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Blackmailed Teacher

Jul 11, 2001

By aryshi

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Blackmailed Teacher - (m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon

Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

************ ***********
Note: The story below is a story in itself. However, it is also a
direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled: Terrified Teacher - VI
************ ***********

With her husband Dave's arm around her waist, guilt began to set in as
Melanie sat still on the bleachers, squeezing her thighs tightly
together to keep the deluge of cum from escaping her well fucked cunt.
'Oh, God! How could I have done such a dreadful thing? How could I
follow and allow the filthy black janitor to have his way with me in the
equipment shed?' she pondered, stifling back a sob as hot slippery cum
oozed out of her quim to wet her jeans. She could excuse herself the
first time, after all it had been a 'rape', but tonight's episode was
far from it. Out of the corner of her eye, she observed Leon holding
her balled up panties to his nose at that very moment. She told herself
that she would never again succumb to such weakness.

Once they arrived home, Melanie rushed into the bathroom, determined to
douche out the hot raw spunk that could put her in the family way. With
an allergic reaction from taking birth control pills developing
recently, she and her husband had decided for her to go off the pill. A
little baby was what she and her husband had recently talked about and
had decided to let nature take its course, hoping that their family
would soon begin to sprout. She desperately wanted a little baby but
certainly not a little black baby.

Although her sexual needs had been fulfilled during the football game,
Melanie felt wicked when Dave snuggled up playfully for some loving.
She remembered back to when Leon had forced himself upon her and how she
had later put off Dave's advances, not wanting him to soil himself in
her soiled body. Now she anxiously wanted to compare her loving husband
to the 'man' who had satisfied her lusting needs just over an hour

Dave Eberling couldn't believe the change in his beautiful wife, how
this once shy and conservative beauty now shocked him by her wild
behavior in bed, begging him to "Fuck me ..fuck me!" With her long sexy
legs wrapped around his waist as she humped up to him, Dave could not
contain his excitement for too long, spurting his juice into his
sex-crazed wife. As he was about to doze off in exhaustion, he
congratulated himself for finally turning Melanie on to sex. Little did
he know that his lovely wife was biting her bottom lip to keep from
crying out in need for a real 'man', one like what she had sampled
earlier that evening.

The next day, Melanie's mind was troubled, chastising herself for
allowing that itch between her legs to seek out the man who could
extinguish that fire. 'God, how depraved can I be? Cheating on Dave
and on the school property!' she pondered. She told herself that she
would firmly resolve never to let herself stoop so low again, ever!
'But, what about the photos that Leon had in his possession? God, I
just can't let Dave ever see those photos! She had not reported the
student when he had suddenly kissed her and touched her inappropriately,
which she should have done. She had slapped the student and chastised
him but the photos could be damaging to her credibility, especially
since she had not reported the incident!' she told herself. Deep down,
Melanie knew she was merely giving herself an excuse to allow it to
happen again, hoping that she would be forced to allow it to happen
again. It seemed that Leon had caused an itch between her legs that
needed to be scratched - and often!

If Melanie only knew that the devious Leon was also thinking of her at
that very moment, planning to make her a slut for a big black cock.
Leon was determined to make that pretty little bitch grovel at his feet,
beg for his big black cock, then he was going to turn her into a common
whore. He knew that she was the most beautiful teacher at the high
school, having seen the effects she had on all the male students and
teachers as they always turned to watch her walk by. With all the
teenage males lusting after her already, he had a ready-made market for
her sweet white butt. He smiled at he could picture the horrified look
on the prim and proper school teacher's face when he made her spread her
legs for her paying students or fellow teachers.

John Schroder had just reached his 17th birthday and had a promising
college football career coming up. This had been his initial goal since
he became a teenager and found success on the football field as a
quarterback. However, one thing eluded him and he saw no opportunity to
be next to the woman of his dreams. Ever since he had gazed upon the
lovely Mrs. Melanie Eberling two years ago, he had hoped to have one of
her classes. Now in his senior year, he had managed to get into the
English class she was teaching yet his dream of making love to her was
just a fantasy. She had felt so soft in his arms when he had gotten
bold and brazen, grabbing and kissing her in the classroom. He was
emotionally hurt when she had slapped and rebuffed him but was thankful
she had not reported him for disciplinary action. Still he could only
use his hand each night while dreaming of her to ease the pain.

