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Poker Playing Buddies

Oct 10, 1999

By dirty_me2001

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Poker playing buddies
by Scott

This story I'm about to tell I never would have believed had I not
been there and witnessed it with my own eyes. My wife, Brenda, is
about 5 foot 5 inches tall, with long, blonde, curly hair, striking
blue eyes and a beautiful smile. She has gorgeous long legs that end
at a perfectly round ass, 36B breasts that are perfect and pouty. I
have always been extremely proud of my wife wherever I take her. She
knows how to turn heads and she knows that it turns me on to know
that some guy is staring at my wife and wanting her. She loves to
dress sexy and attract attention. We have a pool and jacuzzi and
frequently have backyard pool parties. Brenda always wears a bikini.
My favorite is the white one that, when wet, all but disappears.

On one hot summer afternoon during a pool party, Brenda was in her
usual flirty mood and was teasing some of the other guys when their
wives were not looking. I caught Steve, who was a co_worker of mine,
returning Brenda's advances on several occasions. He was wrapping
his arms around my bikini clad wife and laughing and once grabbed
her butt, slightly pulling her bikini bottoms up the crack of her
ass. As the afternoon wore on, everyone was getting pretty buzzed. I
had bought a case of Jamaican rum for the party and everyone was
drinking strawberry daiquiris. Several of us had been playing cards
and four of us decided we wanted to have a serious poker game later
that evening. The party ended with us saying our goodbye's and I
expected my three friends back in less than an hour.

Steve was the first to return, showered and ready to play. Don and
Tim arrived next and we started getting the game set up. My wife was
still in her bikini cleaning up the patio. Steve and Don went out to
help her clean and put things away. As they went about their duties,
Brenda kept brushing up against Don, who was obviously getting quite
turned on. As Brenda bent over the patio table to pick up another
glass, her breasts became tightly stretched against the thin white
fabric of her bikini top. Steve was in perfect view of her tits and
Tim, who had just walked out onto the patio, got an eyeful of my
wife's beautiful bum barely covered by her bottoms that were at this
point stretched into her crack. Brenda stood up and said that it had
been such a hot day and from the looks of things it wasn't going to
get any cooler any time soon. It was at that time that I realized
that all three of my friends were fucking my wife with their eyes
and that if given the chance would have been all over her in a

Then I got an idea. Brenda and I had toyed with the idea of swinging
before and everytime we talked about it she would go wild with
sexual energy. I knew that we had never talked about any kind of a
gang bang before, but surprises are the spice of life they say, so I
put my idea into action. I knew I wouldn't need to talk any of the
fella's into this but I decided Brenda might need just a little ( or
maybe alot) of encouragement so I picked her up, and planted a big
wet kiss on her lips which she wantingly returned and then threw her
into the shallow end of the pool. She was able to land on her feet
so as not to get her hair wet and then just stood there for a second
looking at all of us. She knew now that my plan was to get her suit
wet and we would all get to watch her get out of the pool. Well, the
rum was working its charm because she started looking at us with
this sexy stare. As she started towards the steps, her breasts came
out of the water and the thin white cotton fabric clung tightly to
them, Her pink areolas clearly visible underneath.

She reached the last few steps and came completely out of the water.
The bikini bottom did nothing to hide my wife's blonde cunt hair or
the round cheeks of her ass. There stood my wife completely naked
except for several strips of see_through gauze. Everyone just stood
there not saying a word. Brenda, with a sly smile on her face,
walked over, and bent down to pick up a towel. Her back to us, all
three of us could see the outline of her pussy lips under the wet
bikini and little cunt hairs poking out from the sides. One of the
others gasped out loud as she did this. She had her legs parted just
a bit and water started to drip from the soaked bikini bottoms and
down the inside of her thighs. She stood up and said she was going
inside to change and would be happy to serve us drinks or whatever
during our card game. Well, several seconds went by before any of us
regained our composure and we went back inside to play cards.

