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The Ultimate Setup

Oct 10, 1999

By english_hubby

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The Ultimate Setup
By Mkarl

What some guys won't do to create a fantasy? I grew up with a
lot on my mind. Personal history being what it was I am lucky I got
away as well adjusted as I turned out, but I still realize I carry a
lot of baggage and some of it has really conspired to put me in
quite the spot.

To begin revealing my tale in any sort of manner that will
make sense I should reveal that I am a white male of twenty-seven
years of age. Most people say I look a little like Jan-Michael
Vincent. I guess it is fortunate I have a pretty face because I have
been stuck with a cock that makes me wish those enlargement
contraptions advertised in the men's magazines actually worked.

I managed to win the bride of my dreams. Lean was a very
popular girl in high school. She had her pick of dates and favored
the guys on the football team as she was really into the cheer
leader squad. I saw my grade point average suffer in every class I
shared with her as my mind was always on things far more darkly
simulating then algebra whenever she was near.

Lean had always been a looker with her red hair and green
eyes. I would say she most resembled Julia Roberts but with a
slightly larger nose. Her body was the stuff that wet dreams were
made of. She had developed early and very well. Even at twenty-seven
she was still as firm as a teenager.

I had almost got Lean out of my system when she went away to
university but then she returned to the neighborhood and it was like
I was in high school again. I had managed to get a job at the local
penitentiary which was fortunate as it was about the only job
available in our small community that I was suited for. Life was
looking good enough for me that I took a chance and asked Lean out
shortly after she moved back in with her folks.

Our courtship was the stuff of fairy tails, if mother goose
had been a porn queen. I was so much in lust with Lean that my mind
went into twenty-four hour overdrive creating fantasy after fantasy
of my own 'dark' desires. I knew Lean would look so good as the
center piece of an actual enactment of my perverted dreams that I
had to make it happen no matter the cost in money, or time, or even
my immortal soul.

I can not go into my personal history as to what cultivated my
sexual tastes without dredging up some stuff better left unsaid but
let's just say I had some unresolved issues with my mother. Our
community is almost exclusively Caucasian and my exposure to
minorities has largely been through the maximum security facilities
on the other side of town. Between my family shame and the constant
fear of a repeat performance I evolved a fantasy life where the
black male took on an image larger then life. For me to ever deal
with my demons I needed to recreate the past and I could imagine no
better player then Lean to be the star of my show.

When I proposed and had her say yes my heart leapt with
unbridled joy. I knew our marriage would likely end on the honeymoon
and for that matter so could my life as I knew it but I would
finally have my dream come true and nothing would ever take that

The plan was simple but so much would depend on the execution
and how Lean would respond. The act would take place regardless of
everything else but I had no way to know if Lean would accept her
shame in silence; run screaming to the police; or become the
nigger's slut I desperately craved for a wife.

I had been good to some of the boys over the years and
contacted them to see if they were for hire. Tyrone had done twelve
years for aggravated rape and was having a hard time finding work.
When I offered the five thousand and gave him the plan he jumped for
the chance. He had two cousins he recommended. He assured me they
both had the size I desired and an urge to do themselves a couple of
crackers. I met with them just a week before our wedding and made
the final arrangements. They insisted on a full confession to keep
me from pulling a double cross and then the plan was finally in

Lean looked like an angel walking the isle. The veil obscured
her eyes but I imagined the look of ultimate love and trust as she
looked upon me. The poor little bride had no way to know that she
was only a few hours away from making all my dreams come true and
that wedding dress she marched so proudly in would be the same one
she would take her black gang-bang in.

As Lean promised to love, cherish and obey me I wondered how
she would honor those vows after the hornymoon. I tried to look into
her eyes to imagine her after the rape but I could not get past the
images of her taking the rape. I said my 'I do' and kissed my bride.

I had rented a remote cabin on the lake. We would be miles
from 'help'. I had told the guys to be waiting so they could take us
before she had a chance to undress or anything. I had supplied them
with handguns so my wife would not try anything stupid. I had felt
such a mix of emotions when I had detailed my own role in the course
of events. Tyrone could not help but laugh at me but when I told him
I was serious he just said it was my money. We arranged a
'safe-word' just in case but I had vowed not to use it. I would
probably only get one chance in life to realize my dream and a
beating would be a small price to pay.

I knew Tyrone and the brothers would be in the cabin. I lifted
by sexy bride and walked in to take my lump. The blow came from
behind. I knew it would be there so I was able to react as if it had
been real. I quickly threw Lean onto the floor so she would be easy
prey and then dropped myself in my feigned collapse. Tyrone pounced
on Lean like the pro he was and let her have it quick in the face.
Unfortunately for her the slaps were real and the air quickly filled
with her cry's of surprise and shock.

I was picked up and put into the chair by the cousins. I took
my first real slap across the face myself as they told me to not get
stupid if I wanted to stay alive. They used steel cuffs to secure my
arms behind my back and put duct tape over my mouth to make sure I
could enjoy my wife's rape without having to do any phony

Tyrone surprised me in how well he was able to stick to the
script. As he held my helpless wife in front of me with a knife to
her throat he revealed the plot I had crafted.

"You don't know me honkys but I know you. You should watch
your attitude white boy. You get off on being the boss in the stir
but you forget the brothers have family on the outside. The joke is
you ain't never gonna know who gave you this wedding present."

I tried to resist against my bindings and screamed in impotent
rage into my gag for show as the nigger continued. "You have
yourself an attitude problem white boy. The brothers in the stir
figured an adjustment would do you a world of good. We are going to
fix you proper and your little white wife is going to be the tool to
do the job. How does that make you feel Lean?"

The use of her name seamed to trigger something in her eyes.
She was obviously trying to process what was occurring. She had been
so sickeningly sweet as she had kissed her parents good-bye at the
reception and then joined me on her ride to doom. She had screamed
nice as Tyrone had slapped her but now she seamed in some state of
shock. Her breathing was off and her eyes had the blank expression
of a deer caught in the headlights but for the most part I could not
read her until Tyrone revealed he knew her name.