Having snapped those incriminating photos, knowing the lust of the star
quarterback for his beautiful teacher, Leon thought of the perfect plan
to put into action and he would be able to pocket a lot of money at it.
He knew the teen didn't have much money but his actions certainly
controlled the outcome of every football game. Knowing a bookie that
took on the local high school games, Leon would find out the spread then
barter Melanie's sweet white ass with the quarterback to keep the score
down to just below the point spread. He knew he wouldn't be able to get
the teen to throw the game entirely but keeping the score down a bit,
within the point spread, might just be achievable. That last win was
the end of the regular season, with the team winning the league
championship, now it began its quest for the State Championship.

Being in charge of cleaning up the athletic locker rooms gave Leon the
perfect opportunity to approach young Schroder. Previously, he only
said 'Hi' to the young man and congratulated him on his performance
after each game. Normally the jocks left together, going to one of the
teen hangouts together. With the use of the telltale photos, he managed
to get the teen to stay back and listen to his proposal. Pretending to
pick up some towels while near the teen, Leon slid the incriminating
photo next to the young man, whispering "Know why you couldn't get
anywhere with this beauty? Tell ya man, she only likes big black
cocks! Hang around a bit if you want a chance to score with this pretty
little teach!"

The black janitor certainly got John's attention with the photo and
comments. But John just couldn't believe that the always prim and
proper Mrs. Melanie Eberling would cheat on her husband, especially with
the likes of a black man like Leon. Still, he now could not help but to
picture the milky white body of his beautiful teacher, squirming under
the black janitor. The thought of the lovely Mrs. Eberling and the
chance of scoring with her, John just had to find out more. Thus, as
the other players were ready to depart, he told them he'd catch up after
making a couple of phone calls.

Leon could see the reluctance of the teen in believing that he had any
hold on the beautiful teacher. To convince him, he asked what time was
his class with the beautiful teacher. Then he told the teen to print up
a nasty note on a color paper of his choice, instructing her to meet at
the Starlight Motel the afternoon after the game for some black
fucking. Leon advised he'd get the note from John the next morning
before class and slip her the note when he pretended to check on a

The next morning, John milled around the outside of the classroom
before the bell. As the janitor approached him, John slipped him the
folded lavender sheet that he had printed up on his computer the prior
evening, then walked into the room and got to his seat. John could see
the nervousness set in with Mrs. Eberling when the janitor entered the
room, sliding the lavender paper on the desk, then went over to fuss
with the corner window. He watched as his teacher nervously opened the
folded piece of paper to read it. He saw her flush a bit as she read
the contents that he had typed, then fold it back up and slip it into
her purse. John couldn't believe she had read the entire note and
apparently had not been shocked by what it read, advising her to 'Meet
me at the Starlight Motel at 1 p.m. Saturday! Time for some big black
cock up your tight little snatch!'

From what he had just observed, John realized that what the janitor had
told him was really true. Still he couldn't believe that the woman of
his dreams would allow a black to even touch her milky white body. He
rationalized that the janitor must have something on her and had forced
her to submit to him. Regardless of the situation, this might be his
only opportunity to make his dreams come true. Looking up at the
smiling janitor, John nodded that the deal was sealed and that he'd keep
the win down below the 14 points that the team was favored by.

The game on Friday evening was really a mismatch with a team from a
weaker division for the first round of the playoffs. Everyone at Union
High just thought that its star quarterback was just off his touch,
otherwise they'd have really blown out the other team. But they were
happy with a 24-14 win. Leon was in the stands, mentally counting up
the $1,000 win that he had just scored, then looked over to where the
lovely Mrs. Eberling sat with her loving husband. Leon couldn't wait to
see the look on her face tomorrow when she realized that she would be
spreading her long sexy legs for one of her own students.

