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Lady's Black Luv'n

Jun 11, 2003

By aryshi

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Lady's Black Luv'n
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note: The story below is a story in itself. However, it is also a
direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled: Terrified Teacher IV
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At the age of 30, Elaine Roberts comforted her two young daughters as
they settled into their new home. Moving across the country and
settling into a new location naturally gave everyone in the family some
degree of apprehension but it was a big promotion for Dave Roberts.
Dave had mentioned to Elaine the possible promotion and indicated he was
a bit hesitant as it would disrupt the entire family due to the need to
move across country. But Elaine eagerly encouraged her husband to
accept the position if offered, telling him it was a chance of a
lifetime for him.

For Elaine, the move was quite a welcome, though she had to leave the
many made at the school she had last taught at. Though she enjoyed
teaching the youngsters at the school and got along well with all her
fellow teachers, one horrid event had shattered her innocence and had
led her down the path of depravity. She had been raped and ravaged by
the school's janitor, a black man, right upon her desk in the very
classroom where she taught the children each day. Thus, she harbored a
secretive ulterior motive in wanting her husband to get the promotion.

That horrid event had nearly destroyed Elaine totally as she felt so
soiled and unworthy of continuing to be a wife to her loving husband and
mother of their beautiful young daughters. So ashamed of her violation,
she had not reported the crime nor disclosed her dreaded secret to
anyone, not even to Dave, afraid that he would shun her and no longer
even want to even touch her soiled body.

What had happened to her that awful day had changed her life completely,
her thought processes and how she looked upon life. Having only been
intimate with Dave, surrendering her virginity to him on their wedding
night, Elaine was quite distraught at the thought of the filthy janitor
forcing himself into her womanhood. Her vile rapist had been so much
more well-endowed in comparison to her husband and the man had hurt her
when he forced his monstrous black cock up into her.

'Oh, God ??????.I still don't believe he actually managed to force that
big a ?????a penis ???..in me!' Elaine recounted as memories of the pain
associated with the rape came back to her. 'Gosh ?????..it hurt so
badly ????so much more than when Dave took my virginity!' she
shuddered. 'Why? But ?????.why? Why did I have to respond like that?
Why did my body betray me ??????.giving me the most wicked orgasm ever?'
she asked her herself guiltily.

'I'm so glad I convinced Dave to accept the promotion, getting me away
from there!' Elaine told herself. Breathing a sigh of relief in her new
home, Elaine realized that she was now free from all the demons that
haunted her daily. Free now ????.from her anguished mind and most of
all ????.free from the clutches of the man who had violently raped her.

After that eventful day, Elaine had lost all sense of values and morals
that she had treasured all her life, finding herself searching to once
again experience such a mind-shattering orgasm. Closing her eyes,
Elaine shuddered as she thought back to the day when she had gone to the
office and requested some help at the end of the school day, knowing
that the janitor also assisted in custodial jobs at the school when
heavy items needed to be moved.

That afternoon, alone in her classroom once again with the man who had
raped her, it was obvious to the grinning man as to why he had been
summoned to assist her. Pretending to bend over to fill a box near her
desk, hearing the custodian enter her classroom and closing the door
behind him, Elaine then got to experience that much sought after
mind-shattering orgasm once again. This time, with her hands bracing
herself against the edge of her desk with legs widespread, Elaine was
taken like a bitch in heat.

Fifteen minutes later, body well-sated, Elaine panted to regain her
composure alone in the privacy of her classroom. Lacy white panties,
caught at her heels, were widely stretched toward the breaking point.
Oozing out of her well-fucked and sated cunt, Elaine could feel the
man's thick spunk slowly flowing down the insides of her thighs. Though
not on the pill and this being a dangerous time of the month for her, it
didn't matter as Elaine had soared to the much sought after orgasm.
Getting several tissues from her desk drawer, she then wiped the
drooling spunk from her thighs.

