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Conservative Wife Becomes an Exhibitionist

Oct 10, 1999

By nitram06824

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Written by USAtraveler and Edited by SeeShow

PART 1 - Having Fun With The Convenience Store Clerk

This adventure is the beginning of my wife's evolution from a
moderately conservative housewife to a total exhibitionist. Beth is
41 years old, but looks 10 years younger. She has blonde hair and a
set of natural 35C's on her firm 5'-2" 110 lb. frame. She has a tiny
23 inch waist and a tight butt that flares to 35 inches at the hips.
In other words, she is a wet dream. Our sex life began to change
when AJ, my old college room mate stayed with us a couple of months
last year. Gradually, he and I made my wife aware of his more open
sex life with his girlfriend. With his permission we began to read
some of his E-mail from one of his uninhibited lovers, Barb. It
wasn't long after before Beth and I were taking copies of some of
these E-mail messages to bed and fantasizing that we were AJ and
Barb, involved in some of the exhibitionist behavior that Barb
seemed to enjoy. I was almost shocked when one day Beth told me that
she wanted to emulate some of Barb's uninhibited behavior. I was
certainly all for it and that was the beginning of my wife's more
daring behavior.

The following was written to AJ's girlfriend, Barb, letting her know
how adventuresome Beth had become since reading about her sexual
game playing. Hope you all enjoy the letter!


Beth and I liked the "dare" AJ gave you so we tried it too. Beth put
on a mini skirt and white gauzy blouse -- no bra, no panties. We
took my Grand AM with the sun roof and went for a ride on the
Interstate near our house. It was warm and sunny, somewhere in the
upper 80's.

"Do it....do the dare," I said. She hiked her skirt up and
unbuttoned the first couple of buttons on her blouse, allowing the
top portion of her breasts to show plainly. She said she felt a
little strange, but also somewhat excited as we passed our first
trucker. It didn't take much urging on my part for Beth to unbutton
more and more buttons, gradually exposing her breasts as we drove
along slowly passing semi's and pickup trucks. She also eventually
hiked her skirt to the point that it bunched at her hips displaying
her neatly trimmed pussy. The combination of the heat from the sun
and being progressively exposed made her really hot. Before long,
her blouse was completely undone and off her shoulders and her cunt
was glistening in the sun when we flashed the last trucker passing
by him on the driver's side of his rig.

Beth said she was so excited that she couldn't wait to get home to
screw me. I told her I was more than ready, but I needed sometyhing
for my dry throat so I made a stop at a small convenience store just
off the interstate to purchase sodas for us. As I pulled into the
parking lot a great thought hit me that this was another great
opportunity for Beth to expose herself. I dared her to go in alone
and find a way to flash her naked breasts to the clerk.

Beth really liked this idea but admitted it was going to take more
courage to do it that "close and personal" as opposed to a quick
flash to a trucker as we drove by. However, she was really excited
by then and agreed to do it. She buttoned the bottom two buttons of
her blouse and went in. She was gone for well over five minutes
before coming back out to me in the car. She said the clerk watched
her every move. She said, "I knew he was trying to see if my blouse
would fall open enough for him to see my breasts when I was at the
cooler getting the sodas. So I spent about a minute in front of the
open door to the cooler letting the cold air make my nipples really
hard. I then let him have a long look when I went to the counter to

"I set my purse on the counter top and bent forward slightly to get
the money. I could feel my left breast escaping the blouse. My
taught nipple grazed the material and hung momentarily as my tit
continued to slip out of the blouse. I knew my tit was out when the
wind from the checkout's little oscillating fan tickled my bare skin
and sent electric sensations across my erect nipple. I didn't make
any attempt to straighten my blouse or to cover myself. I watched
his eyes feasted on my exposed breast. I loved feeling very daring
and quite flush all over!"

While she was inside, I had moved the car parallel to the door. As
Beth came out, one breast was bouncing freely, completely out of her
blouse. The clerk was standing by the window watching my wife
getting back into the car.

I told her, "He's still watching."

She let her mini skirt ride up exposing her upper thighs and butt by
exaggerating her entry to the passenger seat. Beth sat down on the
seat and placed first one leg and then the other into the car. Not
only was she exposing her breasts but also her neatly trimmed pussy
to him.

I looked back at him to see him standing there with his mouth open
and one of his hands already on the bulge in his pants.

