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The Breeding Farm

Oct 26, 2000

By Trying

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This story is fictional. Its inspiration was an image I saw last Spring of a beautiful,
blonde model dancing lasciviously with a tall, well-built black man in one of the
Big Apple's best clubs. When I saw them leaving together, I hoped that he would
soon be sharing her bed. This story is dedicated to the all of my brothers who
have successfully bred the wives and daughters, descendants one and all, of our
former masters. Revenge is sweet.


She awoke. It took her a few moments for her eyes to adjust to the twilight, and
she felt extremely groggy, as though she was suffering from a hangover. The
room was quite small, sparsely furnished, with a desk and two bookcases - but
she was too far away to make out the titles of any of the books. A television set
and VCR stood off in a corner. The room, or what she could see of it, reminded
her of her college dorm. It was then that she discovered she was a prisoner. Her
arms and legs were secured to the bedposts, and no matter how hard she tried
she could not loosen the binding. "What is happening," she asked herself, fearful
of her situation. All she could remember was walking out of the African Art exhibit
when she felt a bee sting her in the shoulder and now she was here. "Let me out
of here," she screamed at the top of her lungs. Her yelling brought no response,
only tiring her more and she drifted off into an exhausted slumber.

When she woke the next morning, light streamed in from a window behind her.
Still tied down, she lay there, strangely relaxed, but more aware of her situation
than she had been yesterday. "Is this a hospital," she asked herself, "and where
is David." Her husband had been only a few steps behind her when she left the
exhibition. In fact, the only reason she went was because he wanted to see the
latest sculptures and woodcarvings from southern Sudan that the museum had
bought. For her, Africa was of no interest.

After a while, a key rattled in the door, startling her and she trembled ever so
slightly as it opened. Pushing a stainless steel trolley was a large, bald-headed
black man. Nearly six-and-a-half feet tall, and built like a football player, he filled
the doorway.

"Good morning, Mrs. Remmick," he said cheerfully, but in a high-pitched voice.
He carefully shut the door and pushed the trolley over to the side of the bed.

"Where the hell am I, and where is my husband," she demanded, struggling with
her bonds.

"Your husband is gone, and you are here," he said matter-of-factly. He pulled
what looked like a medical chart from under the trolley, flipped open its cover and
started to read.

"Ann Remmick, age 31, resident of."

He barely finished that sentence when she cut him off. "Is this a hospital, and
what do you mean my husband is gone," she demanded, "and what am I doing

At this, he sat on the corner of the bed, closed the chart and explained to her that
she was not a patient, but rather a prisoner. She was at a breeding facility, run by
the Brotherhood, an underground African-American nationalist organization.
Believing that the interbreeding during the slavery era had resulted in the loss of
African DNA, the Brotherhood conducted genealogical studies into white women
suspected of having black ancestors. These women lived as members of the
white race, and often failed even to acknowledge their African roots. More
importantly, from the Brotherhood's viewpoint, their genetic makeup was lost
forever to the Black race - and that just could not be tolerated. When a good link
was established through researching family bloodlines, the woman was brought
to a secluded breeding facility and mated with one of the resident studs who had
been selected for their genetic purity. The progeny of this breeding would, over
the course of two or three generations, recover the African DNA lost to the White

Ann stared at the black man as though he were from another planet. She could
not believe what he was saying. It sounded incredible. Reaching for the chart
again, he showed her the family tree that had been drawn for her, demonstrating
that she had black roots on her father's side of the family. The African DNA that
coursed through her veins would have to be recovered if his race was to survive
and prosper - and the only way to do so was through selective breeding. In any
event, he added, the process was extremely enjoyable, given the amount of
moaning and groaning that he heard at night in this place. With that, his smile
was ear-to-ear and he gently cupped his own crotch, got up and left the room.
She lay there in stunned silence.

Ten minutes later, the door opened and another tall, black man came in. He
introduced himself as Marcus and informed Ann that he had been chosen to
breed her. She didn't know what to do or say, simply shaking her head back and
forth on the pillow, begging him not to rape her. Marcus leaned down over the
bed, untying the ropes that had held her so secure, and promised her that rape
was the farthest thing from his mind. He was not a rapist; he did not use violence
against women. But, he assured her, they would soon be making love regularly.
With that, he gently lifted her from the bed, cradling her exhausted body in his
arms and carried her to the large shower in the far corner of the room. He then
left, carefully locking the door behind him.

Ann stood in front of the mirror, looking at herself. Her shoulder-length blonde
hair was a mess, and her clothes were rumpled, but she was still a beautiful
woman. At 31, without any children, she still had the figure that drove guys crazy
in college. A shower would be nice, regardless of what is going on here, she
thought and carefully began to undress. When she was finished, she quickly
admired her look in the mirror. Her medium sized breasts were firm, her
extremely sensitive nipples were slightly pointing up, and her pubic area was
clean shaven - just as David liked it. At 5'6" she was far too short to be a model,
but she certainly turned heads whether she was on a beach or at the shopping
mall. She knew it, and her husband knew it. What she did not know was that the
Brotherhood had selected her for a family tree study because they thought she
would produce beautiful children if she did have African DNA.

When she emerged from the shower after allowing the hot water to color her
pink, Ann was surprised to find that her clothes had all been removed. Naked,
she walked back into her room, only to discover Marcus sitting in an easy chair
casually reading a magazine. Shocked, she retreated back into the bathroom
covering herself. Marcus, chuckling at her modesty, carefully handed a short
white dress to her and went back to his chair.

