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Stripping Wife

Jan 9, 2000

By scootersps

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Stripping Wife
By Robby

Recently my wife lost her job, and in her search through the
classifieds she noticed that a topless bar was hiring waitresses.
She asked what I thought about her working as a waitress in a
topless bar. I told her I thought it was an interesting job except
it would be on your feet all night in heels listening to men hit on
her and breathing second hand smoke. She said "if it was fun it
wouldn't be spelled w*o*r*k". I did a little more discourging but in
truth my heart wasn't into it. My cock certainly was though.

Janie is 5'2 125 lbs with D sized breasts that have large aeriolas
and nipples. She is pretty tiny, but in a pair of heels she looks
like a goddess. I knew she was just talking about waitressing but
still the idea of her even working in a topless bar was making me
real excited. We had been to plenty of them in the past and she
enjoyed the atmosphere. I like to look at the women and she likes to
look at the horney guys.

She called the club and set an appointment to talk to the manager
the next afternoon. I was getting pretty intrigued by what she might
wear to the interview as most of the waitresses are usually dressed
pretty hot. She didn't clue me into that before I left for work, but
promised to call me at work if she got home before I left for home.
The day creeped by ever so slowly and the appointment time came and
went and after 3 more hours it was time for me to head for home.

When I got home her car wasn't in the driveway so I went on in and
was changing clothes when she came in the house. I asked her how the
interview went.

"Really good. I got the job"

"when do you start?". I asked her.

"Tommorrow night, I had to fill out some paperwork today and meet
the crew and go through some training."

She had on a little short black mini skirt that looked great with
her long blond hair and big tits sticking out the scoop in the

"Do you think you are going to enjoy it?"

" I think so, everyone was so helpful."

"Did you tell them you were married?"

"No, it didn't come up, why do you ask?"

"Well, theres going to be a lot of guys trying to hustle you in

"well, I'm a big girl, I can handle myself"

While we made dinner, I probed a little more about the club. It was
one we had been too before. I asked her what kind of questions they
asked her, and she admitted that the manager had brought up the idea
of dancing with her. My cock sprang to attention at that and I
gently asked her what she said to him then.

"I told him I was really too fat for that" she chuckled.

"yeah right, like he was going to believe that"

"he didn't...he asked if I thought I could do it, and I told him I
never had really thought about it"

"yeah.....what did he say to that?"

" well....he told me I had a better chance of getting hired as a
dancer than as a waitress since he was looking for more expierenced
waitresses who could really hustle. I said I thought I could really
hustle even though I hadn't done it before. But how hard could it

"and what did he say to that?" I wanted to pull the words out of her

"He told me it was much more demanding than dancing and that he
really needed more expierenced people doing that job, and I should
consider dancing instead."

"what did you say then" I was starting to sound like a broken

"I told him I just didn't think I could get up on stage and do that,
that I wasn't hot like those girls."


"he laughed and said it looked like I had what it took, and he asked
me to stand up and take off my clothes." she got real quiet for a
few moments. Then she asked me if I was getting mad.

" Of course not, I just want to hear the rest of the story without
having to drag it out of you"

She looked up at me and kind of gulped and then continued.

"we were in his office in the back and he got up and closed the
door, and then sat back down in his chair. He asked me again if he
could see what I looked like nude and he would give me his
'professional' opinion if he thought I was hot enough to dance in
his club. I really don't know for sure what made me do it, but I
wanted the job and I thought if I showed him my body maybe he would
give me the waitress job, I don't know.....so I stood up unzipped my
dress and let it fall then stepped out of it. I was standing there
in my heels and panties and bra. He told me to turn around. He
looked at my backside for a few moments then told me to turn back
around. He asked me to remove my bra then. I hesitated for a second
then reached back and unhooked it and took it off and stood there in
front of him in just my panties."

I was on fire at this point, picturing my bride standing naked in
front of another man.

" He told me to bend over in front of him and let my tits hang down.
He had me turn around and look at him through my legs. He said I
would be wearing a G string so why didn't I stick the panties in the
crack of my ass and pull them down low in the front. I did what he
asked me."

"Was this turning you on?" I ventured.

"Yes it was. I was getting very wet and was embarrassed I might get
my panties all wet."

"Did he say anything to you sexually?"

"Well, he said he thought I was pretty and had a great body and
could work at his club if I wanted to as a dancer. I tried to beg
with him to let me be a waitress but he said he really couldn't do

"so you agreed to dance at the club starting tommorrow?"

