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Husband's Revenge

Oct 10, 1999

By blackboy

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(Husband's Revenge)
By Mudrunner

This story will make more sense to you if you read Hot Visit,
Winning Amanda by Intimidation, or Amanda. I have found it under
all the names above. it is written by J. Bowell. He is one fine
writer and has written a lot of good stuff. Read all that you can
find by him. By the was he has given his approval to this story.

My Name is James, Jimmie, or Jim. I prefer Jim but not only
close friends call me that. I am the personnel manager for a large
pharmaceutical company. I make a very good living and have worked
hard all my life to get to were I am today.

It's been two years since Greg's famous visit, that has all
but ruined my happy life and home. I felt I had the world by the
tail up until the day he arrived. Since then, Cindy my 16 year old
daughter, has run off with a traveling salesman and left her bastard
daughter for her mother and I to raise. Her mother's bastard son is
very sickly, and has had every childhood disease know, and is always
sick. He has cost me a small fortune in medical bills.

Like I said before, when Greg first left, Amanda was very
conciliatory, but it soon became evident that wasn't and couldn't
give her was she thought she needed and wanted.

After the baby was born things settled down. But there was
always this under current. I guess I was to blame. I just couldn't
forgive or forget what I had been put through. I felt I had been
victimized and that they had got off scott free. In fact most of
time I felt they had been rewarded for my misery by their having had
nothing but pleasure.

A year before this happen I had stared a program at work for
hiring the uneducated and unemployable people. We would take
someone that had never had a decent job, train them, give them a
decent salary, and benefits. The Company was rewarded with hard
working, dedicated employees. Both the company and I have received
many awards and good press because of this program. But my biggest
reward was that I could drive through the west end of town and most
of the people would wave or would yell out a friendly greeting.
One night I was to receive an award for community action and the
hall was on the west end. I got lost and stop to ask directions. A
young black gang surrounded my car a red light and started calling
me names and rocking the car. I knew that I was in deep trouble
when I saw the first knife come out. When they broke the window and
dragged me from the car the one that was giving all the order came
up and held a knife to my throat. What's your name whitey. He

James Porter, I said.

They all started looking at one another and then the leader
ask it I worked at Amce and I said I yes. He then ask me where I
was going. I told him to the NAACP meeting hall. You could see
that they know then who I was. Their attitude changed and they
started apologizing and ask me not to say anything about what had
happened. Then leader told me that I had hired almost his entire
family and he was hoping I would hire him when he graduated from
High School next year. I told the boy that they had scared the shit
out me and that I wouldn't say anything. Then I ask the leader, are
you guys sure you're still in High School. They were big. The
Leader, whose name, was Mohammed and was even bigger than Greg. He
was must have been 6'4 and weighed about 250. His arms were like
trees. He later told me that his gang went to the gym everyday and
worked out. We exchanged phone numbers and I told them to call if
they ever needed anything. And call they did. I can't begin to
tell y w often they called and what all I did to keep those young
men out trouble. I have even hired a couple, that were force to
quit school. It seems they didn't believe in using protection
during sex.

Back to the present. I haven't had sex with Amanda now for
almost two months. But its has been at my choice. You see I learn
that Greg has moved to a city that's about 3 hour drive from here,
and that he had gotten a good job. He was married to this young
woman that was half his age, and she was now two months pregnant.
When I heard this I started planning my revenge.

I knew that first phase had to happen here at home. That I
could hand alone, but I would need help with phase two.

Amanda had been going out with her friends to play bingo every
Thursday night now for the last year. I know that she was been
seeing other men. What really pisses me off is that she leaves the
bastard kids here for me to watch. They aren't mine and I had no
part in their conception. For the last two months since I cut her
off she started playing bingo twice a week, both on Tuesday and
Thursday nights. I was very hurt and angry. Maybe hurt more than
Angry. Knowing the woman I loved and taken for my wife was a lying,
cheating, adulteress slut who had betrayed me and continues to
betray me in a vile unforgivable way

Well I finally got everything planned and all laid out. The
equipment I was going to need was rented or bought and all my help
was ready.

