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Lori Cheats

Jul 16, 2003

By mwingren

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Lori Cheats
By Soccer Boy

Lori likes to flirt. She had been married for a few years to her high school sweetheart and
was pretty happy. They were both young and had the smarts to hold off on having kids
until they were more financially secure. She had grown up very sheltered and spoiled.
Her husband had been her first and only lover. The nicely shaped brunette had taken a
job a year ago to help them save up some money for a house. In the meantime they lived
in a moderate apartment. She had a clerical job in an office that did all the administration
for a warehouse operation. It was easy for her and she enjoyed the attention. Again,
though pretty innocent and na?ve she was a flirt. In spite of her inexperience she was
very highly charged sexually and simply wore her husband out. He had been in the
military for four years overseas after high school (he was two grades ahead of her) and
though she had waited he hadn't. He did not have her sex drive nor her curiosity and
desire to try things. A couple times missionary a week would be all they did if she did
not push the envelope so much. At 24 years old she was peaking with her sexuality.
Being in a warehouse environment with a bunch of burley men that found excuses to
come to the office area to see what she was wearing every day and hope to see her
walking around fed her desires for attention and created a sexual spark in a way that she
felt comfortable with. She even enjoyed the off color comments and cat calls now and
again. After all, it wasn't like she was cheating, just flirting.

Most of the guys were pretty average and though rough around the edges friendly. There
were two guys that stood out though. A guy named Pat that went too far with his
comments and an attractive guy named Earl that ran the office. Earl was quiet and
reserved and always professional. She found herself attracted to him and longed for his
attention, which given his position and demeanor he never gave. Not even a "that is a
nice dress" or "you look good today". Again, he was very professional and smart enough
to keep the personal stuff outside. He was in his early thirties and still single. She had
never spent too much time around black people before but had long since thought of her
boss as a black man. He was just Earl.

This Pat guy was a pest though. Unwittingly he had planted some seeds in her head
though really playing on the fact that she had only been with one guy attempting to make
her feel like she had cheated herself out of a lot of experiences. He tried to plant seeds
about how she owed it to herself to try some things out given her inexperience, youth and
availability. Pat played on the fact that her husband was out of town a lot and that she
could play around a little and no one would have to know. Of course, he was trying to
get her open up, get her curious and thinking so that he could have a chance. He had zero
but did inadvertently plant some seeds that took root regarding a few other things. One in
particular was how some guys loved to taste pussy. She loved this and rarely got it from
her husband and when she did get it from her husband it was just okay. She enjoyed it
but wished that her husband would show some enthusiasm for it. He performed the act at
her beckoning as if he was washing the dishes or something. His performance was
perfunctory. She found herself fantasizing about a man lapping at her as if starving.
Another thing that he had asserted is that though most guys were about the same size that
she likely had no idea what a hung guy would feel like. Of course, in spite of him asking
she would never reveal how her husband was like in bed. That was private and his
inquiries angered her. The second time he brought it up though she wound up with some
fantasy material for when she took care of herself when her husband was on one of his
many trips. He boasted of having seven inches of thick meat that woman loved. Then he
added, "and who knows how big Earl is. I played racquetball with him a couple times
and wow is he packing." As stated above, Lori had what could be described as a crush on
Earl. Well, she was intrigued anyway. Pat helped make Earl her fantasy number one.
This stuff got her thinking when she was alone with time to kill and an itch between her
legs - fantasizing that Earl was secretly in love with her but just hide it and one fantastic
night it all came out as he eagerly lapped at her pussy and then took her with his alleged
bigger than average unit.

Cutting to the chase. Earl took another job and simply moved on without much fanfare,
as was his style. Lori missed him being around. To top it all off, Pat got his job!
Yucky! Without Earl around the electricity in the office was gone. Not to mention that
things simply ran at a pretty mediocre pace unlike when Earl was the boss. Things ran
like clockwork when Earl had ran things.

Anyway, a couple months went by and another boring week was almost up for Lori when
her phone rang on her desk. It was Earl calling for her! Her heart raced as he gave her an
update regarding how things were going and asked her how she was. They chatted for
half an hour then he floored her. "Hey, why don't we get together next Tuesday for a
coffee or something?" The thought that getting together with him socially might be
cheating did not cross her mind. No evaluation was done along lines of "it is just for a
drink or something not like a date." No, instead she blurted out "How about Wednesday
instead?" He agreed and gave her the place and time. Why did she move it from
Tuesday to Wednesday? Because her husband was leaving Wednesday morning for a
three day trip!

