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My Cumslut Japanese Wife

Oct 10, 1999

By tennguy69

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By Tensai

At first I didn't believe it, I was angry. How could this happen?
I thought about what was, and then, more importantly, what was NOT,
done. I soon came to realize that it was I, neglectful hubby, who
was to blame. Let me tell you how I discovered My beautiful
Japanese wife, Harumi, and her unbridled passion for sex with huge,
muscular black men, and her love of being filled to the brim with
their hot seed...

As a successful doctor, I came to view work as life, and vice-versa.
Often times, my adorable little asian wife would caress my shouders
after work, and finally ask me if I wanted to watch a dirty video
with her. She is quite the whore when we pop-in a real fuck-fest
film - particularly, now that I think about it, when a woman is
supposedly cheating on her husband in the film, and even more so
when a black stud is filling a nympho asian wife with his huge

My darling wifey goes to school while I work. Our three kids are in
school until at least 3 p.m., which leaves the house unattended
during the bulk of the day. I never really considered that college
will leave you LOTS of free time between classes. Moreover, I was
stunned when I surruptitiously learned my wife had plans for such

I remember how it happened. I was on my way to a luncheon, and
remembered I had left my business cards at home. The house was just
a few miles out of my way, and, although I never had come home
during the middle of the day without calling, I didn't see the harm
in making a brief detour. What I would soon witness would change my
life, our sex life, and my ability to control my wife's desires,

As I neared the driveway, I noticed an unfamiliar red cadillac
parked around the side of the house, on a backstreet. It seemed as
if perhaps the vehicle was parked near another house, and I figured
whatever visitor was with a neighbor. I thought to myself, anyway,
that this was obviously a "brother's" wheels, so I didn't think the
occupant would have any business at our house.

Monkey business, perhaps? I opened the front door quietly, so as
not to awaken wifey if she were taking a nap. What I heard next was
certainly not sleep-talk!

Faintly, I distinctly heard Harumi's sexy japanese voice giggling,
as if she were being gently tickled, and a very low accompanying
voice, obviously male, interacting with my wife. I stood at the
foot of the stairs, mesmerized, and continued to listen

Her giggles disintegrated into markedly aroused coos, as I could
hear the two interlopers move about my marital bed, making the
bedsprings squeak. I carefully and quitely began ascending the

To my surprise, I discovered that my initial anger had quickly
vanished. Although I had been undoubtedly jealous at discovering my
faithful bride in the clutches of another man, I was even more
aroused by the thought of my sensuous wife being intimate with
another man, one who would take care of her always-burning heat.

I suppose it's my fault. When we first got married, of course, we
fucked like rabbits, usually two or three times a day. After a
while, however, my practice became more demanding until we were
lucky to have unceremonious sex once a month! I knew I wasn't
satisfying her. I suggested an alternative plan to quench wifey's
insatiable lust, but she quickly rejected it out-of-hand.

I had always been turned on by the thought of my beautiful wife
being made love to by another man, particularly a man of color.
Often while we were having our monthly-or-so sex, I would hotly
whisper in her ear how hot she was, and how horny it made me to
think of her making love to another man.

At first, she didn't like such dirty talk, being a loyal japanese
bride. As time progressed, however, she began to increasingly enjoy
my dirty suggestions, and got hotter than I had ever seen her
before, even during our fuck-fest honeymoon! It was as if she were
possessed, with her body shuddering, her eyes fluttering and rolling
back in her head. I felt like I didn't know this sex-crazed demon
whom I had awakened, but I was totally excited about her acceptance
and endorsement of our new verbal sexual enhancement.

I began increasing such talk, telling her she knew she wanted thick,
long black meat, and she needed that fat, hard, black cock fast. I
began telling her how much I wanted her to have an affair, that I
wouldn't get mad, and how greatly I would appreciate it if she would
bring another man's spunk home in her hot asian love box.

Initially, she wouldn't assent to my verbal prodding, preferring to
enjoy that nasty talk and get hot as could be. Gradually, however,
she began to respond to my provocations, and to tell me she wanted a
black man to make love to her. I could hardly believe my prim and
proper japanese wife was telling me this in such a turned-on
fuck-crazed way, but I was to soon realize she meant business!

