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Teasing Wife

Oct 10, 1999

By bababa

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This is a true story about my wife.

Teasing Wife, Raped
by Lookin

My wife BJ has always liked to tease other men by wearing short
skirts and shorts. We were married 12 years ago and during the first
2 years all she did was tease all my friends. We would entertain a
lot and it was always guys very seldom were there any other girls.
This would give her the opportunity to show off her very nice 5 ft.
2 in. 105 lb. body. Her pussy was so tight and small she would
scream when I would fuck her with my 5 inch very slim dick.

Some of the parties were during the week and I had to work the next
day. Our house had pool table so she would stay up with the guys,
play pool and drink all night. Usually she would wear very short
shorts with nice panties but late in the night would say she needed
to go to bed and would put on a tee shirt and shear panties. I would
act to be asleep. This drove the guys crazy but they never tried
anything because I was in the next room. One morning when I had to
work, four of the guys were still there passed out, so I thought.
When I left for work they sprang to life. I had forgotten my wallet
and went back after it when I herd noises in the house. Instead of
going in I peeked in a window. I was shocked but not surprised, I
had always warned her about showing off and what could happen but
she always thought it would be cool.

Two of the guys Steve, and Rich were holding her down and Bobby was
taking off his pants. My god they were going to fuck her, I didn't
know what to do I just froze. She was telling them to stop but it
was no use they were going to fuck her and all I could do was watch.
Bobby took down his pants and I was shocked, his dick was twice the
size of mine and it wasn't fully hard yet. My wife was screaming for
them to let her go and she called out my name. I couldn't believe my
cock was getting hard and I wanted them to fuck her, or should I say
rape her. Bobby's cock was only half hard and had to be at least 8
inches long and probably two inches thick. I could see BJ just
staring at his dick and as he reached for her she let out another
scream. He grabbed her by the arm and pulled her off the bed and
onto her knees in front of him. "You're going to suck my dick real
good bitch," and with that he pushed almost three inches of cock
into my wife tiny mouth. He began to fuck in and out of her mouth,
his shaft sliding deeper and deeper with each stroke until almost
five inches was fucking my wife's mouth. Bobby pulled his cock
almost completely out of her mouth and pushed it in again, this time
with force. When his cock hit my wife's throat he kept pushing and
it began to slide even deeper.

She was a virgin when we married and she was not ready at all for
this. BJ began to struggle his cock as went down her throat, she was
making choking noises and trying to push him away but his cock kept
coming, and sliding in until only two inches of Bobby's eight inch
cock was outside of BJ's mouth. He was literally fucking my wife's
face with his big cock. Steve and Rich were both laughing and
cheering Bobby on. He laughed, ignoring my struggling wife and
pushed harder until all of his cock was in my tinny wife's mouth. He
grunted and I could tell he was shooting his load down her throat.
As his cock left her throat BJ took one gasp and fell onto the
floor. In the mean time Randy and Ed woke up and came into the room.
Their eyes glistened when they saw BJ with cum on her face. Ed the
meaner and bigger of the bunch asked if it was a private party or
could anyone join in. In a matter of a few seconds all of them were
naked. What I saw made me almost sick. They all had bigger cocks
than mine and Rich's cock was very big around. Rich grabbed my wife
and said, "I'm first, I want her before Ed has her."

All the other guys said the same thing I was unable to see Ed
because he had his backed turned. They held her legs apart with her
kicking and screaming and Rich started to fuck her cunt. It was a
hard time getting started because she was so small and tight but
when he got the head in I could see her pussy stretch then he took
it home. She screamed in pain when eight inches of cock went in all
the way to the nuts. He fucked her for two or three minutes then
came inside. When he pulled out I could see her cunt snap shut and
just a dribble of cum on it. Randy and Bobby had their turns and her
pussy just snapped right back shut. Thank God she was still tight, I
didn't want them to ruin her for me.

Then Ed turned where I could see him. I felt sick, his cock was
unbelievable. At least 10" long and as big around as my forearm,
already it was dripping pre-cum and I couldn't imagine how my little
wife could take this kind of cock. He pulled her up roughly and
grabbed her head between his big hands. "Now suck my cock baby."