I didn't have too long to think about our convenience store friend
because Beth had my penis in her mouth almost as soon as we cleared
the parking lot. She told me the story of what went on inside as she
sucked me off. I erupted into her throat when she told me about her
tit falling out of her blouse for the clerk to see when she was at
the check-out counter.

We were still so extremely turned-on that we couldn't make it to the
house before we had to fuck each other silly. We stopped at a State
Park just off the interstate. I pulled onto one of the picnic areas.
I guided her from the car and stripped off the blouse and skirt
leaving her standing naked in the public picnic area. Her nipples
were erect and very sensitive to my kisses. Her cunt was swollen and
leaking lubricant.

I laid her face down over the hood and had her grab the top of the
hood near the windshield wipers. Spreading her legs, I fell to my
knees and began to caress her sweet cunt lips with my tongue. She
wanted nothing to do with that sweet torture. She told me in no
uncertain terms that she wanted, "To be fucked and fucked hard."

I dropped my pants to the grass and stepped out of them now totally
nude too. "Hurry up, do me," she demanded. I slid my 7" dick in her
hot pussy with ease. My wife was as wet as I can ever remember.
Using long strokes to penetrate her love canal, I slowly pumped in
and out of her. "Stop that teasing, just fuck me good and hard and
do it now!" she pleaded.

I bent over her back and quickened the pace. "Ohhh--yessss," she
moaned, "bang me hard."

"Just pretend I'm the store clerk and I'm nailing you in the parking
lot in front of the store. Every one in the store is watching," I
whispered into her ear. That pushed her over the top. She came as I
slammed into her with all my strength. My cum raced from my balls,
hosing her cunt with a white hot load as I too imagined her being
fucked by the clerk.

Believe me we both loved acting out one of our hotter fantasies.
Beth loved it and wants to do it again tomorrow. Thanks to you and
AJ, Barb, for the idea.

PART 2 - Toll Booth Flash

Barbara, I have to tell you that Beth has been almost insatiable
since our flashing experiences last Saturday. We have gone over the
events several times in between hot sex sessions, one in our back
woods (still obscured by all the leaves on the trees and bushes) and
another on the secluded back deck.

Since we found out that the forecast for Friday and Saturday is for
lots of rain and much cooler temperatures, we opted to move up the
"do it again" to last evening. It was still pretty warm, about 84
when we left the house at 6:30 PM yesterday. Anyway, for this
"dare," she put on the same blue denim mini skirt she wore Saturday
and this time found a top to one of her warm-up suits that is
basically a thin white nylon front-zippered jacket. She chose it
because it was semi-transparent and zipped in the front. Beth also
found an old hair piece that changed her from the blonde she is to a
sandy brunette. I almost didn't recognize her at first.

We drove again out to I-44 and cruised along the highway. This time
she reclined the passenger seat and laid back in it pretending to be
asleep. She rolled onto her left side and somewhat bent her knees
bringing her legs up toward her chest. She then arranged her mini
(it's not a tight one, but flouncy and full, like a tennis skirt) to
expose her thighs and part of her butt to view. As we passed by
semi's and pickups, she would pretend to be asleep and would roll
over to her back. This maneuver would cause her mini to stay
scrunched up exposing her upper thighs and sometimes exposing her
all the way to her waist. After five or six times doing this
"flashing", she said she wasn't getting the rush she had on Saturday
and that she wanted to try something else. She couldn't really see
the reaction of the truck drivers and this reduced her excitement.
She said that she wanted to see men's reaction to her "show," like
the convenience store clerk last Saturday.

So here is what we came up with: We drove to the Outlet Mall in the
county next to us on I-70, about 30 minutes away from where we were
then cruising. The sun was going down and the interior of the car,
even with the sun roof open, was getting dark. She let me have free
roam over her body and never protested when I pushed her mini up to
her waist or as I unzipped her jacket to free her breasts. She even
placed her hands behind her back and said she wouldn't move them
until I told her to. I pinched and tugged on her nipples until
they were super sensitive; standing straight out, hard and very
erect. Every once in a while, I brought my hand to her pussy and
rapidly moved the tip of my finger over the tip of her clit trying
to bring her just to the edge of an orgasm. She never asked me to
let her cover up even as we drove through areas on the highway that
had more traffic. She remained this way when we stopped on the four
lane road leading to the mall. A man in a van was next to u s, but
never looked over. What a shame. He never even knew what he missed!
All of this had her really hot and excited and she was in this
condition when we arrived just after sundown at the mall.