"yes, if you say it's allright. I don't want to do it if it upsets

"Upsets me? How do you know if you can even do it? What if you get
cold feet?"

"well, I tried it today already."

I was speechless.

"I had to go out a buy a G string, but I wore this dress"

I was still speechless.

"I just did three times around the stages. You start at the big stage

"I know how it's done" I interupted.

"Are you mad?"

"I wish I had seen it myself"

"well you can go see me tommorrow" she said hopefully.

"You can be sure of that" I replied.

We went to bed that night and made passionant love. I came three
times thinking about my little princess up on stage. The next day
was a living hell at work. The seconds on the clock taking minutes
to click off and the days seeming like hours. When 5 O'clock finally
came I ran out the door and made tracks for the club. I made it
there in about an hour in time for the afterwork rush. The place was
packed and I had a hard time finding a seat. I found one near the
last stage the girls would dance at.

She was not on any of the stages. I ordered a beer and scanned the
place a little better. I spotted her across the room sitting next to
an older black man. They were laughing and she had a beer in front
of her. She sat there for a few minutes then stood up and he placed
some money in her hand. She started to dance in front of him slowly
removing her outfit finally ending up in her black G string and
heels. She was dancing right in front of him, stradling his legs.
Her tits were right up close to his nose. She was shaking them
around, and looking generally slutty. At the end of the song she put
her outfit on and gave him a kiss right on the lips, then finished
her beer and headed to the back.

After two more songs it was her turn to hit the stage. She danced
the one song with her clothes on, then stipped for the next two. Men
were looking at her intensly as she went through the same stuff she
had seen the other girls do many times. She didn't try the pole out
though. LOL.

I had another beer before she made it to my stage. She saw me right
away and did a hot dance in front of me. I got up and tipped her and
asked her how she was doing.

"I have come 4 times right in my G string. I'm afraid I'll be
dripping anytime."

"So you like it huh?"

"well, I've made $200 bucks since the lunch crowd."

I asked her how late she would be dancing.

She replied "I work from 11am-7pm so I'm due off about now."

"Do you want me to wait on you?"

"No, I have to close out, Go on home and get some dinner going"

When I got home I scurried around the house cleaning up some and
getting some dinner going. When she got home at 8:00pm we sat down
and I asked her how her first day went.

"I made $242. Thats a hell of a lot more than I was making as a

"Boy! So what did you think about the work?"

"It's not easy, but you get to drink and flirt with men all day"

I flinched a Little at that but continued on, "Did they flirt back?"

"Oh yeah, I had several offers to go out after I got off work"

"From customers?"

" Yes and a bartender and a bouncer" she laughed.

"Did you tell them you were a married woman?" I asked.

"No....also theres a rule about husbands or boyfriends in the club
due to some freakouts so I told them I wasn't married. I figured you
might want to come see me without hassles."

"Hmmm. Well you remember you are married right?

"Of course. It's all just harmless flirting."

We went to bed that night and fucked liked mad rabbits again. I came
in her pussy and mouth. I kept picturing her up on stage and doing
those lap dances for horny guys. It was too much.

The next day at work was pretty busy and I didn't have time to look
up till quiting time. I went on home and was waiting on Janie to get
in when she called and said that some of the girls were going out
after work and invited her along and she wanted to fit in so she
wanted to go.

I told her allright, and watched TV till about 11pm and called it a
night. I woke up when she came in at 2:30am. I asked her where she
had been and she told me at a club then to one of the girls house
for a party. I asked her who partys till 2:00am on a wednesday
night? She said that it was a different world she was in now and
people did things differently. She was drunk, so I let it go. When
she got into bed I put my hand on her tit and she responded so we
made love. When we were done I fell back asleep and didn't stir till
the alarm went off.

Being the low girl on the totem pole she was working days and no
weekends but doing pretty well moneywise. I went and saw here twice
more over the next two weeks stopping in after work. I acted like I
didn't know her and she did the same. It was pretty hot watching her
do her thing in front of a crowd of guys. But one thing really took
me by surprise. As she was making her way backstage after a lap
dance one of the bouncers, a big black guy stopped her and gave her
a very passionent kiss which she obviously responded to. When she
got home, I asked her about it.

"Thats Ray. He's a bouncer."

"I know that, but why was he making out with you?"

"We weren't making out. It was just a kiss."

"It looked like more of than just a kiss"

"Look. I told everyone I didn't have a husband or a boyfriend. Some
of the guys want to take me out and stuff like that and I don't want
them figuring out I lied to them about you, so I'm friendly to them
thats all"

"How friendly are you getting with them?"