Lori was excited the entire week. Come Wednesday she could not get to the gym soon
enough to get her workout in and then get home to try to figure out what to wear.
Workout done she was home flabbergasted about what would be appropriate. Earl had
picked a jazz bar for their meeting. It sure felt like a date. "Hum, Jazz Bar," that would
call for comfortable and casual but nice. Naked except for her panties she looked in the
mirror and wondered if Earl would approve. Lori is 5"5" and weighs 125. Not model
thin but athletically built thin. Her 33b-24-33 measurements looked "yummy" she said to
herself and decided that she would not shave her privates or even trim them. She had
wispy dark hair down there and it was not very thick so she opted to go natural and start
to get dress. "Did I just wonder about how I would look naked to Earl!" She challenged
herself and admonished herself for being so forward! She picked out some Kaki pants, a
pair that fit her narrow but shapely hips tight. For a top she put on a blouse and did the
Daisy Duke thing of tying it off at her mid-drift. To top it off she put on some nice
sandals and was on her way for the 15-minute drive.

Earl greeted her with a hug. He had gotten a table in the back and saw her come in the
entrance. "Wow, this is different." Lori noted given how aloof and distant Earl had
always been as her boss. His greeting was so open and friendly and he seemed so
relaxed. He had just started. Earl took her by the hand and led her to their table. "The
trio gets going early tonight. Another thirty minutes and they will be on stage moving.
Barely enough time for you to get a drink or two into you."

Earl spoke to her in such a different manner, so open and animated. He was also very
touchy and feely with her brushing her cheeks when he said he missed seeing her at work
and making a lot of contact on her hands and forearms as they caught up. He was the
same handsome and kind guy but so much more forward. Lori felt at ease with him and
just went with the flow starting to touch back as they gabbed about life and work in
general. The band started and it was good. Two sets later there was a break. "Well
sweetie, it is nearly ten pm so we best call it a night." Lori was disappointed. She
wanted it to last longer, her time with Earl. "Hum, shift change tomorrow. I do not
work," Lori, blurted out immediately upset realizing how eager she sounded. "Well, then
back to my place, or yours, for a nightcap. Better yet, let's go to your place. Don't
worry, I will park out back and sneak up to your door." Earl said laughing and then
continued. "I think you are right at the border of being able to drive. One more drink
and you will have to stay put. Besides, you may have a phone message to return." Earl
deliberately sent her a message. He knew she was married and would not get her in
trouble regardless of his intent to be with her, which he was close to making clear.

They drove separately to her and her husband's apartment. "He didn't even ask if my
husband was around. Of course, silly me, he knows what I did by changing the day."
Lori thought to herself and then shivered involuntarily. "Oh my, he knows I am his for
the taking!"

She went slowly home since he did not know the way and she did not want to lose him.
As they pulled into the apartment complex he pulled up to her car. "What number?" He
whispered after lowering his window. Lori told and he sped off and telling her to leave
the door unlocked, that he would be up within 5 minutes.

Lori rushed up and thinking she had a couple of minutes took a pee and freshened herself
up and rambled through the refrigerator for a drink to offer him. Earl came in all smiles
and Lori returned his smile and handed him a beer. "All we got but we have plenty of
them." Lori and Earl just stood facing each other drinking their bottles of beer. The
tension was tangible! Earl smiled and leaned forward and kissed her. She felt his full
lips engulf hers and they opened their mouths to share their tongues as they embraced and
began to kiss passionately. Nothing was said. They both knew that their being together
was inevitable. It had built up for the long time they worked together. Nothing really
needed to be said, it was meant to be. Oh, Earl knew he would have to go slow so that he
didn't overwhelm her but he also knew he didn't have to ask. This was the type that
would cheat one time. After that she would never do it again or go wild but always be
selective sticking to the type of guys that would not jeopardize her marriage. other
married guys or guys she was attractive to and confident were not looking to settle. Earl
had been around the block a few times. He knew he would be that first and it would be
up to her to go from there. He was excited and aroused. He knew it was kind of like
being with a virgin. She had fallen in love and had sex with the same guy her young life.
This would be her first fuck. He would be her first fuck. He felt his cock dripping its
eagerness excited by that fact that he was likely the first black person she ever made
friends with and he simply could not get enough white ass to make him happy. This was
going to be some prime-time white tail!

