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My Wife's First Camping Trip

Sep 18, 2003

By mandi

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My wife's first camping trip.
Part 1
By Smutt

My wife of Amy and I just finished setting up our tent at one of the
annual biker events in another city. She had never camped before and some of these
events get pretty wild. Amy has been to other biker events in our ten years of marriage
but not a three-day one like this one. Amy is five foot five inches tall and has a great
figure, her hair is brown and halfway down her back, and she is also very pretty to look at
and has a fun time wherever we go.

After we had all our stuff put away in the tent, one of our neighbors came
over with a couple of cold brews for us, his name was Drew and he seemed like a really
nice guy and neighbor to have by us. We all hit it off right away, we sat around talking
and getting to know one another, we also drank quit a few beers during this time.

I suggested that we head into the Fairgrounds and check out what was
going on there and also it would help to sober us up till later in the evening, Drew asked
if he could come along with us, before I could answer him Amy said she'd love to have
him along. So off we went to see the site's, before we even got near to the Fairgrounds we
passed quite a few fine looking ladies showing off their titties to us and other passer-
Drew and me both commented on how nice the ladies titties looked, I did notice Drew
occasionally glancing at my wife's tit's, and I'm sure Amy noticed too but didn't seemed
to mind.

We spend most of the day in the Fairgrounds, we ate, listened to a couple
of bands and started drinking beers again after we seen the first band play, it was now
dark and we decided to head back to the campsite, going through the camp grounds was
now wild, tons of ladies showing their tit's and some showing all their wears, I snaped
quite a few pictures on the way back, Amy even pulled her blouse up a few times giving
some guy's a thrill, and I expect Drew too.

Once back at our site we went over to Drew's area, he started an nice fire
to sit around and we continued talking and drinking. By now Amy was very tipsy, she's
not a real heavy drinker and we've had a lot by this time. Drew then brought out a joint
and passed it back and forth, that really put Amy over the edge, she gets really horny
when she's drunk, not to mention stoned. She started rubbing my leg but not stopping
there, I had to pull her hand from my cock a few time's. I then told her I felt it was time
for us to hit our tent, she was up in a flash, she went over and gave Drew a goodnight
kiss, but it was a lot more that a friendship kiss she gave him in her drunken state. She
then headed to the tent.

I told Drew I'd be back once I got her settled in, I then followed her to
our tent, once inside she was after my cock again, I let her unzip my pants and suck on it
for a few moments then I told her to put on something sexy for me, she released my cock
and went through her back pack, she pulled out a little pink top and panty set along with
nylons and a garter-belt, I told her to put it on and to lay down on the one sleeping bag, I
watched as she slipped into this sexy outfit then lay down waiting for me. I told her to lay
there a little while an I'd be back, I told her I wanted to talk to Drew a little longer, she
pouted for a moment until I reached down and gave her a kiss along with me grabbing
and squeezing her tit. She then told me to hurry back.

Drew was actually surprised to see me return, I told him she needed a
little sleep. Drew got me and him another beer and we talked some more, I found out he
was single and no girlfriend, well that started my brain in motion. I asked him what he
thought of Amy, he looked at me and said that she was one of the nicest ladies he's ever
seen. I then asked him point blank if he had the chance would he like to sleep with her,
only with out the sleep. He stared at me for awhile before answering, then he said he
couldn't think of anything that would be better than that in this world.

I then told him lets have another beer and after we finished them that he
was to go to my tent first, I would be along about ten to fifteen minutes later to join in.
He quickly got the beers and I discussed some of her likes and dislikes sexually. Well we
finished the beers and I told him not to talk we he entered the tent, I knew she's be asleep
by now and that he should strip and get in next to her and just start making out with her
like she was his girlfriend. He was up in a flash and heading toward our tent, my cock
was so hard by now that I couldn't get up, a dream come true was about to happen.

Fifteens minutes had passed since Drew left, I figured by now Amy knew
it wasn't me with her but I decided to wait a little longer before entering the tent, I could
hear some faint noises coming from our tent but couldn't really make them out. About ten
more minutes passed, it was then I headed to our tent, I slowly lowered the zipper on the
tent, not wanting to spoil the moment, I got it down and got inside with out disrupting
anything, I slide the zipper back up just as slowly, then started shedding my clothes as I
looked over at the couple on the sleeping bag.

As my eye's adjusted I could make out Amy sucking Drew's cock like
there was no tomorrow, and Drew had his face buried in my wife's cunt, neither one
noticed my arrival, I sat down and decided to wait and just watch for awhile before
joining them. I watched as Amy took Drew's cock all the way into her throat, her nose
was pressing against his stomach, her one hand was playing with his balls while she
sucked away. Drew's tongue was also buried as deep as he could get, he was making
stabbing motions with his tongue going in and out causing her to buck her hips to the
tonguing he was giving her.

Soon they broke away and Drew had Amy lie on her back as he
positioned himself between her spread legs, he began to rub his cock up and down her
slit, wetting his cock with her juices, then slowly he began to press forward, sliding inch
by inch into her womb, soon his balls were resting against her ass. They lay there like
that for a minute or two then Drew began raising his ass up in the air removing some of
his cock from her, he then pushed forward filling her channel once more. Each time he
raised up he'd come down that much quicker, his cock was becoming a jack hammer,
sawing in and out of her waiting cunt. Amy was meeting each stroke he gave her by
raising her hips the meet his cock coming down, she was nearing an orgasm from the
pounding she was getting.

