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My Wife's Seduction

Oct 10, 1999

By ligerus

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Susan and I married soon after we met, a mistake. Each of us
thought that the other was going to fix his/her life and we were
both fooled. We met at a training class for a job neither of us
wanted. During the morning session Susan and I stole glances at
each other. Susan is blonde and 5'3" -I prefer larger women,
brunettes or redheads-but Susan was very pretty and bold in the way
she kept my gaze when I caught her checking me out and I thought
maybe I could get something going with her. I must have felt really
good about myself that day because I went up to her at the lunch
break and invited her to join me.

We went downstairs and I told her I had a joint and did she want to
smoke it with me in the park across the street? She did and we got
happily high together and forgot to eat lunch. When it was time to
go back to the training class I told her that this job was beneath
us and invited her back to my apartment for "wine." An hour later
we were fucking. Don't be overly impressed with my seduction skills.
Susan at that time needed to be taken care of by a man and I
persuaded her somehow that I was a good prospect. Anyway we fucked
like rabbits for a couple of days and decided to get married.

I wasn't in love with her but I did love fucking her and I liked her
and I figured she could also help pay the bills. And she told me
that when her previous marriage had gone bad, she had fucked several
of her husband's friends and business associates, including a black
man, her first. Susan was raised in the South and this was a deeply
erotic experience for her. I of course was delighted that Susan
cuckolded her husband and this further convinced me that she was the
girl for me. In our verbal foreplay we began to discuss her
infidelities. I told her that it would excite me if she fucked
other men, especially someone better endowed or more skilled or
potent as a lover.

My cock is a decent size, the average 6", but once I come I can't
get an erection until I recuperate and some women, like Susan, want
to be fucked repeatedly, something I can't do. This had already
proved a problem in satisfying Susan, but she reassured me that my
cock and lovemaking satisfied her. Although Susan could be quite a
slut, she went to church on a regular basis and felt guilty about
her past behavior. She told me that now that she was happily
married we could fantasize about her fucking other men during
foreplay, but she was happy with me, didn't want to fuck other men
and was a "one man woman." Enter Carl 6 months later.

Carl has been a friend for a long time and understands my need to be
humiliated. He's an aggressive, dominating man and had often fucked
my girlfriends over the years. Regrettably, I had never witnessed
this, but several of my ladies admitted that his cock was noticeably
longer and thicker . My past experience was that once Carl seduced
one of my girlfriends, they continued to fuck until he dropped them.
He was working overseas when Susan and I married and I had never
mentioned him to her.

One day I came home from work and Susan, with a strange smile,
handed me a letter. It was from Carl. As I opened the envelope she
mentioned that she also had a letter from Carl. My cock began to
harden. Carl's letter to me just said that he was returning soon
and was anxious to meet my new bride. At first Susan wouldn't let me
see her letter, but did show me, laughing, the photo enclosed with
it. A delicious shock ran through me as I realized that Carl was
showing my wife his cock He was standing tanned and nude on some
beach. Although his cock was flaccid you could see that he was very
well endowed and manly. Susan and I had a playful wrestling match
and I managed to get my hands on her letter. Carl wrote that as
he'd previously "satisfied mightily" several of my women, he looked
forward to satisfying her as well. Susan insisted that she was
angry at his impertinence and told me that she never wanted to meet
him. She also demanded to know how I could let him seduce my
girlfriends and still remain friends with him. But she was very hot
in bed that night.

Carl returned and, true to her word, Susan refused to let me invite
him over. Six weeks later we ran into him at a party given by
mutual friends. I introduced Susan to Carl and quickly made an
excuse to leave them alone. Carl turned on the charm and it wasn't
very long before I saw them laughing and talking as if they'd been
friends forever. They danced a fast dance and then a slow dance
together. I watched from an alcove off to one side, paying
particular attention to Susan's body language which, after six
months, I knew well. It did not escape me when I introduced them
that as Susan heard Carls's name, her posture stiffened, an
unconscious reaction perhaps, but one that offered up her breasts
before Carl's appreciative gaze. But then suddenly Susan rushed up
to me and insisted that we leave the party. She was obviously
upset, so we left. In the cab home she told me that Carl had
gotten hot as they danced. He'd grabbed her ass, pressed his
erection against her belly and whispered into her ear, asking if she
wanted to be fucked by a "real cock." Again Susan was very hot in
bed that night.

A week later Carl called. He was in our neighborhood and wanted to
stop by. When I told Susan that he was coming over she wasn't very
happy about it. She went into the bedroom and put on a bra and
changed into a conservative dress that buttoned down the front and
went down to her ankles. But she also put on makeup and did
something with her hair. I remember thinking as I watched her apply
lipstick that it was like she was showing him her cunt. She noticed
me watching her and chased me out of the bathroom.