The next afternoon, Melanie nervously drove to the location of the
Starlight Motel. She felt so bad in having to lie to Dave, telling him
she was going shopping with several of her teacher friends. Pulling
into the parking lot, she saw the smiling black face of the smirking
janitor as he waited in front of his motel room. Her heart was pounding
in her chest, her breathing became more labored in anticipation of what
lay ahead.

Hidden in the closet, John peered out through the partially open
curtained closet and into the motel room. He couldn't believe that what
the janitor had told him was really true. He watched as his lovely
teacher merely stood in front of the leering black, not moving away as
the large black hands moved up to cup and feel her breasts through her
crisp white blouse. He heard her moan "Ohhhhhh .....ohhhh!" as the
large black hands moved about her breasts, flicking her aroused nipples
to stiffness. He could now see the outline of her stiffened nipples,
poking out at her now crinkled blouse.

It was quite a show for the aroused teen as he unzipped his jeans to
shuck at his throbbing cock. Peering out of the curtain slit, he saw
the janitor now sitting on the bed while Mrs. Eberling began to unbutton
her blouse and pull it out of her skirt. Then the blue skirt was
unzipped and allowed to fall to the floor at her navy blue heels. He
nearly gasped at the sight of her beautiful breasts being bared for the
leering black, his cock twitched as he observed the janitor lean forward
to engulf a stiff red nipple into his mouth, causing the beautiful wife
to swoon and moan in pleasure. He still couldn't believe what that he
was actually witnessing his prim and proper teacher, a married wife,
allow herself to succumb to a lowly black janitor.

John watched as the janitor moved to kneel before the red-haired
beauty, peeling down her lacy white panties, letting it fall onto her
skirt on the floor. He heard the loud moan of pleasure and saw the
manicured white hands clasp at the janitor's black kinky hair, watched
her swoon and gasp for air as the black face buried itself into her red
curls. His cock throbbed as his beautiful teacher moaned and pleaded
"Oh, please .......ohhhhh, eat me! Eat me! Ohhhh ....oh, god

With his lovely teacher now lying upon the bed, the black janitor
between her widespread legs, he waited for his cue. He watched as Leon
drew her arms up over her head, pinning her wrists above the bed, then
moved off to the side of the bed. By now John had discarded all of his
clothing, getting ready to have his dream come true as he slowly made
his was out into the room. The woman of his dreams now lay widespread
on the bed, naked but for her navy blue heels, now all his for the
taking. He was about to reap his prize for last night's performance.

Her eyes closed shut, Melanie awaited for Leon to continue teasing
her, needing to extinguish the itch between her burning thighs. She was
about to plead for him to continue when she felt the bed sink further by
her feet, indicating the presence of someone else in the room. Quickly
she opened her eyes, then gasped at the sight of her naked student
crouched between her widespread thighs. "Oh, God! No ....no, John
.....no, please! Please, John ......I .....I can't .....you ....you're
my student!" she pleadingly stammered.

John glared at his prim and proper teacher, then growled "Leon was
right! You're nothing but a fucking whore! Slap me when I kissed you!
The prim and proper Mrs. Eblerling, spreading her legs for a fucking
nigger!" Angrily he shuffled up further, pushing his cockhead into her
red curls, getting into position to fuck her. Pushing forward, his
cockhead was engulfed between her hot slick folds, causing him to groan
loudly "Ohhhhh ....teach .....oh, God!"

"No, John .....no! Please, John .....no ......you don't understand! I
...I was forced .....please, John .....no!" she desperately pleaded.
"Ohhhhhhh, Goddddd .....John ......ahhhhhhhhhh!" she groaned as the
teenage hunk pushed deeply into her. Her body betrayed her as her legs
wrapped themselves around the handsome teen, heels locked upon one
another as she humped up into his thrusting body. "Oh, John .......oh,
John ....yes ...yes .......fuck your whore of a teacher!" she stammered.

Once Leon saw the beautiful teacher's reaction, he released her pinned
wrists and watched as her arms encircled the shoulders of her teenage
stud. Getting up from the bed, he moved to get his camcorder from the
dresser drawer. Now he would have incriminating film of the lovely
teacher being fucked out of her mind by her own student. The bitch
would now be his forever!