Earl broke the kiss and asked her where she wanted to go, "take a shower first or head to
the couch?" He did not want to go to the bedroom she shared with her husband thinking
that it could be trigger for her to panic and decide against being with him - to cheat. He
did not think she would back out no matter what but he did quickly decide to avoid the
marriage bed just in case. Earl looked at Lori, she didn't say anything. "Ah, the
submissive girl I thought she would be. She is mine for the taking but I got to lead." Earl
thought to himself and spent a few seconds with only one thing in mind. "He was so
aroused by her and he had held off showing his attraction to her for so long knowing she
was attracted to him that if he rushed into he might last, well, not very long. A shower
sounded good, maybe a bath with bubbles. He figured, "yeah, keep it romantic and take
it slow. Maybe get a hand job in the tub or something so that once inside of this little
basically virgin white tail I will get to enjoy it for more than a minute just in case it is a
one time hit." He made up his mind and said to her, "I really like to take baths. I will go
get it started and you join me in a few minutes. But I got a job for you. I don't like beer.
Go get some wine and then join me."

Lori didn't say a thing. She grabbed her keys and went to get some wine at the corner
liquor store and was back within ten minutes. She entered the apartment, opened the
wine and brought the bottle and a couple of glasses to the bathroom wondering what
would happen next. Regardless, she felt her pussy pulsing and tingling. She was aroused
and had been for hours. A bath sounded good. It was her first time with anyone since
she lost her virginity to her husband, then her boyfriend at the time, four years ago. She
thought she might be a little strong in the smell department given she had been wet down
there for hours now. Yes, a bath sounded good.

Lori entered the bathroom. Earl was in the tub obviously naked with a candle lit and
bubbles everywhere. He had obviously put too much of the bubble bath in and the
bubbles where everywhere including spilling out onto the floor. All she could see of Earl
were his knees and his head until he put his arms out from under the bubbles and said,
"Come on in the water is fine, yes, so fine, just like you. Oh yeah, turn out the lights and
enjoy the candlelight. I hope you like the music I put on. Can I have some wine?" Lori
heard everything Earl said and slowly started to respond her hands shaking. She turned
off the light. She hadn't noticed the music until he mentioned it. The candlelight was
nice and romantic with the music. "Wow" Lori thought to herself, "there is a
wonderfully kind black man in my tub waiting to watch me undress." She shivered in
excitement again and took her socks off and sat on the covered toilet seat to start to
disrobe. "Oh no dear, you stand up and go slow. I want to enjoy this, savor this." Earl
beaconed. Man, did this guy excite her. She shivered again at his comments and stood
up to follow his command, his direction, his plea, whatever it was.

Lori undid her blouse and took it off. "Oh my word. Fuller than I had imagined." He
said with admiration. Lori was a full b-cup and knew her breasts were prime on her
athletic frame. She was glad to hear someone she adored say so. As she peeled off her
pants she heard Earl say, "turn around and lean forward." She got them off and tilted her
torso at a forty-five degree angle with her ass pointed his way. "Damn it, you are going
to be so good to me mama!" It was the first time she had ever heard Earl sound "black",
whatever that meant. It was just a thought she had. Still holding onto the towel rack to
lean over for his admiration she took off her bra and let it fall to the floor. It got wet from
the overflow of bubbles but she could not have cared less. Then she peeled off her
underwear still leaning forward. "Oh my sweetness, so hot, so good, better than even my
vivid imagination had pictured. Come on girl, turn around and let ol' Earl see them tits
of yours." Lori complied. Earl could have told her to jump from a five-story building
and she would have. She was his puppet, he was the puppet-master. Lori gathered that
his chose of words had loosen and his voice had changed, gotten deeper and more full of
breath in his arousal. "Wooie! Girl, those are some nice melons." Earl said now full of
inner-city baritone slang and tone. Yes, Lori knew Earl was black but hadn't thought of
him as such for a long time. The realization that a black man was naked in her tub
waiting for her to get in with him hit her and made her feel even more sexually charged.
The thought of "wow" raced through her mind and she laughed at the word recalling
what Pat had said when commenting on seeing Earl naked after a racquetball game. She
had forgotten about that angle - that Earl was claimed by Pat to be endowed. She felt a
gush of wetness in her pussy at the thought. "Wow, she was having a romantic encounter
with her second man of her life and this man was black and allegedly endowed!" Lori
hoped that he liked to taste pussy. She felt an erotic itch deep inside of her and her clit
was tingling like it had electricity running through it.

