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Shy Young Wife

Oct 10, 1999

By paulumbo

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STORY: Shy Young Wife, Complete (M/f, wife, noncons (?),etc.)
by Mick

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If you are not 18 or over, well - I encourage your curiosity, but
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A memoir/story - a reminiscence. I suppose it fits into the "wife
watching" category in a way - though I would never have thought of
that until just now. It's mostly just a remembrance...And it is my
first post.

Comments or questions are welcome....I can spot a flame a mile away,
and I don't read them before I trash them, so don't bother.
Constructive criticism is always welcome.

Shy Young Wife....Part One:

When I was 19, I became involved with a woman much older than me
whom I had met at a social agency where we both volunteered. She was
a woman in her thirties, desperately hungry for experience, feeling
stifled at home...she was teetering on the brink of wildness, and as
she took my hand, she slipped and fell in.....it was glorious. She
was a true madwoman, in the best sense of the word.

Smaller in stature - only about 5' and around 105 pounds. She was
pretty and athletic, and her shyness was alluring to me. She was
clearly interested (another woman I was involved with there noticed
that, and wasn't happy about it - but that's another story) and
seemed to enjoy the attention I paid to her. But she knew me to be
sort of a "dangerous" type, and she was well on her way to a career
as a Junior Leaguer with nice, conventional home life. I could see
that she felt sort of "naughty" when I'd flirt with her...but it was
wonderful to see her blush and to hear her laugh.

One especially fine evening, when all of our clients had been seen
the rest of the staff went to our favorite watering hole for beer
and conversation. P. and I stayed behind to close up, telling the
others we'd be along soon. As we worked, she mentioned that she'd
never ridden on a motorcycle before. I sensed she was giving me an
opening, and I went with it, emboldened by a recent experience with
a married woman. I told her I'd give her a ride, but she'd have to
agree to do everything I said, or I'd take her straight home, and
she'd have to explain to her husband how she got home without her
car. She agreed, although I'm sure she thought she was agreeing to
do as I said purely with regard to our ride and the motorcycle.
Safety first, don't you know.

I took her to a favorite spot of mine....relatively deserted,
romantic, overlooking the river. Not a soul around. We got off the
bike, and I took her in my arms and kissed her. She melted at first
- a passivity I found strangely arousing...and then she really came
alive, sucking my tongue and pressing her tight little body against
me. I took her long blonde hair in my fist and pulled her head
back....not roughly, but firmly. She gasped, but it was clear that
she liked it. I shoved my tongue deep into her throat as I held her
head back like that, and with my free hand, I loosened her slacks.
My hand quickly found her pussy - it was sopping! I pushed aside her
panties and slid two fingers into her as she moaned into my mouth,
her tongue now battling with mine.

She was soon humping my hand and clinging to me....pressing her face
to my neck...begging me to fuck her....I turned her around, bent her
over the seat of my bike, and began to slide her panties down.
Suddenly she reached back and pushed my hand away. She turned and
stood up. There I was with my cock busting my jeans and she had
suddenly changed her fucking mind, thereby totally wrecking mine!

"I can't," she said, "I just can't do this to my husband....I just
can't. I thought I could, and I really want to, but I can't. I'm
sorry....." Tears spilled in the moonlight. Christ.

I thought for a moment as she sniffled and tried to catch her
breath, and then said simply, "Fine. I'll take you home."

"Please just take me to my car," she said pleadingly.

"Nope. Deal's a deal. You're going home."

When we got to her house - a huge stone place in our city's finest
neighborhood - we climbed off the bike. I was a man with a plan.
Adrenaline became a factor. I had gunned the engine loudly as we
arrived, and it had had the desired effect. I could see him peering
out one of the ground floor windows.

"Thanks," she said softly. No eye contact.

"I'll walk you to your door," I said. There was alarm in her eyes
now, and plenty of eye contact.

"No, please - it'll be ok....there's no need."

"I insist...."

At the door, we were out of sight of the windows. I took her in my
arms and pressed my thigh between hers, letting her feel my cock
against her leg, pressing myself against her pussy. I held her
tight, squeezing her ass, and sliding my fingers down toward her
pussy from behind. Then I pressed the fingers of my other hand
against the mound of her pussy in front, and rubbed her clit through
her jeans...just a few quick, hard, circular strokes. My tongue
thrust into her mouth as she struggled for a moment....then melted
again....I abruptly broke our embrace and rapped the knocker. She
turned to get her keys out, and was fumbling for them when her
husband opened the door.

I was one crazy son-of-a-bitch in those days. I smiled real wide and
introduced myself as I followed her in, shaking hubby's hand. Hale
fellow, well met.

Surreptitiously, I fondled P's ass as we stood there in the foyer.
Hubby was a good-looking guy, as one would expect. He wasn't sure
what to make of me. When he half-heartedly asked if I could stay for
a drink, I said sure. P glared at me as I smiled.