It was Thursday night I was waiting for Amanda to come home
from bingo. I had taken the kid over to a friends house for the

I heard her pull into the driveway and was waiting for her by
the back door. As she entered the door you could see the dried cum
in her hair and she had that fresh fucked look all over her face.
Her Clothes were rumpled. She started to say something when I slap
her up side the head. And repeated it with the other hand. This
knocked her back and she dropped to the floor landing on her ass.
Before she could recover I grabbed her by the hair and pull her down
the stairs to the basement. I had spent the last few days building
this rectangle frame with eyebolts placed at different locations. I
put straps on each of her wrists and ankles. These I fastened to
the corners. This way she was standing spread eagle. I pulled each
of the four ropes tight. I wanted her to suffer. As I finished
this she was starting to come to her senses. She started yelling
and telling me she would have me arrested. I just smiled and said
what do you think the police can do anything to me that y ven't done
or make me feel any worse. When she started to say something else I
push a ball gag into her mouth and secured it behind her head.

I then told her she was going to have to listen to a few
things. I then told her how I had felt humiliated and used. How
because of the way she had acted and submitted to Greg and the
others since, that I felt that everything I had worked for my whole
life had been for nothing. I then told her I knew what had been
going on for the last few months on bingo night and even named some
of the places she would go to be picked up by men. I took a file
and named several men. I gave her dates, times, and places for the
last five months. Believe me it was a long list. I then told her I
knew that I could not intimidate her nor make her feel like she had
to please me and that mother nature had not given me anything other
than an average size dick.

I then took the straight razor, that Muhammad had loaned me,
and cut off all her clothes. She was standing there with someone
else cum running down her legs when I finished. I reached down and
got the palm of my hand covered and then smeared it all over her
face. All the time telling her what a worthless bitch she was. I
then pulled a small table over and removed the sheet that was
covering it. What she saw must have frighten her because her eyes
got wide and she stared at me. I knew she felt that she was still
in control because of my love.

On the table laid several extra large dildoes and vibrators
and different kinds of whips. Since all this started I have started
smoking again. As she was staring wide eyed at table I took the
cigarette I was smoking and ground it out on her left nipple. She
threw her head back and screamed. Even with the gag she managed
make quite a bit of noise.

See I know that you think because I loved you so much that I
would put up with anything you wanted to do. You may think that
there is no way that I can intimidate because my love and nature.
But by God when I am through you will fear both me and coming down
to this basement. With that I picked up the leather strap, it
looked a lot like an old time razor strap, and started using it on
her ass and the back of her legs. The tears were flowing freely
now. All the time I was tell her how I had felt and what she had
put me through and what went through my mind every Thursday why she
was out whoring around and giving what should have been mine to
complete strangers.

I removed her gag and took a small cattle prod off the table.
She didn't have the faintest idea what it was so she didn't show
hardly any fear. I told her that it was answer and question time.
That I was going to ask questions and she was going to give the
answer and she had better tell the truth because if I even thought
she was lying I would use the prod. With that I held it against her
right nipple and pressed the button. As the electric shock hit her
nipple her whole body went ridged and she screamed.

I then ask her if she had ever seen Greg since that night.
She said no. I prodded her inner left thigh. I said try again.
She said no, so I did the other thigh. She said yes. I said when.
And she said he called about three week ago and met her at one of
the motel on Thursday night. I ask her if she loved him and she
said no. I prodded her right nipple . She said no again so I did
her left nipple, know with the burn that it would really hurt. She
really screamed this time and still she said no. But before I could
strike again she said that all she cared about with him was the sex.
I continued to ask questions about different men that I knew about.
When I told her to fill in the blanks she just looked at me. When I
raised the prod she said I could use it all I wanted but that she
couldn't do that because I already knew more than she could
remember. She then said that she very seldom ever did it with the
same guy twice and when she did most of the time she didn't reme
them. She then said that all she wanted from them was the sex. She
said she needed to be used and intimidated. I replaced the gag and
started again. I used every whip and device on the table.

I can't tell you why but all of a sudden I had the distinct
feeling that I wasn't the only one that was confused. I felt that
Amanda didn't really accept the fact that she was really a slut and
that she was trying to keep it a secret even from herself. I
decided to test the waters. Taking the small whip. That had nine
small tails, each with small knots. I first hit her once on the
inside of each thigh. I aimed for the most tender part, just a few
inches below her pussy. She screamed and while she was I asked her.
What are you?

Her answer was a woman, wife and mother.