"Come on over her and let Ol' Earl taste one of those boobies." Earl said. Lori turned
around and leaned her torso towards Earl's open mouth. He suckled appreciatively then
asked for her to pour them some wine and for her to get in. He gestured to his lap. She
poured two glasses out and handed one to him and then took his hand and stepped into
the warm tub. He guided her down so that her backside was against his front torso. He
put an arm around her and sipped on his wine encouraging her to drink up too. She felt
him pull her close to him with a hand on one of her full breasts. She felt her butt cheeks
against his privates. He was tucked downward, it felt like he had a chubby, and to the
right. He felt absolutely hung!!! Whatever size her husband was Earl was in a few
categories bigger, quit a few!

Earl loved this moment, when a woman discovers that he is big. He figures a white
woman expects it but he is not just endowed - he is a huge and knew it. An innocent
white woman will be expecting something bigger than she has experience in the past, but
not like him. He is huge for a black man. Heck, black girls have turned him down once
seeing it fully erect! Earl knew she would be sizing up what she felt pressed against her
right ass cheek. He took a couple sips of wine fondling her breasts and nibbling on her
neck letting her digest his size. He got a kick of how different woman thought about this
stuff. A guy would be trying to estimate it exact inches. He figured she was thinking in
terms of "bigger than my husband" or "much bigger than my husband". Of course, he
didn't know for a fact that he was bigger. He had been with a few whores in his day so
he knew they were out there - more black than white but there where huge hung white
guys out there. He kind of knew that her husband was in the normal range though given
how she had missed a couple breathes when he felt his cock press against her ass. No,
her husband was clearly not the one in hundred black or the one in five hundred or so
white guys in his size range.

Earl reached under the water and pulled his hardening cock upward and wedged the shaft
of his cock in Lori's ass crack. He wanted her to be thinking about his cock and how big
it was some more and have an even better idea of what he was packing. He was so
aroused that even in the water his precum lubricated the top of her ass and he slide his
hips slowing up and down pressing his massive cock into her lower back the shaft
separating her ass cheeks and his balls, tightened with arousal, brushing up against her
ass. Lori looked down at the dark arm across her left breast and the large dark hand
cupping her right breast and felt the outsized cock against her backside as Earl nibbled on
her ears and neck. "Ever been with a black man?" Earl asked knowing the answer. Lori
nodded her head "no". She was speechless feeling his erection against her ass. She
didn't think in terms of inches but she did think that this was very, very big. When she
had felt it against her originally she had calculated that he was a few sizes bigger than her
husband. She even allowed herself to wonder if her husband was small dislodging the
thought swiftly once she allowed herself to recall the heavy petting she had done a few
times before becoming his girlfriend. Her husband was normal. Whatever Earl had was
not. It was huge and it aroused her. She shivered again feeling the big cock against her
back. It seemed so fat! She could feel that Earl had some serious length to him but it
was the width that seemed beyond belief. "It must be the way were are making out" She
concluded thinking that there is no way a cock could be as fat and thick as his felt like it
may be - like a "fleshy" 16-ounce can of beer being pressed and rubbed against her.

"Oh, I like this song. Let's take it in." Earl said turning quiet. They sipped their wine
while the song played. Earl fondled her nipples and nibbled at her earlobes and neck
romantically. The song came to an end. Lori's heart was racing with raw sexual arousal.
Earl had become more sexual than she had imagined when fantasizing about being with
him but that was actually better. He was still sensual, as she had imagined with his touch.
Just his words and actions were different than her fantasies had conjured up. Earl had an
animal-side in him.