A few minutes later, she came out. Marcus could barely stop himself from
sucking in his own breath. Ann Remmick was the most beautiful white woman he
had yet bred. With her hair carefully brushed, and in her dress, this was a woman
that every man dreams of sleeping with - but he knew it would take time.
However, time was not on his side, since the Breeding Farm's rules required a
stud to seed a woman within 48 hours of her arrival. If he was unsuccessful, and
that rarely happened, she was transferred to the induced breeding rooms. There,
the white woman was strapped into a special mating chair, and with her legs
widespread another white woman ate her pussy until she was aroused and wet.
At that point, two or three randomly selected black men proceeded to fuck her
until she was fully inseminated. This procedure was undertaken daily until she
was pregnant. The Brotherhood recognized the role of romance in any good
breeding, but the task of DNA recovery was too important to wait upon any
woman. Marcus knew all this, and also wanted to avoid the stigma of failing in his

As Ann and Marcus ate the lunch that he had ordered while she was in the
shower, he explained the history of the Breeding Farm to her. He told her that her
husband had been informed of what was happening, and had been paid
$100,000 to stay quiet, with the threat of serious violence should that not keep
him silent. Marcus told Ann that, regardless of her own desires, she would be
here until she had produced two children. He was to be the father of the first, and
her second stud had yet to be chosen. He added that there would be two or three
matings a day until she was pregnant - in the morning, if he slept over with her,
after lunch and later at night. She was free to walk around the facility, talk with
the other women who were also being bred, use the extensive library or the
swimming pool and recreational facilities. However, she could have no contact
with the outside world, nor could she have sex with any man other than her
designated stud. What he did not tell her was that her orange juice was strongly
laced with a powerful aphrodisiac. This woman was far too beautiful for induced
breeding, Marcus thought to himself, and I want the chance to cover her on my
own. When he left, the door was left unlocked.

Ann stayed in her room most of the afternoon, only openly the door to look down
the corridor. Once, she saw a heavily pregnant brunette walking up the hall, but
she closed the door quickly before she could be seen. Until she had seen that
woman, the idea of the Breeding Farm seemed too incredible to be believed.
Now she knew it was true, and that David would not be looking for her anytime
soon. Strangely, though, she was not so much upset, as horny - and that
embarrassed her. She knew Marcus was a handsome man and, if the stories of
Blacks were true, would be very well endowed. Still, she was married and they
had kidnapped her. For Ann Remmick, these confusing feelings meant that she
lay down on her bed and, despite herself, slowly masturbated.

Marcus brought Ann her dinner and sat with her while she ate. The orange juice
was again laced with the aphrodisiac, and he knew that she must be feeling the
effects by now. For Ann, staring at the large Black man sitting opposite, while
alone and horny, was turning out to be rather uncomfortable. As soon as her
dinner was done, she excused herself and began to shower.

After a while, Marcus followed her into the bathroom and watched her for several
minutes through the glass shower door. Steam obscured his sight, but he could
still make out her fabulous figure. He began to undress. Broad-shouldered and
heavily muscled, Marcus' physique was the product of years of avid weightlifting.
But it wasn't his pectorals or biceps that qualified him as a breeder, it was the
massive size of his genitalia. Uncircumcised, his penis was nearly six inches long
when flaccid, swelling in size to nearly 11 inches when fully erect. While it could
never stand straight out from his body, like some of the small cocks that white
boys had, with a head the size of a large plum and a shaft nearly two inches in
diameter, it was well-designed for sustained and deep penetration. No woman
had ever complained about Marcus' fucking, even those at the Farm who were
being bred. He was also lucky in that he had also inherited from his African
ancestors extremely large testicles, capable of producing vast amounts of sperm
over a relatively short time. Indeed, when he had first applied to the Brotherhood,
he had only been 17 years old, but had already knocked-up four Black girls in his

The organization had accepted him immediately after the medical examination.
He was still somewhat embarrassed whenever he recalled the first white woman
he seeded - a mating that took place under the watchful eye of a senior Breeder.
He had been so excited at the prospect of being with the former model that his
cock literally dripped pre-cum as he climbed onto the bed with her. It was lucky
for him that she had been so sated by the elder Breeder's fucking that she simply
lay there panting, oblivious to everything but her own pleasure. Six years later,
he was one of the most successful studs, fathering an average of three babies a
year on the various white women at the Farm. Last year was exceptional, and he
managed to sire six children, five of whom were girls - a cause for celebration by
the Brotherhood that earned Marcus nearly a month's paid leave in Mexico
where several other white women experienced his charms. He smiled to himself
at the memory of Mexico and of his upcoming holiday in France if and when he
successfully bred this latest beauty.

The children Marcus produced were a sign of his prowess. He was especially
pleased of the five girls that his women had given birth to. Girls were very
valuable, in that they could be bred again with Black men to produce even a
higher quality child. Of course, they were properly educated and schooled, and
only began mating when they turned eighteen, after which they were required to
provide four children. The boys were simply sterilised. Some, the more robust
ones, were castrated - and they spent their entire lives as employees of the
Brotherhood, never allowed to mate with white women, and prevented from
spreading their inadequate sperm in the Black female population. It was one of
these castrati that Ann had first seen when she first awoke in her room. The less
masculine boys were simply given vasectomies. None of Marcus' children had
reached breeding maturity yet, as they were all still in childhood. Several of the
senior breeders, men who had been impregnating white women since the 1970s,
had seen their own daughters bred to African studs. Occasionally, Marcus
thought that this whole process was very inhumane. However, the more he read
about the selective breeding of his own people during the age of slavery, the less
troubled he was - and, after all, he was regularly fucking some extraordinarily
beautiful women. The sound of the water brought him back to the task at hand.

For Ann, the shower was exactly what she needed. She had not realized how
excited Marcus made her until she looked down and saw how hard her nipples
were. She reached between her legs and slowly began to masturbate. The water
felt soothing, and she was just climbing toward a relaxing orgasm when cold air
washed over her. Marcus slid in behind her, his large semi-erect cock sliding up
and down her wet ass cheeks, and his hands cupping her breasts. In an instant,
and without any hesitation, she melted into his chest, turning her head slightly
toward him and moaning. Marcus' gamble had worked. The instant his hands
began pinching her nipples, uncontrollable sense of passion shot into her brain.
She began pushing her ass back against his cock, moving it up and down,
wondering just how big was he. Marcus continued to squeeze her breasts, began
kissing her neck, and by her response knew he would be breeding her that night.
After six years at the Farm, he had acquired a good knack of judging when to
take the offensive. With Ann, he had felt from the start that she would like an
aggressive lover, someone who would take control - the aphrodisiac simply
loosened her inhibitions and speeded up the process.