He went to get drinks and P showed me into a paneled library. "What
are you doing," she hissed in a strained whisper, "please don't
stay....just go before there's a scene...." I grabbed her and kissed
her again. This time I pinched and rolled her fat nipples as I
tongued into her throat, and I felt her small, strong body yielding
to me as I pulled her up close. In moments, she was pressing her
pussy against my leg and breathing hard through her nose....I
whispered in her ear "Just go with it, babe...this is going to be
really good."

When Hubby came in with our drinks, I took a long pull on the
excellent scotch as P. went and stood next to Hubby. I set my drink
on the large desk and walked over to them. I took P's hand and
pulled her to me...the look of shock on Hubby's face was
priceless....P was totally flustered.....

"Now just a goddamn minute," Hubby started to protest, but I
dismissed him with a smile.

"You know where we've been tonight," I asked him as I led P over to
the sofa, "we've been up on F_____ Hill, and we weren't watching the
moon rise."

I took her chin in my hand and took possession of her soft, full
mouth. She was trembling, and her trembling caused my hard cock to
surge in my jeans like a live animal. She stiffened against me at
first, but then with a sigh I felt her yield, and soon her tongue
was seeking mine and her hands were on my ass....

"Now just a goddamn minute," he said again, a little louder this
time, as he moved across the room toward us.

I broke our kiss and held her fast. Her hands did not leave my ass.
"Shut the fuck up and sit down," I said softly, pointing to a chair
near the desk. "You're going to love this, I think. And if not,
well, it's going to happen anyway. At least this way you'll know."

I returned to kissing his wife's hot, soft mouth as he stood there
for a moment, stunned, his eyes riveted to the sight of his petite
wife in my arms, sucking my tongue. Her kissing was becoming
elaborate now....her tongue was thrusting and writhing in my mouth,
her lips were prehensile, sliding wetly over mine, closing onto my
tongue occasionally and drawing back noisily...it made me think of
her sucking my cock.

My heart crashed in my chest as she became increasingly aggressive.
My hand found her panties sopping wet, even wetter than they'd been
on the Hill. I moved her to the desk and sat her on its edge. We
continued our sloppy, noisy kissing as I unbuttoned her blouse and
pulled her bra down from her fine, ripe breasts. My rough hands
gloried in the soft warm flesh of this hot, hungry woman. I pressed
my lips to her neck and burrowed my tongue into the taut flesh there
and she squirmed and groaned....I knew her eyes must have locked
with his over my shoulder by now. I pulled back from her, and sure
enough, she was gazing at her Hubby, her mouth slack, her chest
heaving. I think I chuckled as I undid her belt and the button of
her jeans with one hand as my other hand fondled her breast, pulling
and twisting at her nipple, seeking the rhythm that would be ours,
the rhythm that would be the meter of our fuck.

When her jeans were loose, she leaned back on the desk as she kicked
off her sandals, her palms flat on the leather blotter as I pulled
her jeans and panties down and off. She was a sight to behold. Under
other circumstances, I would have wanted just to gaze at her for a
while, but that would have to wait. This crazy thing we were doing
had a momentum that would brook no delays. Her legs were slender and
smooth, they reminded me of her hands and fingers, so delicate, yet
strong. Pampered and perfect, but capable.

This had begun as a casual, take-it-or-leave-it amusement, a
dalliance, but now I couldn't believe how badly I wanted her. Her
sex was partially hidden where she sat, but as she leaned back, it
was revealed. Her pink lips pouted out from thin, soft curls of
blonde hair, and the smooth, white flesh where the sun had not been
was luminous against her slight, early summer tan. Her feet were
tiny and delicate, her toenails painted in a pale pink.

It may have been the first time (and one of only a few times) when a
woman's beauty stirred in me a desire to degrade her, debase her, to
sully her pure perfection. I meant her absolutely no harm, but
somehow my affection and tenderness was touched with a desire to
humiliate her. I felt a wave of guilt, but even that, on this night,
fed my fever. I wanted to see this sweet, shy woman begging for my
cock, begging and promising and pleading to be fucked.

"I'm sorry, D_____," she said breathlessly as I stripped her jeans
off and spread her knees. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry....I
just.....it's just....oh, god, I don't know....I just have
to....have to......"

To Be Continued....(Conclusion in Part Three)

My lips closed over hers again as I stood between her legs and drew
her up. I ripped her blouse open, which made her yelp into my mouth.
I heard Hubby behind me and to the side, where he sat. "P., please,
what are you doing? Why are you doing this? Why?" His voice was a
whisper. He made no move to rise from his chair. I ripped at the
back of her bra until it came free as she grabbed my ass in her
hands and scooted forward, to bring her cunt to the edge of the
desk. "Undo my pants," I whispered to her as I tongued her ear and
stroked her nipples...she obediently fumbled with my belt until one
of my hands joined hers. When my jeans were open, she tried to go
for my cock , but I caught her wrist..."What are you going for in
there, P_____, huh, baby, what is it you want? Tell Hubby what it is
you want...." I placed her hand against the bulge in my jeans, and
slid it along the length of me.