We parked in the underground garage and proceeded to take the stair
up to the main level. On the stair she zipped up her jacket and
adjusted her skirt and told me to follow behind her and tell her
what I could see when I looked up the stairs at her. I could tell
that she was not wearing panties when she stepped a certain way
going up the stairs. When I caught up to her and told her, she just
smiled and said "good."

She kissed me and squeezed my dick and balls through my jeans and
told me to walk behind and watch her, pretending not to know her at
all. She walked on ahead and I followed in a very excited state. She
sort of rolled her hips slightly, causing the mini to swing back and
forth a little bit. Soon, a couple of men were following her as she
walked along the mall, stopping to window shop now and then. If you
looked closely enough, you could see her nipples ghosting through
the nylon of her jacket and you could easily tell that she was naked
underneath by the way her breasts moved and by the little tents her
nipples made in the material. She next walked to the escalator and
rode up the moving stairs while I watched from below. I caught up
to her in the bookstore on the second level. She asked me what I
could "see." I told her about her nipples ghosting through the
jacket and her breasts moving under it and the tents her nipples
made. I told her about the two men watching her too. She sa id she
knew they were watching since she saw their reflection in the store
windows She asked about what I saw when she was on the escalator
and I told her nothing; the dress still covered every thing.

I think she became more determined at that point and told me to go
downstairs and watch again. This time she used the center court
stairs which had two intermediate landings. No doubt about it, I
could and did see her closely trimmed pussy and entire ass as she
exaggerated her steps down the stairs. When I caught up to her on
the first floor cookware store I told her all about it. What was
really exciting to both of us was that there was a fellow standing
near me who could see the same thing I did. He gave me a knowing
smile after viewing her. Sort of like voyeur to voyeur, but he never
knew I was with her.

Next she went to some of the women's clothing stores to hunt up
another outfit. She wouldn't let me follow but came out with two
bags containing something making her smile. She wouldn't say what,
only that I'd like it. She asked me for the keys to the car and
told me to wait for her out on the road leaving the mall. She then
left to get the car out of the garage.

She picked me up about 20 minutes later and was really excited. This
is the story she related to me: She had put her purse and bags in
the trunk of the car. When she approached the toll booth, she told
the guy at the booth that she lost her purse and didn't have any
money to pay the $3 parking charge. She asked him if he would
consider trading for the parking fee. He asked her what she had in
mind. She smiled and brought the zipper of her jacket down about
1/3. She said her skirt was so short already that almost all of her
thighs were showing. He just looked, wide eyed -- so she asked him
if he wanted more. Down came the zipper some more. Beth looked at
him and he was just staring at her. "More?" she asked him and
proceeded to completely unzip her jacket. "Well," she said. The
guy just kept looking, eyeing her intently. "Well?" she said again,
"More?" Supposedly he nodded. She then told me that she almost came
as she shrugged the jacket off her shoulders letting it gap open and
dro p to her elbows, completely exposing her breasts. The guy said
nothing but just stared as she watched his eyes rove over her naked
chest. "More?" "You want more?" Next she shifted a little in the
seat, raising her ass up so she could pull the mini up all the way
to her waist. She said she felt like little jolts of electricity
were running through her terminating at her erect nipples. She said
she could feel her pussy juices oozing out too. He just stared and
said "wow" and "fantastic" and "damn." After a minute of so,
another car pulled up behind Beth. The toll both fellow just opened
the gate arm and Beth drove off. When she drove up to me, she still
had her jacket off her shoulders and the skirt bunched around her
waist. She popped the trunk lid and told me to find the emergency
blanket and get into the floor of the back seat with the blanket
over me while she drove home -- completely exposed except for the
bunched skirt at her waist.

For the next 20 minutes she gave me a running commentary on the cars
and especially the trucks around her. She said only the dash board
lights and the full moon illuminated her and she was feeling very
bold as the wind from the open windows and sun roof blew across her
naked chest and tickled her pubic hair. We didn't make it home. She
had driven us to the same State Park we had stopped at on Saturday.
She jumped out of the car and before I could get uncoiled and get
the kinks out, she had shed her jacket and was headed for one of the
picnic tables with only her mini on. When I caught up to her I
immediately laid her back on the top of the table and preceded to
bring her to a quick orgasm using just my tongue. She was so hot and
wet she came in no time. Next we went at it doggy style with her
kneeling on the bench seats. I didn't last long either. I was so
exited from all the events that I felt like a teenager getting laid
for the first time at a drive-inn movie.