As we continued our dirty-talk fuck sessions (which, by the way, due
to the forbidden excitement of them, I fucked her about every two
weeks - I thought I was a stud, but soon I would find out what a
stud for my wifey really meant!). I made her promise me she would
begin fucking other men, and that she would allow these studs to cum
deep inside her tiny asian twat. She was to not wash it out, but to
bring it back home in her newly-discovered fuck-snatch/cum carrier.
She did. As we made love in weeks to come I made her tell me about
her sexual escapades and how long she had been fucking each horny
guy. When she finally told me "3 months," I half believed her to be
serious, but then discounted it as dirty-talk play. I now know I
was undoubtedly mistaken!

As I approached our room, I noticed the door to the hallway closet
was open, from which I would have an unobstructed view of the bed.
I knew this because I had discovered it years before, and had spied
on my wife previously, watching her masturbate furiously.

I crept towards the closet, making sure I did not alert the midday
lovers. I slowly entered the closet and lurched towards the
revelation whole, steeling myself for what I would likely witness.

There on our marital bed was my beautiful wife, hair hopelessly
mussed, lipstick smeared, wearing a skimpy negligee I had seen in
the closet just the week before. Silly me, I thought she had bought
it to surprise me for father's day! I soon came to realize she had
compiled a separate, sexier wardrobe of such slutty bedwear, and
these outfits were strictly for her lovers, most of whom were black
and huge.

My wife was responding feverishly to the crude black man's shameless
mauling of her delicate oriental body. As was her recent liking,
the black man began spewing derogatory, filthy comments at her while
he felt up my little slut-wife unmercifully. Although I had talked
dirty to her, she would have NEVER let me get away with the vile
denigrations this stranger hurled. He told her she was just a
little jap cum-whore, and that he had taken her before and intended
to do whatever he wanted with hubby's little cunt today. He made my
conservative little bride hoist her ass in the air, and beg to suck
his big black meat.

As she did, I could not control myself any longer. Without even
touching myself, I came heavily in my pants while watching my wife
bob her head up and down on that savage's huge black tool. He
continued to remind her just what a little slut my wife was, as he
fingered wifey's ass and pussy during her cock service.

Slowly, he positioned himself to my delicate wife's rear, while he
commanded the little whore to hoist her ass as high into the air as
she could, while on all four's like a little bitch in heat. He
began rubbing his giant meat between Harumi's now-drenched pussy
lips, and would occasionally tease her puckered asshole with his
huge black baby-maker. This made my overwhelmed wife moan with
desire, and I wondered if he would take sweet wifey that way, which
is something she would never let me, her husband, do.

Gradually, he began to make my wife beg to be fucked. This made my
rejuvenated cock harden almost instantaneously at the site of
another man commanding what his piece of asian ass - my WIFE! - must
do for her black master. What made her moan with pleasure
uncontrolled lust, however, was when that big black cocksman began
to make fun of wifey's husband - me!

He told my little wife what a slut she was, and that she better do
and say the things he told her if she was to get any of his huge
cock in her little married pussy. He ordered her to tell him how
lame I was in bed with her, and how puny my little white cock was
compared to her black master's. Again, it surpised even me how
quickly what should have been anger, or at least resentment,
transformed into uncontrollable desire! My wife was being this man's
nasty little asian bitch, and promising to fuck only his black meat.
This stranger was taking my place as the man of the bed, of the
house, and certainly of my wife, who agreed she would never again
take my cock into her asian box of pleasure without her black
master's permission! Furthermore, "Rufus" told wifey, as he
rewarded the slut with just an inch or two of his 12" cock, that she
would do as he said when he brought wifey around his "home-boys,"
that she must satisfy any one of them Rufus ordered on command,
without question or hesitation. I was about to explode when she
assented, and voluntarily said she would be his slut forever, and
fuck and suck whomever Rufus wanted, and she would deny access to
"His" pussy, which my wife also referred to as Rufus' property.