"God! Lighten up allready. You are starting to get on my nerves with
this jealousy thing!"

I made her promise that she would just tell me the truth and not hide
anything from me. She agreed and we went on to bed.

A couple of days later she told me that Ray had kept after her and
wanted to take her out and in a weak moment she said Ok just to get
him off her back about it. I was startled by her statement that she
was going out on a date with another man and told her so. She said
it was just a dinner and drinks and she would be fine and not to
worry about it.

I showed up at the club the next night and sat in the back and
watched her till she and Ray got off. She hadn't noticed me in the
club so I went out and got in my car and slumped down and waited for
the two of them to come out of the club. When they came out they
went to his truck and he opened the door and let her in then went
around and got in and she slid over and sat close to him. I could
see them laughing as he was starting the truck and then he leaned
over and kissed her, and kissed her, and kissed her. She was really
into it I could tell. I was really feeling despondant as I fell in
behind them at a safe distance. My cock was very hard though. I was
figuring that she was going to fuck this big black guy. I was sorry
I had ever said OK to her working in a topless club, and was worried
that I was going to lose her. They pulled into a resturant and I
passed and pulled into a lot next door. I sat out in the car for two
hours until they came out. They started back in the direction of the
club and when they pulled in I hightailed it on home. When I got in
the phone was ringing and it was Janie. She was on her car phone.

"Hi. What are you up too?"

"Just waiting for you. Are you on your way home?

"Yeah we just had dinner and we were thinking of having a drink but I
suggested we come back to our house."

"He's coming here? Did you tell him you were married?"

"I told him you were my cousin. Is that ok?"

"I guess, but cheez what are you going to do here?"

"we're just going to have some drinks thats all. I'm pulling in now.
He's right behind me."

When they came in the house Janie introduced me as her cousin and
Ray shook my hand warmly. We all sat in the den and had a drink.
There was some music playing and Ray had sat down next to janie on
the couch. We all made small talk for a while until I excused myself
to go the bathroom. I walked down the hall and then stopped and
peeked back into a mirror that gave me a clear view of the couch.
Ray had wasted no time and was already kissing janie deeply. She was
responding in a way that led me to believe that she was going to
have him tonight right in our own house.

I flushed the toilet and came back down the hall and sat down again
anf could see Janie was quite flushed and Ray had moved a little
closer to her. He started telling what a nice cousin I had and how
sweet and sexy she was. All I could do was agree. He then put his
arm around her. Janie smiled weakly at me and I said I was going on
to bed.

I ran into our room and cleaned out enough stuff that it didn't look
like a guy spent all his time in there and went to the guest bedroom
and shut the door. About an hour later It got pretty quiet and I
could no longer hear voices. I locked the door and opened the
window, popped the screen and climbed out. I crept around to the
window and saw them on the couch. She was totally naked and sitting
on his cock pumping up and down. I stood there in the shadows and
pulled my cock out and stroked along with them. He laid her on her
back on the floor and started pounding her pussy with his cock. I
was so jealous but was amazed at how good she looked getting fucked.
With her long hair splayed out behind her and her legs up and locked
around him, I tell you it was a hell of a sight. I could tell he
was about to come and then he slammed it into her and I could see
she was coming to. He laid there on top of her for some time then
slowly pulled out. His cock was pretty big even getting flacid. She
stroked it a little and the were talking but I couldn't hear what
they were saying. After a while he got up and started getting
dressed. When he was finished he pulled her to him and gave her a
long french kiss that she ate hungrily. She walked him to the door
and I went back to the guest room and climbed back in and put the
screen back in and waited.

"Honey? are you in there?" She knocked gently.

I opened the door.

"I'm sorry but I got carried away and I let him fuck me. Are you

She was standing there naked with her tits covered with red marks. I
told her all I wanted to do right now was too fuck her. We went into
the bedroom and I laid her down and climbed between her legs. I
could see the come dripping out of her pussy. She asked me if it
turned me on. I said it did. She asked me to kiss her pussy. I
hesitated but she gently pushed my head down there. I kissed around
it until she opened her legs wide and pushed my face into her

"Ohhhh. Eat me please. I need my pussy eaten. Put your tounge where
his cock was."

I did as I was told.

When I was done I climbed between her legs and came in three strokes.

As we were laying there she said that Ray wanted to date her. I
asked her what she wanted to do. She said she would like to do it if
I didn't mind. She didn't want to lose me. I told her we could try
it for a while and see what happens........

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