Lean gave me a look like she wanted to cry or scream or die or
help me or do anything except the knife at her throat was telling
her to be still and just take it. Tyrone allowed his free hand to
drop lower and grab her cunt. "You know what all us niggers are
going to do to your hot white body Lean? Have you ever heard the
stories? They are all true. We are going to ruin you and Michael is
going to watch. How do you think he will feel about you after we use
you? Look at your racist husband bitch. This is all his fault. Do
you understand. You are going to be violated and abused to pay off
his white crimes. Think about it bitch."

Tyrone was almost word for word as I had written it. I was so
pleased with him. He had never seamed especially bright when doing
his time but I guess some sense of professional pride had motivated
him to do his homework. "Hey Mustafa, hold this little bitch I have
a message to give honky before we start on the honey."

I braced myself as Tyrone hauled back and let me have it. My
head snapped back as he held nothing back. Lean screamed for me as
the tape effectively had me totally at the nigger's mercy. I was
even unable to use my safe word. Tyrone hit me again. "You get off
on the power huh honky. You and the bulls have all the guns on the
inside but you are so stupid. Out here we find out what is really
what. Me and my friends have the guns now. I could put this 44
against your temple and splatter your brains all over this here
cabin but you would not learn anything from that. You see this is a
lesson for you. We understand you have a week reserved up here at
this little honeymoon hideaway. Well we are going to be keeping you
company and making sure you get educated proper. Your wifey is going
to have herself a fun old time. Oh she might not like it tonight or
tomorrow or even the next day because the truth is we are going to
make it really rough on her, but by the end of the week, when she
realizes who to blame then your perfect little life will be over for
all time.and just to give you something to think about their are
three of us and only one of her."

The psychological terror was delicious. I could feel the
menace off of Tyrone as thick as steel. It was like this scene
fulfilled his own potent rage against the system. The truth is I
could never be black and would never have any idea what factors
molded their culture. I knew what had been done to my mother and I
knew rightly or wrongly how my own prejudices had been shaped but it
struck me as an added thrill that this nigger might have his own
agenda to fulfill before the weekend was done.

I had laid out a timeline and detailed instructions for all of
the main events scheduled for the whole week and the first event was
to be a mock divorce ceremony to play with Lean's psyche. One of
Tyrone's cousins, the one he called Deon, had brought in out stuff
from the car. I had let the guy's know that I would bring the video
tape of our wedding. It was the only copy and irreplaceable. It was
also the first piece to the 'divorce'.

Mustafa held Lean up by the hair and forced her to look into
the camera as Tyrone paused with the video in his hand. "I bet this
is pretty important to you, huh sweety? I bet you would just feel so
sad if it should get all destroyed."

"Please. We have done nothing to you. Let us go. No one will

"Ahh, but you don't understand yet bitch. Your husband has
offended us. He could not be any more responsible for what is
happening to you if he had paid me five thousand to do this himself.
You sweet thing are just going to pay for his crime. It is totally
personal. If I was use I would want to tell that useless prick how
you felt for him getting you raped. Doesn't it taint your loving
heart? I mean did you see how fucking easy we took him. It was as
easy as taking a bitch. From what my brothers on the inside said I
expected some fight or something but he is just a total fraud. If he
ever stepped foot in one of the blocks without his uniform he
wouldn't last two seconds before he would be a bitch. Fuck I could
have him on his knees punking in half that time. How does that sound
to you Lean? Would you like us to spare you and put our big nigger
dicks into hubby instead?"

"Oh god no. Please, just let us go."

"Hey Michael, your wife says she is going to take it for you.
Fuck I don't know why unless she is really not as upset as she be
pretending. I always had me a theory on white bitches. They look at
us like we are all animals and rapists but I think that is hope more
then fear. I think when we get done busting our wife's white ass she
is going to prove that old saying once a bitch goes black she ain't
ever gonna be back. You may just be having the fucking shortest
wedding o record. Now before we go any further lets have some fun."

Tyrone popped the video into the camera. "Hey Lean, smile
bitch you be on nigga camera."

Lean pulled to try to break free but Mustafa held her directly
in front of the camera as the red light lit. "Hey Mustafa why don't
you give the bride her kiss since we missed the receiving line
earlier tonight."

The young black stud spun my wife into his arms and took her
for the embrace. Of the three blacks Mustafa was probably the least
handsome, although to me he proved my favorite for exactly that
reason plus what I would discover to be between his legs. Mustafa's
very name brought all my racist prejudices to the surface even
though I knew it was just a tag. I had expected to have an erection
from the moment I had entered the cabin but the pressure of the
situation had kept me down until I saw the young nigger put those
big beautiful black lips to my Lean.

"Niggers kiss better huh Lean. Don't Mustafa have some tongue.
He could have himself any sister he want with that tongue. You gonna
be calling him your nigger lord when he pleasure you with that
tongue. Don't even pretend you don't like it girl. When we slip them
little wedding panties off in about ten minuets your hubby gonna
know about you anyhow cause they going to be going right in his
mouth. You can whimper and plead all you want but a girl's body
always tells the story and you are already getting wet from my
brother. Don't try to talk. Ain't polite to talk with your mouth

Mustafa pushed his tongue deep into my wife's mouth and forced
her to swap spit. Tyrone got up in her face with the camera to give
Deon time to prepare step two of the divorce. "Okay brother, let the
bitch breath."

"She is gonna be a fine 'ho' Tyrone."

"Yeah while first we got's to do the ceremony to make it all
proper. Hey Deon you fine that certificate?"

"Ohhhhhhh. Yeahhhhh. Ummmmm I got it all ready too."

"While bring it over and let me see. Shit, nigger! That can't
be just one load."

"Hey I been saving it for a week and Mustafa too. We gonna be
cumming buckets for this bitch."

"While that should help make sure she get done right but just
look at this certificate you done and cummed all over. Fuck the way
the cum is soaking it that ink might just start to run. Hey girl,
this certificate says you be married but the thing is we want you
divorced so what'd you think we shoulds do?"

Lean was still being the brave little trooper. I have to admit
she had a certain regally that I had never seen in her before. The
main reason I had choose her was her similarities to my mother but I
saw something in her brave act that allowed me an even greater
thrill at the knowledge that she would be broken and destroyed for
my pleasure.