Elaine could recollect that day so vividly, going home with her panties
sopping wet with the custodian's thick cum and then greeting her husband
with a kiss when she had entered their home. Changing into her normal
shorts and blouse before cooking dinner, she had not changed her cum
soaked panties, feeling so wicked to be sitting next to her husband at
the dinner table with another man's vicious cum still drooling out of

Throughout the remainder of the school year, Elaine had succumbed
countless of times to the devious custodian who seemed to have a
powerful hold over her body. One particular night stood out in her
mind, the evening of the end of the school year's open house for
parents. On such occasions, due to the shortage of parking, her husband
dropped her off early at the school and then picked her up after it was
over as the teachers stayed a bit late to clean up.

When the open house had come to a close and the parents had left, Elaine
had told her fellow teachers and principal that she'd stay a bit longer
to clean up her classroom that night. She assured them that she was
fine as her husband would be coming to pick her up in forty-five minutes
and that she would lock her classroom door for safety.

Later that evening, Dave drove up to the empty school with his daughters
in the back seat and saw the lights on in his wife's classroom.
Smiling, he told his daughter's "Okay ?..let's go and call Mommy!"
Driving up through the schoolyard, Dave then parked right outside of the
classroom, next to the cement walkway. Getting out of the car, along
with the girls, Dave knocked on the door as the girls yelled out "Mommy

Then Dave heard his wife's voice call out "Coming ????.be right there!"
A moment later, hearing the clicking sounds of his wife's high heels
upon the classroom floor, the lights of her classroom went off and
turned it into darkness. Then the door opened and he was greeted by a
kiss from his lovely wife. As no one was around except the girls, Dave
pressed his lips up against Elaine's soft creamy lips, pushing the tip
of his tongue between her lips. He felt his lovely wife tense up a bit,
being out in a public area, then she relaxed against him as her lips
opened to admit his exploring tongue as she teased him with hers.

What Dave didn't know was that when his lovely wife had called out in
response to their arrival, she had just pulled her lips off the
custodian's cock that she had been avidly sucking upon. That during the
minute they stood waiting outside of her classroom door, the custodian
had wrapped his fingers in her long silky hair as he began spurting his
thick jizz into her gulping mouth. Dave would certainly have puked his
guts had he known that Elaine's lips were so creamy on this night due to
the lowly custondian's spend and that he was getting a good taste of
another man's vile cum.

Now far away across the country, Elaine was determined to start fresh
and resume being the faithful wife and devoted mother she had been just
a year earlier. So far away, she would no longer be tempted by the man,
who had gained such a powerful hold upon her both body and soul. Still,
Elaine could not stop thinking of such mind-shattering orgasms she had
soared to as she clenched her thighs together to quell that nagging itch
between her legs.

Getting a teaching position at a school a few miles from her home had
been quite easy, especially with the recommendations from her former
principal and the credentials she had. Although Elaine could have
gotten a district exception for her daughters and have them educated at
the school she taught at, both she and Dave felt it best that they
attend the school in their own district that was located only two blocks
from home. They could walk with the other children in the neighborhood
to school and then attend the after-school care till either she or their
father picked them up.

Six months after the move, Elaine was very happy at the adjustment the
girls had made, doing well in school and making new friends in the
neighborhood. Elaine was also very happy in devoting herself to her
loving husband, knowing deep down that she was trying to make up for her
past indiscretions. True, that first time she had been raped and
ravaged beyond her control but not the times that followed.

Elaine enjoyed the lovemaking with her husband but still something was
definitely missing. The elusive mind-shattering orgasm that had only
been achieved when with the muscular custodian could not be reached in
bed with her husband. The previous night, after Dave had fallen asleep,
she had crept downstairs and locked herself in the guest bathroom.
Prior to entering the bathroom, she had opened the refrigerator and
retrieved the large cucumber, the one that had reminded her of the
custodian's endowment.