"You are thinking about my cock aren't you?" Earl said matter of fact guiding Lori to
turn around and face him. They wrapped their legs around each other, their privates
facing each other under the bubbles. Earl kissed Lori gently and then more passionately.
She felt his hand touch her pussy gently. He moved his fingers through her pussy hair
and would dance his fingers over her vulva as if playing the piano. He took her left hand
in his free hand and brought it towards his cock. "Go ahead, you want to feel it. Go
ahead and stroke it. I know you want to." Earl said letting go of her hand when he had
steered it towards his cock but when it was still only half way there. Lori kept moving
her towards his cock. "Oh my god its huge!" She exclaimed to herself as both hands
reached it simultaneously and felt its outrageous girth. She instinctively took a hold of it
like a baseball bat, one hand over the other and gently stroked it up and down. She
calculated that her hands, one over the other moved a couple of inches up before reaching
the head. It felt not only large to her but like it had a weird excess of skin. She correctly
gathered that he was not circumcised. It felt long, ridiculously long to her. A long dick
aroused her. She always felt like there was more pussy to fuck for her husband. But the
width actually alarmed her. Earl was not in proportion. His width seemed horse like.
His length was huge, yes. But his width seemed too big for even the long tube he had.
Involuntarily she shivered like a guy does sometimes when he takes a pee. It was shock
and fear and amazement all at once over the fatness of the cock in her hands. Lori, her
body now growing taut with concern, compared what was in her hands to a can of soda
and had to give the edge to the monster in her hands.

"You are so pretty Lori. I have wanted you for so long and now you are mine even if just
for a night. Please be gently with me." Earl said romantically knowing he was being
playful with his choice of words. "Be gentle," he replayed in his mind chuckling at the
irony of the fact that he had said those words to her during the period of time she was
likely wondering if she could even come close to handling his cock inside of her. Earl
kissed her mouth fully knowing she her thoughts had to be racing. He could feel her
hands stroking him but while kissing her he saw in her eyes she was preoccupied, deep in
thought. He gathered she was trying to accept, figure out just how big, compare - maybe
all three things and more, the size of his cock. He kissed her once more and then stood
up, "you want to see it don't you?" He didn't wait for Lori to answer. His entire
midsection was coated with bubbles. Lori had not let go of his cock and had stood up
with him using her grip for balance. With his toe he pushed the button to let the water
out of the tub and turned on the shower so they could get rinsed off. As the shower
rinsed them, Earl standing and the bubbles being rinsed away, Lori still holding onto his
cock, Lori's jaw dropped. She was in shock. Yes, it was obvious that the thing in her
hands was large. She was already consumed by the obvious. Somehow seeing it had
turned her curiosity and excitement into a fair degree of fear. The damn thing was
beyond huge. Of course, Earl knew the exact size of it when fully erect and fully aroused
as he was now. More than a couple of whores had measured it while with him. "How
big is your husband? Is he the biggest you ever had, if not how big was the biggest?"
Earl said feeling and knowing it was a valid question given how fixed she was on his
cock size, how mesmerized she was. But he knew the answers. Lori took 15 or so
seconds before she took in the question she was that much in some type of shock and
amazement over what she was staring at in her hands. "Uhm, well, my husband is the
only guy I have been with. Uhm, well, you are bigger, much more so. He is, well, I
don't know, you are much bigger. I thought, maybe, that, uhm, well, I, uhm." Earl
enjoyed her stammering. "Oh, don't be so shy. You have felt his cock before. Many
times. I am jealous but show me how his in your hands." Earl was piling on now. Just
having fun. He figured that since she was with him now and had been so tempted for so
long that he would get her more than a few times before guilt over fucking him set in and
she broke it off. He gathered at her interests in him that this would not be the only time
he got to fuck her but he wanted to draw it out just in case. Make sure she remembered
him accurately for the rest of her life! Lori followed his questions and let go of his cock.
"Well, he comes to here when my hand is flat against his shaft. My fingers touch about
here when I stroke him off. He doesn't seem to like it as much as I like to do it to get him
going again but, well, there it is."

"Oh my" Earl thought to himself. Yes, he had been with his share of white girls before,
many being with a black guy for the first time. With only a couple exceptions he was by
far the hugest cock they had ever been with. Yes, he knew there were white dudes out
there hung like him but they were rare. Black guys like him are rare. But he also knew
from talking to buddies that it is pretty much just the hung brothers that chase white
woman. With only a couple exceptions had white woman not been startled by his size.
Those were the whores he had hooked up that had been with over two hundred white
guys and twenty-five or so black guys. Those bitches had seen some giant white dicks
and as many giant black dicks so they may not have taken his cock with reckless abandon
but they did take it. Earl didn't get off on that too often. He liked the innocents so much
more. He would rather fuck five innocents a year than twenty whores. It was that much
better. Then again, if as inexperienced as Lori he would gladly just have two or three of
those types of year as whatever number of whores he could gather. It was just that
good!!! Seeing her eyes so wide open with amazement, fright, arousal!