"Maybe you should open your mouth like a good little bitch and
we will make this little problem go away."

Mustafa held her tight While Tyrone handed the camera off to
Deon and then approached my wife with the cum covered certificate.
"Open wide," he giggled as he started to push it into her mouth.

Lean tried to twist her head away and clench her mouth shut
but she was helpless to prevent the humiliation. Tyrone cleverly
pinched her nose until she ran out of breath and then fed her the

"Tastes good huh. Nigger cum is full of protein. It'l make
that red hair of your nice and shiny. You gonna be addicted by the
time this hornymoon be done. Nigger cum be good for all sorts of
things but betcha didn't know it be such a good lubricant. Chew you
little bitch. You can't swallow it whole. I ain't moving my hand
till you swallow and you better not bring it back up either so quit
your choking and just swallow it down into that white tummy of

Lean's first tears rolled silently from her shame filled eyes
and she finished her little snack. "You know bitch, I bet that was
kind of nasty huh? The shame of it was this was suppose to be the
night you dreamed about your whole life only that worthless little
fuck of a husband had to go and get you all this trouble. You know
your ring has to go too. I bet that shit husband of yours cheeped
out anyhow. Look at your ring. Ain't even fucking worth pawning. You
know I thought about flushing the piece of shit but maybe instead we
will have you return it to your hubby as the piece of shit it is."

I was forced to remain tied to the chair as the niggers took
my wife to the toilet which they had already prepared. I knew I
would have a copy of the video to enjoy later so I just tried to
calm my mind for the fantastic humiliation I was about to receive.

"Take the ring off and put it in the shit bitch or you are
gonna get that fucking finger broke. Yeah, hold it a second cunt
while we film ya. Bet it feels dirty huh. You're being good so far
not put the ring right in there. Yeah like that. Don't cry bitch.
You get the fun part. Michael gonna be the one to swallow this pile
of crap."

Lean couldn't do it at first. She just started bawling. She
must have really loved me or something. Of course, I managed the
best look of pathetic, impotent rage and fear I could muster while
hoping the poor fit of the tux didn't reveal my erection. As small
as I am, I probably had nothing to worry about but I wanted to give
Lean a chance to see me humiliated so she could start her own
feelings of disdain for me forming.

"Please don't make me do this to him."

"You doing Michael a favor bitch. You see this 44 I gots
pressed against his skull. Either he gonna accept his ring back
proper or we gonna cap him. We just know he gone done and bragged
how you be getting him a baby this honeymoon. While we don't believe
in making any bastards out of wedlock so before you be getting
knocked-up we gonna need you free to marry so either you do the
divorce we want or we make you a widow."

It must have been a lot for Lean to digest. Again the blame
was on me for these niggers knowing that we had planned the wedding
night in conjunction with Lean's time of the month. Lean could not
know how the niggers had got that information except it was my fault
they had it and she was now to be black bred. If that was what
played on her mind or it was just the fear of the gun against my
temple she did not even muster an 'I'm sorry honey' as she pulled
the tape from my mouth and obeyed Tyrone's humiliating command.

"Make him eat it Lean. Show you shit husband what you really
think of his shit ring and the pathetic marriage. He is why you are
getting raped. He is why you be getting ruined. We gonna fix you so
you have a reminder for the rest of your life. Do you think little
redneck is gonna keep you when you grow your half-breed? It is his
fault but he gonna throw your ass in the street. That ain't right.
Let him know you ain't gonna let that happen. This is his lesson. He
should be the one humiliated and ruined. Give him back his ring in
style that we can pass around to all the brother's in the slam. He
gonna be known as a nigger toilet when this video gets smuggled in."

It was pretty disgusting. I had the image in my fantasies for
years but shit is not something easily swallowed no matter what a
guy's fantasies. Tyrone ordered my wife to hold her hand over my
mouth while I tried to do some chewing. I could not help but go into
convulsions. Lean did her best to cope but she was even more
helpless then I as I got sick. Tyrone ordered my wife to fetch the
ring up again and put it back in my mouth. I almost lost it and used
the safe word but at least I mostly just had to contend with trying
to swallow the ring itself the second time around. I was pretty damn
glad I had bought something understated as I would not have been
able to get anything bigger down.

Tyrone had Lean present her hand to me to lick clean. It was
his own idea and not appreciated in the state I was in but I guess I
had no right to complain too much considering everyone's been warned
to watch out for what they wished for. I had made it through the
most unpleasant event of the week and all in all things were pretty
much on schedule.

Chapter II

As I struggled to regain my composure from the first act of
humiliation at the hands of my wife, my mind quickly summarized how
the wicked little scene was actually fulfilling my fantasy in every
way. Lean was responding better then I could have hoped and as for
the guys, it was the best $5000.00 I ever spent.

Yeah, I had hired the black bastards to do my wife and me in a
perverse hope that my fantasy life could become my real one. From my
earliest memories I had always been influence from the 'dark' event
of my childhood. My lovely wife Lean had initially been chosen for
her physical similarities to my mother. Freud would have had a field
day with that one but as I had come to know Lean, I saw that the
similarities went beyond the physical. Lean was innately a good
person as my mother had been and corrupting her would bring the
greatest pleasure imaginable. I had no greater wish then to see her
fulfilled by the power of the black male and so darkened that she
actually would join them and cuckold me. It was a lot to ask for but
that is why I had orchestrated this ultimate setup in the first

"How does that taste honky. You better get used to it. When
you go back to work you going let all the brothers have you as their
nigger toilet unless you want that middle class family of yours to
see these videos we be making. You just enjoy that taste. We going
give you some time while we breed the bitch now. She won't be
needing her panties so it time for you to see how wet she be to take
her nigger breeding."

Tyrone signaled to Mustafa and he started to hike Lean's
wedding gown to get a hold of her panties.

"Fuck Tyrone. They ARE soaked."

"Of course they are nigger, now slip em offs so we see what
type of pretty pussy we be getting that be so juicy."

