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Peeping At Tom

Feb 22, 2001

By Davess

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Peeping at Tom
copyright 2000 by Stormbringer

I hear it's painless and you can't feel a thing. The hose connected to
the tailpipe of my car was dangling through the crack in the window and
the engine was running. I couldn't smell a anything. A month ago, I had
been one of the happiest guys on the planet, now I was trying to kill
myself. I won't be able to go through with it. I"m not man enough to do
it. At least, I haven't felt like a much of a man for the last month. It
all started like this...


It was nearing my first anniversary when I saw her for the first time. A
white jeep pulled up at Tom's, my neighbor across the street. It had
been parked there one or two nights a week for the last couple months,
but I had never seen the driver.

I was putting the leash on Sparky, our mutt, and Linda was out in the
yard weeding the garden. My wife was wearing a pretty, knee-length
sundress and looked absolutely beautiful. She normally dresses very
conservatively, but today, she hadn't put on a bra to work in the garden
and I could see her breasts as she bent over. This was a big thrill for
me as Linda was shy and I hadn't even seen her completely naked. She
always made me turn the lights off when we made love, so I was sneaking
peeks down her dress as she pulled weeds from her flowers.

Linda had a fantastic face and figure. Her hair was dark black and fell
to her nipples. Her eyes were bright green and you could lose yourself
looking into them. Her breasts were perfect. They weren't huge, but they
were big and pointy. Her aureola were bright pink and as big around as a
half dollar. Her nipples were thick and long. They were always
half-erect, much to her embarrassment, and she often wore tape over them
to keep men from staring at her as they stuck out through her bras. My
wife was tall, had lean legs, nice hips, and a flat, sexy belly.

I didn't know how I had gotten so lucky as to have her fall in love with
me. We were both 28, though Linda still looked 18 and I looked 40. I
wasn't much to look at. I had always been overly skinny and half my hair
was already gone. The other half was graying well before it's time. I
was a school teacher and I blamed the gray hair on my kids. Linda was
also a teacher, though at a different school.

I put Sparky's leash on him and went out into our yard. I was talking to
my wife when I saw the woman get out of the jeep. My wife saw my jaw
fall open and turned to look where I was staring.

The hottest woman I had ever seen was getting out of the jeep. She was
blonde and had a tight body. Her breasts were huge and straining at the
tight halter she was wearing. Her stomach was flat and as sexy as
Linda's. It was a dark tan and I wished Linda would wear a bikini to get
a tan like that. This blonde's body was incredible. She didn't even
acknowledge us as she got out of the jeep and went into Tom's house. She
was wearing tight jeans and I stared at her perfect ass as she walked

I quit staring when Linda grabbed my chin and turned my head away. "That
can't be his girlfriend," she said.

I agreed. Tom was a big redneck. He had a pretty large beer gut and
always wore sunglasses, no matter how dark it was. He always had a beer
in one hand and he was famous for going through his neighbor's trash
looking for junk. He wasn't a bad guy, though we had a couple run-ins
with him since we moved in a year ago. He had about five kids
stay with him every weekend and they were out of control, running around
our yard and trampling Linda's garden on several occasions.
I believed he worked on a road crew during the day.

I left my wife to her garden and started walking Sparky down the street.
Sparky was sniffing around the ground when suddenly he took off between
the yards. He caught me off guard and I dropped the leash. Luckily, he
stopped and started sniffing around a big tree behind Tom's trailor
before going to the bathroom.

I was bending over to pick up the leash when I heard sounds coming from
Tom's window. It was open and I could clearly hear every word.

"Ah, ah, ah, fuck me Tom, fuck my pussy, I'm cumming. Ah, ah, ah."

I couldn't believe it. The hot blonde WAS his girlfriend. I pictured her
naked in my mind and my penis started growing under my pants. Then I
pictured fat, sweaty, Tom, and it shrank again, but it reversed course
and swelled back up as I stood there listening to her screams of

Sparky had peed on the tree and I quickly led him back home and pulled
my wife into the bedroom. She squealed in delight at my arousal. My wife
may have been shy and conservative, but ever since we had lost our
virginity, she had loved sex and would have it every night if I wanted
too, though I was usually too tired from work.

Ten minutes later, I was dressed again and fiddling around on the porch.
Linda had stayed in bed and was grading some papers. About two hours
after I had first seen her, the blonde came out of Tom's house, got in
her jeep, and drove away.