It was dusk when Melanie awoke from her wild fuck session. Three times
young John Schroder had fucked her, bringing her to numerous orgasms,
the likes of which her own husband never took her to. She had watched
her student dress and leave when Leon told him that his time was up and
if he wanted another piece of his beautiful teacher, he'd have to keep
the score down below the next game's spread. Then Leon had her up on
all fours, making her whimper and moan as he rammed his long black cock
into her tight ass. With Leon fingering her clit and plunging his cock
up her ass, she screamed and passed out from the mind-shattering orgasm
that shook her entire body.

Showering quickly, Melanie was in a panic as she was to meet Dave at
home then go out to dinner at the new restaurant at the other end of
town. After a quick shower, she hurried to her car and made her way
home. Using her cell phone, she called her to tell him she was on her
way home, apologizing for getting carried was with her girlfriends and
losing track of the time.

The next morning, Dave Eberling headed off for a round of golf with his
buddies for their weekly outing. Just as he was out the door, the phone
rang and Melanie answered it. She had not expected to get a call from
Leon, not so soon anyway. He told her she had fifteen minutes to dress
in the outfit consisting of a yellow blouse, white skirt, and white
heels that she wore occasionally to school. Then the phone call ended
abruptly with a click. Melanie didn't know what to think. She had
tried to plead with him when he hung up on her.

Unknown to Melanie, the call came from a cell phone just across the
street from her home. Once her husband stepped out of the house, the
call was placed by Leon from his car. But Leon was not alone, being
accompanied by Rod Mentor, the high school chemistry teacher. Rod
Mentor was grossly overweight and had tried to hit on Melanie numerous
times but had always been quickly rebuffed. But Rod had lusted after
the beautiful teacher, always wondering what it'd be like to get her in
bed just one time. But he knew that Melanie would have no part of him
and that his looks were repulsive to her. How fortunate that Leon had
remembered his comments that he had muttered to the janitor several
months ago, that he'd 'give anything to get into her sweet panties'.

Exactly fifteen minutes after receiving the call, Melanie shook with
fright upon hearing the front door bell ring. Looking out of the peek
hole, she was relieved in a sense to see only Leon there. Opening the
door, the wide grin of the smirking janitor greeted her. "Please
......please, Leon ....not ...not in my home! Let's ....let's go to a
motel ......like yesterday!" Melanie pleaded.

"Oh, but sweetie, it gives a guy so much more pleasure to fuck a sweet
bitch like you right on the you share with your husband!" commented
Leon. As Leon stepped forward, Melanie backed up into the foyer,
telling her "Just the prospect of nailing your sweet ass on your marital
bed earned me another 300 bucks on top of the 500 to get in your
panties!" he snickered. Leon grinned at the horrified look on Melanie's
face as she observed the grossly overweight man, who had been hidden off
to the side of the house, suddenly appear behind him.

The horrified look on Melanie's told the whole story. Behind Leon was
the smirking face of the most despicable man in the entire high school.
Tears formed in her eyes as she realized that the fat slob of a man
behind Leon had paid for the honor of fucking her on the bed she shared
with her loving husband. This horrid man was short, about 5'5" but was
so grossly overweight, about 350 lbs., that the women at the high school
snickered behind his back and referred to him as 'The Fat Pig'. This
man was married but tied to hit on all the female teachers. She
recalled that after a wedding reception for a teacher where all the
teachers and spouses were invited, the teachers commented that his wife
must have weighed at least 300 lbs. She remembered one teacher
commented that it be like two pigs getting it on when Rod and his wife
made love together.

Forced into the master bedroom, Melanie stood shaking like a leaf
before the two men. Then Rod Mentor spoke up "Always the prim and
proper Mrs. Eberling! Who'd have ever guess that your nothing but a
fucking little whore! I never thought I'd ever get the chance of
getting into your tight little panties but that's all about to change,
huh, sweetie!" "You always look so fucking sweet and innocent in that
outfit! But you ain't so sweet and innocent, are you, bitch? Now, drop
your panties, sweetie!" he ordered, as he began to peel off his shirt.

