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New Years Eve Party

Oct 10, 1999

By Dascrew

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I wore a short, of course, red silk skirt, very full. My blouse was white silk as well and under it I wore a see thru bra, really doesn't do anything to cover me. I wore suspender pantyhose. Do you know what those are? they are pantyhose but are cut out like stockings with a garter so it is like wearing a garter with stockings and no panties. They are pretty sexy, at least that is what several guys told me.

We went to a huge party at a hotel. We really didn't know anyone when we went, we just kind of wanted to stay anonymous. There were probably 4 or 500 people there. Lots of food and drink, etc. There were a couple of dance floors. One was elevated about 3 or 4 feet. That is the one I danced on, right next to the edge. Several guys danced on the floor next to the edge of the raised dance floor where I was. Do you think it was so they could look up my skirt as I twirled around?

My husband doesn't like to dance a lot but he does like to watch me dance, especially with other men, so while he sat to the side, several guys asked me to dance. And believe me, I danced a lot. There seemed to be hands everywhere trying to give me a feel. I did like you asked and kept most of them off, but a few times my tits did get felt up pretty good.

Finally around midnite, the dance floor was really crowded and we had sort of made friends with another couple. The guy was pretty cute and his wife was also very hot. She was shorter than me, about 5'5'' and smaller everywhere else too, but had on a very short and very tight mini like I usually wear and a tight little sweater top with no bra. We took turns dancing with each others partners.

The guy kept squeezing my ass and I noticed that my husband was working on his wife's ass too. At midnite, the countdown ended with me kissing my husband and the other couple kissing. then we just automatically switched and I kissed the other guy. we really got into it, our tongues in each other's mouths and his hands pretty much all over me. I noticed Larry doing about the same to his wife so I thought what the hell. then the guy just reached between us and grabbed my bare pussy and while licking my ear said that he had been wanting to do that ever since he got a look up my skirt earlier in the evening. I grabbed his dick thru his pants and squeezed what turned out to be about a 9 inch dick.

From that moment on, we didn't dance with our own spouses , but just stayed with each other. Finally, we drifted apart and couldn't even see each other any more. The guy said he wanted to step outside for a breather so I went with him. We sort of took a little walk down one of the halls and he started kissing me again. He backed me up against the wall and got my skirt up around my waist.

I remembered what you said you wanted me to do, so I turned so his back would be up against the wall and I unzipped his pants and pull ed his dick out. Then I dropped to my knees and started suckng this huge dick. I was afraid someone might come by but was too drunk and hot to care. then I stood up and turned my back to him and started grinding my bare ass into his dick. He kept trying to slip it in, but there was no way I was going to fuck him. All that disease stuff scares me a lot. But I did like the feel of his dick sliding between my ass cheeks. I had my hands between my legs reaching back to fondle his balls. When I felt him tense, I turned, kissed him and pumped him with my hands so he could cum without getting all over my clothes.

He came all over my hand and the floor. It was sooooo hot. Then we wnt back to the party and got a drink and finally found my husband and the other wife sitting in a darkened corner at a table. They looked a little guilty themselves and I noticed that her skirt was practically around her waist as well. she had on thigh high stockings with a little bittly thong with her pussy sticking out on both sides of the fabric. We all went out and started dancing again and my husband said that he noticed we were gone a long time. I told him most of what I had done, not the sucking off part though. jsut the rubbing my ass against him part. He said okay as long as I didn't get fucked. Then I grabbed his hand and smelled his fingers. Of course, they smelled like a sweet wet pussy.

In a few minutes, the guys both said they wanted a drink , but Sheri and I still wanted to dance so we danced with each other. the guys got their drinks and came and just stood by the dance flooor watching and talking. Sheri laughed and said we should tease them a little. So we started dancing really nasty, sort of pulling our skirts up a little. Then she reached over andundid a button on my blouse. I laughed and reached over to hike her skirt up to about the tops of her thigh highs. Then a slow one came on and we just started dancing with each other while the guys stood with their tongues hanging out and obvious hard ons. Then Sheri just kissed me and we kissed a very long wet passionate kiss while our hands roamed all over each other. some of the guys around us dncing about lost it and some of the women were visibly disgusted but we didn't care. As the kiss broke, we just laughed and joined our husbands, who both said that they needed to fuck. I really wanted to fuck Rick a nd I know my husband wanted to fuck Sheri, but that just isn't a thing we really do, at least anymore.

So we kissed them , I kissed them both, goodnight and went our separate ways. When we got home my husband was a madman. He fucked me every was there was, and yes I mean everyway. I was pretty drunk and he got my ass all lubed up and fucked me in the ass. I came about a dozen times I bet.

Hope you liked my little story about last nite. Rita

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