"Hey Jack, can you give me a hand moving something?"

It was Tom shouting at me from his yard. I didn't particularly want to
help him, but I decided to be neighborly and said I'd be right over. I
had just gotten home from teaching. I set down my briefcase and walked
over to help him.

He needed a dresser moved in his bedroom. His house was filthy, dirty
dishes filled the sink, the trash can was overflowing, and unwashed
clothes filled the hamper. Tom was apparently too lazy to empty the
dresser and move it himself. He set down his can of beer and we bent
over to push his dresser. It had just started to budge when the phone

"Be right back," he grunted and ran to get the phone.

I looked around his bedroom for a minute quickly growing bored as Tom
continued to talk on the phone. I walked over to the window and peeked
through the blind. I could see the spot where I had been when I heard
Tom having sex with the blonde. That had been about a week ago and
Sparky had taken a liking to that tree since then. Tom came back and we
successfully moved his dresser. I left and met my wife coming home in
our driveway.

After dinner, I grabbed the leash and led Sparky out into the yard. I
stopped in my tracks, when I saw the blonde's jeep parked in Tom's
driveway. My heart started thumping in my chest as I pictured her in my

Of course, Sparky headed for the tree in Tom's back yard. I stood and
waited while my dog relieved himself. There weren't any sounds coming
from the window tonight. I glanced at it and saw light streaming through
a crack in the blinds from where I had looked out it that afternoon. A
shiver ran up my spine as I pictured the blonde nude in my head. I had
thought about her constantly for the last week and I found myself slowly
creeping closer to the window. It was dark out and I knew no one could
see me. I leaned forward and put my eye to the gap in the blinds.

There she was, completely nude, her ass pointed at me. Tom was also nude
and was sitting in a chair facing me. I could see the upper part of his
body down to his huge beer gut. The blonde was bobbing her head up and
down in his lap. His penis was getting sucked and the jerk hadn't even
taken off his sunglasses. Plus, he was sipping from a beer while she
blew him. Looking at Tom disgusted me. I didn't know how the girl could
go down on such a loser.

I looked down at her. She even had the sexiest backside I had ever seen.
Her back was sexy, down to her thin waist, where it flared out into the
most perfect round ass. This was actually the best view of a naked
woman, I had ever had and I felt my penis hardening in my pants. I
unzipped and pulled out my penis as my eyes wandered down the crack of
her ass to where her legs were spread as she kneeled before Tom. I could
see bits of her pubic hair hanging down and the light in the room
reflected off the juice coating her wet vagina. She was actually excited
about the disgusting act she was performing on my neighbor.

I started jacking off as I stared a her ass. Her cheeks were flexing as
her head moved up and down in his lap like she was bobbing for apples. I
don't have a lot of stamina and the cum was churning in my balls when
Tom stood up and I saw his cock for the first time.

He had the biggest monster penis in the world. It was a little over a
foot long and as thick as the flashlight I had in my pocket. It appeared
to be perfect in every way. It was as hard as granite, crisscrossed with
large puffy veins all the way up to a large head, fatter then a golf
ball. Huge testicles dangled almost halfway to his knees. All this
majesty stuck out of Tom's ugly body.

It was three times the size of my own little penis and mine was starting
to shrink from inferiority even as I was cumming. A couple drops of
sperm trickled out of my penis and I whimpered as the rest was trapped
inside my rapidly deflating penis. I whimpered again as I tried to
squeeze the rest out. Unfortunately, Sparky decided to echo me and he
started whining. I looked in the window and saw Tom staring at it as I
shoved my penis back in my pants, grabbed Sparky's leash and ran.


I knew he couldn't have seen me, but I was nervous about getting caught
the rest of the week. So nervous, I started having erectile problems.
Everytime I went to make love to my wife, I pictured Tom's large cock in
my head and mine remained limp despite my wife's desperate tugging on
it. She was getting angry and frustrated. I just said I was having some
problems at work and I'd be better in a few days.

A week to the day, I had first peeked in Tom's window, the jeep was
back. I felt my penis stir for the first time since then as I led Sparky
out onto the street. My heart started beating fast as I led my dog up
between the yards to his tree. I knew it was dangerous, but I just had
to see the blonde again.