Driving home, she said she really liked the sensation she felt as
the toll booth operator stared at her naked chest and cunt. She
admitted that getting paid to strip was also very exciting for her.
(He paid her $3 parking fee.)

She said she wanted to do something like that again. She liked the
sensual high she got by partly exposing herself over a prolonged
period of time leading up to the toll both "show." We are thinking
about going across the river to Illinois where they have strip clubs
and adult theaters. Even if we run into someone we know her hair
piece gives her a completely different look. Or we may travel up to
Chicago next weekend, rain or not. Bound to be something to "do"
somewhere that is "daring."

I am sending this to AJ too. (ps to AJ, Beth says to hurry back to
town. If you fly in, she said she would meet you at the airport
wearing something very special).

Quick, you two; give us some new ideas. In the meantime, I am
getting more sex than I have had in years. Hope I can keep her
satisfied. ;-)

PART 3 - The Chicago Trip

Well, AJ and Barb, Beth really out did herself and I think surpassed
the previous two "dares" this past Saturday and Sunday.

All we talked about the last couple of nights were rehashes of the
convenience store and toll both exhibitions. She told me Friday
night that she would do anything I dared her to do and she
emphasized "anything." I must tell you two that I threw out some
fantasy scenarios to gauge her reactions. I suggested that I might
"dare" her to sell her bra and take if off and hand it to the
bartender at one of the clubs across the river in Illinois. Or I
might "dare" her to play strip poker with some guys and loose on
purpose. Or I might "dare" her to pose nude in front of a camera
with someone other than me taking the pictures. Or I might "dare"
her to lose her swimsuit top in a hotel pool somewhere.

She just looked me straight in the eye and said, "Yes, dare me!"
"Any of them?" I said. "Dare me and I'll do it," was her reply!

Remember the purchases she made at the Outlet Mall women's store she
said I'd like? She had one of them on when I came back to the house
after getting fuel for the car on Saturday morning. She also had a
small bag packed and said, "Let's get started on my 'dare.'" With
that, she threw the bag into the back seat, jumped into the
passenger seat, and said, "Let's go!" I ran back into the house and
collected a couple of shirts, pants, shaving gear, etc. and stuffed
them into a bag and ran back to the car. We zoomed off and soon
were traveling east toward Illinois on I-55. Beth was wearing her
denim mini and a new eyelet front-button sweater that ended with
ribbing at her midriff. The knit pattern as I said was eyelet, kind
of "lacy" and revealing. Obviously, she was braless. She had on
white sandals that had straps that tie above her ankles and she was
wearing the hairpiece she wore last Wednesday. I tell you AJ, you
wouldn't really recognize her. Damn, she was HOT looking.

We rolled through downtown St Louis and crossed over the bridge into
Illinois. We stopped and went into an adult book and novelty store
just across the river along the interstate. She was an instant hit
among the customers. Their eyes seemed to follow her especially when
they figured out she was braless and didn't have on the usual opaque
bodysuit that the sweater should have been worn with. I selected a
tape and a few toys and gave them to Beth so she could pay for them.
When she did, she said to the clerk that she was my "love slave" and
would do anything I commanded her to do. His expression was

We drove on up I-55 toward Chicago, stopping in Springfield to eat
lunch at a TGIFridays. The place was dimly lit and had many
customers. We had to wait a few minutes before being seated. Beth
took the opportunity to walk back to the restroom. Boy did she
collect attention with that outfit. In no time the manager seated
us ahead of others at a table for four. He hovered about trying to
see her chest. The waiter, on the other hand, was young in his mid
20's and cute (according to Beth). I dared her to undo a couple of
buttons so that when she bent forward, the tops of her breasts would
be seen from the waiter's vantage point. She immediately complied.
I couldn't stand it and stood to go to the restroom (really to check
out the view myself). When she bent forward to get her water glass,
I could definitely see the tops of her breasts. When I returned, the
waiter was back at the table and obviously checking out her assets.
As we were preparing to leave and before the waiter brought us the
tab, I dared her to unbutton 2 more buttons and expose her tits to
the waiter when he returned. My little vixen not only unbuttoned the
two, but also another. Now 5 of the 7 buttons on her sweater were
undone. Beth pulled the sweater open over her right breast, took her
napkin and was blotting around her nipple when he brought to bill.
She smiled at him and finished her sham clean-up. He stared at her
naked breast like a deer caught in a car's head lights. I slipped
him a twenty and said I hoped he enjoyed his tip.