She stared at his 10" cock in disbelief. She hung her head and said,
"Please don't make me do this, I just wanted to tease a little."

He shoved his big cock into her mouth and started pumping into her
throat. "You fucking slut, I'm going to stretch your through and
then your cunt."

She was now being face fucked like a dirty whore. Ed's final thrust
into to BJ's mouth pushed past her closed throat. Ed held BJ impaled
on his cock for several moments. Finally he pulled out and Bj began
to gasp for breath. Saliva dripped out of BJs mouth as she struggled
for breath. After a minute had gone by, she appeared to have
recovered her breath.

The guys held her legs so he could fuck her. She begged him to let
her go but things had gotten out of hand and I knew it was too late.
Ed's penetration reached five inches on the first thrust. His cock
was so big around that it was tearing her apart. She was screaming
in pain but Ed kept pounding away. With each new thrust Ed gained an
inch or two of penetration into BJ. She grunted loudly with each
thrust. Finally BJs pussy cream and the cum had fully lubricated
Ed's big cock. I looked on with horror at what Ed was doing to BJ's
pussy. I wondered if it would ever return to its tight condition. Ed
began to give it to BJ harder. Soon the strokes were a full ten

Meanwhile, the guys joined in and began playing with BJs tits as Ed
plowed into her pussy. Her pussy was red hot and she continued to
lubricate fully. After five minutes of absorbing Ed's thrusts the
big cock was all the way in and balls slapping her ass. BJ could
feel the beginnings of an orgasm. Suddenly, BJ tensed up it lasted a
good thirty seconds. She gushed around Ed's massive cock. At the
same time Ed shot his load deep into her cunt. Groaning with
satisfaction, he pulled out of my wife's cunt. I could see I no
longer had a wife with a small pussy. As his cock left her cunt cum
poured out a large hole that this time didn't close.

He walked around in front of her. With out him saying a word she
started licking his cock clean. I watched them take turns fucking
her the rest of the day. Her pussy got so wet and stretched that the
guys with the eight inch cocks just dropped right in first lick. She
really liked the size of their cocks But Ed hurt her when he fucked
her. He would hold her legs apart and slam it in all at one time. Ed
fucked her six times that day. And choke fucked her twice more. I
waited outside for an hour after they left. When I entered the house
I asked her how her day was and how long the guys stayed. She said
not long. After that the guys would stop by on a regular basis when
I was at work. She liked the eight inch cocks but Ed's still hurt
her. Most of the time it was just Steve, Rich and Bobby. Ed would
spend allot of time at the whorehouse throwing craps and getting
blow jobs. Her pussy really got stretched out.

Raped Super Stretched Wife

A few weeks later Ed stopped by when I was home and asked if I
wanted to go with him to shoot craps. I wasn't doing anything so I
decided to go. Ed asked BJ if she would like to come along. I was
surprised when she said,"Yes."

We waited a few minutes for BJ to get ready. When she came out she
was wearing short cut-offs, a pair she never wore out in public, and
a short tee shirt, toped off with red panties that you could easily
see. When I said something about her dress Ed said he had found a
new place to go and had made some friends there, and what she had on
was ok. When we got there the place was dark and dirty. There were
several black whores sitting around and two black guys at the bar.
We got a drink and headed to the back rooms to the crap tables.

There were four black guys at a table and one of them spoke to Ed. I
heard Ed say, "Yeah will Rod be here tonight?" The black guy said he
would be.

We played craps and I was winning. Life was good. BJ was getting
drinks for us while everyone enjoyed the view of her panties that
showed more now that her shorts had loosened up. After a while we
were getting drunk and I noticed BJ missing. When I asked Ed he said
he could see her talking to the three whores at a table in the
corner. I was ready for a break so I went to find BJ. She was
nowhere to be found. I was fit to be tied.

Ed said she had gone to a restaurant down the street with the whores
to pick up some food for everyone. In about an hour the whores were
back but no BJ. When I asked one of them where BJ was she said, "Man
you mean the white slut in the shorts?"

