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Julie and the Lawnboys

Oct 10, 1999

By keduatang

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by TitSlave

When she found out that her husband Ron had been screwing his
assistant she was devastated. They had been married for ten years
and she had never strayed. She had bore him two great kids and to
their friends held him up as an example of what a good husband
should be. Then that fateful day last month when she had caught them
kissing passionately in his company's parking lot, on a hot
afternoon when she had decided to surprise him and bring him a
dinner because he complained that he had to "work late". She had
gotten bored with their increasingly infrequent love life, it's
true, but she had been faithful to him. She definitely had had her
moments of horniness, so to learn that he was diddling Jennifer and
neglecting him only compounded the terrible thing he had done to
her. She had yet to confront him, and in the meantime just resented
what he did, shocked beyond words.

It was odd that Ron should betray Julie Steele. She was a
32-year old that turned a lot of heads. Deep brown eyes and blonde
hair, not natural, but it lit up her looks. She was like a Cheryl
Ladd but bigger, big juicy lips and wonderfully smooth skin that
tanned so effortlessly with the first sign of summer. Medium in
height, Julie had style. She was vivacious, she had gained a little
with the marriage mostly in the ass and in her large chest. Because
the pounds were not showing in the waistline (the health club
helped), and her legs were still graceful and shapely, this
distribution of weight gave her a spectacularly sexy shape.

She was hard to miss in public, and had to admit to herself
that she grooved on the stares she got at the municipal pool. Julie
took her daughters there frequently for summer swims and took to
hiding behind sunglasses so that she could enjoy the male stares at
her tits. Younger guys would come over with lame pretenses to start
a conversation and she got a kick out of leaning over when they were
near, sensing they were boring holes with their eyes into her large

Before she had gotten married showing off was a huge impulse.
In college she had gone on a four-year binge of making out with guys
in front of other people. Several times in those years she had
explored making out with more than one guy at once. The incredible
feeling she got from being sexy in front of others, especially men,
also frightened her and she put it away when she married Ron.

Now he had two-timed her. She had thought, well, if Ron's out
humping that bimbo, I should get some too. But she simply could not
bring herself to do it. She was sexually frustrated, to say the
least, but consigned to fantasies, and these did became more lucid
as she began to get herself off with her finger in her crotch.

Late this afternoon she was now answering the door and 17-year
old Jimmy, a boy who had mowed their lawn last summer, asked if he
could do yard work for her. He had grown! He was taller, his voice
had dropped a few octaves, he obviously had been working out, and
his thick sandy hair and pretty blue eyes made her smile.

"Jimmy Bolinger!" she laughed. "You're growing up! Wow!" She
opened the screen door and asked him into the vestibule.

She was wearing a white blouse over a low cut top that showed
off her generous cleavage, and snug khaki shorts. Jimmy had a
secret crush on her last summer and she was bowling him over now,
all over again, her big grin making him bashful but igniting his
affection for her. She thought it was cute that he was too shy to
look her in the eye without blushing.

"Do you think I could work for you again this summer? Mowing
the lawn, weeding the garden?" He was looking at her tits and her
nicely tanned legs, whenever he could get away with it. She could
feel his eyes magnetically attracted to her feminine charms.

"Sure!" she said, looking up at him cheerfully. "It would be
so nice to have a handsome young man around the house. Do you want
to start today? Come in. Sit down! What can I get you?"

She took his trembling hand and led him into the living room
to a couch where they sat next to each other. "Hey, you're
shaking!" she giggled. "Are you allright?" She sat at an angle,
half facing him, one leg bent under the other. Sensing he was
eyeing her and found her attractive, she reached around and oh so
slowly took off her blouse, giving him a much better view of her
breasts, her well tanned arms, and her freckled shoulders. She did
something she usually didn't do: she looked down at his crotch and
noticed a bulge in his jeans. It made her feel sexy to know that
she was making this happen.

"I'm OK." He said, his voice breaking. "Let me get you some
water, honey," she said softly, and as she walked into the kitchen
she made a point of shaking her ass, then turning when she was
almost there, "Ice or no ice?" she smiled, catching him staring
bug-eyed at her lucious rear.

"Ice is good," he said, looking guilty like he had just gotten
caught in the act.

"Actually," he said, as he sipped from the glass, "I can't
come today but I can start tomorrow. Is 9:30 OK?" She loved his new
deep voice and his youthful effort at politeness.

"That's great, Jimmy!" she said. "We have the same lawn
mower. And you have the same curly hair...." She ran her fingers
through his hair quickly. She laughed as he put down the water and
got up to leave. "Will you - oh never mind," he said, putting his
hand on the door.

"What?" she said, holding the door open. "Never mind.." he
laughed nervously.

Something pushed her to pursue it. "What?" she tossed her head
and raised her eyebrows, squinting up at him and grinning.

"Could you - uh - dress like that tomorrow too?" He said,
gazing at her tits.

She laughed, "Sure I will! Will that inspire you to do a good
job?" She put her hands on her hips and shook them a little.

"See you then Mrs. Steele." He said, practically falling on
his face as he walked backwards down the sidewalk.

She stared at him and grinned. That's a fun guy to flirt with,
she thought! If he appreciates my bod I ought to make his time here
tomorrow special. I'm going to turn him inside out.

As he left he could barely walk home straight. He was in love!
Last week Jimmy had seen her husband necking with another woman out
at the forest preserve; Mr. Steele did not think anyone had seen it.
This got Jimmy thinking, in an adolescent fantasy that lost
proportions quickly: if Mrs. Steele knows about this, she either is
pissed at her husband and may want another guy, or doesn't give a
shit and may want another guy. Like Jimmy.