I crept up to the window. The gap was still there, in fact it looked
bigger. As I peered in my breath caught in my throat. The blonde was
lying naked on the bed masturbating alone. Tom wasn't in the room. I
could clearly see her vagina and breasts this time. They were perfect.
Her breasts were huge with big puffy nipples nearly a half inch long.
Two red nailed fingers were rubbing along a large distended clitoris,
occasionally slipping inside her. She was clearly enjoying herself as
she was moaning and writhing on the bed.

I realized my penis was completely hard for the first time in a week and
I eagerly fished it out of my pants even though I knew I should run home
to my wife. I began stroking it in time to the blonde's fingering

After a couple minutes, I was close to orgasm when I looked down at my
penis. It was fully illuminated by a light. Something grabbed the back
of my throat and I heard Tom's voice in my ear. "Hi there Jack off."


"Look what I found Cindy," said Tom pushing me inside his trailer. Cindy
quit masturbating and sat up in the bed. "This is my neighbor Jack off."

"I don't like to be spied on Jack," said Cindy making no effort to cover
up her voluptuous body.

"I'm sorry," I said wincing as Tom tightened his grip on my neck. "It
was an accident. I was walking my dog and accidentally saw in your

"Twice mother fucker," said Tom.

"I couldn't help it. I've never seen a woman as hot as her."

Cindy smiled at the compliment. "What should we do with you?" she asked.

"I'm sorry. It won't happen again. Just let me go home."

"No," said Tom, "you need to be taught a lesson. Take your clothes off."

"No way," I replied. "Just let me go home."

"I said take your fucking clothes off," yelled Tom and for the first
time I realized how muscular he was beneath that beer gut. "Take your
clothes off or I show this to your wife."

Tom held in his hand a little video camera. It had been the light from
the camera that had illuminated my penis while I jerked off. Tom had
filmed the whole thing. I felt like crying as I began unbuttoning my
shirt. I stopped when I got to my baggy boxer shorts.

"Now the shorts," said Tom. setting the camera down and I turned crimson
as I pulled my shorts down before Cindy.

"My god," said Cindy, "he's smaller then my husband."

"Yeah, I couldn't believe what a wimp pencil-dick here is," said Tom.

"Alright, you've humiliated me," I said trying hard not to cry. "Can I
go now?"

"Yeah wimp," said Tom. "Get the fuck out of here so I can get down to
business." He started undressing.

"Wait," said Cindy. "I want to see him jerk off."

"No way," I said.

"Come on Jack off, you heard the lady. Do it and I'll give you back the

I spit in my hand and started tugging on my penis to make it hard. It
was hopeless, my penis and balls had disappeared into my scrotum making
them look even smaller. The fact that Tom was now nude with his super
cock rock hard didn't help me either nor did their laughter.

"Cindy get the vaseline," said Tom pushing me down to my knees. He moved
around so that his cock was pointed right at my face.

"W-what are you doing?" I asked. "I'm not going to do anything gay."

"The slut wants you to jack off. If you cant get your little worm hard
then your going to have to use mine. Besides, I want you to know what it
feels like to hold a man's cock in your hand for a change."

Cindy returned and handed me the vaseline, kneeling beside me. I just
sat there in horror at what they were making me do.

"Do it," said Tom, "or I send a copy of the tape to your wife and the
school board."

I gulped and dipped my fingers into the vaseline. Violating their
privacy was wrong. This would be my punishment for peeping at them. It
wouldn't be so bad, just a few hard strokes and it would be all over.

I scooped up a large dollop of vaseline in my hand and I brought my
other hand up wrinkling my nose as I grabbed the base of Tom's cock just
under his gut. Jesus, my fingers didn't even touch it was so thick.

I wiped my vaseline covered hand around the fat tip of his cock,
stroking down to lubricate it. About halfway down his cock, I realized I
would need even more vaseline to complete the job.

This time I completely covered it with the vaseline. I wrapped my fist
around the tip and I began stroking it. It was hot to the touch and iit
throbbed in my hands. It was so hard I could of hammered nails with it.
"Impressed wimp?" asked Tom.

I nodded my head and continued slowly stroking him off. It was
completely different from jacking off my own penis. I was slowly moving
my hand up and down staring at the big monster in my hand. Cindy shifted
next to me and I realized that the most beautiful woman in the world was
sitting nude beside me and I was completely fascinated with Tom's big
cock. And what was I doing moving so slowly? I picked up the pace moving
my fist rapidly along the entire foot of Tom's cock.

