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Sex Drugged Slutty Wife

Oct 10, 1999

By nitram06824

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TO: My Net Friends
FROM: SeeShow
SUBJECT: A Wife watching Story-given to me by a friend!


Even though my wife and I have been married for ten years, she
still gets my dick hard when I get a chance to see her in the nude.
She's a sexy beauty; the only trouble is I don't get a chance to see
her sexy unclothed body that often. She is very timid about sex and
it's normally lights out from her trip from the shower to the bed.
Even though I've worked at loosening her up where sex is concerned,
she has remained very timid. The times I've brought it up to her,
she has said that's the way she was raised and it's too late to do
anything about changing her attitude about sex now! Not only is it a
shame for me, but also for the guys who would get a big boner seeing
my wife in sexy cloths. However, she is always dressed demurely and
proper no matter how much I try to get her to wear sexy clothing and
show off more of her sexy 36D-25-35 body.

About two weeks ago a friend of mine who works for a
pharmaceutical firm, told me that his company was dumping out of a
drug that acted like a very strong sex stimulant. They had actually
discovered it while searching for an arthritis cure. Believe it or
not, they had even gone to the FDA for approval, but now knew their
was no way they could obtain approval. As a result they had
entrusted my friend to destroy the several thousand pills they had
produced for testing. He told me he had destroyed the placebo and
smuggled the sex stimulant to his home. He told me he had more than
a lifetime supply and since he owed me a favor or two he was
offering me a thousand pills for free. he was aware of my timid wife
and assured me that these would certainly spice up our sex life.

Initially I thought he was joking, but realizing he was serious, I
graciously accepted his offer and decided to try them on my wife,
Nora, the following week when we were off to the coast on our annual
vacation. I waited until we arrived in our hotel room and slipped
one into her coffee that morning. Their was no initial reaction from
her and for a while, I thought my friend, Jerry, had been putting me
on. However, during lunch my wife started twitching strangely and
began to slur her words slightly as if she had too much to drink,
even though she had only one glass of wine with her lunch. She began
to talk about sex and used vulgar words not usually in her
vocabulary. When we came back to our room after lunch, my somewhat
prim and proper wife began to act even more like a slut. As soon as
we walked in the door, she pulled her panties down past her legs and
held them in her hand as she raised her skirt all the way up to
expose her pussy and asked, "Do you think I have a good looking

I was stunned for a minute before answering in the affirmative. To
my delightful surprise she told me that was good because more than
anything in the world right now she needed a good pussy licking and
that if I did a good job she'd be happy to suck my prick off. She
said that she wanted to spend the rest of our vacation fucking our
asses off! It was hard for me to believe that this was actually my
straitlaced wife saying these things. But in deed she was.

I knew then that Jerry hadn't been kidding me about the ability of
the sex pills he gave me. We spent the rest of the afternoon in "69"
and then resting up watching one of the X-rated movies offered on
the Hotel TV viewing. She kept remarking about the size of the guys
cocks and when a particularly hot session involving one gal and two
guys was playing, she remarked as how she had missed out on never
having sex with two guys at one time. It was the kind of talk that
really turned me on because, my most vivid fantasy was to see my
wife acting like a slut and taking on a couple of guys while I
watched. The next pleasant surprise came as I started to get ready
for dinner. She came out of the bathroom with black sheer stockings
on held up by some slinky garters. She had and a micro mini-dress in
her hands that she was ready to put on. Apparently, when I caught a
little nap in the late afternoons she had slipped out to a
"Fredericks of Hollywood" shop and bought these really hot cloths.
As she put on her dress, I asked her if she hadn't forgot something.
She said if I was referring to her panties, she had no intent on
wearing any at all during our seaside vacation!

We had some wine with our meal and afterward we went to the bar
for some drinks. As she sat on the bar stool with her legs slightly
parted, it became obvious to me that the guys in the nearby booths,
due to their lower angle could see her juicy slit quite clearly.
When I mentioned this to her she just smiled and parted her legs
even further and told me that she'd hoped they were getting a good
show. I couldn't believe her new sexual attitude. She was acting
just like the slut, I always wanted her to be and I was loving it.
While a couple of guys almost dropped their teeth looking at my
wife's sexy show, none were so bold as to approach us and follow up
on her wanton display. That was really a shame, because I think she
was just about ready for anything that evening.

