husband told me to hike my skirt up so my pussy was uncovered completely and twice he told me to pull the top of my dress down so they could see my tits.

I was really loving it and the truckers were too! When we got to Nashville we drove around a bit when my husband spotted a adult bookstore which advertised itself to be the worlds biggest adult bookstore and adult theater. The theater thing really interested him because Minneapolis doesn't have any of them anymore and he asked me if I was interested in going in to see a movie. You can probably guess he didn't have to ask me twice. When we pulled in the parking lot and started to get out two guys approached us and we almost panicked and started to get back in the car.

They quickly explained that they were hired by the bookstore as parking lot security and they were there to make sure nobody messed with us or our vehicle when we were in the store. Feeling more secure then we decided to go in. As I got out I made sure I gave one of the guys a good look at my bare pussy and he smiled in appreciation. Once inside the place was definitely huge.

It had two floors with the theater on the bottom floor. He wanted to go in the theater right away so we didn't spend anytime looking at all the videos and magazines they had. The stairway going down to the level where the theater was, was an open one and I was hoping there would be somebody near it to see me come down, but there wasn't. A few of the guys had spotted me and were really checking me out but only one started following us. It's almost funny how in a store where there is nothing but pictures of nude women everywhere a lot of guys get nervous when a woman walks in and is wearing short dress. My husband bought tickets to get in and we went inside. When we first got in it was totally dark and we stood right inside the entrance door until our eyes adjusted to the light a little.

In a few seconds the door opened again and the guy who had been following us entered. He too probably couldn't see anything and stood on the other side of the aisle and waited. In a couple of minutes we could at least see a little and made our way down towards the front of the theater and sat down. There was nobody close to us at first but it didn't take long for my admirer to take a seat behind and one seat to the right of me. My husband kissed me and said maybe I should show this guy my tits.

I slowly slipped the straps of my dress down over my shoulders and pulled until my tits popped free. The guy was leaning forward to see as my husband started rubbing them and tweaking my nipples. Then he told me to tweak my own nipples as the guy watched. I slid down in my seat to give the guy a better angle and tweaked and pulled on my hard nipples. I even pulled one up to my mouth and licked it slowly with my tongue. Just then another guy arrived and sat in the same row as us leaving one seat between us.

I didn't bother covering my tits as he strained to see in the dark theater. I heard him unzip his zipper and could see he was taking out a huge erection as he watched me. I glanced behind and saw the guy behind me was also pumping his cock. I just then noticed when I had slid down in the seat to give the guy a better view of my tits my dress had pulled up and my pussy was totally uncovered. I was really getting wet when my husband put his hand between my legs and pushed them apart. Then he said for me to finger myself as they watched. I did but actually it was so dark in the theater I don't think they could see much and probably had to guess what I was doing. I couldn't see the guys cock clearly in the dark and assumed it was the same for them. We didn't stay long since nobody could really see anything anyway and my husband suggested we should go look at some magazines before we left. We walked out of the theater with both guys following like puppy dogs.

My husband didn't really want me to flash both of them in case they were together and would cause trouble so we decided just to browse until one left. There weren't too many people in the store and fortunately we didn't pick up any new followers before one of the guys quit following. As soon as he did my husband told me to give the one with us yet a good show.

The first thing I did was bend at the waist to pick up a mag off the bottom shelf. My dress rode up and exposed my ass and pussy to him. He slowly worked his way closer as I bent again and again to look at magazines. When he was about 5 feet away I crouched down facing him and paged through a mag. I spread my knees and gave him a perfect shot of my wet cunt. He looked around and rubbed his cock through his jeans as he watched. All the time I pretended like I didn't notice him looking. I figured I'd tease him a little more and got up and walked to the next aisle.

As soon as I left he asked my husband if we wanted some company and told him how great I looked. My husband thanked him for his offer but declined. The guy then asked him if he minded him at least looking. My husband told him it was a free country and couldn't stop him from looking. Then he told him that soon we would have to leave and the only way out was up the stairs and next to them might be a good place to be. I did a couple of more bends for the guy and we decided it was time to get back.

There was a magazine rack next to the stairs and as soon as the guy realized we were heading for the stairs he made a beeline for the rack. We made sure he got there before we started up the stairs. Every step I took gave him a better view of my ass and pussy. When we got to where he was standing alongside my knees were even with his head and he had a perfect view up my dress. Just then my husband said he wanted a kiss and we stopped on the stairs. The guy behind the counter could see what was going on too but he was a long ways away and didn't seem concerned.

My dress pulled over my ass as we kissed and the guy watched excitedly as my husband massaged and spread my asscheeks with his hands. He spread them wide so the guy could clearly see my asshole and dripping pussy. Then we went a little farther up the stairs and stopped right before the door to the next level.

The guy by the stairs was definitely the only one that see us at that point. My husband pushed my straps down and showed him my tits as he started fingering my cunt. He quit when he heard steps by the door and told me to cover up. The door opened before I had time to get one tit in and a elderly guy smiled broadly when he saw it and said the pleasure was all his as he passed. As soon as he got passed us on his way down he turned around to catch a glimpse under my dress as we left.

We got to the car and I fingered myself to an orgasm as my husband watched and then gave him a blowjob. On the way back to Huntsville I flashed a couple of more truckers but it didn't seem so exciting as the bookstore.



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