We were on the road to Chicago about 1:30 and it was beginning to
rain pretty hard. Beth said she hoped it would rain all day. I told
her to recline the seat and nap as we would be up late. I unbuttoned
the rest of the sweater, one button every 20 minutes. I pulled it
fully open. She was exposed completely from the waist up. She stayed
this way for almost another hour passing several semi's and pick-up
trucks. During this time I brought her to several small orgasms
using my hand and fingers.

I had called ahead to The Ambassador River Front and reserved a
room before we left St Louis. I had her button up on the outskirts
of Chicago and to bring her seat back to the upright position. I
dared her to leave her mini bunched up above her waist for the rest
of the trip into town. Beth really gave the Redcap a leg show when
he opened her door at the hotel.

Our room was on the 10th floor and overlooked the Chicago River. It
had a king size bed, couch, coffee table, small round table with two
chairs, a small refrigerator, and the standard dresser with TV. I
had asked the desk clerk for a video cassette player when we checked
in. While we waited for it to arrive, I dared Beth to strip and go
into the bathroom and leave the door ajar about a foot. She was
standing in front of the mirror at the sink when the bell hop came
up. He walked past the cracked door and never saw her. I asked him
to hook-up the player for us. I then pretended to look through my
pants and wallet for some money for a tip but couldn't find any. I
called out to Beth and asked her where her purse was. When she
answered, the bellhop turned toward her voice. I gave him a $5 tip
from her purse as he nervously shifted back and forth on his feet in
front of the TV.

Beth told me after the bellhop left that she could see him in the
mirror so she knew he saw her too. She pretended to be fixing her
hair and had her hands up in the air using her comb and brush. This
position accented her exceptional breasts even more. She said she
didn't at all move to cover herself but just stared back at him and
smiled. He was watching her while I was getting the tip. I gave her
an option of watching the video or going out to play. "Play," she
said. She was excited.

We decided to take advantage of the hotel exercise facility. I had
Beth empty the contents of her bag on the bed to see what she
packed. I selected a pair of red flair-leg, high cut shorts and one
of my tee shirts for her to wear. She just slipped them over her
nakedness and said, "Let's go." We grabbed a couple of towels and
headed for the exercise room on the 2nd level.

We had been using the machines for about 30 minutes in-between
grabbing feels of each other. We were working up quite a sweat and
Beth's tee shirt was becoming semi transparent from her
perspiration. She used a spray bottle to dampen the cotton material
a little more so that it really molded to her chest. I really
enjoyed the show she was putting on. Her breasts bounced freely
when she was on the treadmill. On the weight machine, when she
reached over her head, her shorts would ride high up her thighs to
her ass cheeks. She did a couple of reps on the thigh master machine
that required her to spread her legs apart against the pads. When
she did, her butt came off the seat slightly. If you stood in front
of her, you just might be treated to a quick view of her trimmed
pussy. I told her as much and she just giggled saying she liked
this "dare" very much. After a while, a pair of men came into the
room too. They watched Beth intently as you could easily tell she
has braless. Beth re- did her exercise regime concentrating on
ones that pulled the tee shirt tightly across her chest. She also
did a lot of leg exercises including laying on her back with her
legs up in the air -- riding an imaginary bike, scissors splits, and
leg lifts. I know I was sporting a hard on watching her.

When she finished, she sat down at the side of the decorative little
fountain and dangled her feet into the water. She took her hand and
dipped some water onto her legs. The two fellows completed their
workouts and asked if they minded if they sat down there too. I
told them to go ahead as we were going to clean-up and go to hotel
club soon anyway. Beth then took some more water and splashed it on
her face and neck. The water dribbled and soaked the tee shirt in a
few places. She dabbed the towel to her face only, leaving the rest
of herself very wet.

Beth was all over me on the elevator ride back to the room snaking
her hand up my shorts leg and stroking my dick. She asked me if I
thought they saw anything. I said "Definitely, especially during
the leg exercise routine!" I told her I liked the water trick too.
Perhaps we could take it farther later.