Things were superficially friendly in the morning between
Julie and Ron. They were sort of talking to each other but this was
one of those mornings she couldn't look at him and she kept
deferring the confrontation. He left with a peck on the cheek that
she didn't want and she filled the pool so that her two girls,
Marielle and Annie, 9 and 7, could cool off after they came back
from their morning at day camp. Then she made a point, watching the
clock, to dress in a yellow bikini and pulled over on top of her
generous chest a tight T-shirt that may as well have said "Much more
than a handful!" on it. She slipped brown sandals over her feet,
sexy nail polish adorning her toenails, and went to the door to let
her young admirer get out the lawnmower.

"Good morning, employee!" she smiled broadly, strolling toward
him. "I know that you asked me to wear what I wore yesterday but is
this OK instead?" she giggled, posing for him. It was fun watching
him stare at her, speechless, still a young guy but obviously very
into girls.

They walked into the garage and his pulse went up when she,
standing close in front of him, bent over to find the gas can for
the mower. "It's here somewhere," she said softly. She wanted to
tease him to death, and made her voice as sexy as her looks, but
without it sounding too contrived. As she stayed bent down to poke
around for the can that she knew full well was on the other side of
the garage, he stared in fascination at her delicious ass, only
covered around its crack. Its lovable cheeks seemed to beckon to his
stiffening prick. She consciously wiggled it this way and that, and
leaned forward to pose so that her butt thrust out toward him. Then
she hiked one leg up on a step ladder, then the other, leaning over
the top, and wondering how far she could go with this show.

She looked back at him, catching him again with his eyes on
her ass. "We do actually have gas! Almost done! I'll find it!" she
laughed. "Take your time," he said, his dick cramping painfully in
his trousers. She knelt on an old chair and poked around junk on a
shelf with garden tools and barbecue lighting fluid. He continued
feasting his eyes on her and walked within an inch of her thigh, his
erection so close to rubbing against her. He wanted her to reach
around and take his cock in her hand.

"Why don't you look along the lower shelves, Jimmy," she said
softly, "I have to take this top off, it's getting humid". Julie
moved with her back to him and slowly removed her T-shirt. He held
his breath as her big tits came into view. As he knelt down to look
around she playfully threw her T-shirt at him. Then, as she stood to
his right, rummaging through storage at eye level, Julie positioned
herself so that her thigh was practically resting against his
shoulder. Then she turned so that she was facing at a right angle
to him and she leaned to move her wiggling buttocks toward him, and
heating up with eagerness to torture him she kept backing up until
she felt her ass bump into him. I hope that was his face!, she

"Oops!" she turned, but did not move away from him. "Did I
just back my fat rump into you? Sorry!" She noticed that he didn't
move away from her either. "No problem, Mrs. Steele," he said,
laughing. ".......any time."

She took this show as far as she could, "discovering" the gas
and posing even when she walked the mower out to the back patio. As
he knelt down checking the oil in the mower, she stood over him with
the fuel can, leaning down unnecessarily. She wiped grass clippings
off the sides of the mower with a rag, and twisted the tank cap off,
her big tits hanging heavily within inches of his head. She insisted
on filling the mower with gas, and she looked at him warmly as she
poured the fuel very slowly. By the time he had the mower up and
running he was on sexual pins and needles.

He couldn't stop thinking about her as he cut the grass. He
kept looking for her to come out onto the Steele home's deck but she
never showed. Meanwhile she stood in the kitchen the whole time,
watching him make mistakes as he mowed because he incessantly
glanced toward the house. She pictured his cock and dreamed of how
long and thick it was when she stimulated him with her posing. When
Jimmy finished with the lawn he knocked on the back door, off the
deck. He wasn't thirsty, but said to Julie: "Mrs. Steele, is it
possible to have something to drink?"

She let him into the kitchen, and had him sit at the small
kitchen table. Her spectacular knockers bounced wonderfully within
the string bikini top. It concealed her large nipples, but nothing
else. How enjoyable it was to drive this adoring young man out of
his mind! She noticed that the more she played this hand the more
exciting it was to arouse him. I could do this all the time, she

Playing with fire further, she grinned, out of the blue, "So
are you dating some lucky girl at school?" She stood, leaning
against the counter near the sink, a few feet from him, placing one
elbow behind her to rest on a shelf, and the other stretching back
on the counter. The effect of this on her chest, which he had not
stopped staring at since he asked for the drink, was to make his
already hard cock actually hurt from its confinement in his shorts.
He was so happy that she had brought this up because it was just the
topic he wanted to use to get closer to this very sexy housewife.
He had spent many nights thinking up a way to act on the boyish
lustful feelings that he had for her, and something had told him
yesterday that she liked him lusting after her.

"Yeah, a senior, actually," he said. "I may be out of my

"Why do you say that?"

"Well, she's older and more mature. We've just started to go
out and I - I don't know - I wish there were a dating class I could
take. I just don't know how to handle myself."

"Are you shy?" she said, walking toward him. "You sure know
how to flatter, young man, like you did with me yesterday." She sat
down in the chair at the table next to him and laughed, staring at
him intently, running her fingers through her hair slowly.

He was looking away from her. Her looks were scaring him. But
he was so hot for her. "I think I need a kissing teacher. Someone
who could teach me how to kiss girls so that I know what to do with
her." He jerked his stare from the floor to her face.