As the two - black and white - moved together under the water's spray, Ann
reached back, grabbing his hips to pull him closer. Marcus, who had been gently
fingering her, and whose cock was now fully erect, realized that he had to get her
into bed soon or he would have to fuck her in the shower - her ass was too soft
and smooth for him to last much longer. He whispered into the ear, whose lobe
he had been chewing that he wanted to fuck her on the bed - and Ann simply
moaned her assent.

The First Mating

The first mating of any white woman, a senior Breeder had once told him is the
most significant. If you fail to enthrall her the first time you fuck, each time after
will seem to her non-consensual and could end up being violent. No one wanted
that, and Marcus was always careful to avoid that from happening. For him,
seeding a white woman was a calling, for which he was amply equipped. He
knew that it was very seldom that a woman became pregnant from just a single
mating, although it did happen. He always assumed, however, that it would take
some time to accomplish his task and so he wanted it to be as pleasurable for
both as possible. And, as in the case of such a beautiful woman as Ann, that was
important to him. In the shower, with the hot water streaming down on their
naked bodies, he knew that she was his - now he had to keep her that way.

Emerging from the shower, Marcus carried Ann to the bed, and stepped back so
that she could see what she was getting. His large, heavily-muscled frame,
glistened from the water that still dripped from him. His cock, which he gently
stroked, pulsed with his heartbeat, and Ann thought she could see drops of pre-
cum falling to the floor. His large cum-filled balls were already drawn up close to
his body. He was ready to mate.

Ann lay on the bed in a stupor. She had climaxed twice just from Marcus' shower
ministrations, and she hardly ever came with her husband at the best of times.
She knew, and her body certainly knew, that Marcus was about to give her a
fucking that she would long remember. Her abduction, the pregnancies she must
have, all were forgotten. She wanted to fuck - she needed to fuck. Gracefully,
she spread her long legs, revealing her clean-shaven pussy that had opened like
a flower, glistening with her own juices. Ann smiled up at him, indicating her
willingness to mate. Marcus could only smile, as he knee-walked across the bed,
and carefully rubbed his plum-sized cockhead back and forth across her opening.
Her pussy lips had flushed with the blood that was swelling them, signalling to
Marcus that she was more than a little excited at this giant African stud mating
with her.

Ann begged him to stop teasing and to fuck her, grabbing at his large forearms to
pull him in. Slowly his cock slid into her, its mushroom head opening her wider
than any man she had ever been with. He watched her facial reactions, enjoying
the smooth feel on his cockhead as it penetrated deeper into her warmth, and
carefully adjusting his short strokes so that she felt only monetary discomfort. It
took nearly ten minutes before he was fully ensheathed in her pussy, and his
balls rubbing against her ass. "God, your big," she moaned, "I've never been so
full." Marcus smiled broadly and then began to saw in and out, his long, full
strokes directly rubbing against her clit and gently stroking the nerves in the
deepest recesses of her pussy. Ann was becoming delirious with pleasure. No
man had ever been deeper, or had given her so much pleasure so quickly. She
came and came again. For his part, Marcus simply pumped away, shutting out
his need to come in order to make certain that Ann enjoyed herself fully.

Normally, he liked to vary positions. Tonight, however, he made no such effort.
Twice he pulled her legs up and put them on his shoulders so that he could get
deeper into her, and twice he let her wrap them around him as he lay fully atop
her. He whispered in her ear how tight she was, and how good his cock felt. "You
have a fantastic pussy," he told her, breathlessly, as he ground himself between
her legs, "and I am soon going to fill it with my seed." "Keep fucking me," she
moaned at his words, only half surprising him with her vulgarity. He knew that
many white women lost control when they were being bred by a Black man. He
asked her if she had ever had a Black man before, but she was too near a climax
to answer in anything but a grunt that sounded like a no. Squeezing her bullet-
like nipples, she groaned and raked his back with her fingernails. "I love fucking
you," he whispered into her ear, "we will make a beautiful baby." She could not
hear him.

Nearly 45 minutes later, Marcus began to speed up his strokes. Ann was
approaching yet another orgasm, as he began to buck harder into her, his cock
penetrating deeper than she thought possible. His coarse pubic hair rasping
against the silky smooth skin of her pubis. Save for panting and a few comments,
Marcus had largely been silent through most of this session. Soon, however, he
began to quietly moan. After so much work, her pussy, hot, tight and wet, was
just too much. It was time and he said a silent prayer to his ancestors to make
this a successful breeding. The feelings became stronger, almost painful, as Ann
writhed beneath him in her own ecstacy. His cock cried out for release, and he
could feel the cum moving up from his balls into the shaft and toward a cockhead
that was growing to enormous proportions. Ann felt the swelling in her pussy and,
as though instinctive, began to push her hips up to meet his downthrusts. The
two were truly mating now, surging toward mutual release. Finally, with a lion-like
roar, he grabbed her ass for leverage, pushed himself as deep into her as
possible and began to release jet after jet of African baby-making sperm deep
inside her. Marcus, short-stroking and groaning with each discharge of his hot
seed, was barely aware of his surroundings. His climax was intense and, not
having mated in nearly two weeks, his balls had an enormous backlog that was
being poured into Ann's fertile womb. As she climaxed for a final time, Ann felt
the spreading warmth that had bathed the inside of her and the repeated pulsing
of her Master's rod, even as he collapsed on top of her.