Holding her legs up in the air and spreading them wide, Elaine then
fucked herself to a much-needed orgasm. But once the pleasure was over,
Elaine felt quite guilty and chastised herself for the illicit thoughts
and weakness in succumbing to the need to resort to such a nasty thing.
Going back into the kitchen, she wrapped up the large cucumber that was
now soiled and slimy with her love juices. Then she buried it deep in
the kitchen trash, getting rid of the shameful evidence that had just
brought her pleasure.

Though they had lived in a similar suburban neighborhood as they had
just moved from, the city was so much bigger, making the move seem like
they had just left a small town. Elaine and Dave had taken in some of
the sights that the city had to offer when time permitted between
getting the girls settled and both of them getting set up in their new
job positions.

As the principal had asked her to coordinate the upcoming spring
pageant, Elaine readily accepted the challenge. Wanting to rent some
nice costumes from the school's supplier, Elaine was told that the
supplier had quite an assortment to choose from. Some of the costumes
could be found online but in calling the supplier, Elaine learned that
so much more rental items existed at the warehouse that weren't put
online. As the supplier was only open on weekdays, she would have to do
it after school one day.

At dinner that night, Elaine asked if Dave could pick up the girls from
the after-school care on his way home from work as she planned to go
down to the costume facility right after school. Thinking that she'd
probably be late getting back, she also asked her husband to pick up
pizza for dinner and to start without her should she be late. Elaine
explained to Dave of the pageant that she was in charge of and that a
fellow teacher was going along to show her the location of the

Immediately after school let out the next day, Elaine and a fellow
teacher were to go out to the see the costumes. But her fellow teacher,
who had been to the location before, came down ill just after lunch.
Picking up the city map, determined to find her way and not wanting to
cancel the appointment, Elaine made her way out of the school's parking
lot to head off towards the city.

Not realizing just how much traffic there was at that time of the day,
unable to get into the right lane to make the turnoff, Elaine was forced
to continue on till the next off-ramp before making her way back. But
after getting off at the next ramp, to her dismay Elaine found there was
no onramp going back at this location. She swallowed in nervousness as
the seediness of the neighborhood was taken in. Glancing about, Elaine
found herself deep in a neighborhood filled with blacks, not seeing one
white person among the dozens of people walking about.

Driving about for a bit, Elaine finally came to the conclusion that she
was totally lost. Looking a her watch, Elaine gave a sigh of
disappointment, knowing that she'd have to come back a different day as
the warehouse was scheduled to close in fifteen minutes. But more
troubling to her was the fact that she had no clue at all as to where
she was and hesitated to stop in this rundown neighborhood to ask for

Then, nearing a rundown service station, Elaine observed an elderly
black male attendant hanging up a gasoline hose as a car pulled out from
the pumps. As the man was working at the service station, Elaine slowed
and pulled up into station next to where the man was standing. "Sir!
Excuse me ?????but could you give me some directions ????.I'm a bit
lost!" she asked nervously. As the man bent toward her open window,
Elaine shivered as the man's smiling black face neared. Looking up at
the man, she then noticed his eyes drift downwards. Elaine then
realized that he was eyeing up the sight of her thighs and legs that
were exposed to his view.

Amos Wright, at the age of 62, was the owner of this rather small
rundown service station that sat at the edge of this god-forsaken part
of the city. Seeing this beautiful white woman in her nice shiny BMW,
Amos knew right off that this pretty lady did not belong in this part of
the city and was obviously lost. 'Damn, she sure is purty!' he muttered
to himself. "How can I help ya, little lady!" he responded as he eyed
up her sexy white legs.

The obvious lust in the way the old man ogled up her legs had Elaine
totally unnerved as she panted to catch her breath. "I ????.I
?????please ??.??..could ??.could ???..could you direct me back to the
city?" she stammered. With the map folded up in her hand to the general
location, Elaine fumbled with it and opened up the map, using it to
cover up her exposed legs.