I hit her again and said wrong answer. Now what are you?

A woman, wife, mother and lady.

This time I swung the whip under handed and landed the blow in
the middle of her cunt.

I again ask her to tell what she was.

She repeated the same answer.

I told her do you really think that a lady, wife and good
mother would fuck another man with her husband watching. Have her
lover lock him out side during a thunderstorm, and not even have him
let back in when the heavy rains started because she wanted to cum
again. Do think she would go out weekly, sometimes twice weekly, to
fuck other men. Is this the way a lady, wife and good mother would
act. Would she lay in bed at night know that her lover was fucking
her daughter and not tell her husband because she was afraid that he
would make her lover leave and then she would get it anymore. I
then hit both her nipples and another underhanded blow to her cunt.
I could tell by the look on her face she did know that I knew she
was the reason I was locked out of the house.

The one thing that has never been mentioned is the last night
that Greg was at the house. I was once again out on the patio and
sleeping in the lounger. When I was awaken by the sounds coming
from inside my bedroom. As I stood up I heard Greg say. He's been
out there every night so far and he hasn't done anything. But if it
will make you happy I will. With that he came over and locked the
patio door, and left the room. I then heard the other doors being
locked. About two hours later a thunderstorm came out of no where.
That not unusual for this time of year. When the rains started I
went and knock on the door. They were at it once again. They both
said go away. I told them it was starting to rain. Greg told me to
sleep in the car. I headed that way. When I got there all the
doors were locked and I didn't have my keys. That was when I
realized that they were laying on the dining room table. I went
back to the patio door and knocked once more telling that my keys w
n the house. I was really starting to rain hard and I was already
soaked. Greg started to get up when Amanda pulled him back down and
told he to finish what he has started that I could wait and that I
wouldn't melt. I stay out in the storm for two more hours before
they unlocked the doors. Greg knew that they had gone to far and he
hurried to the bedroom and I heard the door lock. I think that is
why he cut his trip visit short and left the next day. I really
felt that I would have found something and killed them both if he
had stayed another night, and I think that Greg survival instinct
told him the same thing, and that the only way he could stay was to
kill me. The day after Greg left I was put in the hospital with
pneumonia and stayed for three days.

Her eye rolled up in her head and I heard a different kind of
groan. One that comes from within oneself and not from pain. Her
head dropped down and she said in a very quiet voice. No I don't,
only a real slut would act that way. Only a really horrible slut
would put her husband through what you have had to endure. With
that her tears started.

I used the whip on her pussy again, only this time I really
put some muscle behind the blow. And asked her what are you.

I am slut. She said.

What kind of slut I asked.

She said, A horrible, worthless slut.

What do you think I should do with you?

He head snapped up and she looked me in the eyes and then
started crying deeply. And said you should throw me my bastard
child out. I don't deserve your love and kindness. Until today you
have never in my entire life ever did or said a mean thing to me. I
am so sorry for what I have done.

This statement seemed to take all the wind out of my sails. I
didn't feel like causing her anymore pain. The mental pain that she
was putting herself through was enough. I decided that I would let
her rest. I loosened her bonds put kept her tied in that position.

Towards morning I started with pleasure part of my plan. After
several hours of severe torture I started bringing her pleasure. I
ate her cunt and fuck her with everything on the table. She came so
many times that she finally passed out. I used smelling salts and
brought her back. After giving her something to drink and a little
time to rest I started again. Only this time I combined the two by
using the largest two rubber cocks I double fucked her until she
passed out again. Before bring her around again I check her pussy
and you could tell that it was stretched and raw.