The two lay together on the sweat-soaked bed for several minutes. Marcus kept
his cock planted deep in her, trying to make certain that his sperm had as much
of an advantage as possible. Slowly however, he softened. Ann, coming back to
reality, asked him to get off her as he was too heavy. He lifted himself up, still
without removing his large black penis, and looked at the beautiful woman that
he had just bred. When he finally extracted his cock, its large purple head
showing the evidence of the orgasm he had just had inside of her, only a little of
his semen dripped from her pussy, stretched and red, onto the sheets. Most was
still deep inside. Enormously satisfied with his performance, he slid in alongside
Ann, who was already dozing, and pulled the sheet over the both of them.
Normally, he was able to perform two or three times in a single session. Tonight,
however, the mating had been perfect and he was already exhausted. As he
drifted to sleep, he hoped that Ann was not already pregnant, as he wanted to
fuck her several more times before he was ordered to stop.

Ann's Tour

By the end of the first week, Ann realised that she could not escape. Marcus had
mated with her at least twice a day every day and she just could not find enough
time or energy to plan a way out. And, if truth be told, she was growing to like his
daily visits. Never had she had such incredible sex before. Having grown up to
believe that good white girls did not associate with Black men, she had had to
wait until now to feel their full sexual power - and, while it still embarrassed her,
she enjoyed it. When she looked back at her lovemaking with David, her
husband, she could only shake her head - so much time wasted. She promised
herself that if she ever did get away from the Farm and return to her normal life,
she would have to take a lover.

One afternoon during the second week, Marcus had taken her on a tour of the
main buildings of the Farm - a small university-like campus with a well-stocked
library and a common area where a number of white women were sitting. He left
her there and told her he would return in an hour or so. She had discovered that
he was an avid reader, and regularly visited the library to learn more about
whatever subject happened to capture his interest. Left alone, Ann made her way
over to a group of four women and introduced herself. Three of the four were
around her age, and were in various stages of pregnancy. The fourth could not
have been any older than 18, was blonde and extremely pretty - a cheerleader

"You came in with Marcus," a brunette named Cindy said. When Ann said that he
was the only person she knew here, Cindy told her that Marcus was the father of
her first child. "Are you mating with him," she asked with a big smile. Ann blushed
at the crudity of the question, but gently nodded her head. "Girls, he has the
biggest cock and can fuck all night. I wish he could have covered me for the
second one," she said, rubbing her belly that indicated she had only two or three
months to go before her second baby was born. "Instead, I was given to Gerald,"
she sighed, remembering the many nights of hot, sweaty passion she had had
with Ann's Breeder. "That one over there, the chubby blonde was mated to
Marcus instead," she said, gesturing to another group of women at the far end of
the room. "You are so lucky to be regularly fucked by Marcus."

One of the other women, a buxom blonde who had called herself Connie and
looked more like a stripper than a housewife, objected. "Gerald is a very good
lover. He bred me when I first came here, and he got me within two weeks. Of
course, we were hardly doing anything else those first two weeks. I have never
seen a man cum so much. I couldn't go anywhere after he was finished with me,
because it dripped out of me all day." She laughed, and the three older women

Still unaware of her surroundings, Ann tried to turn the conversation to learning
more about the Farm and the Brotherhood, but to no avail. The women did not
seem to know anymore about the place than she did. For them, it was simply a
place where white women were regularly impregnated by Black men after they
had been abducted. Strangely, the quality of the sex they were having seemed to
take away their desires to return home. Even the fact that they could not stay
with their children, a basic mothering instinct, was overcome by the lustful
feelings regular matings with the Breeders created.

Janice, a beautiful, auburn-haired, businesswoman had been bodily removed
from her store on New York's Fifth Avenue by a group armed Blacks. She told
Ann that her husband, a prominent member of the city's Chamber of Commerce,
had undoubtedly looked for her, but after 16 months of regular Black sexing and
pregnancy, she no longer cared. Her first Breeder, Jamal, had been the first
Black man she had ever been intimate with. But after a week of incredible
orgasms, she decided that resistance to the goals of the Brotherhood was not
only impossible, but wrong. She owed it to her ancestors to give back their
genetic material and, if in the process, she was well-taken care of, so much the
better. Her second Breeder, Norris, was only engaged part-time - and she was
his first white woman in nearly two years. A doctor by profession, he had known
every little erogenous spot on her body and, she said, she was now proud to be
carrying his baby. Her only regret was that the cut-off day for regular sexing was
five days, and after that the pregnancy could be endangered. She wanted the
baby, Janice said forlornly, but she really wanted Norris.

It was then that Ann noticed that all three women had their left nipples pierced.
Cindy knew what had caught her attention and immediately explained that it was
a sign that they had carried a baby to term, and that they would have the right
nipple pierced when their second baby was born. The Breeder decided on the
shape and color of the ring, as it was a way of signaling to other Black males in
the world at large that a woman had been bred to an African male. Janice added
that Jamal had also decided to have a small black raven - his personal breeding
symbol within the Brotherhood -- tatooed below her panty line. Cindy then added
that Marcus' symbol was the head of a black stallion, but that he had let her talk
him out of a tatoo.

The cheerleader in the corner had sat through much of the conversation without
saying much. Barbara, or Barbie as she introduced herself, had the all-American
look. Beautiful, bright-eyed and well-built, she was 19 years old and, before her
arrival at the Farm, had only been with one man before. She had arrived two
weeks before Ann, and had been mated to Conrad, a Breeder in his mid-
twenties. None of the other women had ever seen Conrad, but Barbie said that
she could barely survive much more of his sexing. She came so hard with him
that sometimes she thought she would simply die. He was so well-endowed, she
quietly told the others, she was sure that she was permanently stretched and
would be of no use to anyone else when they let her go. "I have to change the
sheets every day," she added sheepishly, "because they are still soaked in the
morning." Barbie had been on her way to Spain to attend college when she had
been "kidnapped" - the word she used - at O'Hare airport in Chicago. A young
Black girl had taken her place in Spain and was keeping in touch with Barbie's
parents in California, who did not know what had actually happened to their
daughter, by e-mail. "I hope I get pregnant soon," she said, "because I can't take
so much, you know.. He is like an animal, and keeps saying that he will make
certain I never leave, even after two children." She fell silent.