Streetwise from his wild younger days, Amos had grown up as part of a
gang, then had moved on to drug dealing as well as being a pimp. Now in
his sixties, it had been many a year since he had a young pretty woman
and none he ever had could compare to this beauty in the car. He could
sense her nervousness, especially when she had caught him eyeing up sexy
legs. The way she was panting told him that it was not just being
nervous but that she was in 'heat' for some black luving.

When the map had been opened up and spread out, covering the sexy legs
from his view, Amos chuckled to himself in knowing that it had been
purposely done. Moving his hand toward the map that the beauty was
holding, Amos purposely brushed up against her soft manicured hand,
causing her to drop the map to her lap. Continuing to move his hand
forward at the pretense of pointing out where they were, his finger was
now upon the map pressing it down upon her thigh beneath it.

Frozen to the driver's seat, unable to move an inch, Elaine clenched her
thigh muscles in an attempt to stem the flow of juices that now began to
leak into the crotch of her panties. Elaine shuddered as she watched
the man's coal black hand before her, his finger pointing at the map as
it pressed down onto her thigh. Not hearing what the old man was now
saying to her, Elaine watched as the man's finger moved along the map,
then off the edge of it.

"Ahhhhh ???????ahhhhhhh!" Elaine gasped as the rough callused hand
disappeared under the map but she could feel it now upon her bare
thigh. "Please ???.please ??????oh, pleaseeeeeeeeee!" she shivered as
the hidden hand caressed her inner thigh as it slowly moved up towards
her now sopping wet panties. "Oh, God ??????oh, God ??????..oh,
Goddddddddddddddddddd!" she shuddered as the finger that had earlier
been tracing a route on the map was now tracing a route up the length of
her pulsating snatch over the crotch of her wet panties.

Amos then boldly advised "Ya look all flush and bothered, ma'am! Why
don't ya come in and fresh'n up a spell! Come in and join 'ol Amos for
a cold drink! I ain't had a purty little thing like ya stopping by in
years! I'd sure be honored having a purty beauty like you come in and
chat some!" Then, adding pressure to his tracing finger, he pushed a
bit of her wet panties into her juicing pussy.

A moment later, with the elderly attendant opening her car door and
assisting her out by the elbow, Elaine stood on shaky heels as her legs
felt like jelly. Then, realizing her keys were in the car and being
left unattended, Elaine stammered "My ????..my keys!" With the strong
hand at her elbow escorting along, the elderly attendant's gruff voice
gave her some reassurance "Don't ya worry about yer car, sweetie!
Nobody messes with any cars parked here, cause they know old Amos will
cut their nuts off if they do!"

Entering the rather dilapidated interior of the old service station,
Elaine's heart was pounding madly in her chest as she watched the old
attendant lock the door and turn the sign around to indicate that the
station was now 'closed'. Then the man turned, a big smile on his face
as he advised "Ya don't want to waste time chit-chatting over a cold
drink, do ya, sweetie? Ya want some black luving, don't ya? Don't ya
worry ???.old Amos still got what ya need up between those purty legs of
yers! Here ???.give it a feel!"

As the bold attendant drew her hand over to him, Elaine sucked in her
breath as her manicured fingers came into contact with large bulge
protruding from the man's greasy overalls. Indeed, this old fellow had
certainly not exaggerated at all as Elaine squeezed upon the hardened
bulge and began to trace the length of his manhood. 'Oh, God ??.it's so
bigggggggg ????so longggggg! So much bigger than Dave's!' Elaine
thought as she clenched her thighs together.

Amos felt his cock grow even harder under the soft touch of this
beautiful woman. Then he grasped her petite hand and pulled her along
through the doorway leading to the service bay of the station. Pulling
the lever to the lift that was situated below the frame of an old rusty
pickup truck, Amos raised it up about four feet in the air. Amos then
escorted the beauty who now appeared as if in a trance as he pulled her
to the open truck bed that was filthy and covered with dirt. But he
sensed that this sophisticated beauty was not here looking for luxury
but instead would much prefer being fucked senseless and dirtied.