I looked into Lean's eyes but she could not meet by gaze. My
heart leapt into my throat. Was it true? I could scarcely dare
believe and it seamed like an eternity as the niggers played it out.
"You look real nice bitch. I guess you are a natural red head, huh.
Does it excite you to show your cunt to your lovers? You expected a
fuck tonight but you really had no idea. It excites you now. A bitch
built like you can't be a virgin but you gonna think you were when
give you your first blackening. We got enough baby juice in these
black balls to breed you with triplets at least. We even got some
fertility drugs we gonna shoot into your ass. You getting knocked-up
guaranteed bitch. Does that make you juicy. Take your panties and
wipe yourself. Yeah wipe your wet pussy. Now gag your wimp
ex-husband before he start blubbering over his woman fulfilling her

I had no pretend a curse and an impotent little threat for
show even though all I wanted to do was open my mouth wide. Again
Lean complied with my humiliation without any 'I'm sorry honeys'.
She did seam to have a flicker of something in her eye but as I
realized it could be interpreted as excitement, my cock nearly
pumped its load.

Lean's panties WERE wet. I guess it could have the
perspiration and anticipation of the whole day but all I wanted to
believe was it was heat for the breeding she was about to take for
me. "Hey Deon, put down the camera for a minuet and give the bitch
that duct tape behind ya so she can secure her filthy panties in the
honky's mouth."

Lean wrapped me tight and then turned to face Tyrone to see
what was to happen next. Tyrone looked like some fucking predator
god of the jungle about to make his kill. At six feet four he
towered over my tiny wife my more then a foot. I watched as he
pulled her to him.

My wife was like the prey trapped in the hypnotic glance of
the black cobra. She seamed drained of free will as she was once
again in the full embrace of a nigger. I had fully expected her to
be a wreck of tears for the initial rape but now I started to
believe her actual reaction was more then I could have hoped. At the
very least it was quickly becoming obvious she was accepting the
inevitable at the very least and as I tried to identify the flavor
of her panties in my mouth, I started to allow myself the belief she
was already into the black breeding on just the very first night.

"We need to get your 'I do' on camera before we breed you so
the baby has legitimacy."


What!?! what was that, 'okay'?? It was just so matter of fact.
I guess it was not a total proof of anything but maybe it was. I had
left instructions that Lean was to be slapped about the face enough
to force her compliance with the nights festivities. Between that
and open season to use her hair I had expected her to be pretty
bruised and sore by morning. Now as Lean read out the 'nigger' vows
I had written, it was time for me to realize she had only been
slapped a few times and yet she was now obeying the nigger's
commands without delay. Either Lean was more of a coward then I had
thought or she was 'into it'.

As Lean voiced her 'I do', I refocused on her as it was time
for a very big test. It satisfied my raciest sensibilities to have
the normal kissing of the bride replaced with something a little
more animalistic in nature. As Mustafa told Tyrone that he may down
mark the bride, I think Lean immediately got the message.

"No please. You don't have to do that. Please. Why are you
being such bastards?"

"Ask your husband bitch? If he could talk he should admit just
how responsible he is for this. A real man wouldn't have been so
fucking easy. You had no protection tonight bitch. Now I need to own
your white ass so be a good little slave and get yourself down on
your knees before I need to bitch-slap your face."

Lean shot me a look as she dropped submissively to her knees
at the feet of her nigger lord. It could easily have been one of
blame as Tyrone ordered her to hold her mouth open and swallow. Lean
was a site as the yellow urine filled her mouth and gagged her on
the way to her belly. "Okay, ain't no guarantee I be the one to win
the lottery in that pussy of yours so open again for Deon and

It looked like all three niggers had saved it for Lean. I
could not believe she was able to swallow almost to the last few
drops Mustafa shook off onto her face. Lean's short red hair was
soaked as was the top of her dress making it semi transparent. She
posed herself in front of the video for a second before Tyrone told
her to get face down in the bed so he could shoot her ass.

We did not really have any fertility drugs but Lean didn't
know that. "This is gonna hurt bitch but its powerful shit. This
stuff is what the zoos use for gorilla's. The dude who turned me on
to it said its so powerful it even overcomes the pill. They are
testing it to see if it can help dudes with low sperm. That ain't no
problem here but the stuff so good that almost every bitch on it has
herself three or four. As much potent sperm that you be getting we
figure your guaranteed at least that many. You may end up with
enough to start your own NBA team all on the first delivery."

Lean managed a protest at that. "Sorry bitch, but we doing you
a favor. Fine looking white slave like you will have fine looking
half-breeds. It is a privilege bitch. You wants children don't cha?
Chances are your worm ex-husband would a took years if he even
could. You are going to learn the superiority of the nigger cock and
have many children of color. Once all white women are educated we
will finally end all red necked racism as we can just breed 'em out
of existence."

Even though the words were my own hearing them in such a
degrading manner felt like a blow to my gut. Lean gasped as the
needle shot the junk in her firm white ass. "Ready to get bred,
wife," Tyrone asked her.

As per my instructions Lean was left in her wedding dressed
when tossed onto the bed. I wanted her very vocal to breed and had
several lines that Tyrone was to feed her for the camera. I had
expected her to have been beaten into submission by this point so I
had to wait now to see how willing she would be to degrade herself
with the baby talk.

Tyrone spread Lean's legs and teased the head of his huge
weapon against the lips of her cunt. I had made sure not to be with
her during our courtship so as to prevent any accidental unwanted
pregnancy. For all I knew Lean may very well have been a virgin as
Tyrone prepared to violate her. Her moan was either that or just not
ever having ten inches penetrate her before.

Tyrone was a stud. For a nigger who had been locked away for
twelve years he still had some very impressive moves in the sack.
Lean tried to spread her legs as much as the dress allowed Tyrone
had it kind of hiked up for access to her cunt but it was still
getting in the way. He probably would have removed it if not for my
explicit instructions.

I really was getting my jollies. I don't care what anyone
thinks who reads this. The scene was fucking hot. It was like a
total reaction of everything I had read in my mom's diary only this
time the baby would be conceived. I wanted to hear Lean beg for the
nigger baby my mom always wanted.