Steve was the first one to compliment me on what a beautiful wife I
had. Don and Tim readily agreed. The card game had lost some of its
luster after the show my wife had given, but we started to play
anyway. I asked them if they were up to having a little more than a
card game. Well, I didn't need to say anything else. Don and Tim
both said at the same time, "Lets play strip poker!" We all laughed,
and I said that I was pretty sure we could take a few liberties with
my wife if we were creative. Just then, Brenda came out of the
bedroom wearing a semi_sheer white top, a short little mini skirt
and white pumps. Her long tanned legs needed no nylons and I could
only guess if she had any panties on or not. The skirt she had on
kind of ruffled out a little and ended about six inches above her
knees. She was a sight. As she walked toward us, her skirt swayed
with her revealing a little more thigh with each stride. She was

As she passed us, she asked if we needed anything. I told her that
we needed a fifth player and asked her if she would be interested in
playing with us. She asked, "what kind of games?" well I think
everyone's mind started racing at that point. She said that she
would think about it and went into the kitchen to get us some more
beers. When she came back, Brenda had four bottles of corona's in
her hands. She came up in between me and Don and leaned over the
table to deposit the beers. As she did this, her skirt rode up over
the top of her ass and displayed the bottom of her cheeks to Don and
me. I couldn't help myself and so I ran my hand up the inside of her
thighs starting just below her knee and stopping just before I got
to her panties. She had on silky white cotton thong panties and that
was all I could see. She stood up and told me that I had better
behave myself.

Well, she was saying one thing, but I could tell she was thinking
another! Brenda turned her ass to the table and "accidently" rubbed
up against Don. Don got a face full of Brenda's skirt as she walked
around the table to deposit the other two beers. Steve saw me
rubbing Brenda's thigh and decided he wanted some too and when
Brenda bent over to position the beers, Steve gently lifted her
skirt from the back and said What a perfect ass she had. With his
other hand Steve felt her thigh, grabbed her ass cheek, and lightly
patted her on the bum. With this, Brenda asked if we needed anything
else and I said that we were low on chips. She said that she would
be right back and headed for the kitchen. Tim and Don were looking
at me wondering if I was upset with Steve's advances on my beautiful
wife. I told them that I wasn't and as a matter of fact, if they
wanted to try and get away with anything it was OK with me. They
could do anything they could talk her into.

When Brenda came back with the bowl of chips, she started playing
her little game again. This time, however, when she set the chips
down, she was met with the groping hands of Don and Tim. Both of
them starting at her ankles and working their way up to her pussy.
She pulled away just as Don tried to slip a finger under her
panties. "I thought that you all wanted to play cards" she said as
she strode over in my direction. "Yeah, we want to play, all right"
I said. I then slipped my hand up to feel her pussy through her
panties and they were soaked!

"Well, you fella's play cards and maybe you'll let me play later",
she said. I had a feeling she wasn't going to stop with her games
just yet, though. The card game progressed for a while and Brenda
kept serving us. Every time she would come into the room, Brenda
would flirt, one of the guys would get an eye full or a quick feel.
My dick was so hard it hurt. After about an hour I suggested that we
convince my wife to join us. The other four were just waiting for me
to give the green light and immediately we talked over a game plan.
I didn't think that Brenda, even as horny as she felt, wasn't just
going to let all of us gang bang her so we had to plan something
out. Well, we decided on a course of action and I went out into the
kitchen and told her we wanted her to play and brought her back into
the den. On the way back, I grabbed on unopened bottle of dark rum
and set it on the table. We all told her that playing for money was
losing its thrill and so we wanted to see who could stay sober the

We began playing five card draw with the winner subjecting the
losers of each hand to drinking a shot of rum. Well, we thought that
even though we had been drinking just about all day, we could
definitely hold up better at drinking shots than Brenda. Brenda
agreed to play. The first couple of rounds were over quick with
Steve winning once and then myself. We started thinking we would all
be drunk in less than ten minutes if we kept playing like this, so
we told Brenda of our secret plan. "I have a game we can play" I
said. "Lets play strip or dare!" Brenda balked at any game that
included stripping, using the excuse that there were four of us and
only one of her.