Taken to the back of the open truck, the gate no longer there due to its
age and rust, Elaine felt the attendant's hands lifting her at her waist
and sitting her upon the dirty truck bed. Then callused hands were up
under the hem of her dress and pulling at the waistband of her lacy
white panties. As she pressed her hands down onto the dirty truck bed
to lift herself up a bit, the skirt of her dress was pushed back, then
her panties drawn down her over her hips. Looking down, Elaine saw her
rolled up panties pulled to her knees, then allowed to fall down her
hanging legs and off her heels to fall upon the grimy garage floor.

With the front of her dress flipped up to her waist, baring her sex to
the elderly service station attendant, Elaine saw the look of lust on
the man's face as he licked his salacious lips in anticipation.
Panting in anticipation, she wondered what her loving husband would say
if could see his so-called prim and proper wife sitting with her bared
ass upon the filthy truck bed of a dilapidated pile of junk with an old
service station attendant peering down at her bared pussy.

As the strong callused hands now caressed her trim legs, then moved to
her knees to push her legs widespread, Elaine stared down as the elderly
attendant's head delved down to begin his tasty feast. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
??????..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Elaine threw her head and gasped loudly.
Body shuddering uncontrollably, Elaine grasped the back of the man's
kinky head as she swooned and fell back prone onto the dirty truck bed.
"Ohhhhhhhhh ??????..ohhhh, Goddddddddddddd!" she moaned as the hungry
man slurped at the thick juices oozing out of her horny twat.

Fingers clutching at the kinky peppered hair, Elaine crossed her trim
legs over the man's head and locked her white heels together as she
arched up to feed the slurping mouth more of her sweet juices. "Oh, God
???????oh, God ??????yes ?????..yes ?????..oh, eat me ?????eat
meeeeeeeeeee!" she cried out desperately for relief. "Yes ?????yes
?????God, yessssssssss ????.I ?????I'm cummingggggggggg ??????.eat
meeeeeeeeeeee!" Elaine screamed as her body shuddered uncontrollably in
a mind-shattering orgasm.

Licking at the juices smeared over his face, Amos savored the sweet
honey that this young pretty thing had just fed him. 'Damn, that's some
prime eating stuff! Juiciest piece of white meat I ever tasted!' Amos
mused as he reached up to undo the buttons down the front of her pink
dress. As the sexy beauty was still settling back down to earth after
skyrocketing to that mind-shattering orgasm, Amos got all the buttons
undone an undid the belt around her waist.

Amos then pulled at the once immaculate dress from under the bared
beauty, getting her to lift her butt up a bit to remove the dress from
under her. Reaching up, he peeled the straps of her lacy white bra
from her shoulders, lifting one arm and then the other to withdraw each
of them from the garment. Next, Amos licked his lips as he reached up
to pull the bra cups down to reveal the twin pink capped beauties. With
the bra down at her waist, Amos turned it about to get at the clasp and
unclipped it, pulling from her and tossing the garment behind him onto
the greasy floor.

Looking at the sexy young beauty lying dazed and sprawled out on the
dirty flat bed of the twenty year old pickup, Amos reached down to
gently lift up her left hand. He grinned with great satisfaction in
seeing the sparkling diamond ring and wedding band that adorned her
petite hand, wishing that her white boy husband could be here at this
instant and viewed his 'faithful' young wife.

Moving up along the outside of the truck, Amos then reached over to
grasp the beauty at her upper arms and encourage her to assist "Scoot up
a bit, sugar!" Amos smiled as the classy woman, this prim and proper
young wife, did as he asked and scooted herself up along the dirty bed
of the pickup. Quickly, Amos began divesting himself of his overalls,
tossing his boots and socks aside and then crawled up on the bed of the
old pickup to stretch up alongside the beauty's soft succulent body.