There was a pause. She coughed self-consciously. He seemed to
be hinting that they kiss and this was not what she had in mind.
"You don't need someone to show you how to do that!" she said

"I don't think guys know how to treat girls right," he
protested, sitting back in the chair. "Let me ask you, Mrs. Steele,
" he made an excessive gesture toward her with his hand, "when you
were dating Mr. Steele didn't you appreciate it when he took his
time on dates with you? I don't mean to be personal. I mean, don't
you agree I should do it right on the first few dates?"

Julie was nervous. He's getting into a tough area here, she
thought. She rested her head on her hand, arm bent on the table, and
looked at him. "Yes, a boy should be gentle with a girl. When you
take her out you should kiss her, but you have to be careful not to
overdo it." Then, instinctively, she added: "But you should give
her a nice warm kiss if the two of you are hitting it off. A light
kiss can be as bad as a gross one," she started laughing. Then he
laughed too. They laughed in a silly way, sort of to relieve some
tension they were sharing.

"Could you teach me?" he said, stopping his laughter. "Could
you show me the difference? I bet you have some experience."

This WAS making her uncomfortable. Here was a 17-year-old guy,
well built and handsome, but a neighbor boy, asking her to show him
how to kiss? What balls! Yet it stirred her in a way she did not
anticipate. There was danger here. She felt she was losing control
of the dialogue.

"So you think I have experience? Like I have been around the
track many times? Why don't you ask your mom to show you?" she said
acidly, pouting.

"No, no, Mrs. Steele!" he jumped in. "I mean you have more
experience than I do! Oh god, don't get mad!" She turned to him,
holding her head back. He leaned toward her, lowering his voice
significantly: "I think you're the most beautiful woman there
is....and I couldn't practice date kissing with my own mom. That
would be kinda weird."

They said nothing for a moment. Then she rose and stood in
front of him, holding out her hand toward him, gold bracelets
dancing on her wrist. "Let me show you how to kiss her," Julie said
softly, knowing this was strange and reckless - but not caring. She
was in the mood for danger - danger she could keep reins on.

His eyes widened and he stood, his dick twice as hard as it
was when he walked in and sat down. She took a little longer to
notice it, and her heart skipped a beat when she glanced at the wet
spot his arousal was displaying on his shorts.

They stood facing each other and she said, in an instructional
tone of voice, making sure to keep her voice level up: "When you
kiss her good night put your hands on her arms. Go ahead." She felt
his long, smooth hands on her arms and it made her tingle. She
looked down at them for a moment and then looked up at his face. "If
you sense the evening went OK but you don't get a lot of good vibes
you kiss her on the lips, softly and quickly. Go ahead and try it."

He pulled her close to him and he placed his lips on hers. "Is
this OK?" he whispered, still holding her and moving his lips away
from her mouth only enough to allow him to speak. Feeling her skin
and the effect of her big tits touching his chest was making him
slightly insane. Her cologne, the look and smell of her golden hair
so close to him, these were marvelous things that he had only
dreamed of being this near to.

She loved his touch but was afraid of where this was going.
"That's fine," she said loudly, and pushed away.

"What if it goes well that night?" he asked, his voice
quaking. He moved toward her, backing her into the counter. He
began rubbing his hands on her arms, staring into her eyes.

She said: "OK, I'll show you the second kiss and then you
better go." She found herself gasping when he pulled her mouth
toward him, and suddenly his tongue was pressing against her parting
lips. He grabbed her shoulder blades and mashed her breasts against
him. She gasped as their open mouths met, and she felt his tongue
hesitantly dart around inside her.

"Enough, Jimmy," she laughed. "Now you know." She was
breathing hard, and walked across the kitchen to a neutral corner.
She handed him the money for the lawn. "Good luck with your new
romance, I think you will give her goosebumps" she said, blushing,
reacting to this youngster in a way that was quite torrid.

"Thank you for showing me." He said. "I'll let you know how
my date goes tonight." "You're welcome, Jimmy," she smiled, her
head a little buzzed from the experience. "You need your garden
weeded," he said, staring earnestly at her. "Can I bring my buddies
Jeremy and Luke? We work together on lawn jobs and could do it a lot
faster and we'll only charge twenty bucks."

"I'll think about it," she said. Then: "Sure. Why not."

He left and she crashed onto the couch in the living room.
She sat and thought about the kisses and rubbed one of her massive
breasts, pulling the bikini covering away from it and leaned her
head back. She closed her eyes and placed her other hand between her
legs, surprised at how wet she was there. She imagined herself
posing in front of several Jimmies, rubbing herself and pushing her
tits and her ass into their faces. She saw herself staring at their
young hard cocks and licked her lips at this dream. She got to
tease him, that's his thrill, and she had a new fantasy to replay in
her mind for several weeks. She began to take off her bikini

"Mrs. Steele?" Suddenly a masculine voice broke through her
drifting thoughts. Someone was the front door. She straightened
herself up and found Jimmy standing on the porch. "Sorry!" he said,
holding the envelope. "I think you gave me too much money for the
lawn. You gave me forty dollars!"

Her eyes were glazed. "Apply it to what you do to me
tomorrow," she said, then catching herself: "I mean what you do for
me!", she laughed. He stared at her, then turned and muttered,"
Cool." As she leaned against the door frame for support and watched
him walk away, he turned and said: "Dress nice tomorrow, OK?" "You
got it!" she said. She could not take her eyes off his new muscles,
the new growth of hair on his legs, and the young swagger.