I gulped and said, "Yes."

"Man she's been in the back room blowing brothers for the last hour,
now they have took her to a party at Rod's."

I told Ed we had to find her but he didn't seem to be to concerned.
So I started to look in some of the other rooms. I came on to one
empty room that had a video camera set up. The next thing I saw
stopped my heart. It was a top like BJ was wearing. When I picked
the top up a pair of red panties fell out. The panties were torn and
wet with cum and so was the top.

Ed came in and saw the top and panties and said, "Well, I guess BJ
got her fill tonight." I could have hit but I needed him to help
find my wife. "Well," Ed said, "wonder what's on the video." He
placed the tape in a player at a table that was also wet with cum
and hit rewind. When he hit play what I saw made me sick but horny.
My wife was being tormented by five big black guys. One was fucking
her cunt and one was fucking her mouth by force. I could see eight
inches of his cock sticking out of her pussy. Her pussy lips had
been forced open by the size of cock and her thighs were quivering.
She was being brutality face fucked and was choking. The three black
guys standing around started taking off their clothes.

My god the size of their cocks were huge. The one in her had about
four inches left to go, I didn't know how long it was but I could
tell he was going all the way if it killed her. She was being raped
by a black with a very large cock. The black guy fucking her mouth
came and pulled it out. And was replaced by another. This guy was
rough he slammed twelve inches of black meat all the way down her
through. She was choking and fighting but it was no use he held her
hair and put it to her in a mean way. The black fucking her cunt was
now all the way in his balls slapping her ass. Her cunt was
stretched further than it had ever been. He violently shoved his
cock in and out of her vagina. Then grunted and then sprayed my
wife's womb with his cum. When he pulled out I could see the length
of his cock, it was a good twelve inches.

Ed cheered and said, "She can take my cock now."

She lay there choking on the cock in her mouth then he came and she
was made to drink it all. He pulled out and walked away. Her pussy
was open the size of a 25 cent piece and cum was running out. It no
longer fit her tiny body. All of a sudden her eyes got real big and
I could tell she was in great fear. A big black came into view and
stood there with his back to the camera. He said, "See this baby,
you get all of it to the balls."

He turned and I saw his cock, it didn't look real. It was half hard,
it was twelve inches, and the size of a beer can. Ed was surprised
at the size and said, "She needs this, the teasing little slut."

The black put oil on his big cock and began to stroke it. He grabbed
her hair and tried to fuck her mouth but only the head would go in.
He was now full hard sixteen to seventeen inches and from a beer can
to a base ball. Even the twelve inch cock she just had didn't get
her ready for this. So one of the other blacks with a bigger cock
than the last was going to fuck her first He slammed thirteen inches
into her all in one stroke she was now in heaven she humped and
bucked and then came. He continued to fuck her while she choked on
six inches of big cock, it just wouldn't go down her through. The
black shot a big load into her cunt then pulled out.

My god her cunt was even bigger yet. The big black pulled out of her
mouth and came around to her cunt, looked at it for a second then,
without warning slammed two inches in her cunt. She screamed and
kicked and as she did in went another two or three. She had about
six inches in and was overflowing with cum. The big guy got way up
on top of her. With a foot of cock left to go he went to town with
no mercy. I could not believe how much of his cock was left outside
her cunt. He began to fuck her hard with her pleading for him to
stop. He called her a slut and said when I get through with you the
only thing you will want to fuck is my cock. With that he slammed in
and out slicking his cock with more cum. He pulled out of her and I
could see her cunt it was big and wet from the other fuckings she
had had, and her hole was now open and gaping. The outside of her
pussy was red and did not fit her body at all, she had been tore

In walked another black guy with a dick of fourteen inches but not a
big around as the big guy moved over he positioned him self and
pushed all but two inches in her she screamed and passed out. He
fucked her and came inside. They took her out of view of the camera
and that was it. I was so horny I couldn't stand it but where did
they take her. Ed spoke up and said he knew of a place they might
be. We got in the car and left. While we were driving I told Ed I
knew about him and the guys fucking her. Ed also told me that he had
set this up and the big guy's name was Rod.

