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Rhonda's Rape

Oct 10, 1999

By astro16

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My husband and I are posting these stories about happenings from our past
25 years of marriage. Most of them happened in the early 70's before sex was
such a dangerous proposition. We have had a great time recalling these times
and after my husband writes them and I edit them we usually end up having a
great fuck.

It has been really great to hear from other couples who have enjoyed
themselves like we have over the years. We appreciate your comments and
sharing about your little adventures.

If you enjoy our experiences, please send us about one of your times.

Rhonda and CL

In most of her adventures, Rhonda has been the aggressor or at least a very
willing participant. There has been only one time when she was not in
control of the situation and did not make the decision to get fucked. It
happened shortly after we were married.

Our first house was a fixer that we spent many hours restoring. We used as
authentic materials as possible on it. To get many things we found a
renovators supply house in a shabby industrial area of the city. One summer
day Rhonda ran down there to get some floor registers that we needed to
replace. As she was working with the sales clerk she noticed an older man,
who was quite overweight, looking at her. A younger kid and a skinny black
guy were with him and she would catch them smiling at each other when they
checked her out.

Rhonda was wearing a pair of cutoff jeans and a small tube top on that day
as it was very hot out. They kept checking her legs and flat belly. At one
point she turned around and glared at the fat guy saying, "You have a
problem jerk." He smiled at her and said "Yeah, your making it hotter in

Rhonda went about her business and left the store. The parking lot was a
gravel area that was fenced in with several cars and trucks parked in it.
Rhonda's car was hidden by a delivery truck on one side and a van on the
other. As she took her keys out of her purse she felt a hand grab her arm
and spin her around. She was staring into the face of the fat guy. "No bitch
calls me a jerk," he scowled at her. In a flash the other two guys appeared
and grabbed her arms and put a hand over her mouth. The fat guy told the
black guy to watch for other people. He moved to the back of Rhonda's car
and looked around. When he gave the OK sign fat guy pushed Rhonda back
against her car and said, "How about an apology you little cunt?" Rhonda
struggled to break free and managed to shout "Fuck you." The guy slapped
her face and said "My pleasure, bitch" as he grabbed Rhonda's top and pulled
it down to her waist. He leaned forward and took one of her nipples in his
mouth while his friend held Rhonda's arms behind her.

Rhonda started to kick and scream but the guy behind her put his hand over
her mouth again so she could only let out muffled cry. The guy on her tit
bit down hard on her nipple and she wrenched in pain. As he released her
nipple from his teeth he looked at her and said, "Shut the fuck up and let
it happen bitch." Rhonda tried to struggle again but was slapped once more.
Fat guy ripped at her cutoffs and yanked them and her panties down her legs.
He pulled them off her feet causing her to loose her balance. The guy
holding her arms behind her caught her before she fell over. He stood her up
again facing fat guy who had his pants down around his ankles showing his
hardening cock. He pushed his friends hand from Rhonda's face, leaned
forward and put his mouth to Rhonda's and tried to force his tongue into
her. She kept her mouth closed which pissed him off. He grabbed her nipples
between his fingers and pinched with all his strength. Rhonda cried out as
tears rolled down her cheeks. With his mouth pressed against hers he hissed,
"Open your fucking mouth." Rhonda was afraid he would tear her nipples off
so she obliged. The guy waisted no time in ramming his tongue into her

All this time his cock was pressed against her pussy and getting stiffer.
After a long tongue fuck of her mouth he broke the kiss. "Lift her up," he
told his friend. The guy behind Rhonda leaned back and pulled her off her
feet. Rhonda tried to lean back further hoping to knock them off balance but
it didn't work. Slapping her face again the fat guy scowled "Nice try cunt
but you're going to get fucked." Rhonda began to get the message that these
guys were going to follow through with their promise and pump her full of
cum She was afraid that they had no fear of hurting her so she decided to
let it happen.

As she resolved herself to her fate she loosened up and fat guy noticed her
change of heart. "Good bitch, now enjoy it," he said. With his friend
lifting Rhonda from behind, fat guy grabbed her ankles and pulled her legs
around his waist. Once she wrapped her legs around him Rhonda closed her
eyes and waited for his invasion of her pussy. Instead of plunging into her
he pumped his short fat cock up and down her slit getting her loosened up.
Rhonda said that his cock was so fat and big that she couldn't believe
herself when it began to feel good rubbing on her clit. She fought against
herself but in a bit she had a mild orgasm. "This little bitch is cumming on
me," fat guy said.

As soon as he said that he plunged his cock at Rhonda's hole and her cunt
opened to swallow his meat. It was bigger around than normal and Rhonda
struggled to adjust herself to take it in. It was made difficult by the
strange angle from being lifted by the guy behind her. Once he had it as far
in as possible, both he and the guy holding Rhonda from behind began swaying
her up and down on the fat cock in her pussy. The rhythm got faster and
harder until fat guy groaned and pumped his white sperm into Rhonda. The guy
holding her from behind ripped her off fat guy and twisted her around and
bent her forward onto the hood of her car. She let out a yelp as her tits
met the hot surface of the car hood but the guy kept her pinned on it. In no
time he pulled his pants down and was fucking his cock into Rhonda's wet
cunt. Rhonda said the other guy's cum was leaking out and running down her
legs. The guy taking his turn in her asked if she liked it. "Rhonda looked
back as best as she could and said, "No!" This caused the guy to start
pounding furiously into her. With a few more thrusts into Rhonda's snatch
he stiffened his body and pumped his load into her.