I began to explain that only the worst hand had to remove any
clothing or do a dare and if the loser decided to do a dare, the
other four would get to draw straws to see who would get to make the
loser do a dare. Well, my wife was pretty drunk, but not stupid, so
she put in a couple of extra rules. She figured that including her
shoes, she had six pieces of clothing on. She made us count her
shoes as clothes and made us all remove our shoes and socks. That
left each of us with only three items of clothing. She also said
that she could do a dare before she removed all of her clothing but
we couldn't and that any dare had to be accomplished in the house
and could only last one minute or less. She said that she was
looking forward to seeing us all naked! We all took one more shot of
that dark Jamaican rum and started playing. Well, I lost the first
round and removed my shirt and then Don lost and I was beginning to
think this plan wasn't going to turn out as I had hoped.

That's when the cards turned on my wife. Brenda Lost a hand having
only a pair of jacks and removed a shoe. She lost the next hand and
removed the other and I could see her starting to get a little
fidgety. The next hand my wife thought she had won with two pair and
proudly put them down. But as luck would have it, all four of us had
better hands. She sat there for a second in disbelief and then
started looking around the table at us. I'm sure we looked like a
pack of hungry wolves who hadn't eaten in a week and were going to
eat her! Well, Brenda stood and unzipped her skirt and let it fall
to the floor. Tim actually gasped at the sight of her. All she had
on now was a lace bra, a pair of white thong panties and the
semi_sheer blouse which actually covered her past her butt, which
was her thinking when she removed her skirt instead. We could still
see, however, her panties and her bare bum. Brenda quickly sat down
and covered herself up as best she could. Don lost again and removed
his pants wearing only his underwear now. Steve lost and removed his

Brenda lost then a fourth time. Blushing, she decided that she would
rather do a dare than remove any more clothing so we drew straws to
see who would be the lucky one to order her dare. I won and turned
to my wife. "I want you to put your heels back on and do a strip
dance for us for 30 seconds. And it has to be good, or I'll make you
do it again!" Well, Brenda stood up, put on an Aerosmith CD and
started her little routine. Her shirt didn't do a whole lot to hide
my wife's sexy body underneath. We could plainly see her bra and
panties. Brenda started rubbing her sides and hips with her hands
and began sliding the shirt up over her ass. She was swaying with
the music and doing a grind with her hips. Brenda was really getting
into our little game! She was having a great time showing off her
little body and I could tell she was ready for something more. She
turned around and bent over a little at the waist and lifted the
tail of her shirt to expose the bottom part of her ass. Brenda
spread her legs just a little to give us a good show and then turned
her head around and looked at each of us with a sly smile. Brenda
was watching the clock, however, and announced that time was up and
stopped dancing.

We all told her that that wasn't good enough, but she sat down
anyway saying if we were all good, we might get to see more later. I
lost another hand and took of my shorts. Well, the next hand my wife
lost bad. Deciding for herself that the first dare wasn't so bad,
she again opted for another dare rather than remove her shirt. The
straws again came out and Steve won letting out a loud "Yes!" Steve
decided that for the next sixty seconds that Brenda had to sit on
his lap and allow him to let his hands wander over her body. Well,
Brenda, started to balk but being as turned on as she was grudgingly
walked over and sat in Steves lap. As Steve moved his chair away
from the table we could all see the bulge in his pants and that he
had a raging hard on just like the rest of us. Brenda saw this and
said, "It's a good thing you have your pants on!" Don started the
timer and the dare began. Steve started along my wife's thighs and
worked his way up her hips. As his fingers were doing their walking,
Steve started gyrating his hips grinding his cock into my wife's
ass. His hands found their way to her breasts and he gently cupped
both of them through her shirt and bra from behind.

