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Call Your Husband

Oct 10, 1999

By lrbluenj

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"Call your Husband" by Sybian

I imagine you blindfolded with blue silk, on the floor of my hotel
room, lights low. You're kneeling, forehead resting on a pillow on
the floor. Taupe hose held tightly in place with garter straps from
a black satin, tightly laced corset. Black patent leather spiked
heels that scream "fuck me" on your feet. You're reaching behind
yourself and holding your ass open for me, your Master.

I stand behind you and slowly drip warm, scented oil onto your
puckered asshole. "Beg, bitch. Tell me what you want, slut!" I hiss.

"Fuck my ass, Master, take my well-used ass, it's yours, you own it.
No one else can ever make me feel the way you do. Please Master,
sodomize your shameless whore," you reply.

I hold my cock in my right hand, my thumb protruding further than
its length. I slowly ease my thumb into your tight rectum, slowly,
very slowly. When my thumb is in your ass up to the first knuckle I
start to push the head of my fuck meat into the now enlarged
opening. Soon both my thumb and cock head inhabit your dark hole.

You gasp, never before being forced open with as thick a rod as
this. I bend my head and let spit drizzle from my mouth onto the
space where my rod is entering your bottom. It glistens in the half
light of the room. I start to ease my slimy cock into your
sphincter, slowly, gently. When its bulbous head has fully
disappeared in your ass, I start to withdraw my thumb, at the same
time easing another half inch of my meat into you. Now my right hand
is free and your tight hole closes around my cock. I let more spit
drip from my mouth onto the meeting point of my dick and your

Grasping your left hip I start to push into you, loving the sounds
you are making, the fake protests, the moans of pleasure. I reach
underneath you with my right hand and find your clit, the swollen
bud dancing to my touch. I begin to rub it as I push more of my cock
into your hot ass. Slowly, gently, so slowly, I ease into my assfuck
whore. I whisper words of encouragement to you. More of my rod
enters your clenching bowels. Still more. I continue to rub your
clit. Still more cock up your ass. There. I am buried up to the hilt
in your ass. My large sac gently caresses the cheeks of your bottom.
I slowly ease my cock meat back out of you, very slowly, still
rubbing your clit. When it is half way out, I slide it back in, a
little faster now. You beg me to allow you to cum, "Oh please,
Master, I am going to cum... please, Master may I?"

"Of course, pattyslut, you may cum, but first take the phone and call
your husband so that he might listen".

You pick up the phone and dial, gasping as I increase the length of
my strokes.


"Yes Jerry, he's doing it now."

"Yes, yes, in my ass.... oh God.... fuck!"

I start to rub your clit furiously now as I pound into your tight

"Yes, I'm going to.... oh, fuck, yes....

You start to spasm as your orgasm tears through you, your husband
listening to every cry and moan.

"God, I'm cumming.... fuck, shit, he's in my ass and I'm cumming!"

I feel my hot jism rush up my steel rod and explode into your
bowels, filling you with my hot man juice.

"Oh.... oh.... fuck.... he's cumming in my ass, Jerry, he's filling
me up.... God it's so good, so fuckin' good!"

I grab the phone from your trembling hand and with my thick meat
still buried in your rectum, the gooey, slimy cum just oozing out
around it, darkly whisper to your husband, "I'm sending your whore
wife home to you with an ass full of my cum. I'm ordering her to
allow you to eat my juice out of her slut's ass and make her bottom
clean with your tongue. Goodnight."

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