Tears rolling down her cheeks, Melanie sobbed as she reached up under
her skirt to comply with the order. The thought of this fat pig
touching her made her quiver in total disgust. But she had no choice
but to submit to this disgusting man, not with the hold that Leon held
over her. Overwhelmed with fear, she did not realize that Leon had
slipped off to the side and was taping this disgusting scene with his
small camcorder. With Rod Mentor standing shirtless before her, the
sight of his fat pudgy body disgusted her. She cringed upon hearing his
next demand to "Get on your fucking knees and undo my belt, bitch!"

On her knees, Melanie closed her eyes as her hands made contact with
Rod Mentor's belt. She undid the belt, then before the nest order came,
she undid the catch to the top of his pants. Slowly, with her eyes
tightly shut, she pulled down his zipper. "Open your pretty green eyes
and see what I got for you, bitch!" hissed the fat slob before her.
Blinking back the tears, Melanie shuddered at the sight of the
pot-bellied slob before her. She cringed with disgust upon hearing
"Reach in and see what I got for you, sweetie!"

Rod couldn't believe his fantasy was actually coming true. He had
dreamt of this actual scene over and over in his mind while lying awake
in bed next to his overweight wife. "Ahhhhhhh ...!" he groaned as he
felt her soft manicured hand make contact with his throbbing cock. He
loved the shocked look on her lovely face when she made the contact,
realizing then that he had omitted wearing jockeys for this special
occasion. "Oh, baby .....wrap your soft fingers around me .....ahhhh,
yeah, baby ....pump it ....pump it, baby!" he groaned with delight,
pushing his pants over his waist to fall to the carpeted floor.

Tears flowed down Melanie's face as she shuddered in disgust. She was
so humiliated at having to handle the slimy cock of the 'The Fat Pig'.
She turned her face to the side when the stench of his cock hit her
nostrils, making her wonder when was the last time he had a bath. The
short pudgy cock began to take life and grow in her stroking hands.
Finally it grew to its full 6" length, short but fat like its owner.
Then she felt his hands on her head, winding his thick fingers into her
hair, pulling her face forward. A shudder shot through her body when
the thick rubbery cockhead touched her nose and slithered about her face
leaving a slimy trail of goo.

"Time for a little blowjob, Mrs. Eberling! Wrap those beautiful pink
lips around me!" Leon commanded, leaning forward as he began to paint
her soft lips with a glossy sheen. Melanie looked up with her emerald
green eyes in a plea for mercy. She had heard of women performing the
filthy act of putting a penis in her mouth and had gotten quite upset
when Dave had tried to get her to perform such a perversion. But now she
was expected to do the unthinkable with this horrid chemistry teacher.
She wanted to die rather than to perform this horrid task. The hands
held her head firmly, the fat cockhead now pushing firmly between her
lips. A moment later she was actually sucking 'The Fat Pig's' dirty
cock, the stench emanating from his dirty crotch made her stomach turn
in revulsion.

Once he got his fat cock between Melanie's beautiful lips, Rod knew he
would not last very long. The disgusted look of fear and humiliation on
the prim and proper Mrs. Eberling had his nuts churning. Holding her
firmly, he thrust forward to bury his fat cock fully into her mouth and
throat, causing him to groan in pleasure. He smiled as he observed her
eyes become glassy and her face reddened in shame. "I know all the
women at school refer to me as 'The Fat Pig'! Well, just look who's on
her knees blowing 'The Fat Pig', bitch!" he taunted the distressed
beauty. With his cock buried to the hilt and her face up against his
bulging belly, it was obvious the young beauty was not getting any air.
Suddenly, he groaned "Oh, baby .....I'm .....I'm there .....I'm
cuminggggggggggg ......eat it ......eat my cum, bitch!" His thick cock
exploded deep in her throat, causing the woman of his dreams to begin
choking on his slimy spend.