Brenda started breathing hard and tried to balance herself by
spreading her legs a bit. Don was facing the two of them and had a
perfect view of her soaked panties between her legs. I looked at her
crotch and saw that she was so wet that I could plainly see the
outline of her pussy lips through the flimsy material. Steve started
to play with her titties and pinch her nipples and Brenda began to
moan. Sixty seconds was almost up but Don wasn't paying any
attention to the time. Tim got up and walked over to Don and I to
get a better view. My wife started breathing harder, almost panting
as Steve continued to pinch and massage Brenda's breasts. Brenda,
now with her eyes closed, started to slightly grind her hips into
Steve's lap. Seeing this, I decided we needed a better view and
began unbuttoning her blouse. With Steve having a field day roaming
his hands all over Brenda's body, I slowly began unbuttoning the top
button of her blouse. Brenda opened her eyes, looked at me and then
closed them again. I unbuttoned each button until I was to the last
one and then let the blouse fall open exposing the rest of her near
naked body.

By this time, several minutes had past, but Brenda had lost track of
the time limit. She was flushed and starting to sweat a little.
Steve used his legs to spread Brenda's legs further apart. As he
did, her panties, which couldn't stretch any further, pulled into
the folds of her pussy and exposed one of her pussy lips. Don let
out a small "wow" and my wife started grinding her hips into Steve's
cock. Steve moved his hands down Brenda's flat belly to the top of
her panties and with two fingers began rubbing her clit through the
flimsy material. Then he grabbed the top of her panties and pulled
them to one side exposing her pussy for us all to see. Brenda's
pussy hair was soaked with her juices and some had run down to her
asshole. Her whole crotch was wet! Steve then let go of her panties
and with his hands, spread Brenda's legs apart even further.

Brenda complied, even lifting one of her legs up over the top of
Steve's thigh. Steve began rubbing her pussy again through her
panties. Don got up and walked over to the two of them and started
playing with Brenda's tits. He reached around her and unbuttoned her
bra, allowing her breasts to fall freely out of their confinement.
Don immediately began rubbing her nipples and started sucking on
one. Tim, seeing all the action, knealt down between Brenda's legs
and started to nibble on her panty clad pussy. This went on for
several minutes when I motioned for Don and Tim and we stood my wife
up. Tim retrieved a padded blanket that we had hidden and placed it
on the table.

Steve removed my wife's blouse and she let it slip to the floor. Don
and I picked my wife up and laid her down on the table. As I did
this, I took her bra off. Steve immediately went back to work on her
tits pinching and sucking on her nipples. This was too much for
Brenda to take and she came right there shaking with her hips
bouncing off the table. Don pulled her hips to the edge of the table
and spread her legs wide apart. He held them apart with his arms and
dove face first into my wife's panty clad pussy. Brenda came again.
Tim was already naked and came over and started kissing Brenda while
putting her hand on his raging hard on. I put Brenda's legs together
and Steve lifted her hips and removed her panties. We put her back
down and while Don held one leg and I the other, we spread them in
front of Steve and displayed my wife's now naked pussy. Steve was
out of his clothes in seconds and with a quick glance at me for
approval, sank his prick into my wife's dripping cunt. Steve began
fucking her slowly at first and then sped up. Brenda was panting so
hard I thought she was going to pass out! She started shaking her
head and bucking her hips as Steve fucked her.

Brenda started coming again and let out a scream. Steve tensed up
and came inside her. Don and I put her feet down on the table and we
all switched positions. Tim got between Brenda's legs and entered
her slippery hole. Brenda was in heaven. So was I for that matter.
Seeing my wife being fucked and pleasured by all of us was
incredible to watch. As Tim slid in and out of my wife, Don and I
were holding her legs wide. Steve went over and began sucking and
pulling on her nipples. Brenda was coming again and so was Tim. They
were fucking each other so hard I thought they were going to break
the table! As Tim pulled out, it was Don's turn. We put Brenda's
legs down and I came around the table to the other side. Don brought
Brenda's knees up to her breasts exposing her cum soaked pussy.
Steve and I both held her knees up to her chest and Don started.