After bring her back around I untied her and set her in a
chair. I kissed her and told her that I still loved her but that I
was going to go away for a few days. And that while I was gone she
had better do some serious thinking. She had to make a decision and
I wanted it made before I returned. I then gave her the court
order, that stated that because of viable grounds that she was to
vacated these premises, and take both children with her. I then
gave her the lab results that stated the DNA test that there was
only a .02% chance that I was the father of either of the two
children and because of the lab report from the test after my
vasectomy and after they were born that there was no way they were
mine. I then handed her a stack of photo and detective reports. A
few of the pictures showed her being fucked in the back seat of
several cars and vans. I then handed her a summons to appear before
District Court, for the divorce proceedings. I told her to give all
the eviden her lawyer, so he could try and weasel her way out, but
my attorney felt that she had dug two deep of a hole and then I gave
her some sworn depositions from several of the men she had been
with. When she had finished reading what they had to say about her
and what they really thought the tears were once again flowing.
Then I told her that she had until the day I returned to find
someplace else to live and someone else to pay her bills. That I
wasn't going to pay for someone else fun. I said, If you are still
here when I get back it will mean that you understand that there
will be serious changes and that means first, that she would only
fuck when, where, how, who I said. She was to have no part in the
decision what so ever. She was to be my slave. If we were walking
down main street and I told her to drop and give me a blow job she
had better do. One violation of any of the rules and her and the
bastards were out. I then gave her a list of the rules. She was
crying. I then told her that even if she stayed that were would get
a divorce because she had fucked away her right to be my wife. I
was willing to keep her as a slave but only as long as I was happy
and she pleased me. I would never again treat her with the respect
of a lady. She would be treated as a whore and slave no matter who
was around. That I would keep all my toys that she has seen thus
far and several I had kept in reserve. That I would bring her to
the basement whenever I felt she needed it or that I was in the mood
to listen to her scream.

I then told her I still thought she was a slut and knew that she
wouldn't or couldn't change. Maybe after a few years she would see
the light but until. I reached over and removed her engagement ring
and wedding band, putting them in my pocket, and stood up. With
that I gave her a kiss on the cheek and headed to the door. As I
was leaving I said, make sure you read that court order because all
you can take if you decide to leave is the kids clothes and the
clothes that are already boxed up in the closet. And not to take the
car, With that I left.

I drove across town and met Muhammad in the parking lot of his
gym. He was waiting along with several of his friends. They were
standing around a full size van I had rented. We all loaded up and
set off on a three hour drive.

When Greg walked in the front door of his house he was greeted
not by his loving new bride but four very large, very black, men
with knives. They told him he could be good or die, and that they
could give a shit less one way or the other. I will say one thing
the boy knew he stood no chance what so ever. They guide him into
the living room and tied him to a chair. What he didn't know was
that we had been there all day and I had been working on his lovely
wife. I had used a drug my company produced. I was used on sheep
but if given to a human it didn't really do anything but one of the
major side effects was that the person became very submissive and
they really lost the will to resist. His wife had taken a dose of
it just as he was leaving work.

When I heard Muhammad talking to Greg I grabbed Sherry's arm
and told her it was show time. When we entered the living room Greg
was tied and gagged. I stood her in front of her husband and I said
boy I couldn't believe that you haven't been able to get this bitch
to give you a blow job. She the best I have ever had and you should
see her drink cum, here I show you. With that I pushed her to her
knee and motioned Muhammad over. Muh took out his dick and without
a word from any of use Sherry started sucking his it.

I wasn't long and Muh was moaning and grabbed the back of her
head and fucking her mouth. When he came he let go of her head so
she could pull away if she wanted. But she did just the opposite
and buried him deeper down her own throat. When she finished she
stood and put her arms around me and thanked me for letting her suck
Muh dick. She then looked at Greg and said honey I think you should
thank him for making me happier that you ever have. With that Muh
remove Greg's gag.

He was furious and fought against his ropes and called me
every name in the book. Sherry then told him he was just getting
what he deserved and repeated everything I had told her about what I
had been through and then dropped the bomb shell when she gave him
dates, times and places he had been with Amanda since his marriage.
She told him, he didn't know it was the drug talking, that she
planned on being my slave and that I could have her whenever I
wanted. That up until today he had been the only man to ever have
her but That I was now her master and she would fuck, who, when,
where and how I said. And if he couldn't deal with that, tough

I then told him he had one week to get used to it that he
would spend that time watching his wife fuck 6 black guys and me
every way we could think of.

The one thing I haven't mentioned yet was the conversation I
had with her first thing that morning and what all had taken place

When we first got there I knocked on the door and when Sherry
answer I introduced myself. She stood there in her house robe and
was so beautiful. He eyes shined a bright green and her blonde hair
was perfect. I could tell she was getting ready to go someplace.
She seem happy to see me and said she was so glad to finally met
some of Greg's family. I ask if she was leaving and she said she
was just going shopping but that it could wait.