Carl arrived with a bottle of very good wine and we went into the
living room. I made sure to sit in the only chair so that Susan was
forced to share the couch with Carl. At first Susan was stiff and
reserved, but loosened up after a few glasses of wine and Carl's
charming banter. We decided that we were hungry and Susan went into
the kitchen to prepare a snack. Carl grinned at me, stood and
followed after. I knew that he was going to make his move. I felt
weak with excitement. I forced myself to count slowly to one
hundred. Unsteady in my legs, I peered around the wall into the

Carl had Susan against the sink and was kissing her and feeling her
breasts. She was trying to fend him off, but her resistance soon
vanished. He quickly unbuttoned the top buttons of her dress and
pulled her breasts free of her bra. Susan threw her head back as
Carl fondled and suckled her breasts. Then she saw me watching and
pushed him away. I hurried back into the living room and Carl came
after me. He was annoyed and told me not to cramp his style.

Susan returned from the kitchen and avoided my eyes. She'd
rearranged her clothing, but in her haste had incorrectly buttoned
her dress. Carl pointed out that her dress was misbuttoned and
told her he'd fix it He reached over, but instead of correcting
the buttons, in a flash he'd unbuttoned her dress to the waist,
pulled it off her shoulders and unclasped her bra. As her breasts
tumbled free, nipples standing, my heart was pounding so that I
thought I might faint. Susan appeared to be in a trance, her eyes
glassy and I could hear her breathe loudly through her flared
nostrils. She sat flushed and silent as Carl tugged and pulled at
her nipples. It amused him to continue the conversation we were
having before they went into the kitchen. We continued talking as
if nothing were happening and Carl continued massaging Susan's
breasts. I had never been hotter in my life as I watched my wife,
nude to the waist, lean back into the couch and accept Carl's
caresses without further protest. Finally Carl unbuttoned Susan's
dress the rest of the way.

It felt deeply humiliating and thrilling to see Susan lift herself
off the couch so that Carl could pull down her panties. He turned
to me and remarked that her cunt was sopping wet and asked if I
thought that she wanted him to fuck her? I was speechless,
mesmerized by Susans's mewling as she humped against Carl's hand
fingering her cunt. Then he took her by the hand and led her
towards the bedroom. Susan glanced at me and we exchanged a look of
deep communion and I knew we understood each other perfectly. After
a few minutes my heart stopped racing and I undressed and crept down
the hallway to the bedroom.

Susan lay on her back with her legs spread wide for Carl who knelt
before her stroking his rampant cock. Even from twelve feet away I
could see that it was big. Susan lifted herself up on her elbows,
staring intensely at the monstor poised before her, but noticed me
standing in the doorway stroking my cock. I heard her say, Carl,
please, not in front of my husband. Carl got off the bed and
slammed the door in my face. I was bitterly disappointed, but I
could soon hear them fucking. I opened the door a few inches. I
could see that they were much too busy to notice me and stepped
inside Susan's legs were kicking in the air as Carl fucked her
powerfully. Her breasts were bouncing with each piston stroke and
she was throwing her head from side to side, moaning and calling his
name . She kept calling out his name and screaming that he should
pound her. I had the most intense orgasm of my life and slid down
the wall to the carpet. I crawled out into the hallway and pulled
the bedroom door shut behind me.

Carl fucked Susan for half an hour and then left shortly after he
had his orgasm. On his way out he told me that he'd be back for
more of Susan's delicious cunt. I replied that from her cries of
pleasure it was clear that he had made her very happy and I thanked
him for fucking my wife so well. He smiled and said the pleasure had
been all his.

I went into the bedroom and found Susan lolling in bed with a
satisfied smile, her breasts and neck splotchy and red from Carl's
kisses and his cum oozing from her splayed legs. My heart leaped
into my throat when I realized that they hadn't used a condom, but
Susan reassured me that she wasn't ovulating. She wanted me to fuck
her and was displeased to discover that I had just masturbated and
could not get another erection. She narrowed her eyes and in a
haughty tone told me that if I were so worried that Carl had gotten
her pregnant, I should lick all his sperm out of her. I wasn't
anxious to eat her cum-drenched cunt, but I did not want to deny
her, especially after she had been so thoroughly pleasured by
another man.

I knelt before her. Carl's fucking had left her cunt a gaping
tunnel. The lips hung open and her clitoris stood more prominent
than I could ever recall seeing. I looked up and told her that I
hoped Carl's cock wouldn't stretch and ruin her cunt. Susan's
smile returned. She replied that she hoped that it did and pulled
me against her. She had another orgasm and then pushed me away and
went to take a bath. After awhile I came in and sat on the toilet
seat and we talked as she relaxed in her bath. She told me that she
had loved having Carl fuck her with his large cock. I told her that
it was very exciting for me as well. She laughed and called me a
fool because, she said, Carl was going to want to fuck her again and
she enjoyed fucking him far more than she did fucking me. We fell
asleep in each other's arms, each happy in a different way.

To be continued . . .

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