My arm quickly grew tired and I switched hands. With my free hand I
cupped his balls curious about how heavy they were. I wasn't

I switched arms again and there still was no sign that Tom was getting
close to orgasm. I would have cum fifteen minutes ago. I decided to use
both hands, staring at the pee-slit opening and closing with each

Finally, I felt it swelling in my hand. The head grew even bigger,
turning an angry red. I felt the veins on his cock pulsing in my hand. I
actually wanted to see it squirt and knowing that sometimes semen will
shoot out a couple inches, I held my head back at least a foot from the
tip. I watched fascinated as the slit opened. "Remember this next time
you jerk off needle dick," said Tom.

His sperm caught me completely off guard. The first wad splattered
against my face leaving a trail from my eyes to my chin. The second hit
my forehead. Sperm filled my eyes and I kept them closed. His cock
continued to leap in my hands and I knew he was still cumming, but it
wasn't hitting my face anymore. As it slowed down I felt sperm flowing
over my hands until I let go of his cock.

I kneeled there quivering as I held my lips tightly shut for fear of
tasting Tom's sperm, my eyes closed. The pungent aroma of his semen
filling my nose.

"What a waste," said Cindy and I felt her mouth on my eyes, her tongue
flickering out to lick sperm off my face. I opened my eyes as Cindy
cleaned them off and she moved further down my face. Her tongue moved
over my lips and pushed its way into my mouth. For a second I tasted
Tom's cum as I kissed her.

When Cindy finished with my face she turned her mouth on Tom's cock. She
licked the sperm off the tip then wrapped her lips around it, stroking
her hands forward along his rod like she was trying to milk it for even
more sperm. Impossibly, even after cumming a gallon, the thing was still
fully erect.

Tom pulled her up and threw her on her back on the bed. He pulled her
legs apart and positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy. Tom
pulled his hips back then thrust them forward, his entire cock slamming
into Cindy's pussy with ease. She screamed in pleasure and immediately
began fucking him back raising her hips in time to his thrusts.
"I'm cumming," screamed Cindy.

I wanted a cock as big as Tom's. Tom fucked like I wanted to fuck. I had
never gotten the reaction from Linda that Tom was getting from Cindy. He
had a power over women that I could only dream of having.

I watched them fuck for over a half an hour. Tom turned her over and
fucked her like a dog. He pulled his cock out and made her beg him for
it, he spanked her, he stuck his thumb in her ass, and she loved every
minute of it. It was the most erotic sight I had ever seen and my penis
still hadn't stirred. Tom made me feel puny and inferior, like the wimp
I was.

They came together, Cindy collapsing as he pulled his dripping cock out
of her pussy. Her vagina was spread open, her clit was engorged, and
sperm dripped down her thighs.

Cindy and I dressed together. I pocketed the video after I was dressed.
Tom walked naked to his refrigerator and pulled out a beer. He didn't
say a word to us as we left.

Cindy apologized as I walked her to her jeep. Tom had taken her
virginity in high school and she had never been satisfied with another
man since. She had run into Tom a couple months ago and begged him to
fuck her again. She hadn't even considered cheating on her husband until
seeing Tom again.

When she left, I walked across the street into my porch, my wife ran out
to meet me. "Jack, where have you been? I almost called the police. Are
you all right, you look pale."

"I lost Sparky," I mumbled.

"He came home an hour ago," she said. "Jack whats in your hair?"

I caught her wrist as she was reaching up towards my hair for what I
assumed was a wad of sperm. "A bird shit on me."

"Oh you poor thing, I'll run a hot bath for you."

She tried to make me hard again that night. For the first time Linda
actually whimpered in frustration when my penis failed to get hard. I
stammered an apology, but she was already turning her back on me.


I awoke the next morning with an erection. It was Saturday so I didn't
have to work. Linda wasn't next to me and I assumed she was out in her
garden. I had been dreaming that I had a cock as big as Tom's. It was my
first real erection in over a week and I eagerly grabbed the base and
prepared to masturbate, though I knew I should probably have yelled for
my wife.
I brough my hand up and froze as I tried to wrap it around my penis. I
couldn't squeeze my hand tight enough to grab my penis. The muscles in
my hand were so sore from stroking Tom off that it wouldn't close. I
pictured Cindy and Tom laughing at me and my erection quickly

I laid back and stared at the ceiling. I could still hear Tom laughing
in my head. Actually it wasn't in my head, he was outside my window
laughing with my wife. He was killing a spider for her. They talked for
awhile and I heard Linda invite him over for a barbecue that night.


