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Cancun Vacation

Oct 10, 1999

By Dascrew

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Cancun Vacation
by Rita

My wife Rita, is an exhibitionist. I love it. She loves to wear
revealing clothes, especially very short skirts. She usually wears
garters and stockings or thigh highs. We have experimented with
swinging and while we enjoyed it, found that the tease is the thing
that we really like. I love to watch her show off to other men and
for them to enjoy the view of her in her nasty clothes. She is 5'9",
38C-26-36, with a trimmed bush (sometimes shaved completely) and
has very long legs.

We were on vacation in Cancun, which is one of our favorite places
to go. It is especially my favorite, because my sweet wife is even
more uninhibited there than any other place. She loves the topless
beaches and only wears a tiny thong, really just a string in the
back with a very small patch of fabric in the front and since she is
hairless, the patch is very small indeed. It is also a party town
where people do things that they would never think of doing at home.

When not on the beach, Rita usually wears a scarf wrapped around
her, like most women wear as a cover up for their bikini bottom,
only Rita wears it as a skirt and because the scarf is quite
transparent, she is forced to wear a thong panty. On top, she
usually wears a bikini top or a blouse, not buttoned at all but tied
beneath her breasts.

One morning, we hit the beach early and of course the top
immediately came off. Rita is a 38c which means that she is going
to get plenty of attention on the beach. We rented a small cabana,
a thatch-roofed awning for the day and began drinking. The rum
punch fast and often quickly and we got a nice buzz going even
though it is only 9:00 in the morning. Rita notices that an old guy
walking the beach is trying to be very nonchalant and sneaky about
taking pics of the topless women on the beach and decides to give
him a nice show as he approaches. She sits up and pours suntan oil
all over her hands and then begins to knead her breasts to make sure
it is well rubbed it. The guy is trying so hard not to be obvious
by taking shots of the palm trees, etc. when I walk down toward the
water past him and say, go ahead and take her picture, she doesn't
mind. He is embarrassed but approaches and starts taking pics.
Rita puts on a nice show for him and I can tell the old guy has a
hardon in his baggy shorts. She slowly rubs her wide open legs,
breasts and stomach, even reaching into the thong bottom with her
fingers as he takes pictures.

Not many people are around so no one is paying much attention and
she is enjoying herself completely. She then turns over and asks me
to rub lotion on her back . I knew that she just wanted to let the
old guy get a good look at her ass. She lays on her front, and
raises up on her elbows as her tits swing freely down in front of
her. I pour the lotion on her back but move almost immediately to
her firm ass. She spreads her legs wide as the old man snaps pics.
My fingers slip down into the crack of her ass and the string has
completely disappeared. Finally the old man in squatting down only
a few feet from the end of her lounge chair taking pics of her ass
with me rubbing it so I grab the tiny string and pull it completely
out of the way and spread her ass open so he can see her asshole and
pussy gaping open. She is panting now and I slip my finger down to
her pussy and finger her as he takes pics.

The old man is about to blow a gasket but keeps clicking and soon
runs out of film. He must have taken a full 36 exposure of her
'exposure.' Even though he is out of film, he doesn?t get up to
leave so I tell him that the show is over for now but that I would
love a set of the prints. I reach in Rita's purse and write down
our PO Box and he promises to send me a set. He did and they are

The rest of the day was pretty tame. Lots of sun, rum punch and
lots of topless women lying around getting oil rubbed on them.

As evening wore on, we were pretty drunk, and even though we had
eaten a little on the beach, we were famished. We went back to the
hotel to clean up and shower. Rita slipped into a very sheer scarf
wrap that was white with big flowers all over it. On top, a sheer
white blouse that she tied under her tits and of course no bra. She
did slip into a very tiny white thong that is practically see
through as well. Her pink nipples were plainly visible through the
fabric but it didn't bother her and damn sure didn't bother me. She
then slipped into a pair of white sandals and off we went. After a
magnificent meal, made even better by the incredible service (it is
amazing at what a set of big tits on display along with a pair of
long totally visible legs will do for service) we head off to party.
There are several places to party and we hit them all. At Senor
Frog's we ended up sitting a good looking couple from California
there on vacation. Their names were Dan and Darla and were very
attractive. Dan was a 6'2" 200 pound blonde tanned surfer-type and
Darla was 5'7" and 34C-24-34 with long blonde hair and an incredible
tan as well. She was wearing a pair of shorts that left the bottom
of her sweet ass cheeks peeking out and a cropped T-shirt that
barely covered the bottoms of her braless tits. They too had been
on the beach all day and had been drinking heavily and feeling no
pain when we sat down at their table.

I noticed that Dan couldn't keep his eyes off of Rita's tits and I
was pretty intrigued by Darla's hot little ass. Finally we all hit
the dance floor. We were all just sort of dancing together and
laughing and talking and drinking more rum punch. Occasional
touching is bound to happen and I was doing my best to touch Darla
as much as I could and I noticed Dan bumped into Rita more than he
probably had to as well. No one seemed to mind and when a slow song
finally came on, I just naturally grabbed Darla and Rita slipped
into Dan's arms. She felt wonderful in my arms as hers went up to
surround my neck. We didn't talk much, just rested against each
other as the booze and fast dancing took its toll. I noticed that
Rita was now resting her head on Dan's shoulder as well. Another
slow one came on and we stayed the way we were, eventually drifting
apart to different parts of the dance floor.