"Can you feel it bitch. That's ten inches of prime Alabama
snake. I did me twelve years the last time a bitch was as lucky as
you but it was worth it. She visited me in the stir and showed me
little junior. Fuck it must have pissed her old man. You know what?
I hads me a conjugal visit with that slut and she went back home
with a second surprise for her husband. I am one potent stud. You
are gonna get bred proper on our wedding night but I needs to hear
you wants it. I needs to hear you gonna be a deserving and proper
momma for our breed. Tell me you wants to get my baby."

"Please.he will here."

"Who? Honky. Fuck whats he gonna do. He is gonna raise em and
supports you. We gots more plans this week bitch and we gonna
arrange that he knows his place. You gonna be a nigger slave but he
is going to be put down to the shit he is. Its time for you to
realize the possibilities. You go with us and he gonna be your slave
too. What type of pathetic piece of white trash shit is he to go off
like he is better then us when his dick ain't barely four inches.
Did you know that bitch. Fuck and I can see from here he has a
fucking hardon. The sick mother-fucker. You owe that sick son of a
bitch. Go ahead bitch and sing it. You wants the baby."

"I want your baby." "Louder


"That's a good girl. Whose baby?"


"Very good. Now 'my NIGGER baby'. Say it bitch."

".I want your nigger baby."

"My special nigger baby."


"Knock me up."


"Yeah I feel it building for you bitch. You know what I want
to hear so sing it loud enough for honky to hear and we will make
our magic together."

"Ohhh.yes.I want it. I want the baby. I want it in me. Now!
Give me the baby.the nigger baby.the dirty nigger baby. I want it
for Michael. I want you to stick that pathetic looser with the shame
of his new wife knocked-up with this filthy nigger bastard."

"Yeahhhh! I think youuu mmmean it bitch!!!"

It sure sounded to me like she meant it and I also new what
Tyrone's strained voice and sudden moan of victory meant too. I
watched that powerful black ass drive him home for one last thrust
and then the shudder told me I was becoming a daddy. Lean suddenly
screamed herself and the slut came on the nigger's cock as his
potent soldiers invaded her on their sacred mission. I have heard
that whither a woman orgasms or not has little to do with conception
but the symbalism could not have been any more powerful. As Tyrone
withdrew his black baby maker from her well fucked pussy he told her
to raise her ass into the air. Deon and Mustafa would have to wait
for morning as it was only proper that Lean's husband get first draw
at the lottery. In a way I felt for the younger niggers as the
opportunity to breed a married white bride on her wedding night
would probably be something they would experience only a handful of
times and as I finally drifted off for the night I was sure in my
heart that Lean was with child.

Chapter 3

I awoke first. The sun was beaming through the window and the
birds had a beautiful melody in full orchestra. I could easily have
imagined that it would have been a beautiful day to get out on the
lake for some fishing. As I thought of my rod still unpacked in the
trunk of my car I almost let slip a giggle. The folks back home
expecting me to bring them back any of the catch were going to be
mighty disappointed because fishing was the last thing I would be
doing on my week long honeymoon.

I looked over to the master bed at my sleeping new bride any
her new lord Tyrone. She looked like she should be uncomfortable
tied to the bed boards but she slept the sleep of the blessed. She
actually had just the slightest smile on her lipstick- smeared red
lips as though thinking of more pleasant times [like maybe last

I looked to the clock and saw it was nearly 9 a.m. I thought
about making a noise to wake the niggers to get the show on the road
but I had to be careful. It seamed crucial to my long term plans to
have Lean slowly see me humiliated by the brutes. I mean the girl
had been willing to walk the isle with me the prior day. If I was
going to end up cuckold to her and the black lovers I desired for
her then careful execution of the plan was critical. I needed to
take the baby steps that would see Lean loose her respect for me by
building her anger at me for my impotence to save either of us from
out fates. Then if she would fall into lust with the niggers I would
have the wife I had dreamed of.

Lean was the next to wake. My wife had not been gagged and her
head was not restrained either. She looked to me and our eyes met.
She seamed to dare not call out for fear of waking the guys. I saw
her pull at the bindings around her wrists but it was no use. I
tried to give her helpless eyes. Her eyes back look for of regret
and unhappiness. I guess I had wondered if I would see lust but
maybe the girl's ease into her slave role the night before was the
result from a sense of shock or the liquor from our reception? I
admit Leans expression gave me more to contemplate, as we both
awaited the studs to awaken, then I had anticipated based on the
events of the night before.

It was almost another half-hour before Deon awoke although it
seamed like an eternity to me. He quickly kicked his brother out of
the bed. Mustafa swore at him and playfully jumped back in to punch
him a few times. You would have never new the young men were in the
middle of a rape. The ruckus awoke Tyrone who returned some decorum
to the scene.

"Knock it off niggers."

Deon managed to get Mustafa off him and then made the request.
"Hey Tyrone I woke up with a little problem hear. Mind if I use the
bitch to take care of it?"

"Fuck, you're hornier then a rattlesnake and would probably
fuck one if you could. I tolds when we took this job that the boss
had an agenda. You will get yours but first we need to set the mood
and one thing about this country air is it gives a nigger an

Tyrone reached over to grab his blade as he talked. "You gonna
cook us up something special this morning bitch." I had tasted
Lean's cooking and it was not that bad. Her mother was the typical
get to your man through his stomach type and Lean had made a big
deal out of cooking for me during the courtship. I knew an erotic
day after the wedding, erotic meal scene would play with her psyche.

Mustafa had started toward the toilet as Tyrone cut Lean free.
"Where are you going nigger?"

"I got to take a piss."

"Fuck didn't you nigger's even read the orders. The toilets
for this week our the honkys. Hey wife don't be so fast to be
getting up. Mustafa has to take a piss and I have to too. What do
you think. Pick which white toilet for us to use."

It was a masterful stroke on Tyrone's part. I was scheduled to
really take a lot of abuse on day two but to put the choice on Lean
was all Tyrone's idea. I was going to get every cent of my five
thousand dollars out of the nigger.

Lean just looked like her little head would explode. She had
got up to her feet in her crumpled wedding dress and stood trapped,
held around the wrist by Tyrone's powerful grip. She looked down
into the nigger's face with eyes that seamed to beg him not to force
her to make the decision and then turned to glance to me as if for
assistance. I decided not to be easy on her and tried to message her
back that I did not want it. I know she probably would have took it
for me but to see my eyes probably lowered me at least two levels in
her esteem.