Everybody seemed to have fun at the barbecue except me. Tom brought
Cindy with him and she and my wife hit it off pretty quickly. Tom drank
beer and joked around with the two women while I slaved over a hot

My grill is under our kitchen window and I overheard a conversation
between Cindy and Linda as they prepared a salad.

"So how long have you and Tom been dating?" asked my wife.

"We're not dating," said Linda. "We just fuck."

I heard something clatter in the sink as my wife dropped something in
it. "Why..."

"Why Tom?" said Cindy. "See that cucumber your holding."


"Well it's smaller then...."

The rest of the conversation turned to whispers as Tom entered the room.
The only other thing I heard was my wife loudly say, "I don't believe

The rest of the evening was uneventful except that I noticed Linda
sneaking peeks at Tom's crotch. Not long after dinner, Cindy announced
she and Tom needed to go and she winked at Linda and pulled him out the

Linda seemed more aroused then usual that night and of course I still
couldn't get hard. My wife sighed in frustration and turned her back on
me angrily. Tomorrow was our one year anniversary and we weren't ending
our first year on a high note.


Linda was in a little better mood the next day. I took my wife out to a
nice dinner for our anniversary. She wore a sexy black dress that hugged
her figure and was actually quite daring for her. Dinner was nice and we
both had a little more wine then usual before heading home.

We got home and I poured us another glass of wine. "Happy anniversary,"
I said as we toasted each other and kissed.

My wife kissed me back, her hand reaching for my crotch. She grabbed my
penis and stroked it, a whine coming from her throat as an erection
still failed to materialize.

"Honey, I'm sorry," I said just as the doorbell rang.

I walked over to answer it and found Tom waiting outside holding a six
pack. "Tom, now's not a good time, we're celebrating our anniversary."

"Oh let him in," said Linda tartly, "it's not like he's interrupting

I reluctantly stepped aside so that Tom could come in. He immediately
plopped himself down on the couch and popped the tab on a beer. Linda
poured herself another glass of wine, I could see her swaying drunkenly
as she poured the wine.

"You guys want to share a doobie?" asked Tom taking out a joint.

"Put that away," I said. "We don't do drugs."

"Shame," he replied. "I brought it for you two for tonight. A good joint
makes me horny as hell. I usually last for hours."

"Wait," said my wife. "Maybe we should give it a try."

We passed the joint around between the three of us. Tom passing it
between me and my wife, taking short puffs to our deep ones. I don't
think it affected me, but I suddenly started finding Tom really funny.
So did Linda, she kept clutching her chest she was laughing so loud.

"Can I assume," asked Tom turning serious suddenly, "that you two are
having a little trouble in the bedroom."

"Let's just say that Jack hasn't been up to bat for a while," said Linda
laughing then suddenly looking sad, like she was about to cry.

I just sank into my chair. The room was spinning and I couldn't think

"What about orally?" asked Tom.

"What's that?" said Linda looking very interested.

"When Jack here licks your pussy."

"He's never done that," said Linda looking at me.

"That's a shame, women usually cum several times when they get a good
pussy eating."

"I've never cum before," blurted my wife. "Jack would you be willing to
do that for me?"

I nodded.

"Why don't you go to bed," said Tom to my wife. "I'll give Jack here
some pointers and he'll be right in."

Linda nodded eagerly. She was squirming in her seat. She got up and I
heard her stumble against the wall several times as she retired to our
room. I could barely hold my eyes open as Tom looked at me and said,
"How about another joint?"


I must have fallen asleep, because I awoke to my wife's screams of
pleasure. "Jack why haven't you done this before? I love it."

Done what before? I was just sitting there. What was I doing? I was
alone in the living room, Tom must have gone home. I stood up and
groaned as all the blood rushed to my head.

"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god," said my wife really fast. "It's
happening. Eat my pussy. I'm cumming. Oh Jack I love you. Ahhh."

I staggered down the hall and into our bedroom. The light was off and it
was pitch black in the room.

"Oh god Jack," she cried. "Your so hard and it feels a lot thicker then

I flicked on the light. Linda was lying nude on the bed with her legs
spread open by Tom. He had already fed about five inches of his cock
into her pussy.