He had been telling his friends all about her. As soon as he
got home he called each of them. "You won't believe how she shows
off her bod," he told them, "she talks and walks like a slut."

Julie felt a rush of energy after he left. I am going to
indulge myself with this kid, she thought. Just a little flirting
and teasing. Maybe his friends will appreciate her too. No more
kissing lessons, though. Did he make that up? Was that a charade?
It was innocent fun, right? But I have to keep this under control.

Her impulses were asserting themselves. She had arranged that
evening with Caroline, a neighbor, to let her girls stay with them
in the afternoon. She told her children she was going to a book club
meeting. Ron was going out of town, probably not alone.

Next morning she became restless around 9. Jimmy and his
friends were due in half an hour. He wanted her to "dress nice" so
she had lain awake during the night thinking about what outfit to
wear. She settled on a thin red blouse that she left unbuttoned for
the three buttons at the top so that at least three inches of
cleavage were on display. The blouse was tight on her, and she
decided not to wear a bra so that her tits would jiggle and fall
into the opening of her blouse when she bent over....she had planned
to do this as often as possible. Her oversized nipples were hard to
miss under the sheer material. She put on a tight, long brown, thin
skirt that hugged her bare ass - and she decided to go without
underpants. She smiled at how her rump cheeks were so prominent.
Her voluptuous bottom swayed wickedly even when she wasn't trying
and this morning it was going to have even more swing. The skirt
had a slit that went all the way up the side, and she decided at the
last mi to put on long, Frederick's of Hollywood stockings and high
heels. She made up her face like she was going to a nightclub, and
was liberal with the cologne. She took her time picking out the
gold, oversized loop earrings.

The she had spent the whole half hour in front of her mirror,
right until 9:30. She had rubbed her tits to make her nipples erect
and watched how prominent they became pressing against the blouse.
She pulled a chair over to the mirror and placed one leg up on it
and swiveled into different directions, picturing how naughty she
would look to them this way and that.

The stairs to the second floor faced the front door so she
timed it so that she could bounce down the stairs while Jimmy (and
his friends) could check her out by looking in through the front

They rang the bell at around 9:33. "Be right down!" she
yelled, "I'll just be a minute!" She walked to her girls' bedroom
window, which was right over the front porch, to eavesdrop.

"O.K. Mrs. Steele!" she heard Jimmy's voice. Then she heard
him go back to what he thought was private chatting with his
friends. "Wait till you check out Mrs. Steele," he said, lewdly.
"You won't believe the tits she has. They're SO BIG." "I think I've
seen her at the pool. Doesn't mind showing off," another voice said.
Jimmy said: "Would I love to do her." "Did she really kiss you
yesterday?" a third voice asked. "Yeah. I need lessons!" Jimmy
laughed. "Was she a good teacher?" "Fantastic. You guys

This talk made her shaky. She walked out to the hallway.
Taking a deep breath she went to the head of the stairs. "Hi Jimmy!"
she called, looking down through the front door screen at three sets
of muscular boyish legs. They turned and stopped talking, and
stared at her.

She practically skipped down the stairs, careful to put more
bounce into her steps. The teenage wolves made no pretense of
looking at her face as she smiled at them. They zeroed in on the
large jiggling masses of titflesh that were so deliciously outlined
and revealed through the fabric of her blouse and in the two inch
wide gap where the top third of the blouse was thankfully allowed
to remain unbuttoned. One of her long, smooth legs, so nicely
sculpted and packaged lovingly in a long stocking with a French hem,
peeked through the slit that stretched up to mid-thigh. The
tightness of the skirt around her hips and buttocks, given the thin
material, made the fabric look painted on. It had taken her more
than a few minutes to squeeze into the skirt.

She called to them from the bottom step, leaning provocatively
against the banister. "Come on in! Hi Jimmy! And you are?------"
She beamed at the two new faces, stepped down to the vestibule to
meet them and put one arm around Jimmy, pressing her chest against
his elbow. He sneaked a stare down her blouse and shuddered.

"This is Jeremy and this is Luke," he said, pointing to two
tall, husky young men, one with short blonde hair and the other with
head shaved around the sides and with thick dark brown hair on the
top. Jeremy was a senior, Jimmy told her, and Luke a junior. Then
Jimmy put his arm around Julie, looking down at her smiling, and
saying: "Guys, don't you think Mrs. Steele is an incredibly sexy

"Yes sir!" Jeremy said, shaking her hand. He kept shaking it,
then leaned forward and kissed it gently.

Luke did the same. "This is a pleasure, ma'am!" he said, in
the tone of a baronial gentleman. They surrounded her and they all
were a foot taller than her.

"Well, aren't you boys the young Casanovas!" she laughed. She
could get used to all this attention, she thought. Now I have three
Jimmies to play with. This is going to be a blast!

Jimmy put his right hand around her neck and pulled her so
that she was facing him, and before she knew it, he was planting one
hell of a wet kiss on her mouth. She put her hands on his chest and
pushed him away, but his grip was firm, and she felt his mouth open
and his tongue darting over her lips. She felt his left hand on her

"Jimmy, what are you doing?" she laughed nervously, finally
extricating herself. She felt like passing out, her legs we looked
at his friends and said "Has he gone crazy?" she smiled, blushing,
and moving away from Jimmy slightly. "I think you guys are going to
have to protect me!" she said, batting her eyes at Luke, then

Jimmy said: "Just trying to practice what you showed me, - -
Miss Vicki."