Back in the room, she walked to the sliding glass door (we were on
the 10th floor) and opened the curtains and walked out to the small
landing and let the rain fall on her. The tee shirt became see-thru.
I reminded her that she had only about 20 minutes to get ready and
be back at the bar by 7:45. She said again, "Dare me." I instructed
her to take off her wet clothes out there in the rain. She did. I
let her stand there holding the clothes in one hand, wet from head
to toe in a rather cold rain. I then told her to come in and get her
hairpiece dried and make-up in order. Beth disappeared into the
bathroom and I proceeded to change into my slacks and sport shirt.

She put on what I had selected for her to wear and we went down to
the bar. Sure enough, the two fellows from the exercise room were
sitting at a table motioning for us to come over. Beth was wearing
her London Fog no-iron raincoat, mini, the eyelet sweater, and the
sandals with the straps that come up above her ankles. When we got
to the table, they asked if they could take her coat. She stood and
unbelted the coat and let one of them help her slip the coat off.
We had one beer with them. They didn't say too much, just kept
staring at Beth's chest where her nipples made little tents in the
sweater. We soon said our good byes, said we would see them later
perhaps. Beth said she wasn't hungry so we canceled the diner
reservation and left the hotel. It was raining pretty hard and the
doorman "loaned" us umbrellas with the hotel logo on them.

We walked out onto the main street and strolled toward the Chicago
River. We stopped at the 1/2 way-point on the bridge and I lifted
the hem of her coat and dress and used my hand to stimulate her
clitoris. I told her I might hail a cab and then strip her naked in
the back seat. She just said, "Dare me." I had her undo her coat
and sweater on the bridge. I came up behind her and cupped her
breasts and pinched her nipples as a couple of cars passed by. The
bridge had a walkway that is separated from the roadway by a
railing. I don't think anybody really paid us any attention. She
said she wanted me to dare her to do something more dangerous.

We went back to the hotel and I told her we were going dancing in
the club. She said that didn't sound very dangerous. We rode the
elevator back to our room. At the 8th floor I stopped the elevator
and "dared" her to strip. She did and handed me her things. I just
stood back and watched her as the doors opened for our floor. No one
was there but she was very excited at the chance that someone might
have been there. I opened the door to our room with the security
card key and she walked in naked and stood in the middle of the room
while I hung her things in the closet just inside the door. Then I
shut the door. She dropped to her knees in front of me and took my
dick into her mouth and sucked me all the way down her throat to the
root of my penis. "Do me now," she said. I told her to spread her
legs and bend over and place her hands on the bed. I entered her
from behind and pumped away like a mad man. I was glad to get some
relief. My balls were aching terribly.

I wanted her to wear the long jersey shirtdress that buttons all the
way in the front. This was the other purchase she made last
Wednesday at the mall. There are 14 buttons in all. The material is
form fitting and her breasts jiggle when she walks in high heels.
Her nipples were outlined well against the material too.

I buttoned all but the top two and bottom four buttons. Down on the
elevator we went to the club as I pinched her nipples through the
thin jersey material of her top and played with her pussy by putting
my hand under her dress. We found a table for four near the back
corner of the bar. A small band with a female vocalist was playing a
mix of songs. We danced several fast numbers and a few belly
rubbing slow songs. The two guys from the exercise room came over
(guess they were still there all this time) and commented on the
dress and asked if they could buy a couple of rounds. Before we
knew it, they were sitting with us and chatting about the exercise
equipment. The conversation was filled with sexual innuendoes.
Finally, one asked Beth if she had been exercising without

She looked at me and I nodded to her. Beth told him that she never
wears underwear. You could almost hear a pin drop. "Really? Even
now," one of them said. "Yes" she said, "Even now."

Beth and I got up to dance leaving two very excited men back at the
table. We danced a couple of songs and before we returned, I dared
her to unbutton some more buttons. One top and one bottom. She undid
them. As she was sitting down, one of the guys asked if she would
like to dance with him. I nodded approval. So she did, a fast, swing
type. She flashed lots of leg during the dance and I really liked
her boldness. When they returned the other one asked her to dance
too. Only this time they danced both a fast number and a slow song.
She told me when I danced the next number with her that he had one
hand on her butt and she moved it back up three times. She said she
could also feel his erection pressing against her leg as they did
the slow dance. I dared her to unbutton another button, this time
from the bottom. She did. This left her buttoned starting just below
her breasts and about to her upper thighs. When she sat down, she
leaned forward a little allowing them a cleavage shot.

She crossed her legs and the material fell away from her legs. The
two fellows were getting an eyeful and Beth was having fun teasing
them. She giggled and flirted with them and gave each several more
dances before the club closed around 2am.