"It's never felt this good," said my wife opening her eyes and looking
at Tom. The look quickly turned to one of horror when she realized what
was happening. She struggled to get away, but Tom just held on tight.
Finally, she seemed to give up and she looked down at the thick cock
sticking out of her pussy, her eyes opening wide with disbelief. "Oh my
god. it's true."

Tom gave her another inch, the tip of his cock now pushing in further
then my penis ever had. She seemed perplexed for a moment and then her
legs wrapped around Tom's hairy ass and squeezed trying to pull him in

She had a big orgasm at seven inches and another at eight. After that
she started huffing like a woman about to give birth. At ten, my sweet
wife gave him an adoring look that I had only received from her on our
wedding day.

Tom pulled his hips back a little and slammed forward. His entire cock
burying in my wife. She shuddered and it was like she transformed right
before my eyes. Gone was my sweet, shy wife. Linda now looked like a
cock hungry slut and as Tom started pumping her with his cock, she was
raising her hips to match his thrusts.

"God damn bitch, your pussy's tight," said Tom fucking her with the
entire length of his cock. "It's like you've never been fucked before."

"I've never been fucked before," said Linda. "Not like this. I love your
big cock."

I couldn't believe this was happening and to make matters worse, my own
penis was now the hardest I'd ever seen it. The stupid pot must have
finally kicked in.

My redneck neighbor was giving my wife the fucking of her life and she
loved it. He did everything to Linda that he had done to Cindy. She
loved it when he rolled her over and fucked her doggy style, she loved
it when Tom spanked her ass until she admitted she was now his slut, she
even loved it when Tom stuck his thumb in her ass hole. She came dozens
of times.

Eventually he came. He grabbed her hips and held his cock in her pussy
until I saw his sperm dripping down her thighs. My penis was now so hard
it hurt and I couldn't wait for him to leave so that I could be alone
with my wife. I decided to wait while they got dressed and I returned to
the living room.

I passed out again and I'm not sure how long I slept. When I awoke, my
erection was gone and I walked back to the bedroom to find my wife
lovingly slurping on Tom's cock. "Suck that cock bitch," said Tom.

Linda had never sucked me off before so this was another first for her.
Linda had managed to swallow about nine inches of Tom's cock and it
looked like she was ready to swallow the whole thing or choke to death
trying. Her cheeks were red and puffy like she had been doing it for a
while now. I got there just in time to see Tom cum. It seemed to catch
Linda off guard and sperm dribbled down her chin. She gulped swallowing
his load and then she gulped again. Linda must have liked her first
taste of sperm because when he finished cumming she licked the tip of
his cock clean.

I was hard again and I couldn't wait for Linda to suck my penis and
swallow my sperm. Maybe Tom breaking her in for me wasn't such a bad
thing. I returned to the living room and promptly passed out once again.

When I awoke again, I got up and stumbled to the bedroom. They were
still at it. Linda was on her knees gripping the bedposts so hard her
knuckles were white. She was sweating profusely. Her teeth were gritted
and she was squeezing her eyes shut. Tom pushed his cock in deeper and
they both groaned as he buried it. It was almost like they were fucking
for the first time and then Linda said, "Fuck my ass."

I looked back and saw that Tom had his cock buried in her ass hole. Her
ass was an angry red and seemed stretched to the breaking point. A jar
of vaseline rested on my wife's back. He started pumping her and after a
few thrusts, Linda started thrusting back.

I don't see how my wife could have liked having that massive thing stuck
in her ass, but she did. Linda fell forward on her face with only her
ass sticking up to receive Tom's thrusts. I could see her hand between
her legs desperately frigging herself. She was now as much a slave to
Tom's cock as Cindy is.

After about fifteen minutes, LInda received her first load of sperm in
her ass. Tom pulled his still hard cock out and squirted a few remaining
gobs of cum on her butt cheeks. I could see his sperm rise to the
surface in her ass and pour down her crack as her rectum slowly closed.

I suddenly felt very sad and I returned to the living room where once
again I fell asleep. I didn't wake up again until dawn, when I stumbled
back to my bedroom, Tom was gone and Linda was sleeping peacefully on
her side of the bed. I climbed in next to her and went to sleep. When I
awoke the next day Linda was out in the garden. We didn't talk much that
day and the only thing she mentioned about last night was that I had
gotten drunk and stupid. I began to wonder if it was all a dream.