She looked back at him. "Miss Vicki, huh? I like that! Miss

"Miss Vicki," Jimmy said. "I think Luke and Jeremy need some
guidance on their dating too."

Her eyes widened. "Huh?" was all she could say.

Luke spoke: "I need to learn the number two kiss." His dick
was getting hard. Jeremy was also aroused and chimed in: "Yeah we
need to learn the number two."

"The number two kiss," Vicki repeated, frowning. Blood was
rushing to her face and her need to show off and tease was now
conflicting with the anxiety of losing control of the situation.

She felt Jimmy's arm around her waist, and Luke and Jeremy
began to crowd her, Luke putting his arm around her shoulder. Jimmy
spoke softly: "They really want to learn to do the second kiss you
showed me yesterday. Just to learn more about doing the right thing
on dates. Luke and Jeremy are as ignorant about girls as I am. And I
can tell they're going to be big fans of yours, Mrs. Steele. We're
going to be your biggest fans, even more than your husband."

She wanted to run away but they had her surrounded. Luke
pulled her into his chest and kissed her with a hungry open mouth.
"Please, don't do that," she said, moving her head away from him
while feeling his erect cock against her body. She turned to the
left and Jeremy was now kissing her, his hand on her neck. Now Jimmy
was to her right, rubbing her back, dick at full attention. Luke was
directly in front of her, looking at how her excited breathing made
her breasts heave, and Jeremy was kissing her and caressing her
hair. Her heart was pounding and she pushed them away as best she

"Please!" she yelled, then laughed nervously. She was panting
and she looked at them staring at her, their eyes full of desire.
Nobody said anything. She calmed down. "You should not have done
that," she said. "I think you better leave."

Jimmy spoke as they walked toward the door: "Sorry Mrs Steele.
We just kind of lost our heads. We still think you're number one."
"Yeah, sorry." Jeremy and Luke agreed.

Then instinct took over. We'll do this my way, she thought.

"Wait." She said. "I can teach you a lot about how to be with
girls." She stood at the foot of the stairs. "Stay. Let's go in the
living room." Her tone was more confident, even a little

They turned toward her, uncertain about what was happening.

Jimmy looked at her apologetically and spoke softly: "Are you
sure? I thought you wanted us to go..."

She swayed over to him. She put her hands on his face and
said: "The first lesson today is that sometimes a girl means 'yes'
when she says 'no'. The second lesson is that you guys can stay but
you must let me be the boss. I'm in charge. OK?"

Their moods perked up: "Sure!" "OK!" "Whatever you say, Mrs.

"Go in to the living room and sit on the couch, and two of
you will have to leave room for me in the middle," she said.

Luke and Jeremy stared at each other wide-eyed. Jimmy
lingered, regarding her, as his friends walked slowly into the
living room and sat down, Luke on the right, leaving a little room
between them. Julie pulled Jimmy toward her and kissed him
hungrily. Then she turned to start upstairs, their eyes on her sexy

"Watch my ass while I walk upstairs and tell me if I'm wearing
anything underneath it," she purred. She walked up to the head of
the stairs, her buttocks swaying enticingly. The effect of her lewd
way of talking, and this still another show, was hypnotic.

"Well?" she said, leaning forward facing them, her tits
bursting out of her blouse. "And can you guess if I'm wearing a
bra?" They were so absorbed in her body they couldn't answer. She
bounced downstairs and laughed: "Hello? Anyone home?" Luke said:
"I think you have panties on." Jeremy just muttered unintelligibly.
Jimmy followed her into the living room and she pushed him playfully
onto the couch. There was a space between him and Jeremy; each boy
wanted her to be next to him. Jimmy gave the most creative
response: "We can't be sure what you're wearing underneath from the

She stood in the middle of the living room and ran her hands
through her hair seductively. She walked over to Luke, turned
around, and leaned over slightly, and looked back at him. "What do
you think, honey? Am I wearing anything underneath? Closer?" She
took a step back, feeling her leg touch his. She put her hands on
her butt and squeezed it. It was inches from him, and he was leaning
forward, his cock rigid with desire. His mouth was so dry he
couldn't vocalize.

She giggled and moved over to Jeremy. "How about you sonny?
Is there anything between this skirt and my naked ass?" She wiggled
and then balanced one knee on a coffee table that sat in front of
the couch. Then she buried her hand in her ass crack through the
fabric of her skirt, as deep as she could. "Could I do this with
underpants on?"

Jeremy sat forward, inches from her inviting rump. He was
feverish with lust for this housewife. "Can I try that?" he said

She looked back at him, then knelt on the couch in the space
between Luke and Jeremy. She was facing the picture window and her
hips were bumping into their arms. "Sure," she whispered. Jeremy's
shaking hand timidly touched her, then pushed into her ass crack,
and then his fingertips explored the wonderful crevice between her
ass cheeks. His touch felt so good to her.

"I guess you don't" he said hoarsely. Now his hand was roaming
all over her ass. She rose suddenly from the couch.

"We have one more contestant," she said in the tone of a quiz
show emcee. "Young Jimmy Bolinger, my pupil." She stood before
him and turned around, leaning forward slightly so that her
wonderful derriere swayed before him. She reached down to the hem of
her skirt and began pulling it up. Very slowly.

He was overwhelmed with desire. He couldn't take his eyes off
the leggy mother's emerging flesh, her shapely legs dressed up so
nice in the French hose, inch by inch of it opening to him.