Rod withdrew all but an inch of his fat cock, allowing Melanie to
breathe again while gagging on the slimy goo. As she gasped for air,
Rod's fat cock continued twitching out more and more of his thick cum,
filling her mouth to the brim, forcing her to swallow the filthy slime.
Finally, his cock began to shrink in size and finally popped out of her
mouth. He watched as the lovely beauty clutch at her stomach and crawl
over to the nearby trash basket. He laughed aloud as Melanie's stomach
rebelled, causing her to kneel over and throw up into the trash basket.

Then Melanie was pulled up at her elbow and pushed forward onto the
bed that she shared with her husband. Still fully dressed, minus her
panties, she was now on all fours on her marital bed. Then she felt the
bed sag behind her from the heavy weight of Rod Mentor. She felt his
pudgy and sweaty hands caressing the outside of her thighs, then slowly
moved up under her skirt to grasp her by the hips. 'The Fat Pig' was
going to take her like the pig he was. She closed her eyes and sobbed
in shame as she felt the blunt cockhead seeking to gain entrance to her
womanhood. "Oh, God .....let me die!" she sobbed in shame as the thick
cockhead pushed between her now slick cuntlips.

"Oh, you fucking whore! Too good for me, huh, you uppity little
bitch! Wouldn't give me the time of day, huh, bitch! Gonna fuck you
like the whore you really are!" Rod Mentor taunted as he pumped his fat
cock into the distressed beauty. "Oh, bitch .......oh, yeah ......gonna
cum soon ....gonna pump you full of cum .....you're gonna get creamed by
'The Fat Pig'! Oh, baby .....oh, sweetie ......gonna fuck a fat little
piggy in your tummy, bitch!"

"Nooooo ....no ......no, pull it out! Pleaseeee ......please ...pull
it out ..pull it out ....I don't want to have a baby from you!" Melanie
sobbed. Just yesterday she had not douched out the sperm of the teen
quarterback who had fucked her, feeling wicked and in fact wanting to
get pregnant by the handsome teen. But this was totally different. The
thought of being impregnated by this fat pig of a man was so repulsive.
She tried to move forward, trying to get out of his grasp, but she was
tightly held in place. She sighed in total defeat and her head slumped
down to the bed when she heard the grunting from behind and the
twitching cock within her begin to belch out its fertile seed.

Melanie lay on her bed sobbing in shame. Then she felt the movement on
the bed that signaled the revival of the despicable man that had just
spewed his filthy seed in her. She felt his pudgy hand grasp her upper
arm, pulling her over onto her back. Looking up at the grossly
overweight man, who was now knelling between her legs, she saw him reach
for the top of her blouse. She could only lie there as her blouse was
torn to shreds as her tormentor muttered "These clothes make you so pure
and innocent! But you're nothing but a fucking whore!" Her bra and
skirt quickly were torn off and thrown to the floor. Her white heels
were removed and tossed to the floor. Then the fat pig of a man was
upon her, humping away at her again.

Feeling so disgusted, Melanie tried to put her mind far away and just
let him have his way with her lifeless body. She willed herself to not
respond in any way nor to show any emotion, not wanting to give him that
satisfaction. "Owwwww ......!" she screamed when her bit hard into her
sensitive nipple. "You fucking bitch ....don't just lie there acting
disgusted, wrap your sexy legs around me or I'll leave teeth marks all
over your tits for your husband to see!" came the order. With that
potential consequence facing her, she forced her legs up to embrace the
fat man as he humped into her, hearing him again grunting like a pig
when he began spewing his potent seed into her.

Three more times that day, Rod Mentor managed to get his cock up to the
task, wanting to get all his money's worth. He had paid Leon 800 bucks
for the honor of laying it to the beautiful bitch, right on her marital
bed, for as long as he could keep going that day. He was certainly
determined to keep going as long as possible. He was finally worn out
but it had been worth any penny. As he was getting dressed, he told
Leon "Count me in as a steady customer with this little whore!"