Bending his head, Amos sucked in a tender pink nipple, teasing with his
tongue to feel it immediately harden in his mouth. Harder he sucked
upon it, rolling in about in his mouth, nipping it gently with his sharp
teeth. Then he paid homage to its twin beauty, hearing the beauty
beneath him moan with pleasure. Cock rock hard and ready, Amos couldn't
wait any longer to sink his aching cock into this beautiful young wife.
Knowing that she was the prized possession of some white boy made this
conquest even that much sweeter.

Lifting his head up to look down upon the sexy young wife, Amos watched
as she panted in heat as he pressed the bulblike cockhead up against her
horny twat. Seeing her steeling herself for the penetration, Amos
guided his thick cockhead up and down the sensitive slit, making the
young wife plead "Please ??????..oh, please ?????..pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee
????????.put it in! Put it in me! Fuck me ?????fuck me ??????.fuck

Horny as hell, Amos managed to hold himself back a bit longer, wanting
to taunt this sexy little beauty. As she grabbed his hips, trying
frantically to encourage him to bone her, Amos twitched his pulsating
cockhead against her wet slit and tauntingly asked "Ya a lonely
housewife bored with looking at the four walls, sweetie? Came out here
slumm'n ?????.looking to get yerself laid?" Then to his surprise, the
panting beauty responded "No ????..no ?????I ?????.I'm a ????..a
teacher! I ????.I teach third grade students! I ????..I got lost out
here! Pleaseeeeee ??????please ?????put it in me!"

"Purty little schoolteacher wants Amos to put his big 'ol black cock up
yer tight little pussy, huh! Purty teacher got any children of her
own?" he asked. "Ta ???..two ?????.I have two young daughters!" came
the stammering reply. Chuckling, Amos pushed the tip of his bloated
cockhead between her splitting lips, snickering "I ain't got no rubbers
with me, sweetie! But ya don't care, do ya? Ya don't care if old Amos
knocks ya up, do ya? Gonna fuck a little black bastard up that tiny
belly of yers, sweetie! Gonna give yer daughters a little playmate to
help take care of!"

"God ?????oh, God ?????please ??..??..please fuck me ????.fuck me with
your big black cock!" Elaine begged frantically. Grabbing at his hips,
arching herself up to get his cock to fully penetrate her, Elaine
pleaded "Fuck me ????.fuck me please! You don't need a condom! I don't
care ????..I don't care ????..just ????..just put it in me
???pleeaseeeeee!" Then, feeling the bulblike cockhead push and spread
out her cuntlips as the head was enveloped in her cunt, Elaine sobbed
loudly "Knock me up! Knock me up! I don't care ??????.just fuck me!"

"Aieeeeeeeeeeeeee ????????..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Elaine squealed
with delight as the elderly service station attendant pushed in slowly,
feeding her his fat cock. "Oh, Goddddddd .?????so goodddddddddd
??????.so gooddddddd! Yes ????yessssssssss ?????.deeper
??????..deeperrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Ahhhhhhhhhh ??????.yessssssss ????.fuck
meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" she screamed as the foot long dong plowed deep
down into her fertile womb.

"Damn ???????God damn????.yer so fuck'n tight, baby! Yer skinning my
cock alive ???????ahhhhhhhhhhh!" Amos groaned from the pleasure/pain of
the tight penetration even though the slick juices aided greatly in
getting his cock in her. If he hadn't known that she had two little
girls already, he'd have thought that she never had a cock up her tight
snatch ever. Feeling her trim legs wrap around his waist as the beauty
locked her heels over the small of his back, Amos reared back and thrust
his big black bone into the arching beauty.

Back and butt rubbing against the dirt and tiny pebbles on the dirty
truck bed, Elaine found it so much more pleasurable than if this old man
and taken her into a comfortable bedroom. This is what she really
wanted, what she had craved for, to be taken and fucked brutally in dirt
and grime. Elaine couldn't believe the prowess of this elderly man,
who's cock was now deeply buried within her, giving her the fucking that
she needed so badly.