She giggled, on fire with the thrill of driving these young
men to the breaking point. "Come on, Jimmy, help me out. Can you
guess? It's almost show time!" He put his left hand on her ass and
pressed into her ass crack. She stepped up the rhythm of her ass

"I'd say no! I mean yes! No!" he laughed. Luke and Jeremy
laughed, releasing for a second the tension of the situation. But
the release was fleeting.

She stepped away from him and walked around the living room,
their eyes riveted to her. She strutted like she was in a strip bar.
She started to unzip her skirt to loosen it at the top. "The
trouble with these tight skirts," she complained, "is that --- "
then she turned her back to them again, and pulled her the hem as
high as she could, showing about two thirds of the most tantalizing
woman ass they had ever seen or dreamed of seeing.

"So whenever you're out with a girl whose ass is so easy to
see through her shorts, or whatever," Julie lectured them, "she's
got nothing on. And if she can stick her dress up into her ass
crack like I did, and you did, darling," she winked at Jeremy, " you
know she's not wearing 'em." "Me too," Jimmy said, "I did it too."
She smiled at him.

She walked slowly toward Luke. "Hi," she said.

"Hi," he answered, his eyes like saucers. He and the others
could say nothing; they were watching her and feeling her as if they
were in each in trance.

"Am I wearing a bra?" she said, pulling her skirt up and
straddling his lap so that her chest was inches from his face. She
shook herself gently, just enough to drive him crazy.

He stared at the cleavage. "I don't think so."

She pushed her tits into his face, then grabbed their outsides
with her hands and smashed them into his cheeks.

"Why do you say that?" Her voice was relentlessly teasing. He
tried to talk but his buried mouth just muttered through her blouse.
"Say what?" she laughed.

"Maybe your friend can tell me," she whispered, and she stood
up, then climbed between them, one of her fabulous legs nestling
between Jeremy's legs and the other between Luke's. This had the
effect of pushing her dress halfway up over her ass. She reached
behind Jeremy's head and pulled him by the neck into her chest. He
grabbed one of her big tits as she ground the other into his face.

"If you can see all of the space between a girl's tits when
her blouse is open like this," she instructed soberly, but breathing
excitedly at the touch of him, "she's not wearing a bra. And if
she's got real big tits like I do, " she said coolly, "they'll be
hard to miss." She moaned, "Oh my, Jimmy, I get the feeling your
friends like my big tits." Then she said, her hips starting to
grind against Jeremy's erection, "The next thing is that you can't
hurry a girl along......Jimmy, I think your friends want to unbutton
my blouse and feel them. Luke, why don't you and Jeremy undo me."
She reached over to Jimmy's right leg and pulled him toward her.
"Get behind me, Jimmy," she said, her words coming out more quickly.
He stood up and got behind her, and she leaned back and opened her
mouth to welcome his horny tongue.

The other boys frantically unbuttoned her blouse. "Jimmy, pull
my blouse off," she whispered. She was becoming red hot and the
boys were beside themselves with anticipation at the sight of her
gorgeous, big fat breasts. Jimmy threw the blouse to the floor and
stared, as his friends did, in lusty fascination at her chest. She
reached behind her head and grabbed Jimmy with both hands, lifting
her boobs up higher, and she wiggled them like a stripper. The
sizable nipples danced. Her admirers could only mutter: "Wow" "My
God" "Oh man...." She closed her eyes and felt a hungry mouth at
each breast, first tentatively then more aggressively sucking,
licking and kissing. Jimmy kissed her passionately and grabbed
titflesh, kneading it and playing with her nipples. To these young
bucks this was an incredible dream come true.

"That's right, boys," she said, after about ten minutes, now
moaning. "Really get into it. When your date lets you, spend a lot
of time on her breasts....Jimmy, why don't you play with my ass
while they suck my big tits? I would really love that....kneel down
and lick my ass while you squeeze it....That's right....girls love
this too....oh yeah, lick my ass crack."

Julie was rubbing the other two boys' cocks that were bulging
desperately in their slacks. "Get your dicks out," she panted.
Jeremy immediately, insanely, popped open his jeans, practically
breaking the zipper. She gasped as he lifted his ass and pulled down
his jockey shorts. Standing proudly, beckoning wickedly, was his
purple, magnificently veined, quivering tool. It was the first she
had laid eyes on, outside of her husband's, since college. She
instinctively reached out to it and thrilled at the feeling of this
rock hard manflesh on her palm. He lay back on the couch and exhaled
with the wonderful feeling of her red-tipped fingers sliding up and
down the pulsing shaft. Her other hand reached for Luke's stiff
rod, a long, thinner dick than Jeremy's, with oversized balls
hanging lazily from the turgid meat-stem.

The sensation of jacking off these two high schoolers in her
living room, with a cool breeze refreshing their now perspiring
skin, was making Julie so wet and hot she was going mad - it was so
forbidden and so erotic. Her pussy was soaking wet. The boys
stared in awe at her as she tossed her head back, let it toss to the
side. Her full, round breasts sat like melons on her chest. Her
moist blonde hair was sticking to her brow and blocking half her
face, her tongue running over her upper lip, and she shuddered as
Jimmy's sinful hand found her cunt. He tickled it with his fingers,
then played with her asshole. She was bending over now more to
welcome his exploring hand and tongue, and felt a burning itch in
her vagina - and deep in her rectum. She didn't know how far she
could take this before they filled her with all that horny boy cock.