Throughout the conversation, Ann was amazed at how the women had accepted
their current position - and reflected on the fact that she had begun to do the
same. Regular matings with the Brotherhood studs had seemed to destroy their
free will and left them as little more than receptacles for Black seed. Before she
had time to think about this situation, Marcus came into view - waved at the
women sitting with Ann, and gestured for Ann to come to him. As she was being
summoned by her Master, Ann quickly got to her feet.

In the Open

It was a bright, sunny day when Marcus appeared at her room and suggested
that they go into the gardens surrounding the Farm's main buildings. She was
quite happy to get outdoors and was looking forward to seeing some of the
flowers and exotic trees that the other women told her about. Marcus did not tell
her that he intended to mate with her in the garden, because he did not need to
do so. Almost every woman he took into that environment became intoxicated by
the sights and fragrances and became irresistibly horny in no time. The last
woman he took there was so eager to fuck that she asked him to take her on a
park bench, which he did in full view of several of the other woman. Later that
day, an elder Breeder took him aside and criticised him for doing so, as it made it
hard for the others to concentrate on their own work - but Marcus was happy to
have demonstrated his prowess publicly.

The two - Ann and Marcus - walked to the far end of the garden complex when
they heard voices on the other side of a small garden fence. She carefully raised
her head above the boards and looked - it was Barbie and a large Black male
who she assumed was Conrad, kneeling on a blanket that they had spread on
the ground. Like some of the other Breeders, Conrad was dressed only in a loin
cloth that bulged obscenely. Barbie was in a small halter-top that barely
contained her young medium-sized breasts and a pair of shorts. She may have
told Ann that she could not take much more of Conrad's passion, but it was
obvious to Ann that she was in heat.

Conrad quickly undid Barbie's halter and leaned down to suck on her large brown
nipples. She under his loin cloth and began stroking an enormous black spear
that jutted out from between Conrad's legs. When Conrad looked up and told her
that he wanted to fuck her, all she could say was "yes" and, stripping off her
shorts, lie back on the blanket. Conrad quickly mounted her, and after several
minutes of carefully timed short strokes so that she could adjust to his size, he
began deep thrusts. The full length of his penis was withdrawn, until the head
was visible and then thrust back in until his shaved balls nuzzled the fine white
pussy he was plumbing. Barbie was simply incoherent, bubbling something about
"too deep" and "more" and "yes", punctuated with moans and groans. One month
ago, the 19 year old from California would never have imagined that she would
be lying naked in a beautiful garden being mated to a large black man with an
enormous cock. She could never have known that before the year was out she
would deliver a beautiful black baby to the brotherhood, have her left nipple
pierced, only to bred again by another stud. Her whole being at this moment was
centered on her pussy, and ever nerve ending there was being massaged and
stroked by the back and forth motion of the giant purple cockhead of her African

Marcus continued to massage Ann's breasts and, when she turned to say
something, his tongue stopped whatever words she wanted to say. She was very
wet, and he knew it. When she turned back, Barbie was on top of Conrad, riding
him like a cowboy, her breasts covered by Conrad's large black hands. "Barbie,
you gotta fuck me," he said, moving his hands down to her waist, "I want you to
pull the seed from my balls." She moaned and nodded, picking up the pace.
Conrad held Barbie's tight ass in his hands as she rode him hard. "That's it girl,"
he said, "work that young pussy." She merely groaned and rocked. Slowly,
Conrad began pushing up into her, as her moans increased. Even from a
distance, Ann could see that Barbie's pussy lips were stretched tight around the
black shaft that was probing deep inside her. It was amazing that she could take
all of him. Barbie's concerns were certainly valid, Ann thought, for no white man
would ever be able to fill the cavity that Conrad had created with his cock.

The breeding session continued for some time, and Marcus had slid his hands
under Ann's blouse, cupping her breasts and gently tweaking her always
sensitive nipples. On the other side of the wall, Barbie groaned louder than
before, taking Ann's mind off Marcus' actions. "God, this is good pussy," Conrad
moaned, jamming his cock upwards into her. When his cock emerged on the
downstroke, it glistened with her juices and, after a few minutes, Barbie fell
forward onto his chest, sobbing in ecstacy. When she had come down from her
orgasm, he told her it was time. She lifted herself off of him and, on her hands
and knees, raised her ass to him in a very feline gesture. Her pussy was wide
open and dripping, the lips red and raw. Smiling broadly, Conrad climbed behind
her and carefully guided his large penis into her. Ann knew from what Marcus
had told her that doggie-style was the preferred breeding position, as the
Brotherhood's doctors had discovered that women had the strongest orgasms
thereby allowing the seed to penetrate deepest. It was also very pleasurable to
the studs who had a great deal of difficulty moving without coming straightaway.