My wife, who hadn't said much up until now other than her moans and
screams, started talking to Don. As if she were in a trance of some
kind, she started yelling, "Fuck me, Don, fuck me!" "Make me do bad
things!" "Make me be sorry for the way I am!" "Punish me 'cause I'm
bad!" Well, Don came right there and everyone had some but me. But I
had some more plans, now. I had never heard my wife talk like this
and I was going to take advantage of the opportunity. I motioned for
Steve, and together, we rolled Brenda over on her stomach. We slid
her down to her hips and dropped her legs to the floor with her ass
sticking up in the air. I told Don to hold her legs and I went to
get some rope. When I started tying Brenda's ankles to the table,
she started to tense up, but she didn't resist. After I tied one
ankle, I spread her other leg wide and tied the other to the table
leg. I got another piece of rope and tied her wrists together and
then tied them to the table leg on the opposite side.

When I was finished, we all stood back to look at our handiwork.
There was my naked wife, tied to the table, legs spread far apart,
her ass up in the air, with her pussy lips flushed and parted and
dripping a combination of pussy juice and cum down the inside of her
thighs. I almost came right there just looking at this sight. I
started telling Brenda how bad I thought she was for allowing my
friends to fuck her so easily and she started to squirm a little. I
told her she would have to be punished for being so bad. "Oh, please
don't hurt me, I'll do anything to make it up to you." "It's too
late!" I said. I went into the garage and got a ping pong paddle and
gave it to Don. Then I went into the bedroom and got her vibrator
and returned.

Then I got a wet towel and cleaned her up a bit. I put the vibrator
up next to her exposed clit and she started to moan again. As I
rubbed the vibrator along her slit, I took the paddle from Don and
gave her one hard swack on the ass. "You have been very bad" I told
her and slapped her again on the other cheek, while at the same time
fucking her with the vibrator. I gave the vibrating duties to Steve
and stood up with the paddle. "Tell us all how bad You have been,
Brenda" I said as I raised the paddle and brought it down on my
wife's already crimson ass cheeks. Brenda was almost crying as she
told us how sorry she was for being bad. After three whacks, it was
Steves turn. After three good slaps by Steve, Don grabbed the paddle
and started to tell Brenda that he was sorry that he was going to
have to do this, but it was for her own good. With that, Don grabbed
one of Brenda's ass cheeks and pulled it up and outward. This
exposed her pussy lips even more and made her little asshole plainly

Don stroked my wife's pussy lips and asshole with the paddle and
then rubbed it along the inside of her thigh. Then a loud "slap!" as
the paddle found it's mark landing on both cheeks and slightly
stinging her pussy lips. Brenda let out a scream and began pulling
on the ropes. Tim and I held her legs while Steve looked on. Another
"whack!" as Don let another swing loose. This one landed lower on
her thigh and left a very visible red mark the shape of our paddle.
The third slap landed square on Brenda's pussy again just as Don
pulled her ass cheek even further apart. Brenda was fighting the
restraints now and was trying to get free but to no avail. I could
tell, however, that she was enjoying this.

Even though she was trying to get away, she wasn't screaming, but
moaning. I looked at her pussy to find her lips swollen and red, and
fresh pussy juice beginning to ooze out and into her pubic hair. She
was definitely in heat and out of control. We could do anything we
wanted. I walked over between her legs and started rubbing my dick
around her pussy. It was on fire! As I slid my cock into her pussy,
Brenda moaned again and started to grind her hips into me. I started
fucking her hard and Brenda started to come again. I pulled out and
inched my dick up a little. I told Tim and Steve to pull her ass
cheeks apart as I began to apply the head of my dick to her asshole.
They both grabbed each of Brenda's ass cheeks and spread them wide.
I watched in amazement as my dick disappeared inside my wife's
lovely ass.

Brenda came. I started slowly fucking her asshole. My God, I had
never been so turned on in my life and I came inside her ass. As I
pulled out, my cum dripped out a little and into the folds of her
pussy. Well, we untied Brenda and laid her on the couch. She was
exhausted. I covered her with the blanket and she immediately fell
asleep. We promised ourselves we would play poker more often.

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