I decided it was time for me to get in on the action, I crawled over on my
knee's, cock in hand aiming it toward her luscious lips, soon my cock was buried into her
warm mouth. She wasted no time in getting her tongue working on my cock, her tongue
was making circles all around my meat as her head bobbed up and down sliding her lips
tightly on my cock. All the while moans of pleasure were escaping around her cock
stuffed mouth. Drew was really pounding into her, I figured he was getting near to filling
her with his cum, but I was wrong, he sent her into an orgasm with in the next minute, as
soon as hers ended he pulled out of her and had her get into the doggie position, with in
seconds his cock was buried once again into her cunt.

Amy reached out for my cock once again and I slid my legs on each side
of her head giving her mouth better access to my meat, her lips wasted no time sliding
down my shaft, soon she had my cock all the way into her mouth and throat. Drew was
once again pounding her cunt, in this position she began to orgasm quickly, it seemed
like ever two or three minutes she would moan out another orgasm around my cock. I
couldn't hold back much longer between the warmth of her mouth and the moans passing
by my cock.

I began to stiffen as my cock expanded, Amy knew she was soon to be
having her mouth fill with my hot cum, she brought her head up a little sliding some of
my cock from her mouth, making room for my cum the fill her up. She didn't have long
to wait, blast after blast left the tip of my cock, she started swallowing as fast as she
could, but she wasn't able to get it all down her throat, some was leaking out of the
corners of her mouth, I don't think I ever shot so much cum out of me. All to soon though
my cock softened and Amy let it slide out her lips, she now put all her energy into
fucking back at Drew.

I rolled over and away from the action, but I lay there watching, it
wasn't long before Drew's ass cheeks stiffened and soon he was loading Amy's cunt with
his hot cum, he stayed buried in her for awhile after he stopped filling her up. Then he
slowly withdrew his softened cock from her and he laid down, Amy just stretched
outward and lay on her stomach, I seen Drew rubbing his hands up and down her back,
every once in awhile his hand would squeeze her ass cheeks. It was then I fell into a deep

Sounds woke me up, I think it was about an hour later, I looked over
and Drew was once again fucking Amy. This time he had her on her side and was
pumping into her pussy from behind while his fingers stroked her clit, I didn't see much
more as I fell back asleep. I was thinking just before I drifted off that maybe this wasn't a
good idea, but then sleep over took me.

My next awakening was to a very warm feeling on my cock, it was
getting light out and here was Amy on her stomach with Drew laying on top of her and
her mouth sucking my cock. By the way Amy was laying Drew had to be fucking her in
her ass, we'd done anal a few time but I was surprised that she let Drew take her that
way, but by her moans I knew she was loving it. But for the life of me I didn't know how
Drew kept going, but he was, he was fucking her ass as hard as he'd fucked her cunt, he
was pounding and she was moaning and sucking. Just the thought of Drew's cock in her
ass almost had me cumming.

Amy then surprised me by telling Drew to roll her over so she'd be
on top of him, well Drew placed his arms around her waist and roll them both over till
Drew was on his back with Amy's ass still filled with his cock. She then spread her legs
and told me to fuck her cunt, I was up in a flash and sliding my cock into her tight cunt, it
was really tight due to the cock in her ass but I got in none the less. I stayed still once my
cock was buried to the hilt. I could feel Drew's cock moving in her ass through the thin
piece of skin that separated out cocks. I then began to pull outward as Drew pressed
forward and vice a versa, we got a rhythm down in seconds.

Soon we were both pounding Amy's ass and cunt, she was moving
her hips helping each of our cocks to hit bottom on her, we fucked her like this for over
ten minutes and she was having an orgasm each minute of the twin cock fucking. I hate to
see it end but I felt my balls tighten then the cum flowing up and out of my cock into her
womb, while I was filling her I could feel Drew's cock erupting in her ass, I was able to
feel each shot of his cum explode into her. We stayed joined for the next couple minutes
before I withdrew and the Amy rolled off of Drew.

I got some water from a jug and started handing out wet washcloths to
Amy and Drew and we all started cleaning up our privates. Drew and I got dressed, Amy
said she needed some sleep so once we were clothe we left Amy to sleep. I walked with
Drew over to his tent and he said he was going to sleep for a while too, well since I did
get some sleep I decided to hit the Fairgrounds and grab some breakfast. I then walked
around for a few hours then headed back to the tent, Amy was still asleep and since I
didn't see Drew outside of his tent I knew he was still sleeping, so I got my chair out and
grabbed a cold beer and sat outside watching the people come and go.

Amy finally came out of the tent at around three in the afternoon, she
said she needed a shower and I told her we'd both go, it was separate showers, guy and
gals, I finished first then Amy came out and back to the tent we went. On the way back
we ran into Drew, he was heading to take a shower, he stopped to see if we wanted to all
have supper together and that he's cook for us, we said sure and headed back.

I talked to Amy once we were back at the tent and asked her how she
felt about what happened, she said she had a great time and wouldn't mind doing it again
tonight if it was cool with me, I told her I didn't mind. Then we discussed how Drew was
able to recoup so fast and keep going. I then asked her when did she know it wasn't me
playing with her in the tent. She said when he first started playing with her tit's and cunt,
she figured it was me, but when he kissed her and slid his tongue in her mouth she then
thought it wasn't me, so to be sure she reached for his cock. Amy said once she slid her
hand around his cock she then knew it wasn't me, his cock was a little longer but a lot
thicker than mine and that he wasn't circumcised.

Amy then leaned over toward me and gave me a really passionate
kiss, I returned her kiss with one of mine, then we both held hands for awhile.

Soon Drew was back and put his stuff away then returned with some
brews for us all, he asked if everything was alright, Amy and I looked at each other then
Drew and said it couldn't be better. Then we all laughed.

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