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New Bride Fucked After Wedding Reception

Nov 30, 2000

By chimany

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New Bride Fucked After Wedding Reception
By Tiny Stan

During our wedding reception, I and my new bride Jen
had a bit too much to drink. After the reception we
piled into our rented limo and headed off to the inn
that we were staying at. Our friend Greg also got
into the limo - - we gave him a ride since he was
staying at the same inn.

Let me tell you something about Greg. He is tall and
skinny and not particularly handsome. He is very
socially awkward. People describe him as goofy. He
and I both work at the same company, and I am higher
up the management chain than him. But he is a nice
guy and my wife and I like him.

Let me describe my wife. She has shoulder length
blond hair. She has a sweet pretty face. She is
petite and around 5'3". She has nice legs and small
34B cup tits.

While we were going out, Jen and I often fantasized
about her fucking other guys. Most times when we
fucked we talked about her fucking other guys. We
often played games in public where she'd
"accidentally" flash her stocking tops to some guys,
or lean over a counter and let a guy look at her small
tits down her blouse.

On the way to the inn we drank more and had some weed.
Jen and I were getting horney. Jen had a twinkle in
her eye as she looked at me, and then starting
flirting with Greg. We were starting to play our
game. This time, though, maybe because of the drugs
or alcohol, the game went farther than normal and they
started kissing, and Greg felt Jen up through her
wedding gown. It turned me on to see my new bride
making out with another guy. I'll never forgot that
moment when they started kissing, and I could tell
that his tongue was moving down her throat, and then
watching his hand move down and start fondling her tit
through her dress.

When we got to the inn all three of us went into our
bridal suite. I started making out with my new wife
while Greg made some drinks. I whispered to Jen, " It
turned me on so much to see you and Greg making out.
Do you want to fuck him, huh, huh? You do want to
fuck him, don't you slut, don't you. You're such a
whore you want to fuck him, don't you." Jen didn't
say anything but just moaned.

I walked over to Greg and took my drink. I then told
him to go have some fun. It was a stupid thing to do,
but I was drunk, stoned, and I also was feeling very
secure because Greg is not physically attractive, he's
socially inept, and my career was moving faster than
his. In other words, I was not at all threatened by

Greg got onto the bed with my wife and they started
making out. Jen was still wearing her wedding dress.
Greg reached behind her and unzipped the gown, and
pulled it down off her shoulders. She was wearing an
ivory bustier. Greg pulled one of her tits free over
the bustier and started sucking her nipple. Jen was

Greg then moved his hand down her legs and under her
gown. Greg pushed her gown up until it was bunched
around her waist. Jen opened her legs and Greg moved
between her legs. It was incredibly erotic to see
Greg between Jen's stockinged legs, as he caressed her
legs from the top of her stocking tops to her feet
(she was still wearing her ivory white pumps). Greg
then moved his hand under the bunched up gown - - I
could not see what he was doing, but it was clear that
he was fingering her pussy because Jen started to hump
his hand. Then Greg moved his head between Jen's legs
and started to eat her out. Jen loves this, and was
really moaning. She grabbed his head and pulled him
closer to her pussy.

I could tell that Jen was really turned on by Greg.
It started dawning on me that Greg knew how to give
pleasure to a woman. He might be goofy in all other
respects, but he knew how to use his body to turn a
woman on.

I started thinking that perhaps I should stop this,
when Greg got up and moved over towards Jen's head.
He unzipped his pants and took out his hard cock. I
could not believe it. His cock was huge, much larger
than mine. I could not believe someone as thin as
Greg could have such a big dick. Greg moved his cock
towards Jen's lips and she immediately took him into
her mouth. I watched as my new bride wrapped her
hands around his big cock and pumped him while sucking
the top of his cock. Her hands, already somewhat
small, looked tiny compared to the size of his cock.
It was incredibly erotic to see her sweet hands, with
her newly manicured nails, and wearing her wedding and
engagement rings, pumping his thickly veined massive
cock. I was mesmerized by this and could not move.