I asked him why, he said he wanted her to get a horse fucking so his
cock would fit her better. God what a sick fuck he was! He said Rod
was a real bad bro that liked to fuck white chicks. We went to
several places but no luck, so we headed back to the whorehouse.
When we got there there was a black limo out front, I prayed BJ
would be there. We went inside standing there was BJ. All she had on
was her cut-offs. She was down on her knees giving a forced fucked
blow job to a well hung bro.

This time she was taking all twelve and not choking at all. He
grunted and came, then let her go. When she saw me she ran to me
crying and said she would never be the same for any other man but
Rod and his two buddies. They were standing over in the corner and
saw me talking to her. They came over and told her to go to the back
room, she did, then they told me that all three of them were going
to fuck her one more time tonight and she could leave.

Rod said he wasn't worried about her not cumming back because no-one
could satisfy her now. Ed asked Rod if she was what he had wanted
and he said, "Just right, bitch got hot after I got all my cock in

Ed said, "You got it all in."

"Yeah all of it, the bitch is really stretched out now just like you

I spoke up and said we're leaving now. Rod said, "Don't think so."

With that I keep quiet.

Rod and his two bros went to the back room. Ed and I followed. In
there was BJ sucking a big cock while another big cock was going in
and out her cunt, this time with ease. The cock in her cunt was
twelve inches and thick as my wrist. He was fucking her with ease
and she was loving it. The cock in her mouth came and she gulped
every drop as did the one in her cunt. The two guys left and Rod
said, "Now time for the show, they have got her ready."

Rod and his bros dropped their pants, all their cocks were limp. He
said the bitch about fucked us out. BJ just laid there with her legs
closed, holding in the cum. She knew something I didn't. They would
have dry fucked if she lost the cum.

One of the bros grabbed her hair which was a mess and stuck his soft
cock in all the way in her mouth. It began to grow to a full fifteen
inches, she took it all with out choking. She had been to school on
a few things while she was gone. Ed asked how many times they had
fucked her.

Rod said four each and it got better each time. Rod said, "Well that
one's hard, pull your legs apart bitch."

BJ spread her legs and Ed and I could not believe what we saw. It
was the biggest cunt either of us had ever seen. You could see all
the way up in side her and her pussy hole went all the way to her
asshole. The bro put all fifteen inched at once to the balls and
began fucking her. This time she wrapped her leg around his back and
fucked him back. This made Rod and the other hard as a rock.

"My god how big is thing going to get?" Ed asked Rod.

Rod said, "Seventeen and one half inches four and one half wide and
she can take all of it."

The bro came in her and the next bro took his place. His cock was
every bit a long but much bigger around. Rod said that a boy open
her up so I can get all the way in. The bro shoved all his dick in
her and fucked her hard and fast, his nuts were slapping her ass and
this time she was groaning. He came right away and pulled out. I
have never seen a cunt so well used as BJ's was, she couldn't even
began to hold her cunt shut and the cum pored out.

Rod said, "Well my turn bitch."

The look in BJ's eyes was lust and fear. His cock was so much bigger
than the others, the head covered the hole front of her pussy. Rod
put the head of his cock right on her hole. Then with a mighty
thrust shoved half his cock inside her pussy. BJ let out a scream
and moved back.

But it was no use, Rod moved forward again this time with brutal
force and buried his cock in up to his nuts. I could not believe it
to be possible for her to take all seventeen inches in her cunt, her
lips were blood red and he started to fuck her in a brutal way. Then
it was over and he pulled out slowly, it took forever for all his
cock to come out.

Her hole was big enough to handle any cock now. We left and she
continued to see him and his bros for a year or so. As for Ed and
the guys, they don't even fuck her anymore. Her pussy has changed so
much it hangs down and the hole is always open. She still fucks
black men, but only if they have a big cock. I don't know what
happened to the video. If anyone has a video like this I would love
to see it.

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