"Use me. Please don't you understand. This will destroy him.
Do what you will with me but please don't hurt my husband."

What a woman! "Ain't that simple bitch cause honky has to pay
for that attitude he showed. Now what we do to you is a bonus but he
is gonna get his too. You might think it is gonna destroy him but
what would you think if we broke him to our dicks. I had me a couple
of white punks doing time and they get into it just as much as you
bitches do. That is the laugh to us brothers. It is only a matter of
time till all you whites our slaved to nigger cocks cause you alls
want it. You knew it last time and we are gonna remember you today
but if you think you can spare your 'love' then get on your knees
and let Mustafa relieve himself."

Lean whimpered ever so softly as she assumed the position.
Mustafa withdrew and stepped over my wife's face to take his second
use of her. Last night had been strictly for laughs but this was
functional and that made it just seam more degrading. Mustafa
ordered my wife to keep her mouth open and drink and then he took
his morning piss. The pungent urine filled my wife's mouth and she
started to 'flush'. Mustafa grabbed her and moved his dick to her
lips. He ordered her to open her mouth wide and let him piss right
down her throat.

No one was running the camera. I felt like jumping up and
grabbing it myself but there was nothing I could do bound and gagged
as Mustafa gave my lovely wife her first mouthful of black meat.
Luckily it was not a blow job as I NEEDED THAT on camera.

As Mustafa shook off on Lean, Deon stepped up to bat. He
pulled down his happy face boxers and his ten plus inches sprang out
in full erection and poked Lean in her eye. She reached up to take
the cock as he started just pissing. She jerked back and clenched
her eyes shut to save herself. It looked like the next path of piss
went up her nose. Deon made no attempt to aim and sprayed her wild
until her little white hand reached up to take his cock.

"Aim me in your mouth bitch and drink it."

Lean directed the last of the nigger's piss into her open
mouth. "Hey Tyrone, sorry I cut in. Man did you see that. What a

"Yeah, while that slut is going to be making us breakfast.
Shit, get her out of that filthy dress. Those stains ain't coming
out.to bad. Be careful frying the bacon all naked Lean. You could
real get burned."

"Hey, I thought you needed to piss too."

"I have to do the full deal. I know you all ain't into seeing
that before you eat so it's time to take Michael out side."

As Deon finished pulling my wife's ruined wedding gown up over
her head, she looked quickly to me. I wondered if she was glad it
was not her going outside. Mustafa chimed in, "Fuck you want me with
you case cracker boy tries anything?"

"This pathetic little piece of shit? If he even looks
cross-eyed I just may just drop his tussed up carcass into the lake.
He will fully function as my total toilet and then I will just leave
him out there to finish flushing while we eats our breakfast so get
the bitch cooking and get it on video in case she gets burned good
by any of the grease."

I grimaced and let myself curse into my wife's panty gag as
Tyrone disconnected me from the chair. I gave him a shove with my
shoulder to earn myself a good punch to the gut. I let myself drop
hoping he would drag me like a bitch by the hair but he gave me a
kick in the ribs instead and ordered me to crawl. It was a good
choice too.

Once outside, Tyrone roughly helped me to my feet and we moved
off a safe distance from the cabin before he took the cuffs off and
ungagged me. I rubbed my hands trying to get some circulation.

"I have to say you are one sick fuck. You really are enjoying

"Hey for the money I'm paying, I better enjoy it."

"That is one fine bitch you got. I will never understand why
your doing this."

"I never picked this fantasy. It picked me."

"Yeah well it doesn't really matter to me as long as your
green is good. The last time I got to have so much fun I went up the
creek if you remember."

"You don't have to worry about that this time."

"Maybe not."

"What you said last night. About the bitch bringing you the
baby.was it true?"

"FUCK!! I don't even think I knocked the bitch up. I mean this
is real. I read you like an open book Michael. It doesn't bother me.
Fuck, I guess I get a laugh out of it. Working in the joint all you
see of us is rapists and murders but we are people too. I don't know
what fucked you up or if you were just born but your fantasies
aren't real. I mean we will rape the bitch. That is easy, but if you
think you gonna live happy ever after?.ain't no guarantees."

"Just stick to the script. I couldn't be happier. I want her
to get all the cock you guys can give her today."

"Don't worry about that. I have twelve years to catch up on if
you remember and this is the brother's first times so your little
wife is going to get herself wore right out. Thing is today you are
just going to loose the bitch once we turn the black magic loose."

"Hey, if it happens.stick to the script though. Make sure to
stress my guilt and impotence. Really make fun of my little cock but
lets hold of showing her until tomorrow when I punk for the first
time. Maybe it can be a reward for her doing good in taking the
whipping or something. Try to make it a choice for her again so she
sicks you all on me. I want her getting used to making that
decision. Try to encourage her to enjoy the knowledge that she chose
me when to boys choke me. Make sure to make it seam like I deserve
it.oh yeah, hold off on the death threats for a couple days then
take me as though you are going to put me in the lake when I refuse
to give you the access number to the bank account. I will break then
and acknowledge you as my lord and we can do the tattoos then."

"Okay. I better get back inside and let you finish 'eating my

"Oh yeah. That was really more disgusting then I thought it
would be with the ring last night so don't do that anymore."

"Do you want us to use Lean instead."

.no, say its too much hassle to clean us after. Actually maybe
she should watch me eat it just once willingly so do me before the

"Can do. I really do have to piss. Do you want it in your

"Use a tree."

We had not heard any screams from the cabin so it was up to my
imagination how much the frying bacon had splattered poor little
Lean as she had prepared breakfast. I thought about taking a peak
into the window but I knew the video camera would be running so I
just tried to stretch and get the blood back into my hands and feet
while I waited to be fetched. If the niggers went by script I knew
what the scene would be as Lean would be sat on their laps one by
one and hand feed them all. I wanted food sharing like in those corn
ball movies and for Lean to feel their erections as she squirmed on
their laps. Her body was open game except for actual penile
penetration. Give the condemned girl a last meal before her last
surviving shreds of decency were destroyed forever.