Holding her ass with both hands and gently squeezing her cheeks, Conrad
quickly began stroking in and out of Barbie. It was clear that he was building
steadily to a mighty cum, and he repeatedly told her to "feel his power". She had
trouble keeping her balance, as her own pleasure was consuming her attention.
His strokes increased in speed and force. Suddenly Conrad tilted his head back,
opened his mouth in a silent sign of intense pleasure, pushed his cock as deep
into this tight young pussy and emptied his balls. His body shook with what Ann
assumed was each ejaculation of Black seed. As he drew a deep breath, he
smiled knowing that Barbie's pussy had been coated in his semen, and he hoped
that the mating had been a success. Conrad loved fucking this young babe, but
after two weeks he was ready for a new woman. He gave a few short stabs and
pulled out, a ribbon of white sperm connecting his apple-sized cockhead to her
pussy, before dripping onto the blanket. Barbie, who had come at the same time
as her stud, had collapsed and was barely breathing. What a beautiful sight, Ann
thought - a young wholesome blonde and her strong, African sire in the throes of

Marcus gently pulled Ann aside and led her to the door. "I want to fuck you in a
special place," he said, his pants betraying the fact that he, too, had been
aroused by the young blonde's mating. (Ann could not know that Barbie was
already scheduled to be bred by Marcus after she delivered Conrad's baby.)
Near a small creek, at the other end of the garden was a large oak tree that
Marcus under which Marcus often sat and read. He had never before used it for
breeding, but thought that Ann would enjoy it. Given the immense pleasure that
he had derived from their regular sexing, he decided to reward Ann with it,

By the time Marcus spread the blanket on the ground, Ann had already taken off
her clothes. She could not get the image of Barbie and Conrad out of her mind,
and her pussy was literally soaked. Marcus quickly disrobed and the two lay
down on the ground. Although she disliked giving head to her husband, Ann
decided that Marcus deserved a treat and she slowly kissed her way down his
muscular chest and stomach to the already erect penis that awaited her touch.
Carefully she mouthed the head, and licked around the crown. Marcus raised
himself on his elbows and watched as she made love to his cock. Gently
squeezing his large nut sack, she pushed a finger into his asshole while she
mouthed his cockhead. Marcus groaned outloud, and pushed her away. He did
not want to come in her mouth, only her pussy and her rolled her over and
mounted her. Ann, did not know what had come over him, as her African stud
seemed even bigger than before, more ferocious, and he penetrated deep into
her within a few strokes. She squeled in delight, grabbing his forearms, and
wrapping her feet around his back.

Marcus fucked her like a man possessed. He was bucking into her at a
tremendous rate, and although the thrusts were powerful, Ann was climaxing
again and again. "You will bear my child," he groaned, with his eyes shut. "Yes,"
Ann moaned in response, urging him to plant his seed deep in her. Finally, with a
might push, he jammed himself to the hilt and came - his large balls throbbing
against Ann's ass as his African sperm coursed into her womb. She cradled his
head against her neck, gently rocking underneath him, her pussy involunatrily
milking his shaft for every drop of semen. In such cases, the woman's natural
desire to procreate took over, and she became what she was millennia before -
her mate's woman.

Violating the Rules

By the end of the third week, Marcus had effectively turned Ann into a sex slave
- a willing participant in the Brotherhood's plans. Whenever she thought about
being impregnated by Marcus, the images of their matings overwhelmed her.
She had almost begun to believe the idea of Black male superiority that the other
women at the Farm had preached to her. Never in her life had she ever had as
many or as powerful a series of orgasms as she did when she and Marcus
fucked. The fact that she was simply a sperm receptacle, chosen at random by
an underground group, was largely forgotten. So, too, was the life she had led
only two weeks earlier. Her husband had obviously given up on her, and she
suspected that he was enjoying the $100,000 in hush money that the
Brotherhood had paid to him - enjoying it far more than any worry he might have
had about his wife's fate. The only man in Ann's life now was Marcus, and his
superior lovemaking skills were simply emotionally overwhelming. Despite his
youth, he really was her Master. Neither she nor Marcus knew that the
Brotherhood's enforcers had threatened David with surgical castration if he ever
broke his silence.

One evening, after a relaxing mating session, Ann lay entwined in Marcus's
strong arms, her eyes closed, enjoying the post-fuck feeling. They had been
gently chatting about nothing in particular when Marcus asked if she would do
him a favour. Ann was surprised by the question, for Marcus had been so
dominant that he simply took what he wanted and she was, therefore, quite
unprepared for even a simple request from him. For Marcus, this step was the
final stage in Ann's capture - to give her an illusory sense of self-control that
would commit her to the overall goals of the Brotherhood. When Ann quietly
agreed to help him, Marcus asked her to give him her ass.

The subject surprised Ann yet again. She had never had anal sex, as it was not
something she felt attracted to. Once, when in college, a boyfriend had placed
his cockhead near her asshole, she quickly moved away. Since that one time,
she had never even raised the topic with any of her lovers, including David. Yet
here, on this night, this massively endowed Black man, her best lover ever,
wanted to introduce her to it. Her response was to question whether he wasn't
too large, and whether his 11-inch cock would cause serious injury, all fears that
Marcus was able to dispel. Assuring her that he would be gentle, and that he
would use a well-tested lubricant, his cock began to harden against the small of
her back. As he pulled her head to his, he began kissing her, while gently rubbing
her clit. Ann, always susceptible to Marcus' technique started to relax, gradually
opening her legs, giving him even more access to her pussy.

When Marcus judged the time was right, he gradually rolled Ann onto her
stomach with him on top, his fully-erect penis trapped between them. Reaching
into the nightstand, he pulled out Ann's bottle of baby oil, squirting it all over her
back and, after raising himself, her asscheeks as well. Then, using his body as a
sponge, he began to slide above her, spreading the oil, and allowing his cock to
slide back and forth between her cheeks. All the while, their tongues dueled and
his fingers, reaching beneath her, massaged her pussy.