The next day I came home from school late and I sat down to a home
cooked dinner with my wife. She seemed in a pretty good mood and said
she was going to take a bath. I cleaned up and walked into the bedroom
catching my wife bent over the tub feeling the water. She had changed
into a short robe which had ridden up so that I could see her bare ass.
The first thing I noticed was the size of her rectum. It was now a hole
about the size of a quarter. Her labia was also spread wide and I could
see dried sperm covering her thighs. She had fucked Tom again before I
got home.

The next day, Linda said she was sick and wasn't going to work. As I was
driving down the street, I saw her in the rearview mirror running over
to Tom's trailer. I was crying as I pulled into my parking spot at

That night when I got home, I walked straight over to Tom's. I asked him
for a joint. I needed it to get me hard so that I could claim my wife
that night. Tom insisted I smoke it over at his place and we sat
silently sharing the joint. He was wearing a robe. It was untied and
open so that I could see his cock dangling down about eight inches under
his large gut. It was covered in dried sperm and my wife's juices. It
was hard not to stare at it as we finished the pot.

When I got back to my trailer, I forbid Linda to have anything to do
with Tom and that I would take care of all her needs. She was laughing
as I pushed her towards the bedroom and still laughing when I stripped
down. My little penis was as limp as ever, the pot hadn't worked. Linda
threw me out that night.

I slept in the car and showered in the school gym. I went home to try to
make up with my wife, but Linda would have none of it. "I know why you
don't won't me fucking Tom," she screamed at me. "You want him all to
yourself wimp."

I didn't know what she meant until she turned the vcr on. The picture
clearly showed me stroking Tom's cock off. He had set up another camera
in the room the night he caught me peeping.

"I want a divorce," said Linda.

To make matters worse, when I got to school the next day, I was
immediately called into the principal's office. The school super
intendant was also there looking grim. I turned pale as I saw him push
play on the vcr. "We received this from a concerned parent," said the

I sank in my seat not even looking at the screen. "Jack it's not even
that your gay and cheating on your wife, it's the drug use that's
forcing me to fire you."

I looked up at the screen. It went from Tom's cock blowing it's load on
my face to me sitting in his living room with him smoking a joint. He
had taped that too.

I left my school for the last time and went to call my lawyer. Linda had
already gotten to him, so I called another one from the phone book. I
asked for half of everything. Later, I found that Linda responded that I
was unable to perform my husbandly duties, I was a drug user, and she
had a tape to prove it. She got everything.


I went home to get some things. Linda's car was there, but she was
nowhere to be found. Cindy's jeep was over at Tom's. Poor Sparky was
going crazy like his kidneys were about to burst so I grabbed his leash
and took him for a walk. We found ourselves at his favorite tree behind
Tom's trailer.

I had to look. I just had to. I peered in the back window. Tom was
sitting in his chair and both Cindy and Linda were kneeling before him
taking turns licking his cock. My penis immediately turned rock hard. It
had been a long time since I had cum, so I quickly pulled it out and
started stroking off. I stared at Tom more then I did at the two
beautiful women kneeling before him. Strange thoughts entered my brain.
Tom deserved my wife. I could never please her like he could. I should
have backed off and let them fuck, then I would still have a roof over
my head and a job. This was all my fault.

I came just as Linda moved from kissing Tom's cock to kissing Cindy's
face. My wife started kissing down Cindy's body, licking her nipples,
kissing her belly, and slipping her tongue in Cindy's belly button,
until Linda's face rested between Cindy's legs. My wife then started
eating Cindy's pussy. I didn't even know who she was anymore.

That was when I returned home, grabbed the hose out of the shed, and
drove down the street connecting it to my tailpipe.

I sat there with the motor running, wishing I had never peeped in Tom's
window. I was a wimp, a loser, and I had been cuckholded by a real man,
one I could never measure up to. If I died I really don't think anyone
would have cared or noticed. If only there was someone who needed me.

I looked at the hose hanging in my window. I was starting to feel tired.
I knew I wouldn't be man enough to go through with it. I reached up and
rolled the window down, gasping for fresh air. There was someone that
needed me.

I returned home to the trailer. Sparky greeted me at the door wagging
his tail. I bent down and he leaped into my arms, licking my face in
excitement. I carried my dog out to the car and got in. A dog is about
the only thing truly faithful in this world. Sparky would never betray
me no matter how low I sank. I rested my hand on my dog as we drove off
down the street to start a new life.

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