"Oh, god, D______, he's big...he's as big as you are, D______. And
he's so hard, so hard....."

As she spoke, I slid down. She leaned back again on the palms of her
hands. She was babbling now, one hand on the back of my head as I
slid my tongue over each nipple, alternately flicking, sucking and
nipping. When I slid down, trailing my wet tongue over her smooth
belly, she knew my destination. "Oh, god ... please.....no.....it's
dirty....don't.... it's so.....please, don't do it...." But her hand
on my head was pushing me farther down, urging me on....when at last
I breathed into her downy pubic hair, her fingers were entwined in
my hair and she was virtually forcing my face down and into her

"D_____? D______," she cooed to her hubby as my tongue probed at the
top of her wet slit, parting her hair, and sliding over the hood of
her clit. "D_______? Oh, D______, he's going to do it....he's going
to lick me there, oh god, D______ , he's doing it...he's kissing my,
my thing.......oh, god, D______, OH GOD!! IT'S GOOD. IT'S SO GOOD!

In only a few seconds, she came as I pushed my fingers into her. My
other hand on her nipple seemed to intensify her orgasm as she held
onto my head, pulling at my hair, humping herself up into my face.

I slowed my licking and trailed my tongue down to replace my fingers
in her puss. Grinding my nose against her clit, I forced my tongue
as far into her as I could. Her taste and smell were peppery and
sweet, a strange and wonderful flavor; I drank the fluid that began
to flow as she came again, this time screaming as she lay flat on
the desk.

I think she was still coming (she was certainly still twitching and
writhing) when I stood on shaky legs and moved her to the nearby
couch, practically tossing her onto her belly over the padded arm of
it. Her feet were still on the floor, but her legs were taught as I
pulled my jeans down, pulled off my boots, and abruptly pressed the
wet head of my dripping cock against her puss. With the fingers of
one hand making wet circles on her anus, and the other massaging her
clit, I shoved my length into her in one steady stroke. She was
tight, but opened easily to me. Her heat sent a jolt through my
body. I pressed deep into her and neglected her anus only to slap
her firm, tiny asscheek. I continued to slap her ass as I held my
cock deep inside her, and after a few swats, her ass was bouncing up
and down with my cock still impaling her. The sensation was
unbelievable as she ground her hips in circles, her puss lips
gripping the embedded base of my cock. I returned to massaging her
asshole and clit and soon she was coming. Leaning over her back, I
turned her head to face her hubby..."Look, I said. Look at
him....look at what he's doing while I fuck you."

He had freed a very impressive cock from his khakis and was stroking
himself furiously. "Oh my god, D_____ how can you...." Another
orgasm swept over her, and she began to wail and thrash, all the
while watching her husband jerking off a few feet away. "Do it. Fuck
me. Fuck me. Fuck me." My finger slid into her ass and I felt her
delicious sphincter gripping me rhythmically as she came. I began
to thrust into her, fast and hard and in almost no time I felt
myself ready to come. I withdrew from her sweet, tight cunt, quickly
flipped her over and straddled her chest before she could collect
herself to protest. I forced my cockhead into her mouth and simply
growled "Drink it!" I didn't push into her throat...I just filled
her small mouth with the plump head of my penis. Her hands
instinctively came up and held onto the stalk of it, and almost
immediately I began to spurt into her mouth. "Drink it, " I
repeated. "Drink it..."

I threw my head back and staired into the chandelier as I screamed
and the peak of my orgasm surged up from my spine and balls. I
filled her mouth with semen and she noisily sucked and swallowed.
When at last I looked down, she had her eyes closed and was licking
and slurping, her lips and cheeks streaked with my come. I just
knelt there over her and let her suckle. She cooed and moaned softy
as she tenderly mouthed me. I learned later it was her first

I looked over to see Hubby holding his limp, wet dick in his hand,
semen all over his hand and his pants.

I stood and she just stayed there, making soft sounds, her eyes
closed. I brought her clothes over to her and pulled her up. "Get
dressed," I said. She pulled on the jeans, forgetting the panties.
She slipped into the ruined blouse and I handed her her purse and
shoes. I buckled my belt and tossed her panties to her husband and
said "She'll be back tomorrow. And I'll be back whenever."

I led her out by the hand. Trancelike she followed, looking back
once at Hubby. Her blouse hung open and the slight breeze outside
exposed her breasts, but she paid no attention. I kicked over the
engine and helped her climb on behind me. She pressed her bare
breasts against the leather of my jacket, and we rode off.

We continued to get together regularly for about a year - a few
times in her husband's presence, but usually not. She was a smart,
funny, passionate woman, but I only discovered that gradually over
the course of the year.

I left town about a year later to go to school. I hear they are
still happily married.

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