"Oh my" Earl thought as he watched Lori show him what she was used to. The poor girl
had been getting a five by five or so. Apparently that could please a woman but Lori had
no idea until this night that that size was on the small side. Earl had the thought, "maybe
I went too fast. This little minx has too little experience to be able to handle me. I want
this minx to become mine. Just look at this beautiful white girl. I better be good for her.
I want this girl to be a booty call, regular booty call."

"I will be gentle. I will go slowly if I am somewhat bigger than you are used to. I will go
slow and let you get used to it. I know you will eventually settle down and be very happy
with a kid or two. I don't want to mess that up for you. I just want to be with you
tonight. I adore you. You are so pretty and attractive. Damn, you are just plain hot. I
just want to be the guy you call when you need some fucking, some serious fucking."
Lori let go of the monster as he dried then starting to kiss her again. They were standing
on a towel outside the tub, now dry.

"Ah, damn it all." Earl thought to him self regarding the prior thought of not using the
master bedroom. He picked her up at the waist and carried her like a cavemen, as horny
as he was at that point it was not a far stretch of an analogy, to the bedroom and gently
set her gorgeous ass down on the bed after tossing the comforter down. He was in
hypersexual drive at this point. He wanted her suck him, to taste her delicate pussy and
fuck her all at the same time. Ah, two of them will do for now. Earl snuggled into the
bed behind her and lay on his back as he positioned her hips over his face. Lori loved the
warm tongue spread over her vulva as he started tasting her by literally lapping at her
pussy like a dog drinking water. She wasn't so sure how to get started with his cock but
decided to give it her best shot as she felt her pussy gush with arousal. She knew she
would need both hands so had to lean back onto Earl's face a bit so that she could hold
herself up on her knees. She took his cock at mid shaft with her right hand and started
cupping and gently kneading his balls with her left. First she kissed the base of his cock
and nibbled at the sac and then licked and sucked on his thick cock head. Both where
moaning in pent up pleasure being released. She loved how strong his arms felt wrapped
around her hips holding her pussy into his face. He eagerly tasted her and then started to
tongue fuck while she sucked on his cock head. Her jaw muscles grew tired quickly but
she kept up her pleasing of him by sucking on his head for ten plus seconds and then
using her tongue on it with enthusiasm. As arousing as she got from sucking him the
most sexually appealing thing about giving him this blowjob was how it felt in her hands.
It was just so massive. It made the act that much more interesting and arousing. Having
a donkey-sized dick in her hand tapped some deep animalistic passion. She didn't feel
like so much as a young sexual girl but an eager sexual minx. Earl was now licking and
tonguing her clit. If felt great, of course. He was good at it but it was his eagerness that
was giving her extra tingles.

Lori was focused enough on pleasing him and how sexy it was to be with him in a such a
raw sexual position, her legs open for him to clearly see everything including the wisps of
hair she knew she had that went slightly up her ass crack that she didn't feel her orgasm
start to gain. Boom, it hit her suddenly and powerfully. Her arousal so heightened and
intense that it was not much of a leap to an orgasm. She reflexively put both hands on his
cock as if it was a rudder to guide a boat and started grinding her hips over his open
mouth and flattened tongue. She could actually feel liquid oozing out of her pussy over
his face she came so hard. It was so good, so free. That word actually popped into her
head, the word "free". Somehow it made her orgasm that much quicker and more
powerful to be free of concern for whether or not she tasted okay and all of that like she
had when she was able to coax her husband into the act. Earl did it so eagerly and with
such enthusiasm. Even now he was eagerly sucking at her vulva as if her juices were
honey to be eaten. He might just be one of the guys that loves it some much he would eat
her out after a workout rather than wait for her to take a shower like a few of her
girlfriends bragged about the eagerness of their husbands.

Earl was so strong too though thin of frame. Lori started to go back to sucking at his
head when she felt Earl moving under her and lifting the both of them up. He was still
gingerly tongue fucking her the entire time and he stood up and then turned around. Lori
felt another rush or eroticism as she saw them in the mirror over the dresser as Earl
positioned them. She saw her mouth fully open on his cock and her hands looking
childlike on his shaft as Earl spun them slowly to get her head pointing towards the
headboard. Earl gently knelt back down and she felt him pull his groin away from her
mouth and hands. He set her down on the bed, spun around between her legs and pushed
her upward so that her head was on a pillow. The thought of what such a large penis
would feel like had not crossed her mind in a while but it sure did as she looked down at
his black cock pointing at her chin and hovering over her very aroused, tingling with
enjoyment and wet, wetter than she thought she had ever been, pussy. She instinctively
took a deep breath as he lay over her and took one of her nipples into his mouth and
placed, no hands he was that rock hard, his cock at her entrance. She spread her legs far
apart. She placed her heels on the bed so that she could lift her groin upward slightly so
that it was a straight shot for his cock to enter.