No one had spoken for some time. Then she collected herself a
little and stood up, telling them to pull their clothes off. She
gloried in their glazed stares at her as she stood, sopping with
perspiration, fingering her clit feverishly in front of them. She
turned her back to them and brought a chair from across the room
next to her and stretched a leg on to it so that she could take her
hands and spread her asshole and pussy open. Then she told them to
sit on the couch and watch her. She pulled on one juicy ass cheek
with one hand and fingered her clit, looking back at them.

She went to Jimmy, sitting in the middle of the three, his
dick so stiff that it was locked against his stomach, its head deep
purple. "If you have a great date with your girlfriend," she
murmured, straddling his lap and rubbing her huge tits into his
face, "maybe she'll let you fuck her. Make sure you suck her
nipples while you fuck her, Jimmy. Want to practice on my big tits,
sweetheart?" He mumbled through her tit flesh and she guided him
inside her, her body so wet and their lust so intense that she
slammed down on him, his young cock instantly buried to his scrotum
in her wonderfully underused, tight twat.

The other two boys watched trancelike as Julie and Jimmy
fucked deliriously on her living room couch. Her ass slapped with a
smacking sound against his thighs, and he moaned as he kissed her
neck and her chin. Within minutes his stroking accelerated, his
moans becoming yells and Julie whimpered "Oh god! Oh god! Fuck me!".
Her words sent him over the edge and he came inside her with great
thrusts, hot jizz blasting against her womb. "Yeah, fill me," she

Julie licked his forehead and moved slowly off his lap. She
knelt before him and took his still turgid rod in her mouth, licking
it hungrily, milking the pisshole for all the cum she could get.
Then she looked up at him. "You gotta fuck me again." She said. He
nodded, panting, his matted hair covering his face.

She looked at Luke. "Lie on the couch. Jeremy's going to get
up and stand next to us while I sit on your hard cock and you fuck
me." Luke was almost ready to shoot his wad, and he stretched out
on the couch, Jeremy standing next to Julie. She looked down at
their erect boymeat, then put one leg on the couch, resting against
Luke's body. His hand went to her wet thigh and he began fingering
her still very hungry pussy.

Julie had his hands on both cocks and savored the long, hot
tubeflesh, their wonderful purple, blood engorged shafts, the young,
vital veins bulging at their surfaces, and the shiny heads aching to
shoot cum. She unconsciously began shaking her hips and jiggling her
large breasts. "Oh dear," she laughed, "what am I going to do with
all this cock?"

Then she slowly mounted the boy on the couch and descended
over Luke's mid section, his hands kneading her thighs, and her eyes
closed when his dick rubbed against her labia. She took it rubbed it
against her clit for a moment, staring glassy-eyed at his teenage
eyes and the sweat poring down to his chest and his muscular arms.

"Jimmy, I really like your friends." She looked at him
leaning against the couch. "Bet you guys aren't doing this with your
little girlfriends," she said, throwing her head back. "But if you
get past the kissing stage, sometimes its nice to rub your cock
against your girl friend's clitoris," she gasped. Her other hand
found Jeremy's stiff dick, standing straight out. She caressed his
achingly full nuts with her fingers. "How does that feel, darling?
Do you like the way I'm jacking off your cock?"

"Oh yeah," Jeremy moaned, moving towards her. She leaned in
the direction of his crotch and she inserted Luke inside her at the
same time. The sensation of that hard flesh plunging upward into
her cunt made her yell. Soon she was licking and kissing Jeremy's
cock and bouncing up and down slowly on his friend's fat penis.
Jeremy grabbed his schlong and presented it to her tongue, rubbing
it against her lips. Jimmy sat on the floor, mesmerized, his young
genitalia quickly reviving.

Then she stood up and turned around, sitting back down on
Luke's meat and guiding into her welcome vagina. The boys lustily
admired her sexy, plump ass. It was so wonderfully curved and
inviting. It gyrated rhythmically as she fucked Luke hard, wanting
him to give it to her longer than Jimmy. Jeremy's hands roamed over
her back and her buttocks, tickling her ass crack, then spreading
the cheeks as they slammed up and down on Luke. He rubbed his cock
along her body. She groaned and braced herself against the arm of
the couch, leaning away from Luke, her large breasts jiggling
heavily, her nipples like rocks. Jimmy stood in front of her at the
end of the couch and played with her tits, pulling them away from
each other and letting them fall against each other with a slap. He
squeezed her nipples and kissed her with messy kisses. Not to leave
Jeremy out she said to him hoarsely: "I want to suck your cock. Give
my your fucking cock!" He rubbed his long slender dick all over her
and she closed her eyes in ecstasy. Jimmy's hands joined Luke's on
her lucious ass. As the other boy's dick pressed into her brow and
her cheeks she turned to Jimmy and said: "Stick your fingers in my
ass." When he hesitated, she turned to face Jeremy's hot cock and
said: "Please! Finger fuck my asshole Jimmy."

He placed his left index finger at the opening of her anus,
then slowly worked it inside her. He marveled at the tightness of
her sphincter muscle. She responded by taking a huge breath, then
not breathing, and then crying "oh FUCK!" as he began fucking her
hungry asshole with his finger. She gobbled Jeremy's dick
voraciously, pulling him forcefully so that he braced one leg on the
armrest of the couch. She kept pulling on his ass until his balls
were within licking distance. The housewife ran her tongue all over
his cum-filled nuts and jacked his dick. She slid her fingers
rapidly, then rubbed him all over her sweat-drenched face. This
drove her to her first orgasm, and her body shuddered so that Luke
almost came.