We sat and talked for a little while. I noticed that the
house they lived in was one of the older houses in this part of the
city. She told me that her mother's great grandfather had built the
house and that her grandmother and mother had both been born and
lived in this house until the day they had died. I just shook my
head and said I was sorry to hear that and was willing to negotiate
and maybe an arrangement could be made whereby they could continue
to live her after the lawsuit was over.

She got a blank look on her face and that's when I dropped the

I then told her about Greg's visit. I left nothing out and
also about he latest visit with Amanda at the motel. Then I showed
her the all the evidence I had.

I had the credit card bill where Greg had forged my name. I
had the appraisal for the stamp collection. I showed her the
telephone bill. This didn't mean a whole lot but then I gave her a
copy of the DNA test results on Greg, Amanda, Cindy kids. I also
had a copy of all the medical, food and clothing bills. When you
added up everything together it came to around $185,000.00. Granted
my insurance had covered most of the cost but I still felt I had a
good case and so did several attorneys I has spoken to. In fact
everyone of them said that they were so sure that I would win, that
if Greg and Sherry had any assets that they would take the case on a
percentage basis rather than a fee.

I told her that I was going to be taking them to court seeking
restitution. She didn't think I would be able get anything. I ask
her if she had an attorney. She said that there was an old family
friend that handled all their legal matters. I suggested that she
call him and invite him over. She called and after a couple minutes
of begging he agree to stop by on his way to the office.

He showed up about 30 minutes later. I gave him everything I
had shown Sherry. He sat there looking everything over several
times. Then I handed him a statement that I had made Amanda Sign
last night. As he read it he eyes closed and you could see he was
in deep thought. After several long minutes he looked at Sherry and

My Dear to make this short, sweet and skip all the legal talk.
I we go to court and only a little of this is the truth, and I
believe all of it is, then you not only will lose this house you
will lose everything you own and even the fund you have set aside
for college for the little one. You see in this state once you
marry everything become community property. That means what was
your is his and what was his is yours. Share and share alike. I am
sorry Sherry but if this gentleman will negotiate a settlement, you
had better take what you can get, because believe me with the
Victorian attitude that has taken over at the court house we will
have a hard time keeping the clothes you guys are wearing. What
Greg has done, and the way this man has been treated and the mental
anguish he has endured will put the courts solidly on his side.
With that he stood, shook my hand, told me to please reconsider any
legal action, Kissed Sherry on cheek and left.

Sherry just sat there stunned. Her entire life, everything
she had planned, just came tumbling down around her feet. She felt
the whole world was coming to an end. Finally the tear came. I
mean the big tear drop that drip from the face. I could tell that
she was devastated.

I just sat there and waited. She reached for the phone, I
placed my hand over hers and ask who she was calling and she said
work and Greg.

I told her work was fine but, if she called Greg, she could
forget any negotiations as I would leave and see them in court. She
called work and as my instruction ask them for today and all of next
week off. They gave it with no problem.

After she had calmed down she asked what I wanted. I told
her, first a cup of coffee. We went into the kitchen, she made
coffee and I told her what I wanted. At first she just kept shaking
her head no. I didn't stop, I just continued on with the plan.
When I was finished she asked me if I really expected her to go
along with the plan. I then told her about the drug I had brought,
what the side affects were and explained that it would make things
easier for her but that I didn't want Greg to know that she had been
drugged. She sat there with this far off look on her face. I
finally ask her if she had heard what I had said.

She ask me if I gave her the drug what about her conscience
when it was over. I told said that it shouldn't be problem because
the mind had a way of protecting itself and if you really think
about it I could force her to take the drug and beside after what
Greg had done since they were married he deserves to be punished.
She nodded her consent and said. I think you have been put through
enough. I don't want you to have force me to take the drug. Just
put it here on the table and I will take it. I laid the syringe on
the table and told her to just inject it in the fleshy part of her
thigh. She picked it up and look at it and then ask how long will
it take before it goes into effect and I said about 20 minutes. She
then ask if we could just talk and get to know one another until
Greg leave's his office. That way it will be working when he get
home, because it takes him about 45 minutes to make the drive.