The floor was crowded so I really couldn't see Dan and Rita but
wasn't too worried as I felt Darla's pert little tits push against
my chest. Darla and I began to talk and soon she looked me in the
eye and said that this all sure felt good to her. I let my hand
drift down to her sweet little ass and her tight, too-short short
shorts and said, that THIS is what felt good to me. I figure if it
made her mad, then I could blame the booze and apologize. Instead,
she reached up and gave me a wet soft kiss and asked how that felt.
My response was my hard dick growing and pushing against her mound
as we danced closer together. Much too soon the dance was over and
we returned to the table.

Nothing was said, but I noticed that both Dan and Rita were a little
flushed and that Rita's blouse was tied a little looser and when we
got ready to sit down, someone had taken two of our chairs, well as
I began to look for them, both girls said forget it, we will just
sit on your laps. Dan and I said great and as we sat, Rita sat on
Dan's lap and Darla sat on mine. I am sure that Rita could feel
Dan's dick under her by the way she squirmed around and I knew Darla
could feel mine. Rita and I looked at each other knowingly and I
think I saw Dan and Darla give each other the same look. While
nothing was officially said, it appeared that we had switched
partners for the rest of the evening.

Rita's short scarf wrap was now twisted all around to where her see
thru thong panties were clearly visible and it was obvious that she
had no dark shadow and was shaved. I noticed that Dan had his hand
on her leg very high and that even Darla could'nt keep her eyes off
of Rita's pussy. When the music started again, Dan and Rita got up
to dance but I said that I wanted to sit this one out and Darla
agreed. I noticed that Rita and Dan went straight for the other
side of the room so they couldn't be seen by us. Fine with me.
Soon Darla had one arm around my neck and I had her seated sideways
on my lap and was rubbing her sweet smooth brown tummy with my hand
as the other hand was rubbing her ass behind her. Her shorts were
so short that most of her ass was exposed and I took every advantage
of that to feel her tanned butt.

She just kind of leaned over against me and rested her head against
my neck kissing my neck and ear as I let my hand slide up under her
shirt to play with her tits. Now this is a very, very crowded
place, but everyone is usually drunk and no one cares or notices
what anyone else does. She moaned as I rolled her hard nipples
between my thumb and forefinger. When the song was over and Rita
and Dan came back, and I suggested that we all head back toward our
hotel so we could have another drink. We caught a cab, with all
four of us in the back-seat. Again, Rita on Dan's lap and Darla on
my lap. The ride back was fairly quiet as we all sort of naturally
fell into the situation. Dan and Rita were kissing and so were
Darla and I. Hands were everywhere and when the ride was over we
were both and ready and not ready for the ride to end.

When we reached the hotel lobby, I said that we could either go to
the bar or we could raid the mini bar in our room. Everyone in
unison said, 'The room!' So off we went. In the elevators, Dan
couldn't help but continue to kiss Rita and her blouse came
completely untied as he felt her tits. On the walk to the room, she
didn't bother to tie it back and her tits were totally exposed. In
the room, I broke out the booze but no one really wanted a drink.
Darla was already out on the balcony in the chaise lounge and Rita
was lying on our bed. I went to the balcony and pulled both the
curtain and the door closed behind me. By the time I had the door
closed, Darla was out of her top and was undoing her shorts, I knelt
to help her and had a hard time pulling them over her ass as they
were so tight. Upon pulling them off, I could see that she didn't
have on any panties and her pussy hair was nothing but a very thin
line running up and down toward her slit. I dove head first into
that wet pussy with my mouth and help her tiny ass in my hands as I
lifted her to eat her. Inside I could hear moaning and I knew that
Rita and Dan were having a great time. Darla was also moaning
loudly as I let my tongue trace her pussy lips and nibble on her
clit. Soon Darla pulled my face up from her pussy, licked her own
juices off my face and went for my dick. This little sweetheart
could really suck dick! Her mouth was so wet and hot as she trailed
a finger to my ass and slipped it in a little as she deepthroated
me. I was in heaven. Amazingly, I forced her off my dick because I
wanted to fuck. I laid back on the lounge chair and she straddled
me as I fucked her. She was incredible, turning around backward to
fuck me with her back to me while she tickled my balls with her
finger nails. Finally, exhausted, we collapsed.

I didn't hear any noise from inside the room, so I figured they were
finished too. I peeked inside and saw Rita and Dan lounging in each
other's arms so I knocked and Darla and I went in. Dan jumped up
and said he needed a drink and he and I began to fix them. Darla in
the meantime was sitting on the bed by Rita waiting for the drinks.
As Dan and I talked to each other about what wonderful wives we both
had, I turned to see Darla reach over and kiss Rita on the lips.
Rita responded by reaching down to squeeze Darla's nipples. Soon
they were really into it and turned to show Dan and I a hot 69
session as each sucked their own husband's cum out of another
woman's pussy.

While Dan and I were spent, this spectacle got us hard again quicker
than usual. We both jumped in the bed and started to fuck our own
wives while they kissed each other. We spent the rest of the night
together fucking our own wives and husbands and each other's. This
was one great night of sex!

Rita and I have many more stories. She loves to share them as do I.
Men, if your wife shows off in short skirts and you have similar
stories, email me at RNL1111@aol.com so we can talk. Rita can be
reached at RNL7777 and would love to hear from men or women. She
has many stories that she has written from her own experiences and
written to me in response to specific flashing requests I make to
her. We look forward to hearing from you.


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