Melanie had not achieved a single orgasm throughout the long ordeal, so
repulsed was she that she felt no enjoyment at all. But when Leon
stripped off his clothes and placed her on all fours, she knew an orgasm
was not far away. Like yesterday, the fingering of her clit by Leon,
with his long black cock in her ass, she saw the stars as she creamed
again and again on his masterful fingers. While this was taking place,
Rod Mentor had taken over with the camcorder to put it all on tape.

Stirring from her exhausted sleep following her mind-shattering orgasm,
Melanie glanced over to the clock on the night stand. She jumped up at
the realization that it was a mere twenty minutes before Dave came home
from his round of golf and a few beers with this buddies. Quickly she
opened the windows to air out the obvious stench of sex and stripped off
the stained bedspread and sheets. She then rushed into the bathroom in
an attempt to douche out the filthy slime that filled her. Getting
pregnant by the handsome teen was one thing but quite unthinkable if
'The Fat Pig' succeeded in doing the deed.

Knowing that she would have to continually pay the price, Melanie
decided to go back on the pill, even though the side effects made her
tired and drowsy. It would be a small price to pay rather than getting
knocked up by someone like Rod Mentor or giving birth to a black baby.
She was particularly worried when Leon mentioned before leaving that
"Basketball season is coming up in a couple of months and I wonder if
Maurice Brown would mind shaving off a few points for a whack at your
sweet white ass!"

The thought of having to service the needs of Maurice Brown, a student
in her fourth period class had her worried. He was the star center of
the basketball team, 230 lbs., 6'10" in height, and his skin complexion
a black as coal. She had no doubt in her mind that Maurice Brown would
go with the proposition in exchange for the chance of getting his
English teacher in bed. Maurice had a reputation about the school of
trying and successfully getting into the panties of many high school
girls, especially taking great pleasure in nailing the pretty white
girls. Getting into the panties of his beautiful English teacher would
be his ultimate prize.

Six weeks later, Melanie realized that she no longer needed to continue
taking the birth control pills. She was already pregnant. Checking her
calendar, it seemed that her wish of having the handsome teen's baby
would indeed come true. She just prayed that she had managed to douche
out 'The Fat Pig's' cum in time, knowing that with the time lapse that
had occurred, there was a chance it was his sperm that had put her in
this condition.

With John Schroder leading the football team to the state championship,
keeping each game to just under the point spread, Leon made a tidy sum
on each game. Although forced show up each Saturday afternoon at the
Starlight Motel, Melanie secretly looked forward to each encounter with
the handsome young teen. In fact, when she felt him quiver in their
embrace, she whispered in his ear "Oh, John ....fuck me .....fuck me
.....cum ....cum in me!" She showed her enthusiasm to her student as
she wrapped her arms and legs around him, hunching up to meet each of
his thrusts into her.

As a normal teenager, John Schroder did not have much money to go
around. Thus, once he won the state championship game, he had nothing
to barter with and no funds to pay Leon for her services. But winning
that championship game just under the point spread had given him that
extra bonus that Leon had promised. That bonus was Leon not being
present on that Saturday afternoon at the Starlight Motel, where his
lovely teacher was all his for the taking. She had always tried keep
her emotions in check when Leon was present but on this special day, she
had let herself go, begging him loudly "Oh, John ...FUCK ME .....FUCK ME
......FUCK your WHORE of a teacher! Yes, John ...yes ...cum ....cum in
me ......shoot your cum in your teacher!" And what made it so special
was learning from his beautiful teacher was that she had lied to her
husband, telling him she was spending the night with a girlfriend. They
never got out of bed it was time to check out the next morning, only to
have a final fuck session under the shower.

What Melanie dreaded most was the one Sunday a month that she was
required to entertain 'The Fat Pig' in her home, whenever he could come
up with enough money to pay Leon. The fat chemistry teacher knew better
than to cross the black janitor, especially after Leon threatened to cut
his balls off if he tried to get a piece of her ass without setting it
up through Leon's services. She felt nothing but disgust and shame
whenever he touched her with his grubby paws. He always made her suck
him off to get things started, of which she was never able to hold down
his slimy filth. She was always forced to embrace his overweight body
with her arms and legs until he wheezed and grunted, spewing his seed
deep into her. She could not help but to sob and cry at each disgusting
episode, never once feeling any sort of pleasure with this fat animal as
she was disgraced on her marital bed.