I was able to get all kinds of information from her during the
next few hours. Finally about 1 PM she stood took my hand and lead
me into the bedroom. As we entered she dropped her robe and stood
before me wearing only her bra and panties. As she was removing
them she said she wanted at least one time with me without the use
of the drug. She said I deserve at least that much and if Greg ever
did find out about the drug I would still be able to say that it
hadn't been used until after she had given herself to me.

She then took me into her arms and started kissing and
undressing me. She was the most passionate woman I had ever been
with. We didn't do the hard nasty sex. We made wild passionate
love. We tried everything written about making love. No anal or
anything just slow sexy lovemaking. We caress one another and
whisper terms of endearment. We did it all. I don't have the
slightest idea how many orgasms she had but I know I was drained
when it was over. I looked over at the clock and we had been going
at it for 2 1/2 hours. I told her it was time to start and she
reached for the phone. She Called Greg's work and after she found
out he was gone she told his boss that he would be in next week.
She gave some bullshit story about the house and baby and they
bought it. She then gave herself the shot. With tears in her eyes
she said I wish I could do this for you without that but I know I
wouldn't be able to and I do Love Greg very much. I then told her
that I wasn't going to any legal action but I didn't want Greg to
know that. That I did want my revenge and wanted him to pay for
what he had done, and how sorry I was that she had to suffer also.

Back to the present. I told Sherry to stand and face Greg. I
said tell him about the lawyer and what he said about your property.
She started Crying and told Greg what had been said and showed him
all the report. Then with venom dripping from her voice she said
you never told me that you have two children. I can't believe you
would abandon them to be raised by another man. She then walk over
and slapped his face. She told him that what was going to happen
was his fault and he was responsible. He just hung his head. I
could tell that he really loved this woman and that for the first
time in his life he was facing something that he wouldn't be able to
bully his was out of. He was going to have to pay the fiddler.

During the next few days Greg was tied to the chair in the
living room. Most of the time he was gagged because we got tired of
listening to him beg us to stop using Sherry.

Use her we did. We did everything that any of us could think
of. Towards the end Sherry was the one coming up with most of the
ideas. It was her that came up with the standup double fuck. I
still don't think it would have worked except the Mul was hung like
a horse. I think the last one was the one that hurt Greg the most.
I was fucking her while she was sitting on his lap when she let out
this bloody scream. I knew something was wrong.

As we moved her to the floor she was bleeding real bad and you
could tell she was in pain. I ask Greg about a Doctor and he said
by the phone. As I went to the phone I told the guy to turn him
loose. I called the doctor and he said he would be right over. He
must have live across the street because it seemed like I just told
everyone that he was on the way when he came in the door. We were
able to get everything cleaned up and the Guys were hidden upstairs.

After he had examined her he told us that she had miscarried.
That everything was going to be ok but she was going to have to stay
in bed for a few days and that he would be back tomorrow to check on
her before he went to the office. Greg thanked him.

We carried her upstairs and put her to bed. I went downstairs
and told the guys to start packing that the fun was over.

We sat and talked for awhile then Greg came down and sat
across the table from me. He just stared. Finally he said you know
I could kill you. I just nodded my head and said I know the
feeling. I then told him how sorry I was that this had happened but
that I wasn't for any of the other things that we had done. He just
lowered his head and said she want me to go up and see her before I

When I entered the bedroom she held out her arm for me. I sat
on the edge of the bed and took her into my arms. She was crying
and finally said, I think we went to far. I agreed and told her how
sorry I was. She said you know It may have been a blessing. I just
looked at her. She gave a little smile and said call Greg back. I
went to the door and called Greg. When he got there I started to
leave. She said please stay.

She had Greg sit on the side of the Bed. She took his hand
and in a quiet voice ask him if he wanted a divorce.

Very quickly he answered NO.

She then said you had better wait until after you have heard
what I have to say before you give me an answer. So I will pretend
you haven't said anything yet.

Greg said. The answer will be the same.

She said Greg I do love you. But I will not have sex with
until I am pregnant again, and Greg it will Jim that will make me
that way. I will leave here every Friday after work and stay with
him until Sunday afternoon. Once I am pregnant and the baby is born
we will then start having sex. I have learned a lot these last few
days and will try my best to keep you satisfied with other means.
But this is not a fifty-fifty deal. You have caused this whole
thing and I will pay the price. Greg I want you to understand that
I will be your wife and always treat you with respect. After today
I will never let anyone humiliate you again and this includes Jim.
He can have everything we have before I will ever let that happen
again. I felt you deserved what has happened. I feel that Jim has
the right to expect you to raise his son or daughter as your own.
For the final thing before you answer. I can't tell you why but I
will always be Jim's slut. I will do anything, anytime, anypl e
wants as long as you aren't publicly humiliated. Now do you
understand everything I have said.