Meeting the old man thrust for thrust as he speared her with his lengthy
cock, Elaine spurred him on with her heels, clawing frantically at his
broad back with her sharp nails. "Oh ?????good ??????..so
goodddddddddddd!" she shuddered as Amos gave her the best fucking ever.
Squeezing her cunt muscles around the big black bone, Elaine could hear
the squishing sounds coming from their union, like that of a well-oiled
machine as she was now being slammed and jackhammered down onto the
truck's bed.

Squeezing her legs across the old man's back, Elaine pulling her heels
towards her, trying to pull him even deeper into her. "Ohhhhhh ????.yes
?????yes ????.deeper ????deeperrrrrrrrr!" Elaine moaned as her
experienced lover pumped the length of his thick cock in and out of her
gushing hole. "Yes ?????.yes ?????..oh, yessssssssss ??????..fuck me
???????.fuck meeeeee!" she moaned as Amos rode her. "Yes ???oh, yes
?????..yesssssss ????fuck me ?????..fuck me ????..I ?????..I'm
cummingggggggggggg!" she screamed as her body shook uncontrollably in a
mind shattering orgasm.

Grasping her soft assheeks in his hands, Amos buried his bone deep into
the sexy white beauty, then shuddered as his cockhead bloated and began
belching out his thick but still fertile seed. This was the best fuck
that he'd had in over twenty years, not being able to recall anything so
fantastic as nailing a beautiful white bitch like this ?????so sexy,
beautiful, and married! The added thought of maybe getting the pretty
bitch knocked up with his baby sent Amos over the edge as he groaned
"Ahhhhhhhhhhh, baby ??????..ahhhhh ???????God ???????.I hope I knock ya
up, bitch! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Moments later, cock wilting in the warm wet nest, Amos lifted himself
off the passed out beauty. Needing time to recuperate, Amos stepped off
the back of the pick up, leaving the lovely beauty asleep on the truck
bed with thick cum oozing out of her well fucked cunt. Thinking
quickly, knowing that such a sexy young wife would hesitate coming out
to this part of the city again, Amos stepped into his clothing and went
out to her car.

Opening the driver's door, Amos found a full set of keys still in the
ignition. Seeing a housekey on the ring, Amos rushed across the street
to the hardware store. There he made a copy of the housekey before
returning back to the station. Going back into the BMW, he opened up
the glove compartment and got out the registration. Writing the
information down on a piece of paper, Amos now had the residence address
of Dave and Elaine Roberts. Most importantly, in Amos' pocket was the
key to the privacy of their home.

Back in the station, relocking the front door, Amos began shedding his
clothing once again. Returning to the service bay, he saw the white
heels sticking out from the open back of the pickup, indicating that the
lovely beauty was still sprawled out just as he had left her. Peering
at the dozing beauty, Amos felt his cock rise to the occasion once
again. Never had he seen such a beautiful woman wanting to be taken in
such a way, wanting to be fucked in a dirty and grimy place.

Hard as a rock, Amos wanted to be certain that this lovely woman got
what she needed, that of being fucked in a manner never before
experienced in her life. Back up on the bed of the truck, kneeling
between the trim sexy legs, Amos looked down to see the layer of dirt
that covered the back of the truck. With his hand, Amos brushed the
dirt up into a small little pile and chuckled at his devious thoughts.

Scooping up some grime and dirt into the palm of his hand, Amos chuckled
as he wrapped his dirty hand around his stiff cock. Looking down,
pouring dirt onto the still clean portions of his cock, Amos made sure
it was covered thoroughly with a layer of dirt. Then, shuffling up
between the trim white legs, Amos got back into position. This time, it
would be something new for Amos also, taking great pleasure as he was
about to fuck the unsuspecting beauty with his dirty and grimy cock.

"Ohhhhhhhh ????????ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Elaine stirred as the thick cock
was reintroduced into her sloppy cunt. Once, in the early part of their
marriage, her husband had put on a novelty condom with tiny rubber knobs
and hair like fibers on it. Feeling the cock that now penetrating her
reminded her of that novelty condom that had driven her wild. Little
did she suspect that the agitation she felt on the walls of her pussy
was due to the foreign substances of dirt and sand-like pebbles.