Earl pushed his cock at her pussy. It didn't give at all. She felt her vulva move in but his
cock was not able to enter her as he pushed. Apparently, an eleven-inch circumference
was not so easy to get inside. He pushed some more holding the pressure of his initial
thrust steady as his precum mixed with her lubrication. It almost felt like it popped into
her pussy. It hurt, "Oh god, aaagh, ewh", her pussy feeling a burning sensation. "Oh my
god Earl, big." Lori said her comments of the obvious ending in a mutter of babble.
Earl held it there maybe sliding another inch into Lori as her pussy naturally adjusted to
his girth. "So good, so tight" Earl moaned pulling his cock out to the flange part of the
head and moving the inch and maybe another back into the cooing Lori. "Oh my, this
feels so different. It," Lori took a gasp the finished, "hurts but I like it. It feels like,
oh." Again she tailed off her words as she sucked in a gasp of air and gave out a yelp.
"Easy now Lori. I will go slow and easy. It feels so good." Earl said attempting to
assure her.

"It has never felt like this" Lori gasped out and then took him in her with an "ewhww,
aargh, aw" the added between breathes "you are so big." Lori said gasping for air feeling
her pussy open up for his massive cock as he started to rhythmically fuck his head and a
couple of inches in and out of her. Lori felt her pussy gushing in excitement and arousal
at being so filled. It did hurt a little but it was also pleasurable. She tilted her torso up so
that she could see his cock fucking her. She made her even more excited. He was long
enough so that she could see the thick base as he pushed into her four and then five
inches into her. She was taking his width though with great difficulty but he had more to
go in length. It felt so good, she felt so full. His cock was perfect now that her pussy had
opened up for him. Her pussy tingled and felt overstretched - pleasure and pain perfectly
mixed. She wasn't so sure if she could handle much more depth but didn't care. His
cock was filling her up so well she was willing to try. She got so excited at how she
could see his cock going into her and could actually see her abdomen rise slightly as his
cock would push into her, splitting her open. "Go ahead and fuck me Earl. I can take it.
I want to take it." Lori said through gasped of pain and excitement.

Earl wantonly pushed his nine-inch, fat cock into her almost all the way. "Oh god, so
full, no more though. That is all I can take." Lori yelped feeling that he had stretched her
pussy open as far as it could possible go. His width pushing her pussy open and the
process pulling her diaphragm downward so that with him in seven inches deep he was at
max entry." He had gone in a little too far and she felt her insides get a bruise. Earl
though eager to just fuck her heard complied still fucking her hard now but raised himself
over her to nibble at her neck while he fucked her. This position kept his penetration
about two or three inches from completely inside of her.

Earl felt her nails on his back and loved hearing her moans and groans. She made noises
reflecting her arousal and her being so stretched almost simultaneously. Then he felt her
nails take hold and her hands once roaming and caressing now stop. Lori felt it. It was
weird, inside of her starting to build. She started to buck back as Earl fucked her as if
trying to impale her pussy over the giant shaft. There it was, an internal orgasm. Boom.
Lori was taken aback by it having had many clitoral orgasms but had never had one come
from the inside. She had read about them and now she was feeling one. It was awesome.
As she came she felt her insides gushing liquid. Yes, Lori got wet when aroused but this
felt so much different. Her insides once slightly but willingly uncomfortable felt pulses
of pleasure capped with an internal, vaginal orgasm. "Oh god Earl, so good, don't stop
fucking me. I am cumming so hard!" Lori came and Earl followed with his triggered by
her expressive rapture. They lie there and fell into a deep sleep.

When they awoke they started to have sex again but had to settle for oral. Lori's pussy
was so raw from the pummeling and being so stretched out the prior night that regardless
of how much she wanted him she was just too torn up. They pleased each other orally
and said good-bye for now. They fucked on and off for a few years after that. Stopping
when Lori and her husband had decided to have a kid and then again for the second time.
They resumed a couple months after the second birth for a couple of months and Earl got
transferred out of state. That was the end of their fucking.

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