The black guy was ready to do her next but fat guy wouldn't let him put his
cock into Rhonda right away. Holding Rhonda down bent over the hood he told
her that the black wanted to eat her cunt. He had Rhonda pinned by the back
of the neck and asked "You want to get eaten, don't you slut?" Rhonda hissed
back, "Fuck you." Fat guy told the black guy to start eating as he kneeled
down behind Rhonda. Rhonda said that the guy began licking her from her
asshole to her clit. He crouched down so he could adjust his head to stick
his tongue up her pussy. Fat guy increased the pressure on the back of
Rhonda's neck and ordered her to squeeze the cum out of her pussy. As Rhonda
forced the slippery white liquid out the black guy happily slurped it up.
This sent Rhonda into a forceful orgasm, pushing more cum into the guy's

When he had enough he crawled from between my wife's legs and stood behind
her ready to plunge his stiff cock into the hole he just cleaned with his
mouth. Just then the second guy to fuck Rhonda yelled that someone was
coming. Fat guy lifted Rhonda up and carried her around her car to a panel
truck parked a few spaces away. He opened the door and pushed Rhonda inside.

Once the four were in the back of the truck he pushed the tools and wood in
the truck aside and told Rhonda to get on her back. Rhonda sat for a moment
and glared at them. The black guy went up to her and grabbed her head and
pulled her to his cock. Rhonda knew he was going to fuck her mouth. As his
cock went past her lips she felt like she was going to pass out but forced
herself to stay awake for fear of what might happen if she was unconscious.
Rhonda let the guy pump his cock in and out of her mouth but refused to suck
or give him extra pleasure. When he realized she wasn't going to help him he
shoved her back and she fell with a thud on the floor of the truck. Her had
was stinging as fat guy grabbed her ankles and spread her legs wide apart
until she felt she would be ripped. The other guy grabbed her arms and
pinned them down over her head. The black guy crawled onto my wife and
slipped his cock into her wet swollen pussy. Rhonda said he must have pumped
her for a good 15 minutes to the encouragement of his friends. Finally he
laid his full weight on her and began spurting his sperm as deep into my
wife as he could get it. Rhonda said she could feel the tip of his cock
pressing on her cervix and was sure most of his load was pumped directly
into her uterus. As he groaned while laying on top of her, Rhonda began to
feel another orgasm build but fought off the urge not wanting to give them
the satisfaction.

Fat guy peeled the black guy off of my wife and took his place at her cunt.
Rhonda began to fight him so he ordered the other two to take some rope and
tie her down. Once tied, fat guy began licking Rhonda's tits and face. She
said she was disgusted by the guy's smell and the feel of his tongue on her
but he never let up. When he was tired of licking Rhonda he knelt between
her legs and sunk his fat cock into Rhonda's cunt. As he looked down he
called for his friends to come look at the puddle of cum and cunt juice
their little slut bitch was pumping out. He laid his full weight down onto
Rhonda and resumed licking her face and sticking his tongue in her mouth as
he pumped away at my wife's snatch. As he began shooting his cum into her,
he slurped and sucked her tongue into his mouth and bit onto it not letting
go until he finished depositing his sperm in her pussy. Rhonda said he
rolled off of her with the grunt and she was finally able to take a breath.

The Black guy crawled on top of Rhonda in a 69 position when she was free.
He began slurping at her cunt, licking out his partner's cum. His balls and
cock were dangling in Rhonda's face. Fat guy slapped Rhonda's arms and told
her to suck on the black guy. Reluctantly she opened her mouth and began
sucking on his balls. The black guy shifted and put his cock on her lips
pushing into them forcing her to open her mouth. Once she did it he plunged
his cock into her causing her to almost gag. "Suck nice or he will ram his
rod all the way down your little fucking throat," fat guy said. Rhonda
turned her head so the long cock in her mouth came out a bit and began to
suck. This caused the black guy to pull out to a more reasonable depth for
Rhonda to handle while she continued to suck hard. "Don't cum in her mouth.
Cum on her face and let's see her lick it up," fat guy ordered.

Rhonda continued sucking as best as she could on the black guy while he ate
her cunt and licked her clit. His attentions were too much for her and her
body betrayed her as she groaned as she broke out in a huge orgasm. This set
the black guy off and he pulled his cock out of her mouth as a stream of
white slippery cum spilled on her face. Once he got off they untied one of
Rhonda's arms and told her to lick the sperm up. She used her fingers to
move the warm cum into her mouth as they made sure she got it all. After her
face was clean they untied her and shoved her naked out of the truck and
into the parking lot.

Rhonda got back to her car and found her clothes and purse where they were
dropped. She slipped her clothes on and drove home. After she took a shower
and douched herself twice she wrapped herself in a blanket and sat in a
chair where I found her when I got home. I asked her if she wanted to go to
the police and report this but she didn't want any part of it. We talked for
several hours about what happened and she was very upset and finally refused
to talk anymore.

About two weeks later we were naked in bed for the first time since she was
raped. She wanted to lie there while we held each other. "Do you still love
me," she asked quietly. I assured her I did and that nothing in our
relationship had changed. After a painfully long pause, Rhonda said in a
voice I barely heard, "Under other circumstances I would have enjoyed what
happened. But not that way." As we continued to hold each other we talked
about her continuing her adventures and that maybe she should stop. She
wanted to think about it for awhile. It took Rhonda about six months before
she decided on her own she was ready to give herself to another man. The
night after she shared herself with a close friend and me, she told me that
she was feeling back to her normal self, but she would make sure that she
would never be raped again unless she had set up the situation. To this day,
she has done that.

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