He nodded his head yes.

She then again asked him if he wanted a divorce.

Again just as quick he said no.

I started towards the door.

Sherry said don't I get a goodbye kiss.

I took her into my arms and kissed her. I was crying when we
parted. I thanked her.

She said for what.

I said until now I still felt like I had not gotten even that
I was once again going to be the victim and have to pay for someone
else's pleasure.

I turned to Greg and told him no matter what has happened or
what happens in the future, That if Amanda was still home when I got
there that he had better never touch her in any way unless I had
given prior approval. I said I might not be big enough to handle
him but I sure as hell had enough good friend that they would take
care of all my light work. I then said to Sherry. Don't come this
weekend. Stay in bed and get some rest because you will need it
next weekend.

After we got back to the parking lot I ask Mul how much I owed
him and the guys for helping me. The next thing I new I was sitting
on my ass and my jaw hurt.

Mul looked down at me and said. Don't ever insult us again.
We don't do anything like this for money. We did it because you
were the one asking for help. No one else could have talked us into
doing something like this. The West End owes you a lot man, that's
why we did it and will help you in any other way we can. He then
reached down and picked me up, and started brushing me off. He told
me he was sorry for hitting me. That it just struck him wrong me
offering money.

I explained that I didn't mean for it to be as an insult that
I knew that some of the guys were hurting for money and thought that
I would help them out. Mul just smiled and said any your guy short
on bread. A couple said yeah. I hand each one a hundred and told
them how much I appreciated there help. They then started telling
me that I could count on them to be silent. I look at Mul and told
him hey you guys don't have to tell me that. If I didn't trust you,
I wouldn't have asked for your help. We all shook hand and I got in
my car to leave, when Mul leaned over and said. Make sure you keep
of informed of how Sherry's doing.

I had called home before we left Greg's but there was no
answer so I left a message just in case.

When I pulled in the driveway I notice that her car was still
parked in the same spot.

The house was all locked up and as I walked through the house
I found that it was deserted. I thought to myself well you gave her
the options, now what are you going to do. I stood in the middle of
the living room playing with her rings when I heard a noise coming
from the basement.

I figured that she had forgot to close the outside doors and
the neighbor's cat had gotten in again.

When I looked down the stairs all the lights were off. I
tried the switch at the top of the stairs but like always it didn't
work. That was one of the things on my list that I was always going
to fix but never seemed to get around to. I felt my way down the
dark stairs and finally found the switch and turned it on.

There in the middle of the small room, tied to the frame, was
Amanda. She said I couldn't get them all as tight as you did so you
will have to make some adjustments.

I just looked at her and she started crying and told me that I
may want to consider starting with the cat of nine tails first.

I ask her why had she done something to deserve it.

She just frowned and said that she had been good but she had
done something a little wrong.

I ask what. She said that as soon as I was gone that she had
started loading the boxes and things in the car to leave, when it
finally dawned on her that she had deserved everything I had done.
That she really deserved worse and more of the same. So she stopped
and sat at kitchen table thinking things over when she came to the
conclusion that she really was a slut and liked to be dominated.
But that when she started thinking about what she had been doing she
realized how lucky she had been, she could have been seriously hurt
or killed by one of those guys. She was crying again and the tears
flowed like a small river down her cheeks.

I started to go take her in may arms and she said not to that
she didn't deserve to be treated nice by me, that she would have to
earn that right again.

I told her she may not feel that way after she had heard what
I had done.

I then told her everything that had been said and been done at
Greg's. I saved the worst till last.

I then told her about Sherry losing the baby, then what she
had told Greg and I in the bedroom just before I left. I explained
that I had never mentioned this to Sherry at any time so I knew that
I was her own idea that It wasn't the drug or anything I forced on
her. I then told her about my operation to have my vasectomy
repaired, and that it was successful, and explained that was why I
had stop have sex for the last couple months.