Wifey's black lover further rewarded my little cum-slut with the
entire length (12") and girth (at least the size of my delicate
wife's wrist) of his mammoth black snake. She squealed with desire,
and bucked back against him, who was, for all intensive purposes, my
darling little wife's new husband and master. I would never again
be in control of her as she would soon be informing me of when and
where she intended to go, and instructed me that her snatch was no
longer my property, but that of Rufus' and his selected friends.
She said that the closest I would ever come to Rufus' pussy again
was when she got back from her cherished black fuck-dates, and then
would usually permit me to sit at the foot of the bed and touch
myself while she slowly exposed her most private honey-pot to reveal
the gushing snatch-cream delivered by her beloved black studs.

When she shows me this dripping snatch, as she did on the afternoon
in question after Rufus unwittingly instructed my peeking
worthlessness how I should have please wifey's pussy, she glares at
me, her former husband, with utter contempt. Sometimes she even
wears sunglasses when she displays his come, and she now loves to
tell me that she never should have put-up with my worthless little
white excuse for a cock for so long, and how much better than me her
new lover, her master and wifey's cunt-owner, is.

From time to time, wifey will get on the telephone and begin talking
softly, sensuously, and with earnest desire. Once, I made the
mistake of asking my sensuous slut "Who was that!?" She immediately
turned on me and scolded me thoroughly, telling me I better wake up
and realize that SHE was in charge, that SHE would talk to whomever
she pleased, and that my pathetic excuse for a cock had no right to
question ANYTHING!

As to this behaviour of mine, wifey had punishment in mind. She
immediately pushed me to the floor, and began dialing Rufus again.
While she spoke with her master, she looked at me with that same air
of utter contempt, and told her master what her
loser-used-to-be-husband had said, and, do he think he could help
with punishment? Evidently, he said "Yes," and she told him she
would see him soon.

Wifey made me get in the shower and, to my surprise, handed me a
razor and said "I better not see any hair on your body - legs, balls
and ass included - you got that, bitch?!" She said.

Although I was shaken, I did as wifey said, and prepared myself.
When I came out, wifey promptly dressed me in a new negligee she had
bought, complete with girly-frills, and secured a wig to me. When I
once protested, she said "That's it, now you're gonna wear make-up -
you never had interest in my pussy, and now you might as well be a
bitch, too - it's the only way you're gonna get ANY action!

As soon as she finished with my makeup, the doorbell rang. Wifey
would not let me hide in the bathroom, but brought my blushing body
promptly out to the living room to be promptly gawked at by Rufus
and one strong, stocky black stranger I had never seen before.

As my wife forced me to watch her engage in enthused lustings with
Rufus, his friend began touching, squeezing, and fondling me. My
wife began laughing, and pointed out that my cock, despite myself,
was getting hard. She threw her head back and laughed, mocking me,
saying she always new how I'd react to a real man.

The stranger took me roughly, making me do everystrange act
imaginable, and having my wife videotape me while the stranger
plunged his 14" cock repeatedly through my ass until I thought his
huge member would make it all the way through my body and out my
mouth. Rufus made me suck his cock at the same time, and wifey was
beside herself at her worthless fuck-bitch hubby. Afterwords, wifey
made me watch the two brutes invade her every orafice and completely
violet what was once all mine. Afterwords, she ordered me to lie
down, and perched atop my face. She commanded me to eat the cum
which was lodged deep inside my asian hussy's cunt and ass by the
studs, which was quite to the men's amusement, as they said, "That's
it, whitey, suck your wife's cunt, where I put my load, suck her
ass, which you never did & never will have, and taste my seed mixed
with her shit...Your little jap-cunt is ours, now, little-dick!

Wifey has made many other tapes since then, and, I know, if I don't
do exactly what she wants, I know I'll be exposed, probably lose my
medical license, and be ridiculed as the sissy cuckhold my wife has
made me. But, strangely, I'm beginning to like being my asian cunt's
little sissy-bitch hubby.

She has commanded me to find other black lovers for her insatiable
asian snatch, and I have instructions to make sure everything's
clean afterwards. Any takers?

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