I finally allowed myself to move closer to the cabin as my
impatience grew. From the open window I heard Tyrone again improving
on my scrip telling Lean to have another strip of bacon because she
was 'eating for two' now. He joked with her whither she wanted any
pickles and ice cream. When Lean finally seamed full she suggested
the remaining food might go to me but Tyrone just laughed and said I
was full of shit. He said I had took it like a bitch who loved it
too. He asked Lean how that made her feel but I could not hear her
reply. Finally, Deon was dispatched to fetch me. I quickly allowed
him to help me back into my bindings. The young nigger looked at me
like I was trash. I have to admit the look sent shivers of
anticipation through me as visions of loosing control both excited
me and served as my worst nightmare.

"Hey white boy you cleaned up nice. Was it good to the last
drop?" Obviously he had never gone in the first place but to Lean it
had to look like I had cleaned myself thoroughly with my tongue.

When Deon finished securing me back to the chair Tyrone asked
him, "Hey nigger you still 'up' for a midmorning party?"

"In answer Deon stepped right out of his happy face boxers.
The young stud was the best looking of the niggers with facial
feature reminiscent of OJ. All three of the niggers were more then
twice my size but from what I would be able to confirm, Deon had
maybe an inch or so on his family. Deon was going to be the first to
sample Lean's oral talents.

"Say ahhh."

The one disadvantage of Lean's short hair style is it did not
allow the guys to really get their hands wrapped in it as they
controlled her. She was long enough to jerk back and fourth but it
would have been nice to see her with the type of hair where they
could have really pulled her around like a cave girl.

Lean had not been able to touch up her lipstick since the
reception. Between being pissed on five times and sleeping the
night, she was looking pretty native and had nothing to ease the
friction except what she had been born with as the kid thrust home.

It was hard to say how experience Deon was, it pleased my
sensibilities imagining him starting a long time ago preferably with
a young sister or some poor little white school girl but the
conversation with Tyrone still reverberated in my mind. As young as
Deon was, He may have been no more experienced then poor Lean.

Deon did fare a lot better then Lean as the blow job
commenced. Whatever his experience, he was a confidant bastard. Deon
had a nice pace and an air of authority as he made Lean give him the
works. Lean was require to pucker up and kiss the head each time
Deon pulled out. He had her move underneath to get a real feel for
the mass of his member, running her tongue from tip to base. He
pushed her lower still and had her pleasure his black balls.

For the initial few minuets Lean was allowed to hold off at
about the six inch mark. It would have been enough to take me with
room to spare but a stud like Deon needed more and was going to get
it. I saw Lean's eyes widen as she felt the pressure tighten on the
back of her head. Deon vocally informed her what was required and
physically demonstrated that it was nonnegotiable.

Lean started to choke as it seamed she managed to struggle
down another inch. Deon was just trying to stuff in and it was
getting messy as the drool started. "You better relax that throat
cunt cause I don't care if you choke out. I ain't never been able to
get it all the way in a bitch before."

What an honor for Lean, huh? I had never asked Lean if she had
ever sucked cock before and as life has progressed it is impossible
for me to ask her now so I will always wonder if I saw her first
time that day with Deon.

The well hung nigger, tried hard to stuff in another inch
while Lean's choking became full gag reflex. The kid finally saw
Tyrone signal him to back off. Lean greedily sucked in the deep
gulps of air she was allowed before Deon made attempt number to
drive it home all the way down her throat.

The kid penetrated my wife deeply on the thrust. He showed
slightly better technique and instead of applying constant pressure,
pulled back a little first to get momentum as he humped into her
mouth to start face fucking her. Deon was kind of obscuring my view
with both hands in her hair and the humping motion but when he
finally ordered my wife to hold it and paused himself to allow his
brother to document the accomplishment, I realized his balls were on
her chin.

When Deon pulled back, my wife looked as slutty as any porn
star with the thick, stringy drool connection his cock to her mouth.
It must have gave the nigger the same idea. "Give me the camera. I'm
gonna do her like that movie guy. Does this thing have one of them
weird wide angles that will distort the fuck out of her face while I
soak her?"

Lean looked almost patient as she used the brief recess to
recompose herself. As Deon got the focus he wanted he aimed the
camera down and ordered her to suck him off. Both his hands were on
the camera but Lean did not seam to need any persuasion. Tyrone told
her to get vocal.

"Give it to me.mmmgh.yeah.sluurp.ohhh.give this white
girl.ummmm.yeah, I want it in my mouth. Let me taste your nigger
load." It was not the most original sex-talk any of us had ever
heard but it did the job of Lean's cock- sucking did. Either way,
Deon popped out and Lean was required to hold him at her while he
shot all over her face. The nigger had a mouth watering load very
much in league with the gonzo porn king he was emulating. Lean had
never looked prettier.

Tyrone snapped a Polaroid. "Now if this isn't a Kodak moment,
what is? Hey mikey get a look at wifey now. What a poster this would
make huh? Too back you don't have a digital camera here. This
picture could make some magnificent wall paper for the family den
back home. Think of what company would say when they knew there was
no way you could ever produce like this. How much do you squirt. A
drop? A little tear drop? Is that a tear on your cheek? This is a
baby making load on your wife now. Don't get your hope up because
she got just as much last night and that was in the cunt.hey
Mustafa, you got a load like this for the bitch."

"Hell, ya."

"Okay but look at you bitch. You look like a fucking glazed
donut. God, your scummy. Hey Mustafa, fetch wifey's wedding panties.
I think it is time to flavor them again. How about it fag boy. You
want your first faggot taste of nigger sperm? It ain't gonna be your

I tried to make it good when the panties were pulled out of my
mouth promising I would kill them all and they were going to jail
and then I would have their asses. I got a little more out before
Mustafa realized he needed to bitch slap me. He had no finesse and
it felt like he blackened my eye. He struck me twice more for show
while I shut up before he broke anything. He tossed his brother the
panties and they had Lean clean herself.

"Okay, now go put them back in his mouth. Show your precious
'ex-husband' what his precious little wife made the big black cock
do all over her pretty white face."