Amos slammed himself forward, plunging his dirty cock into the sexy
beauty, causing the pickup to shake dangerously atop of the hoist. Over
and over, he nailed the lovely beauty was she withered upon the filthy
bed of the pickup. "Ya been dying for some good black meat, haven't ya,
sweetie? Hubby can't satisfy ya, huh, sugar? But ya got a 'real' man
in your horny twat now, baby!" Amos chuckled upon hearing her sharp
intake of breath each time his dirt covered cock rubbed up and down the
sensitive walls of tight pussy.

The wild fuck session, coupled with the unusual stimulation in her
pussy, sent Elaine climbing the walls as the dilapidated pickup rocked
back and forth upon the hoist. "Oh, Godddd ?????.oh, yessssssss
?????..fuck me ????fuck me like the bitch I really am!" Elaine moaned
loudly, her fingers digging into his muscular arms as she tightened her
legs around his waist. "Harder ????harder ???..oh, fuck me ???.fuck me
hard!" she groaned, drawing him closer and deeper. "Yessss ??..oh,
Godddddd ????..ahhhhhhhh ???..I ???..I ????.I'm cummmmminggg!" she
screamed in another wild orgasm as the thick cock burst deep in womb
once again.

Hours later, as she brought her car to a stop in the garage, Elaine
swallowed as she wondered just how she could slip into the house without
Dave or the children noticing her dirty dress. Elaine shivered as
memories flooded her mind as she recalled being eaten out and fucked
twice on the dirty bed of the run-down pickup truck. Before she had
departed the service station, the attendant had pushed her onto a
kneeling position in the service bay and got her to clean off his dirty
cock with her mouth.

Seeing cum drooling down the old man's cock that was streaked with dirt,
Elaine had then looked down upon her thighs to see the messy mixture
oozing out of her well-fucked slit onto her inner thighs. Realizing
that the devious old man had just fucked her with his cock covered in
crud, Elaine had shuddered in revulsion and humiliation. Then she took
the filthy cock into her mouth, licking and sucking off the dirt and
grime that covered it.

Her slipping in and attempting to make her way to the master bedroom
without drawing attention to herself was all for naught when her
youngest daughter yelled out "Mommy ????..Mommy ?????.you're all
dirty!" "Yes ???..Mommy slipped and fell down after school today!
Mommy has to change and put on some clean clothes now!" she lied as she
hurried off to her bedroom.

In the privacy of the master bath, Elaine prepared a powerful douche to
cleanse out the old man's sperm, hoping that she would not be faced with
the dire consequences of such a forbidden mating. But it would take
more fluid than just the douche to wash out all the dirt and sandy
particles that also clogged her fertile womb.

In bed that night, Elaine cringed with pain when her husband playfully
snuggled up close, reaching over to cup her left breast through her
cotton pajama top. Her slight gasp, along with her shuddering body,
fooled her husband who mistook it for a gasp and shiver of pleasure.
Elaine gritted her teeth as Dave rolled her bruised and raw nipple as it
rose up to his touch. Earlier in the bath, Elaine had examined her
tender breasts, observing the bruises and hickeys left by her slobbering
old man as well as the tiny cuts left upon her nipples by his sharp

Feigning body aches from her 'fall', Elaine managed to put off her horny
husband till another night. She had not lied as her pussy ached
something awful when she had relieved herself before going to bed,
realizing that the rubbing of the sandy pebbles along the walls of her
cunt had obvious scratched the inner walls that now burned when she had
urinated. Elaine wondered just how long it'd take before everything
healed up before she would be able to make love to her husband without
it being so painful.

Though memories of that day flooded her mind that night, Elaine made a
resolution to herself that she would never go into that part of town
again ????ever! Little did she realize that the old service station
attendant was in his own bed at that very instant thinking of her and
making plans on paying a visit to her home.

End of Story.

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