When we got back to our room she was all excited and we talked for
a long time about her new wantonness as we indulged in sexual play
with one another. She said she really didn't know what had gotten
into her but she was liking the results of her new wantonness as
much as I was.

We got up late the next morning and had a brunch before starting
off to the beach. I slipped another pill into her vamoose at brunch.
And again there was no visible signs of change in her. She didn't
bring up yesterdays activities and neither did I. Except for the
fact that she was wearing a bikini much skimpier than any she had
ever worn before, she seemed to be acting like her old self until we
had laid on the beach for a couple of hours. We had brought some
wine coolers with us and had sipped on them for a while when she
again began to twitch slightly and told me that she wanted to get
away from public beach so that she could have me all alone for
herself. We walked for some time until we came to bay that was
completely un- inhabited with any sun bathers.

We laid down after removing our robes and I dozed off for a just a
few minutes when I was pleasantly awakened by Nora's hand which was
feeling up between my thighs until she arrived at my cock. It didn't
take but a few strokes of her hand inside my bathing suit until my
cock was at full mast. I looked over at her and couldn't believe my
eyes, because with her other hand she was rubbing over her bikini
bottom on her pussy. She gave me no resistance as I reached over and
helped her out of her bikini bottoms and top. I gently placed my
head between her legs and began tonguing her already wet cunt. I
didn't have to suck her for more than a minute before she had a mild
orgasm. She told me that was a good starter for her but she
definitely wanted more of the same. At some point during my
continued licking of her pussy, I got distracted by a figure in the
background. As I focused into the distance from my concentration on
my wife's legs, I realized we were no longer alone and that a young
man was watching us very intently. I figured, what the hell, let
him look. At that point I was too sexually excited to stop unless he
posed some threat to us and obviously he did not.

I noticed him creeping closer and told my wife that we had company
so that she didn't become alarmed. I whispered to her that we were
being watched by some guy and he seemed to be enjoying the show.
True to he new sexual personality, she said, "Good, Let's put on a
really good show for him." With that said she got up slightly and
guided my rock hard cock to her cunt as I slipped out of my trunks.
By now our visitor had slipped to within a few feet of were we were
and he was casually stroking his cock through his swim suit. Nora
noticed him as well and began humping me faster and harder than she
ever had. I could tell from her actions how much it excited her to
have him watching us.

Our voyeur friend now knew that we had seen him and the fact that
we hadn't reacted to him gave him enough confidence to get very
close to where we were and remove his swim trunks. My wife stopped
her activity long enough to quickly inspect his lithe body and
oversized cock. It was a thrill for me to see my wife admire his
dick. He stood in front of us now with his cock in hand and I asked
him if he'd like to inspect my wife `up close and personal'. When he
nodded his head yes, I removed my cock from my wife's pussy and he
got down beside her without any hesitation and my drug-induced wife
merely spread her legs further and spread the skin of her pussy,
inviting him to lick her. He did so, ever so gently as my wife
closed her eyes and sighed sexually. Before long he moved his head
from her pussy and began licking up her thighs and stomach until he
arrived at her bodacious breasts. As he moved up her body his cock
got to within inches of her dripping cunt. I was hoping he would ram
it into her sweet hole but Nora had a different idea as she grabbed
his fully erect prick in her hands and began playing with it. This
got me so hot that I placed my still rock-hard dick into my wife's
mouth. Within seconds, our voyeur friend was shooting his jizm all
over my wife's soft stomach. A lot of his juice went all the way up
to her tits coating them in a slick liquid that my wife was rubbing
all over her breasts. The sight of this was more than my boiling hot
balls could take and I shot my load deep into my wife's sucking
mouth. She swallowed all of my juice then licked her fingers that
were still wet with the strangers love juice.

After we all calmed down from our delicious climaxes, we made
formal introductions and invited our new friend back to our hotel
room for a more leisurely sex session. We spent the rest of the
week sucking and fucking with this young man. Nora, wore the both of
us out before the week was over and she was ready for whatever sex
games the two of us we could think up.

It's great to have a wanton slutty wife that is always high on
sex. The pills keep her sexual juices going, but I really think now
that she dropped her inhibitions and found how delightful it is,
that she will never return to her sexually prudish ways any way. I
only give her about one pill a week now and on special sex sessions.
At this rate I've got a twenty year supply. My wife is now willing
to have threesomes, foursomes and more-somes with as many as six
pricks at a time to satisfy her sexual cravings and my fantasy.

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