Lean wiped herself clean using the panties to soak up every
drab of cum from around her mouth and nose, then she just calmly
rose to her feet and crossed to where I was and dutifully placed the
nigger flavored panties back into my mouth. I opened my eyes in
feigned indignation as Lean was instructed to tape her panties in

Mustafa gave her a rough shove onto the bed. "This load goes
in your cunt bitch."

Lean rolled onto her back and spread submissively while Deon's
twin climbed on. His was the thickest of the nigger's cocks and this
added girth seamed impressed upon Lean judging by her vocality at
the second attempt at breeding began. Mustafa pounded my tiny white
wife into the bed with his powerful black ass before changing gears
and rolling her up on top of him. He forced her to sit up and hump
him herself while he fondled her pert tits. He rolled her over again
and secured position on her from behind lending me fear she was
going anal. Tyrone might have expected that was in danger too as he
decided to take the next step himself.

"Get the bitch back on top. Time to oreo her." Now if that is
not a vivid trademark infringement what is?

"Okay, okay, just wait." I think the buggar was bummed he
wasn't getting my wife's tightest of holes.

Lean had her own thought's on the matter, "NO! You can't be
series. I CAN'T. Don't you understand?.I never even had it like THAT

Now that was revealing. "Relax.relax. I got some jelly here.
Don't worry bitch. We gonna make you feel good like a woman should
feel. We gonna let you know you never could of been satisfied with
cracker's one inch teeny dick. When we fill you gonna have better
then twenty inches. You know that bitch."

"..no, I can't.I can't. Their too big. You will rip me open,"
Lean mumbled as Tyrone lubricated her. I watched the next great
event as he pushed Lean over Mustafa down below and made his mount
of her ass.

Lean's scream was consistent with a girl getting ripped in two
but it was nothing so gruesome as it was just something that was
going to take some getting used to for my inexperienced wife.

ohmygod ohmy GOOOOD!!! OHHHHHH. I CAAAAN'T!!!"

"You got it bitch. Can't you feel that. I knew you could do
it. Yeah, just enjoy it. You will get used to it."

"No.oh my god.really?.ahhh.it's feels so much. Am I

"Nah. It feels pretty good huh. After this you are gonna laugh
at little fag boy over there. I made him show me his dick when I
shit on him and let me tell you I have seen bigger clits on woman.
Maybe he is a woman or should be anyhow. He certainly will never be
man enough for you after this sandwich for you. How you holding out
down their Mustafa. Want to shag this bitch now and float her boat?"

"Ohhh. I ain't gonna be able to hold much longer. I can feel
you man. This is freaky. I want her to talk though like last night
to encourage me."

"You here the kid. You remember the routine. The more you
excite, the wetter he shoots."

"Ohhhkay.ah, I want it in my cunt. Iiiii,.oh god, I feel full.
I want you to cream in me Mustafa. I want to make your baby. I want
you to breed my white tummy full of your special nigger baby. I want
you to stick my pathetic faggot husband with this filthy nigger

Now that perked up my ears. It was not demanded. Maybe she
only said it in expected requirement but it was her choice and it
sounded wonderful. I wanted to hear it again but Mustafa had reached
his limit. Lean got squished tight against him and sat upon him as
his potent baby juice sought out it's epic adventure at fertilizing
an egg or two. Lean did not manage an orgasm of her own this time,
possibly with the distraction of having close to eleven inches hard
up her ass. Tyrone kept Lean sitting on his younger cousin as he
used the extra room inside her to get busy on her ass. He finished
deep in her to give her a squishy sensation. In just under the hour
my cute wife had all three holes filled and lubricated. It was time
for a rest. The day was just starting and I had many more pieces of
the ultimate setup left to explore.

End of chapter III.

A note from the author.

I hope you are enjoying the story so far. I have gotten far
more descriptive with mood and motivation then I had originally
intended and see that this ultimate set up is going to end up
exceeding forty pages. I have sent out a few advanced copies to some
of my fans and am just filtering feedback now so I am not set in
stone how this story is going to end up, but since I feel like I am
cheeping out by now posting in parts when I was committed to posting
as a whole, I do feel like I owe the reader a taste of what is to

I have pretty much covered how day two of the hornymoon is
going to finish up. Wife Lean will be taking cock, more cock, and
yet more cock. Let me tell you that she is going to discover there
is just so much cock a girl can take before things happen.

Day three changes gears as Lean needs to build up some
hostility to Michael. Highlight sees her bound hands over head and
whipped. Could get descriptive depending on my mood when I do the
scene. She will only get mercy when she begins to verbally degrade
and belittle me. Then it is my turn to go to the next level. Imagine

Chances are Lean might get a kick out of my disgrace too. Day
four will see more 'fertility' drug treatments and some gratuitous
verbal and physical abuse to me. As will day's five through seven
for that matter. I guess just how gratuitous it gets will be my test
as a writer but I have a few plot twists yet that should keep things

Our major players are all going to be changed by the week.
There is a sharp curve in the road a head but maybe you have already
seen it. Does Tyrone have reinforcements on the way? [unlikely] Is
he going to write himself into future chapters [hmmmm] Does Lean
find out Michael wanted it? [embarrassing] Is her acceptance just an
act? [oh-oh] What about Michael? What crops does our brave little
freak harvest from this ultimate setup he sowed? Does he get the
life he dreamed or will his dreams end up a living nightmare? Be
careful what you wish for and watch for The Ultimate Setup Continued
for the thrilling conclusion of the hornymoon. Will there be an
Ultimate Setup Payback? Send me your ideas at mkarl@mrdouble.com The
story lives on for as long as I have something to say.

On a final note any comments are welcome at the above
mentioned address of mkarl@mrdouble.com on this or any other of my
works. I have been enjoying all the correspondence and I think my
story telling is growing as a result. We all have our personal
sensibilities and erotic interests but sometimes just a turn of a
phrase makes an entire concept seam fresh again. My stuff has been
repetitive in theme because these are my interests but this very
story marks a major departure for me at least in choice of women. I
have a cute little piece of filth putting Julia Roberts at the mercy
of some gorillas that was also an experiment for me which has
achieved very favorable response. Is there any particular topics you
would like my style applied too? I respond to all correspondence and
wait for your democratic participation. Until I manage to get
Chapters four and five typed out, this is, as always mkarl.

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