Soon, Greg moved back between Jen's legs. Jen spread
her legs even wider to allow Greg easier access. Her
gown was still bunched up around her waist but I could
tell from her moans that Greg had pushed his big cock
into her pussy and he was fucking her. It was an
incredible sight to see my new bride's stockinged feet
on Greg's shoulders as he fucked her. By now, her
pumps were off and her stockinged feet were arched
out. Greg was fucking her hard and Jen was moaning.
I watched Jen's toes curl in as she had her first

Greg had amazing staying power. He fucked my new wife
for another 15 minutes. I think she came a second
time before Greg started to cum. Jen told Greg not to
cum inside her, so he pulled out and he shot a huge
load all over her gown.

I had to have my wife. I moved between her legs and
stuck my cock into her drenched pussy. After fucking
Greg's big cock her pussy was looser than usual.
However, I was so turned on that I came after just a
few strokes.

Watching me fuck my bride must have turned Greg on
because he was hard again. As soon as I rolled off of
Jen, Greg approached her. Jen said that she wanted to
get out of her gown so she stood up and started
undressing. Greg was closest to her so he helped her.
Here's another image that will forever stick in my
mind - - another man helping my new bride take off her
wedding dress.

After taking off the dress, Jen looked incredible hot
in her strapless ivory white bustier with garter
straps that were attached to her lacy top white
stockings. They started making out. Jen got on her
knees and wrapped her hands around Greg's big cock.
Greg then asked her to put on the lacy ivory white
gloves and veil that she wore during the wedding
ceremony. He said that they turned him on. Jen
giggled, called him a kinky pervert, and then got up
to the dresser and put the gloves and veil on. She
also found her pumps that she wore at the wedding and
put them on, smiling and saying "you probably like
these, too, huh?" Just to top it all off, Jen put on
new red lipstick. Then she walked back over to Greg
and got on her knees, and started blowing him.

It was an incredible sight to see my new bride on her
knees before another man, her face even with his cock,
pushing her wedding veil over her head and then
wrapping her lacy glove-covered hands around his big
cock, and then open her lips and take the cock in her
mouth. With one hand she pumped his cock, her face
moving with the rythym of her hand, and with her other
hand she played with Greg's balls. Greg really liked
the way she was playing with his balls, so he lifted
one of his legs until his foot was resting on the bed,
and he said "yeah, baby, yeah, feels so good, please,
please baby play with my asshole." Jen moved her hand
under and between Greg's legs and then started playing
with Greg's asshole. Something else I'll always
remember - - Jen sucking off Greg while she played
with his asshole using her left hand, the hand where
she wore the wedding ring that I had given her just a
few hours earlier.

After a few minutes of blowing him, Jen looked up into
Greg's face and said "I need you inside me right now."
Greg laid down on the bed and Jen got on top of him.
She took his cock with one of her hands and guided it
into her pussy. She was so wet and stretched that his
cock slid easily into her. For the next fifteen
minutes I watched my new bride grunt and groan as she
passionately fucked Greg's cock. When Greg said that
he was cumming she quickly got off of him and took his
cock in her mouth. She pumped him as he came in her
mouth. He came so much that she couldn't swallow it
all, and cum spilled down over her cheek and her neck.

We all feel asleep. The next morning, Jen and I woke
up early because we had to catch a plane to go on our
honeymoon. Greg was still asleep as we got ready - -
he was naked on the bed and I saw Jen stare at his big
cock (even soft, his cock was bigger than mine when
hard). Greg woke up as we were about to leave.
Looking at Jen his cock stirred to life. Jen was
wearing a two piece suit. The skirt went to just
above her knees, and she did not wear a blouse under
the jacket. She looked hot.

Greg came over to shake my hand and wish us a good
time. Then he looked at Jen and awkwardly said that
last night was fun. She smiled and said that he was a
great lover. She then kissed him on the check, but
that quickly turned into a passionate kiss and I could
tell that they were both feeding each other their
tongues. Greg groped Jen's tits through her jacket,
and Jen's hands moved down to Greg's cock and stroked
him to hardness. Greg moved his hand to Jen's skirt
and pulled it up until her stocking tops and garters
were showing. He then moved his hand to her lacy
white panties and started to finger fuck her.