I said. I hope you understand that if you stay I plan on us
not using any birth control what so ever and that if she got
pregnant every nine months that's just the way it was. I didn't
care how many kids we had that with the money I was making we could
afford to have 10 or so more. And that I planned on have so many
that I could forget which ones where whose and just love them all.
And that I planned on doing the same thing to Sherry as long as she
kept coming over. That I didn't not plan on ever telling her to
stop but that after the first one I would not us the suggestive
powers that drug had given me to make her continue.

Amanda had stopped crying and then ask me to undue her
lashings. I thought that as soon as I had finished she would be out
of the house so fast that it would make my head swim. As soon as I
finished untying her she literally tackled me. Her move would have
made the coach of the Green Bay Packers proud. I was flat on my
back so fast it did make my head swim. I was just getting ready to
start defending myself from the blows I knew was coming when she
started kissing me and tell me how much she loved me and that she
wanted to have as many of my children as she could. That I was the
greatest husband any woman could ask for. Then once again the
crying started and of course the remorse set in as she started
telling me how sorry she was and what all she planned to do to make
it up to me. And that she knew I didn't need or want her approval
but that she approved me doing what Sherry wanted. Then she kind of
smiled and said beside after what you did the other night to me and
what told me you did to Sherry I don't think I can handle you by
myself anymore. The she held me tight and said I want you to keep
me pregnant in the summer and barefoot in the winter, That should
make sure that I stay as home where I belong. And if you ever get
just the tiniest doubt bring me down her and made me sure I been
being good.

With that she jump up and stood in the frame, waiting for me
to retie her bonds. As I was working She again told me to consider
using the little one with all the small ends.

Life sure is great when you can have your cake and eat it to.

Five years later

Sherry has had three of my kids, Two boys and a girl. Amanda
has had four more with another on the way. Her first was a boy.
The rest have all been girls. It looks like I am going to get a
girls softball team instead of a baseball team, but what the hell.
I love them all the same and I do love the other two just as much.
I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew though. We have
added on to the house and getting ready to do it again. But the big
thing is time. Kids sure take a lot of it and the more you have the
more time it takes. It doesn't get easier with more.

We never see Greg. We have invited him over but he always
seems to have something else to do. Once when I mentioned it to
Sherry that he would probably have trouble dealing with me. But she
said no that they had spent many long hours talking about us,
including the Kids. That she thinks he is feels bad because of the
two kids of his that I am raising and he couldn't deal with hearing
them call me Dad or father. Finally I understood something that has
come out of this whole mess. I decided that Amanda and I needed to
have a little talk and resolve this problem.

When I came home today I could tell by the look on Amanda's
face that something was wrong. She had a look that was sort of like
when she was playing bingo. I immediately asked her if I needed to
take her to the basement.

I could tell the tone of my voice must have scared her, but
she gave a little laugh and said that would be okay after the Kids
were all asleep. But she still needed to talk with me about another
problem that just came up today. I couldn't imagine what that could

She asked me to sit down. And as soon as I was seated she
said Cindy called this afternoon and is in town and wants to come
home. What she said next really floored me. She said. I explained
all the changes around here and told her about your room in the
basement. And then told her that if she came home to live that she
most likely would spend her first night down there. I then told her
how you had spent all that time sound proofing it so when the door
was shut the kids couldn't hear anything. She said she understood
and wanted to come home tonight. She also said the two main reasons
she came back was the baby and that she couldn't get over how bad
she had hurt me. Also that was the reason she had left and because
she couldn't look at the baby everyday and look at me without
feeling so ashamed. That she didn't know how if she could face me
but that maybe after a few trips to the basement she would be able
to bury those feeling. My wife said. That she had told her she wo
lmost guarantee she would feel better emotionally after a couple
trips but physically she would be sore for a couple days. She then
said that Cindy was waiting for a call letting her know one way or
the other.

I told Amanda to go call and tell her to come home. With
tears in her eyes she said she couldn't, because if she called, that
as soon as Cindy heard her voice she would think the answer was
going to be no and that she could not do that to her. But if I
called she would know that the answer was yes.

I started dialing the phone.

I was now happy. I had my family back plus a lot of

The only problem was Greg. But I will tell you about that
later. I have to go downstairs now and get things setup for Cindy.
I plan on making her homecoming special.

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