A month after the state championship game, Dave Eberling answered the
front door to meet the handsome young man who introduced himself as John
Schroder. Dave immediately knew who he was, the young teen's name was
plastered all over the city as the star quarterback who led the team to
the state football championship. Dave welcomed the young man into his
home, calling out to his wife "Melanie, guess who's here?" Seeing his
wife was speechless in seeing the young man, Dave told her "John says
he's fallen behind in his studies due to all the football games and was
wondering if you could assist him a bit. I told him you'd be happy to
help all you could, after all he's done for the high school and this
town!" While Dave went in the back yard to fertilize the garden, his
lovely wife eagerly led the young man into their study where her private
garden would be well fertilized.

Then basketball season was just about to begin with the first game
scheduled for that Friday evening. Throughout that week, she felt
uneasy at the constant stare that she received from Maurice Brown, who
smiled at her and lewdly licked his lips. She feared that Leon had made
the proposal to the star center and she would soon be paying the price.
On Friday, she felt nervous as the other students filed out of class and
noticed Maurice milling about so he would to be the last to leave. As
he approached her desk, Melanie felt the shiver of fright course through
her body. Then the tall black teen grinned widely and leaned over to
whisper "I'll be seeing you tomorrow afternoon, Mrs. Eberling! I really
want to see you in that green outfit and white heels that you wore the
other week!" She tried to stifle that groan of despair as he caressed
her arm when departing.

Then next afternoon, Melanie closed her eyes while standing still in
the rented room of the Starlight Motel. She shuddered as her tall black
student began to unbutton her light green blouse, stripping it from
her. Her bra was then removed and she gasped aloud as thick wet lips
descending upon one breast, then the other, sharp teeth nipping at each
sensitive nipple till they drew blood. Then she was placed on the bed,
heels removed and emerald green skirt pulled down over her hips along
with her lacy white panties. Never had she been taken in such a brutal
manner, yet her body betrayed her as she wrapped her lily white arms and
legs around the muscular black body of her student. Orgasm after orgasm
shook her petite body as she begged "Ohhhh, fuck me ......fuck me,
Maurice .......give me your big black cock!"

It was now the end of summer and the Eberlings were preparing for their
roles as parents to a baby boy, which the test results indicated. They
had painted the baby's room sky blue in color and had the crib all set
up. Now in the maternity ward, Dave could not understand why his lovely
wife did not seem as joyful when the nurse brought the baby in for a
feeding. He had seen his wife happily get the child's room prepared the
other month and quite happy all the way till the day the baby was born.
He knew she had gone through a painful delivery, especially giving birth
to a baby boy weighing just under 9 lbs. He guessed it was a natural
depression that some women go through after giving birth, hoping that it
was not a serious case of what was now being referred to as PPD.

Melanie had indeed been quite happy and had been in that mood up until
the baby was born. Once the baby had been cleaned up and brought to her
for the first time in the maternity ward, her depression set in when she
viewed her baby. Just looking at the baby, she knew it was not a
product of the handsome teen. Instead, the baby boy had all the
resemblance of his short pudgy father. The little baby would serve as a
daily reminder of 'The Fat Pig' who had knocked her up right on her
marital bed. She could only lay there and let the baby suckle at her
breast, reminding her exactly the way in which his father liked to suck
and slobber on her nipples.

As summer was coming to an end, Melanie was contemplating her return
for the beginning of the new school year. With John Schroder off to
college, she dreaded as to what lay ahead for her. She had read the
newspaper's local sports section recently, which indicated that John's
replacement was to be a student transferring into the school. The news
article described the young man as being capable, standing at 6'4" and
weighing 210 lbs. Seeing the photo of the young man, Melanie shivered
as she looked at the rather unkempt dark young teen with his kinky hair
in dreadlocks. She knew that Leon would be looking for a way to get
this new quarterback to play his game.

End of Story.

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    Great story like every hormone filled teenager I always want to fuck my teachers, and yep they remained a fantasy ever since.

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