By now, Ann was again lost in her own pleasure, and Marcus, breaking their kiss,
moved her into the doggie position, and slid balls-deep into her pussy. The speed
and depth of his thrust took her breath away, and she groaned loudly. His strokes
were long and hard, banging his thighs onto her backside with such force that the
bed frame was hitting the wall. Grabbing her long hair in one hand, and holding
her hip with the other, Marcus was in total control as he rode her. This was the
best method he knew for breaking in an anal virgin. After fifteen minutes or so of
a hard pussy pounding fuck, Marcus withdrew his cock, now glistening black with
her juices. Spreading more oil on it, he poured a generous amount on her anal
opening, working it in with his index finger. Ann jumped when he slid the finger in,
but the feeling was not really unpleasant. She jumped again when Marcus put
two and then three fingers to work preparing her anus for his cock's assault. At
the same time, his other hand was massaging her clit, bringing Ann closer to an
orgasm even as her asshole was being stretched. Finally, Marcus felt it was time
and carefully moved his cock into place, with its head kissing her opening. As he
started to push, he urged Ann to relax her sphincter muscle in order for the large
head to pass through. She tried, and suddenly it popped in, followed by about an
inch of his shaft and a slight whimper from Ann. Slowly, Marcus kept pushing,
stopping every so often to ask Ann if everything was alright. With Marcus
fingering her pussy as he fucked her ass, she was experiencing both pleasure
and pain - an odd combination, but one that she did not want to stop feeling.

Marcus continued, until he had about six inches inside her. Deciding that the last
five would not go without causing Ann pain, he began to saw in and out of her
ass. By now, Ann was approaching an orgasm, the first that she had ever
received with a man buttfucking her. For Marcus, the pressure on his cock was
indescribably intense, and he knew that he would not be able to hold on for long.
The cum was already bubbling in his balls, and he knew his own orgasm was
near. He stopped. Rolling over, while staying in her ass, Ann was now on top,
facing the mirror. With her legs widespread, she could see her splayed pussy,
still red from the fucking Marcus had given her earlier that evening, and his giant
black shaft penetrating her backside. His hands covered her breasts, massaging
and squeezing the rock-hard nipples. She came again, just as Marcus moaned
that he was coming inside her. With each shot of sperm, Marcus pushed up into
her ass, going deeper than his initial six inches. Grabbing her breasts tightly, he
pulled her back onto his chest. "God, you have a tight ass," he groaned as they
rode out his last spasms.

When it was over, Ann and Marcus lay side-by-side on the bed. Unlike their
regular mating sessions, this bout of anal sex had not left them tired or
exhausted - neither of them was drifting to sleep as usually happened when
Marcus had seeded her. Instead, they were both fairly wide awake. Marcus
asked her not to say anything about what they had just done, claiming that the
Brotherhood saw anal sex as a waste of valuable African seed that should be
used exclusively for impregnation efforts. Completely dominated by her stud, Ann
promised to stay quiet and thanked him for taking her anal cherry. She wiped his
cock clean with a damp cloth Marcus had brought with him, and bent down taking
his softening member into her mouth. Slowly bobbing her head and gently
squeezing his large ball-sack, his penis began to grow. Ann wanted another
fucking, she wanted him inside her pussy again.

Inwardly smiling, Marcus had moved one step further toward making Ann a
complete Black Cock whore. With his had gently resting on the back of her head,
her long blonde hair caught his attention. Not only was Ann the most beautiful
woman he had ever mated to, she was the most sexually adventurous. It was a
shame that she would be given to some other stud for breeding when her first
baby was born. But as she was not yet pregnant, he still had a job to do -
admittedly, an incredibly pleasant job, but a serious responsibility nonetheless for
the future of his race.


Although Marcus was regularly fucking Ann, she was not yet pregnant by the end
of the first month. The Farm's doctors had determined she was fertile, and they
had even advised Marcus when the best change for impregnation would occur -
a period of four days, shortly after she arrived, when he had fucked her steadily.
But, his seed was just not taking. As a successful breeder with 22 children to his
name, Marcus was warned by the local Brotherhood leaders that his
performance was not living up to his potential. He knew that his standing as a
stud was also in jeopardy if he could not successfully impregnate Ann, and soon.
Conrad, who happily received the news that he had finally knocked up Barbie
told the senior Breeder that he was quite prepared to mate with Ann. Feeling the
pressure, Marcus decided that he would breed her three times a day. No matter
how much he enjoyed the romantic approach, he did not want to admit defeat
and see Ann given to Conrad or sent to the induced breeding facility.

One Friday evening, after they returned from their walk around the Farm, Marcus
told her bluntly that he was going to plant his baby in her pussy this evening.
"The doctor told me that tonight is your most fertile time, so I want to fuck you
again tonight," he said, with such frankness that Ann was surprised. The news
that Conrad was interested in breeding her made her uneasy, especially after
seeing the size of his penis. Someday she would return to the real world, and she
did not want to be ruined sexually. Still, though, the idea of her stud trying even
harder during their nightly fuck turned her on more than she could describe. Even
before she had undone the first button of her blouse, her panties were already
soaked and she knew she was ready to receive him.

For Marcus, the thought that the doctors might be right was a great turn on. He
loved his work - who wouldn't - but he especially loved the sense that he was
planting his seed and advancing the cause of his race. With Ann, he also was
doing it in the best pussy he had ever fucked. It took all his effort at self-control
not to cum too soon when he was mating with her. Sometimes, when he looked
at her face, as she panted her way to an orgasm, it was all he could do to stop
his throbbing balls from releasing his sperm prematurely. Having purposely not
mated since the afternoon of the day before, Marcus could feel his system crying
for release - the cum build-up was great and he knew that he could go for two or
three times this evening.

Ann had no idea as she showered that she would be fucked like never before this
night. Her pussy was already permanently stretched by Marcus' large penis, and
she was still surprised that he had not successfully bred her. Given the number
of times that they had mated, and the sheer volume of seed he had ejaculated
into her, an explanation for her not yet being pregnant eluded her. Nevertheless,
she thought as she gently stroked her bare pussy lips, he will keep trying until he
is successful and, given everything else, you had to commend such dedication.

An hour later, Marcus was buried balls deep in Ann's pussy. "Tonight," he told
her, I am going to breed you and you will have the baby I plant inside you." He
punctuated his comment with a deep thrust, then another, and another still, as
Ann gently held his forearms, her legs wrapped around his ass. " My cock is
ready, can you feel it," he asked? She shook her head, as she began to climb a
ladder of orgasms escalating in intensity. Marcus continued to saw in and out of
her pussy, concentrating less on her pleasure and more on his release. He had
at least three loads of sperm to deliver to her womb tonight.