Beth and I headed back up to our room and they got on the elevator
with us. Beth thanked each of them with a small hug as they got off
the elevator on their floor. As the door was closing I "dared" her
to ask them if they wanted to join us for one drink in our room
before we turned in. They got right back on. In our room, Beth sat
on the bed with her hands back behind her supporting herself. Her
dress had opened high up on her legs as she crossed them. The lights
were much better in the room than in the club. I got a couple of
bottles of gin out of the small in-room refrigerator and poured them
over glasses of ice.

We chatted a few more minutes about nothing. Finally the first one
said that his wife would never go out anywhere without underwear.
The second said his too. I told them that Beth does all the time,
that it keeps our sex life charged, and that she likes the
excitement of men watching her. With this she blushed a little but
said nothing. Beth excused herself to go to the bathroom as all the
drinks were working on her. When she was in the bathroom, they asked
me about her lack of underwear again.

She asked us what we were all talking about while she was gone. I
told her that we were discussing her lack of underwear and how they
found it difficult to believe. I then asked them if they wanted to
know for sure. (Barbara, this is kind of what we chatted about
Friday.) "Sure!" they said. I told them that Beth sometimes takes
dares and might be receptive to one right now.

They wanted to know what kind of dare. I got a deck of playing cards
out of the drawer and told them that it would cost them $20 to draw
a card. If it were an ace, king, queen, jack or a ten, then Beth
would unbutton one button for them. If it were any thing else,
nothing would happen. Between the two of them they placed 5 - $20's
on the table. I shuffled and laid the cards down and told Beth to
stand in front of them with the deck in her out-stretched hands. One
of the guys drew a card. It was a jack of hearts. I told her to undo
one button. She did a top one. With that, they drew another card. A
ten. She undid another button. Now only 3 remained and 3 - $20 were
on the table. They drew again. This time Beth encouraged them and
told them that if it were a face card, they could undo the button.
It wasn't and the disappointment was evident on their faces as well
as Beth's.

One fellow went into his wallet and pulled out a folded-up $100 bill
and laid it on the bed. He drew another card, nothing. Then again
and it was a face card. He reached for another button as Beth moved
her arms parallel to the floor and back from her shoulders slightly.
This caused her nipples to strain against the material and the gap
between the two halves of the dress to open up a lot. Only 2 buttons
remained and by my count they could draw another 5 times. It only
took them 3 as they eagerly undid the last button. Beth just stood
there, arms out, letting them undo it. She shuddered and let out a
deep sigh. There she stood, the front of her dress completely open.
From behind her, I pushed the dress off her shoulders, letting it
drop to the floor.

Her nipples were hard and I know she was oozing pussy juice as she
stood there, naked, while the two men stared. They asked if they
could touch her. I told them that they could draw another card from
the deck because they had money left. If it were a face card like
before, they could. But only for a minute. If they drew an ace, they
could both touch and kiss her anywhere except on the mouth. They
drew a three and seemed to be very disappointed. She held out the
deck again and told them to concentrate on an ace. It was another
jack. They were excited. The 1st one began with her breasts as she
just stood with her hands behind her back. He ran his hands up and
down her chest, across her stomach, down to her pubic area, and then
kneaded her ass cheeks with both hands. He then went back to her
breasts and pulled and twisted on her nipples. She squealed as he
did that.

The second guy, like the first started with her breasts but quickly
found his way between her legs. When he stroked across her neatly
trimmed pussy, she sighed and spread her legs farther apart. He
spent the rest of his time caressing her there with his hand and
fingers while staring at her eyes. She told me later that he even
managed to get one finger in her cunt part way.

I told the two men it was time to call it a night. They reluctantly
left for the door and I told Beth to give each a hug and walk them
to the elevator. She told each one that she really liked them and
perhaps they would visit again tomorrow. Then naked, she walked down
the hall with them to the elevator and waited with them for the
elevator to arrive. She came back into the room and told me that she
was never so sexually aroused in her life. She said she wanted to do
more with other men. I told her I would arrange something but we had
to keep it safe. Then I "dared" her to step out onto the balcony
landing still naked. I kissed her and was finger fucking her when I
asked her if she wanted to take the "dares" to another level. She
stood there with her legs spread, facing me and grasping the hand
rail with each hand. She just said, "Dare me."