Her intense sexual delight added to theirs. It overwhelmed
Jimmy and Jeremy. Jeremy suddenly moaned and shot several strings of
boyish semen onto Julie's hair, face and tits. The tail end of his
generous blast of cum ran down onto her hand and as she continued to
whack him off the cum made a wicked smacking sound on her fingers.
She hungrily sucked the cum off his finger, and gloried in the feel
of the jizz strings hanging from her.

Jimmy's climax was right behind Jeremy, and when he began
crying out with pleasure she turned to face his cock. She had no
free hand to grab his meat, and in a frenzy of lust Jimmy stroked
himself, one knee on the couch, his eyes almost closed. She stared
trancelike at his pisshole, cum dangling from her chin and blocking
her left eye. Julie was eager to see and feel his cum.

He did not disappoint. His cock exploded with hot juices that
seemed to spray everywhere. The suburban mom closed her eyes and
bathed in it. He whimpered loudly: "Oh shit!" over and over and
looked down to see her shaking with excitement as Luke kept
hammering her pussy. Gobs of Jimmy's cum were on her shoulder and
arm and neck. His cum was running down her body and dripping onto
the family couch.

Rocking him harder, Julie looked around at Luke. "I just love
dick," she said softly. "And I just love the way you keep fucking
me. Let me turn around. I want you to see this jizz all over me
while you fuck my cunt."

She staggered off of him and stood up, unconsciously rubbing
her clit and looking down at his cock as it faced the ceiling. Then
she faced him and resumed fucking him, as hard as before. The other
boys watched her take each sizable breast and lick the cum off. She
exaggerated the reach of her tongue - she wanted them to watch her
and fuck her again. She could not stop. The last two days had
changed her into something incredible, and she was having so much
fun as this new person.

"Jeremy, it's your turn to finger fuck my asshole. Jimmy, play
with my tits while he does it."

Jimmy was still recovering. "But I can't rub my hands on all
that stuff. It's gross."

"I'll lick it all off."

"There's a lot, Mrs. Steele."

Then it occurred to her. He could use her husband's towel from
the upstairs bathroom. "Jimmy, go upstairs and take a left and then
a right. On the hook on the back of the door is a big yellow towel.
Bring that down and wipe all this cum off my face and tits."

A few minutes later he had lovingly wiped her off. She had him
hang it up again. He was back in an instant, his right hand
squeezing and pulling on her big tits. Jeremy was more aggressive
than Jimmy, ramming in and out of her ass with two fingers,
plunging them as deep as they would go. He loved the feeling of his
fingers invading her body as she bounced up and down on his friend's

She was crying out all the time now, and she hardly noticed
the answering machine coming on. It was her husband Ron leaving a
message, suggesting the family go away for a long weekend up north.
His voice rattled on and on. Jimmy clumsily said: "Do you want to
get that? I think it's your husband.." She turned to him and
smiled, her body building to a second orgasm. "What?" she mumbled.
"I think your husband is leaving a message on the answering
machine." She licked her lips and threw her head back. "Rub my
clit, baby." He reached down, trying carefully to avoid contact
with Luke's cock, and rubbed the top of her crotch. He was too far
above; she guided his hand to her clit.

It was so beautiful. One young man was in her cunt, another
was spreading her asshole with his now three fingers, and Jimmy was
learning the fine points of massaging her clitoris. "Oh GODDAMN!"
she yelled, and she tightened herself around Luke and came
violently. She took him with her, and his savage voice joined hers.
He then gave up what felt like gallons of hot sperm, shooting hard
inside her in several long awaited thrusts deep inside her lucious
pussy. Then she pushed her ass up in the air towards Jeremy and
yelled: "Don't stop! Don't stop!" He kept on finger fucking her
squirming butt and her tits, dangling over Luke's head, bounced
wildly, the nipples sticking out at him like cow teats. This went on
another five minutes, and she amazed herself at the pleasure she
took from Jeremy's slamming fingers.

Finally, their bodies spent, the four sat quietly in the
living room. Julie had never before experienced such intense sexual
pleasure. She was quite sore from all this young cock, and
particularly appreciated Luke's staying power. She turned to Jimmy.
"Mr. Bolinger," she said, "I assume you can keep this experience to
yourself." Jimmy quickly responded: "Oh sure, no problem."

She turned to Jeremy. "Mr. uh --------". "Szabo," he said,
smiling, looking upon her as his lover for life. "Mr. Szabo," she
said, "that goes for you too." "I know. Of course."

"Mr. Endurance," she smiled at Luke. He made a muscle with his
arm and raised his eyebrows, then grinned: "No autographs please."
"Mr. uh ------," she continued. "Oh sorry. Millstone."

"Millstone?" she repeated. "What's your dad's first name"


"Were does he work?"

"He's at Hastings Worldwide. Do you know him?"

"No." she said. Inwardly, her heart skipped a beat. Jonathan
Millstone at her husband's company. This man was Ron's boss. And
always quick to flirt with her, often right in front of Ron. This
was going to be interesting. What if Luke tells his father she had
gotten a good fucking from him?

"Luke, what happened here is a secret. You got that?" "Sure,"
he said.

They showered and got dressed and actually did some lawn work.
She brought them juice and they went about the gardening. They were
dying to fuck her afterwards - but not as much as she was itching to
fuck them. She changed into a long T shirt and nothing else and
posed for them in the kitchen, then made each of them eat her pussy
for the longest time, before they once again stuffed her with their
young rods. Once again Luke wonderfully lasted the longest, but she
craved each of them. It was a spectacular day for this very sexy
and voluptuous housewife.

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