Five minutes later, he rolled Ann onto her stomach, lifted her ass, and took her
doggie style. Ever since watching the mating session in the barn, Ann had lost
control of herself when Marcus fucked her in this position. His cock went so
deep, and touched so many nerves in her pussy, that she collapsed on the bed
after only a few strokes. Marcus continued to pound away, driving every last
millimeter of shaft into her, his large cockhead beginning to enlarge with his
nearing orgasm. Ann could feel his swelling, and rocked her ass back and forth.
Suddenly, he bucked into her pushing his cock as deep as it had ever reached,
held himself still, with his veins standing out on his neck, and began to ejaculate
hot, thick ropes of pure African seed into this beautiful white woman's womb. His
balls throbbed as they released jet after jet of sperm, each surge of which caused
his large cockhead to jerk back and forth inside her hot, wet and tight pussy.

Ann lay still and panting as Marcus made his deposit. She was exhausted. She
was always amazed at how much cum poured into her from his cock, so much
more than any white lover she had been with. Her pussy involuntarily began
squeezing his shaft, milking the last drops of his precious seed from him. Behind
her, Marcus who had been groaning with each spurt, settled into a few
pleasurable moans. His orgasm had been so powerful, it was almost painful, and
his balls seemed to ache from the force they had needed to expel his cum. He
fell on top of her, his large shaft still buried deep in her vagina, and gently began
kissing the side of her neck, just below her ear. " That is the best orgasm I have
ever had," he whispered to her as his seed continued to drip inside her.

Three more times that evening, Marcus mated with Ann. Each time his orgasm
was as powerful as the first, although by the fourth session his balls had little
cum left to give. Each time, he kept his cock in her pussy for nearly 30 minutes
after his seed had been deposited in order to prevent even a drop from spilling
out. "Tonight, we are no longer just making love," he emphasised, when she
wanted to get up, "I am breeding you." In the end, they fell asleep, his cock still
planted in her, acting as a vaginal plug.

Five days later, after daily medical tests, she got the news Marcus had been
waiting for. She was indeed pregnant. Her womb was now growing a black baby,
as her contribution to the improvement of African DNA stocks in North America.
When told, Marcus gave a whoop for joy. Janice and Cindy, now barely able to
walk, came around to congratulate her. That evening, Marcus brought a bottle of
champagne to celebrate, and afterwards made slow romantic love to the mother
of his ninth Farm "child". For Ann, this fucking was significant in another way as
well. According to Brotherhood rules, Marcus would be allowed one more week
to spend with her, after which he would reassigned to one of the other Breeding
Farms scattered throughout the country. He would be back in ten months, ready
to breed Barbie, but Ann would be off-limits at that time. Six months later, Ann,
left alone with a swelling belly, could only watch as new white abductees arrived
at the Farm for impregnation. That evening, the corridor resonated with the
sounds of passion, as the other Breeders set about their tasks. Like the other
women who had been successfully bred a first time, she still had months of black
pregnancy and another stud's mating effort to endure before she could ever go

Freedom and Garrett

Eighteen months later, Ann was released from the Breeding Farm. She was
given a check for $75,000 and taken to a fancy upscale hotel in New York City
where a suite had been reserved for the next week. The money was for the two
children she had produced, $25,000 for a fine ebony-black son and $50,000 for a
light brown daughter. The girl, who was already a ward of the Brotherhood, would
be eventually mated with a stud at a Breeding Farm when she had reached
adulthood. In three or four generations of careful mating, Ann's DNA would be
completely Africanised. The boy was to be educated at the organisation's
expense, but was quickly sterilized so that his interracial genes did not pollute
any black woman's womb.

Her first free evening in NYC, Ann was at a loss as to what to do. She decided to
have a nice meal in the hotel restaurant, and then go to bed early. Her
adventures in the city would have to wait until tomorrow morning. However, as
she was sipping an aperitif while waiting for her table, a well-dressed black man
approached her. Introducing himself as Garrett S, an investment banker, he
observed that as they were both alone perhaps they could share a table. During
dinner, Garrett's conversation was witty and his company charming, with the
result that Ann soon found herself thoroughly enjoying his presence. He was also
incredibly sexy, and both her pierced nipples rose involuntarily, pointing directly
at her dinner companion. As a result, after escorting her to her room, it did not
take much effort for him to end up in her bed. And, it did not take very much effort
on Garrett's part to let him have unprotected sex with her. After all, it had been
nearly 10 months since she had last been with a man, and her second stud had
never been the skilled lover Marcus was. Like the two studs she had been bred
to at the Farm, Garrett was very well endowed and reminded her of Marcus in the
way he moved. They fucked all night, until Ann was too sore to continue and,
after four orgasms on his part, his balls had been completely drained.

Just before dawn, and as Ann slept soundly, Garrett quietly dressed and left. As
he walked toward the elevator, he could not help smiling at his good fortune. His
evening had been a complete success, and not only because he had just finished
fucking a very beautiful blonde - the dream of most black men. No, it was more
than that. He hoped that the information sent to him by the Farm's doctors was
right, and she was ready to be mated. As a roving stud for the Brotherhood, his
job was to regularly seed white women who had been released from the various
Farms to ensure that their love of black cock was retained, thereby promoting the
organization's goal even when the women no longer realized what was being
done. Even though he would never know for certain, Garrett had reason to be
pleased -- Ann was very fertile and she had been successfully impregnated a
third time by an African lover.

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  • CinemaScope wrote 1032 days ago:

    Beautiful story!! I wish I could find more like these where a wht woman and her black bull try and try and try to conceive... until they do (to the shame of the wht hubby/world).

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