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Black Studs For The Wife

Jun 6, 2002

By nitram06824

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By SeeShow

Several years ago my wife had her first experience with a black man. That evening changed the entire nature of our sex life. Before saying anything further about that night maybe I should give a little background on us first.

I am 45 and Linda is 28. We have been married for eight years, first marriage for both of us. Linda is blonde, very tall and has big beautiful green eyes and a perfect figure. I am 5'9", which is just an inch taller than Linda. Of course she towers over me when she wears her 5" spike heals. I weigh in at 135 lbs.-sopping wet and am not the best looking guy in the world but I am professionally employed as an accountant of a small company.

We began swinging six years ago, or actually I should say my wife officially began swinging with other men at that time. Long before the swinging she had been having extra-marital sex with other men. We hadn't been married a year when she started cheated on me. When I found out and confronted her about it she explained that, unlike me, she was super charged sexually and that I would never be enough to satisfy her. She assured me that her affairs meant little or nothing to her accept that it meant having good sex. It hurt at first, especially since I had never even thought of cheating on her but I realized if I was going to keep my beautiful and sexy wife happy I'd have to accept her having sex with other men. I did ask her to be open to me about her sexual liaisons and to be somewhat discreet about her affairs where our close relatives where concerned. She agreed and after further conversations on the subject, Linda convinced me we should join some swinging groups. Actually, of course, she was the only one doing any swinging as I seldom attended the 'swing parties' and when I did, I kept pretty much to myself as my wife made the rounds from one man to another.

After several years, swinging seemed to be getting somewhat routine for her and she was actually thinking of dropping out of the swing group we had been involved with. However, the one fantasy Linda had never realized was to make it with a really super-hung black man. She had always preferred men with large cocks, and the idea of contrast in color was something that had captured her imagination. As it turned out, her initial experience with a black man far surpassed her expectations much to my chagrin.

It was almost three years ago that we were at a private home with the host couple, two other couples and one single man, named Nate. Nate was black, very tall, a lawyer, and good looking. He was a close friend and swinging partner of our hosts, Pete and Sandy. Pete had told me that Sandy had a particular preference for young black men. Pete, like myself, is much older than his wife. Also like me, he has never really participated in swinging himself, leaving that to his wife. Sandy had told Linda about Nate and had invited us so that we could see her favorite partner in person.

The two other couples soon went upstairs into different bedrooms, exchanging partners. We were left with Pete, Sandy, and Nate. "Linda." said Sandy, "you are going to have the biggest and hottest cock of your life tonight. But you have to share it with me." Linda was a little surprised at her statement but soon broke out in an evil looking grin of acceptance. I must have blushed with some embarrassment at Sandy's frank statement, because the three of them laughed openly and my own wife giggled at my discomfort. Nate then looked at me and said. "Jim, you have got one sexy lady here and I'm sure you'll not mind my enjoying great sex with her this evening." Before I could answer, Linda said, "No indeed he doesn't mind! Do you, Jim?" I nodded my assent, which was certainly not needed for her rhetorical question and with that Nate quickly removed his clothes as Sandy and Linda followed suit. Pete then took me aside and suggested that we go to the kitchen and make drinks for everyone.

"jim, you've got to see this guy to believe him. My Sandy is totally addicted to him. She has given him an open invitation and so he sometimes comes over and fucks Sandy during the day when I'm at work. At first I objected, but Sandy set me straight on that. There's just no denying him any more. I can assure you that Linda will love it. Sandy tells me that and she feels she's never had sex before by comparison." Naturally what Pete said to me was totally disconcerting and simply because he was ready to concede his wife to Nate anytime, I really wasn't inclined to do the same where Linda was concerned. However, I said nothing to Pete as we finished making the drinks for everyone and went back to the living room.

What I saw as we went into the living room was a scene that was to repeat many times in the next three years, although at the time I didn't know it. Linda was on her knees in front of Nate, who was sitting on the sofa next to Sandy. In her hands was the largest cock I had seen in person. It was about ten inches long and very hard and fat and black. The head was glistening from what I assumed to be Linda's licking and sucking. She began licking it from top to bottom. I was hypnotized at the sight. Realizing I was there, Linda looked over her shoulder at me and said, "Jim, look at this! Can you believe the size of this beauty? "Then she began licking and sucking again while Nate kissed Sandy and played with her breasts.

Ten minutes later we were in the bedroom and Nate was poised above Linda with the head of his rigid cock at the entrance to her pussy. Slowly he began entering her, pausing very inch or so to savor the feeling and to watch Linda's reaction. Her eyes were wide open and so was her mouth. "Do it! Oh my God, That's good." she yelled. He did it pushing his monstrous cock all the way in her and then beginning to stroke her with a practiced rhythm. Linda picked up his rhythm, locked her feet behind his buttocks and pumped for all she was worth. It didn't take long for Linda to have an enormous orgasm, at which time Nate paused a moment before pounding away furiously. He finally froze deep inside her, filling her with cum.

Linda held on for dear life, saying, "Oh, baby. Give it all to me." Then her next declaration really hurt me. "No one has ever been that deep in me. Just you, Nate! That part of me belongs only to YOU!" Then he withdrew, got up from the bed, and told Sandy that it was her turn.

The three of them started to leave to get more comfortable in the master bedroom, but before they did my wife said with a lewd grin on her face, "Come on, Jim. You know what I love." I was totally embarrassed as I got on the bed with my face between her legs, looking at the yawning hole of her cunt with Nate's cum oozing out. I hesitated until she said forcefully, "Don't miss a drop," I began licking and sucking her tentatively at first and then with her urging much deeper and fervently. I had become used to sucking Linda after her lovers finished making love to her but this was the first time she'd forced me to do it while others watched. I think she was showing off her domination over me for Nate's sake. "Sharing" was what she called it. When I finished, we kissed, enjoying our traditional sharing of the juices. When we concluded, the others laughed at me discomfort and Nate remarked that I certainly knew my place!

Since that evening she has limited her swinging exclusively to black men. We have learned that Pete and I aren't the only white men who share their white wives with black men. There are many, many white couples who do the same. And quite a few black studs who "specialize" in white married women. White men don't do it for Linda anymore - including me, of course. And after watching her with some of her black studs, I'm surprised that there aren't more white women seeking out black men. While I'm not bi, I have to give credit where it's due. Her black lover's are superior to me in every way at giving great sex to my wife.

Nate introduced us to an organization called WWBS (White Wives with Black Studs) - I belong to the White Boys' auxiliary portion, which is a network of white men whose wives have black lovers. In our state alone there are a few hundred of us in this organization. It's a good way to share experiences, make new friends and to spread the word. The white husbands are required to use bumper stickers and lapel pins with the initials of our club in white on a black background. More and more people are learning about the WWBS. I have had a number of black men see me with my pin, introduce themselves, and ask me to introduce them to my wife. Naturally I do, if they seem to be her type. Incidentally, Linda has told me that her type is the 3B's - big, black, and built. In addition to the black men that I introduce to Linda, at least once a week a black man approaches Linda directly for a sexual liaison. So she now has plenty of wonderful black studs to keep her interest.

Most of the time I'm able to watch and on those occasions when I can't Linda tells me all about it. Of course, I get to 'share' her experiences by sharing the love juices from the deposits of her many black lovers. I'm still not completely happy about sharing my wife with all these black lovers, but I am resolved to it at this point especially since I know there is no way that I can compete with them.

[edited by seeshow@direclynx.net]

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