Back inside she and I screwed all night. She was so excited being
naked in front of the two men and letting them touch her. She asked
if maybe some guys could come up to the hotel room to play poker.
She wants to be there as hostess. I am to lose all my money and
then sell articles of her clothing to get back into the game, only
to lose again. Eventually she wants to have them bid on her bra and
panties with the winner taking them off of her. She said she wants
to jack-off the winner and smear his come over her breasts. We
fucked like monkeys with this fantasy.

Finally we caught some sleep. In the morning, I called down to the
guys' rooms and asked if they wanted to come back and play some
poker. They said they had tickets to the Cubs game and would gladly
give them up to play poker. They rather sadly told me that they had
to go to the game to met business contacts there. I invited them to
meet us in the pool area in five minutes instead since the game
started at noon, about two hours from now.

Beth wore her two piece suit that has a top that ties at the neck
and also at the back. The bottoms are kind of tame and cover her ass
entirely. We were in the hot tub next to the pool when they came
into the room with the pool. In no time, Beth was sitting between
them and had her hands on their legs and then inside their suits.
Because of the number of hotel guests there, she didn't take off her
top but I know she wanted to for them. The bubbles obscured the
surface giving her cover while she boldly began stroking their cocks
and balls. She wiggled and squirmed as they began exploring under
her bathing suit bottoms. I whispered to my wife that I dared her to
take off her bottoms. Smiling wickedly, she asked on of the guys to
strip her bottoms off. She raised up a little as they pulled the
bottoms down to her ankles. Beth raised her leg up with the suit
bottom dangling on her foot. I took it off her foot and stuffed it
in her robe pocket. She continued to stroke their cocks spreadin g
her legs to give them access to her cunt. Beth told me later that
one man fingered her clit while the other pumped two fingers in and
out of her very wet cunt. She told me that after her second orgasm,
she whispered to each guy that she wanted to feel them cum. Beth
told me that one of them spurted several streams of cum through her
fingers. My wife told him that she wanted an encore as soon as he
got back from the Cubs game. When they got out to leave, she
wrapped the hotel robe around her, took off her top, and handed it
to one of the men inviting them to bring it back to her after the
game. With her robe slightly open, she pressed her naked body
against them and told them to "Hurry back." Beth closed her robe
and we left for the room.

I had her naked, tied spread-eagle to the four corners of the bed,
and blind folded as soon as we got back to the room. We played with
the dildo she bought yesterday telling her to pretend it was one of
the guys fucking her. I put the dildo in her cunt and let her suck
my dick to pretend she had two men doing her. I told her the fellows
might show up anytime and that I was going for a one hour stroll. I
left her tied to the bed, the door ajar, and the XXX video tape
playing on the TV.

When I came back, it was still ajar. No one had ventured by. We got
special permission for late checkouts too, just in case to two guys
came back to "return" her swimsuit top. My plan was to hide down the
hall and wait for them. When they came to the room I would wait, 4
or 5 minutes, and then come back to the room and find them all with
her. I didn't tell her about this part of the plan, just that I was
going for a walk and leaving her tied. She said she was anticipating
that they would come in at any minute and find her like that. She
really got excited being vulnerable and exposed.

We had to reluctantly leave for St. Louis around 5pm. I had her
wear only her rain coat for the return trip. She slept on the way
back in the car. When the sun went down, I told her that she had to
get naked and stay that way until I told her different. I then
placed the two nipple clamps on her that we bought at the adult
bookstore. I also inserted a battery powered vibrator in her cunt.
She told me twice to tighten the clamps a little more. She said it
felt like her nipples were on fire. We drove past several semi's
with her reclining in the front seat nude and the interior lights
illuminating her. One trucker tooted his horn as we passed him.

I wonder what we will do next time. She loves this new "dare me"

She is becoming very bold and says she is going to retire a lot of
her wardrobe for much sexier clothes. I'm thinking of a way to
strip her slowly as part of a bet; say when I have a few guys over
to watch a football game on TV. She could be the hostess and make a
comment that the other team can't score on the home team at all. I
would bet her to back up her boast as follows: she would have to
lose clothing as the other team scores but she has to continue to
serve drinks and snacks even though she is slowly becoming naked.

Or she could flash a shoe clerk. Or try on new bathing suits to
replace the one she lost in Chicago. The dressing room curtain could
be slightly open. Hey maybe the Outlet Mall is next up this week.
She has that cash from the guys to help buy some new clothes. I bet
the toll booth operator at the garage is wishing for her to come
back. And you know, it could happen!

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