Jen started humping Greg's hand. Jen then looked at
me with glazed over eyes and said that she needed Greg
to fuck her one more time. Jen climbed on the bed and
pulled her skirt around her waist. She was wearing
light pink garters and sheer white stockings with lacy
tops. She was still wearing her pumps. She laid on
her back and spread her legs. Greg got between her
legs and took her shoes off. Then he started
caressing and licking her stockinged feet and toes.
Jen was really getting into this and was moaning.
Then Greg pulled her panties to the side, and then
stuck his cock in her pussy. As he fucked her he
unbuttoned her jacket and massaged her tits through
her lacy white bra. Jen was tossing her head and
moaning when Greg started sucking on her nipple as he
continued to ram his cock in and out of her pussy. I
watched again as my wife's stockinged toes curled in,
indicating that she was cumming. Jen then moved her
pretty hand behind Greg and played with his asshole.
This sent Greg over the edge and he came. His orgasm
came so fast that he did not have time to pull out,
and he shot his load into my wife's pussy.

Jen then quickly put her clothes back on because our
plane was going to leave soon. All during the plane
ride, Jen wickedly told me how her panties were
soaking wet from Greg's cum, and how his cum was
leaking down her stockinged covered legs.

During our honeymoon, Jen couldn't stop talking about
Greg. She marveled at how big his cock was, and how
great a lover he was. She kept saying that "it's not
just that his cock is big - - he really knows how to
use it." She also eyed all the guys around the
resort and speculated about how big their cocks were,
and fantasied about fucking them. This turned us both
on and we fucked constantly.

But the fuck session with Greg and all this talk made
me incredibly jealous and insecure, but it also turned
me on. I've always had fantasies of my girl fucking
other guys. I never thought that I would be so
jealous, but I've come to realize that the feeling of
jealousy is part of the turn on. Jen and I are
constantly hot for each other, and we cannot get
enough of sex.

Greg is now Jen's favorite lover, although she has had
a number of others. Our only rule is that we must be
completely honest with each other. Sometimes honesty
hurts, but it's also exciting. Jen has told me that
she is more excited by large cocks than small ones.
She says that they all feel about the same in her
pussy, but it turns her on more to hold a larger cock,
or to have a larger cock in her mouth. Also, Jen says
she likes it when a man rams his cock into her and
really uses her body, and guys with big cocks can do
that better than guys with little cocks.

Jen has also told me that Greg is the best lover she
has ever had (including me). She has also admitted to
me that she has feelings for Greg, although she
constantly assures me that she loves me and would
never leave me. When the three of us go out, at times
you would think that Greg and Jen are the married
couple and I'm the third wheel, since they are often
hugging and kissing each other. Also, Greg likes to
play with Jen in public - - one of their favorite
games is for Greg to finger fuck Jen under the table
in restaurants, especially nice resaurants. Jen has
to try to act normal as she cums. Also, Greg likes
for Jen to jack him off or give him blow jobs in
public places, like in bars.

Jen is also very accommodating to Greg's desires. As
I said, Jen has natural blond hair that went down to
her shoulders. She also dressed kind of preppy.
That's what I prefer. However, Greg is more into dark
haired girls who dress "young." Thus, a few months
ago Jen dyed her hair brown and cut it into a pageboy
type style. She also wears heavier makeup, and that
glossy dark lipstick that is the style now (instead of
the more classic red or pinkish lipstick that I
prefer). Also, instead of buying all her clothes at
places like Ann Taylor, she now buys many of her
clothes at the Limited and places like that. Also,
around her ankle she wears a gold chain with a diamond
stud that Greg gave her. On a typical day, Jen will
be wearing a thin top held up by very thin staps, a
lacy white bra (you can see the lace through the
material of the top), tight jeans or denim miniskirt,
a tiny lacy panty, and some kind of strappy sandal.
But she still always wears thigh highs or stockings
with garters, since she knows I love them. To tell
you the truth, with her shorter sassier haircut and
new clothing, Jen is sexier now than ever.

I guess you could say that I have lost part of Jen to
Greg, and I guess that's true. But it is also a very
exciting life, and I would not trade it for anything.

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