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May 18, 2000

By hardstylelover

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by Trouble

( trouble@operamail.com )

My wife loves to watch football. One evening we had plans
to go to a small bar downtown that did have several large
screen TV's throughout the bar. Due to the fact that most
of the time when we go out I like for her to dress to
please. At 26 years of age, 5'6", 125 pounds, 36C breasts
and the well toned legs of a girl who loves to run, I'm sure
you can appreciate the fact that she does turn heads. On
this evening she decided to wear the skirt we had purchased
for her just the week before. It is actually two leather
halves that reach to about mid thigh. The two halves are
held together by lacing them to each other with a piece of
rawhide that left a gap between the two halves of about two
inches on each side. She wore a white blouse that had just
three white buttons on it and ends just above her belly
button which allows her piercing to show. The blouse is
rather low cut and shows a lot of cleavage. A pair of black
high heeled shows completed her attire.

We got there early so as to get a choice location. Of
course, I'm sure that my own idea of "choice" wouldn't be
that of the vast majority. I wanted a place where we could
have a clear view of one of the TVs as well as something
away from the crowd and I could also have a good view of the
door. I happen to be one who likes to know who is entering.
The place I choose for us was at the far side of the
horseshoe shaped bar. Behind us was a short wall with
tables for two along the wall and it was just long enough
for five tables. That would put the majority of the
customers not only in front of us but also on the other side
of the huge bar.

Neither of us are drinkers and the only reason I choose this
place was that they are actually connected to a restaurant
and have some really good food. We sat at the bar casually
eating our meal and drinking iced tea. We really didn't
have a long time to wait after we had finished than the
pre-game show came on. Talk, talk, talk and every bit of it
a total waste of time. In any event, before this took
place, two men and a woman entered. I'd guess that all
were in their early to mid 30's. The woman was definitely
a good looking woman. I don't think that I'm being
prejudice however, when I say that she didn't stand a chance
in a looks department when compared to my wife. She had
copper red hair, probably close to six foot tall, on the
thin side and dressed in a spandex dress that was defiantly
skin tight. And, competing with the woman was a man
dressed in black pants that looked like they'd been applied
with a spray gun, a canary yellow shirt that was made out of
some sli ck and shiny material and accented with four gold
colored chains around his neck in four different lengths
along with a gold colored watch on one wrist and gold
colored bracelet on the other.

The three stood for a short bit looking for a place to sit.
Eventually, one of them noticed room on, what was to them,
the far side of the bar. They made there way to the vacant
stools by us. Once they were settled the seating
arrangement started with myself next to the wall with my
wife on my left, the guy in the yellow shirt on her left,
followed by the woman, who we later learned was his wife and
next with Mr Yellow Shirt's friend from highschool who was
in town for the remainder of the week.

Mr Yellow Shirt introduced himself to the two of us as Jerry
and pointing to his wife told us she was his wife and her
name was May. She didn't seem to be paying him any
attention as she was busy talking to her husband's friend
seated next to her. It didn't take long for me to determine
that this guy visualized himself as quite the lady's man.
Something that I think he gave himself to much credit for.
And, although she was polite, it didn't seem as if she had
much of an interest in him and was pretty quick to get me
involved in conversation with her.

Finally, the game started and both my wife and I got rather
interested in the game. We both sat there, holding hands
and drinking iced tea. Throughout the game there we a few
general comments in regards to the game, made back and forth
between different ones of us with them usually between my
wife and Jerry. It was in the start of the third quarter
when suddenly my wife squeezed my hand. I took it as a sign
of affection and gave her a brief squeeze back as I patted
the back of her hand with my free one. This did not cause
her to release her grip. I turned my head to look directly
at her and she was staring me straight in the eye. She
didn't look as if she was hurt and yet she seemed to want my
attention. Then, her eyes started to move. She looked from
me to as far into her lap as her eyes would rotate and then
back to me. She did this several times as if she were
wanting me to look at her lap.

I first leaned down and then look over in the direction of
her lap and just as I did I saw Jerry's hand moving off of
my wife's leg. I was quick to realize that Jerry had
obviously had his hand on my wife's leg and that she was
attempting to direct my attention to the fact. Now, some
men may have gotten angry about someone doing such a thing
to their wife and perhaps there are even those who would
have been excited over such an incident and I'm sure there
are those who would even have not cared one way or the
other. I don't really fit into any of those categories.
The reason is actually very simple. My wife and I talk out
situations, not fantasies so much, just things that could
happen. We talk about these types of situations to enhance
our emotions as we are having sex. One of these situations
that we have used several times in the past is that of her
and I being in a public place and a total stranger slips his
hand up under her dress and plays with her till she

In the course of us talking about this particular situation
she had asked me what I would do if I were to see the guy
when he first put his hand on her. My response had been
that it would all depend on her. She basically had three
choices. She could simply reach down, take hold of the
man's hand and remove it for herself. She could part her
legs as an invitation for him to continue or she could
simply direct my attention to the matter. If she turned to
me and told me what the man had just done then I'd figure
she wanted me to deal with the situation and that is exactly
what I would do.

"What if I did part my legs?" she had asked me.

I sort of chuckled cause when my wife climaxes she is far
from quiet and several people around her would surely know
exactly what was going on. In fact, I doubt it would even
get to that point because as she was starting to build
toward her release she would be making enough noise that it
would probably scare the guy away. However, my answer to
her question was simply "As long as you were comfortable
with the situation and enjoying yourself, I don't see the
harm. In fact, I may even find that I would find it rather

We talked a little more about it and even though she didn't
say so, I got the impression that she was actually
responsive to the idea. Strange how now we were in exactly
the situation that she herself had first described. Her and
I together in a public place with a total stranger being so
bold as to put his hand on her leg and then slide it up
under her dress and finger her to a climax. Well, OK, so at
this moment all of that hadn't taken place but it had

I looked up to her and simply smiled at her then turning
back to the TV and again leaning forward I took a moment to
bring her hand to my lips and kissed the back of it.
Basically, telling her that as we had discussed, the choices
as to what she did was entirely her own.

It didn't take but just a second and again my wife squeezed
my hand. The only response she got from me was a gentle
squeeze and again I pulled her hand to my lips where I
kissed the back of her hand for the second time before
returning our hands to the bar where they had been resting.
Her grip relaxed.

I was rather anxious to know what was going on and yet I was
afraid to move for fear of again scaring Jerry away. The
seconds dragged by and then so did the minutes. What I
didn't know was that Jerry was indeed getting bolder with
his movements and starting to move his hand around her leg
and yet attempting to do so without attracting the attention
of either his own wife or myself. I attempted to sit back
just a little in an attempt to see past the edge of the bar
to my wife's leg and yet do so without the knowledge of
Jerry. I had to ease myself back and finally I reached a
point where out of the lowest corner of my eye I saw Jerry's
hand and it was at the edge of my wife's dress for just a
second before he began to travel downward toward her knee.

I guess something I should explain is that the game wasn't
really going well for the home team. The Spirits of the
crowd were down and most everyone was rather bored. I can
well understand any guy wanting the opportunity to touch my
wife and yet I do believe that the boredom did have
something to do with Jerry's actions.

One thing that I did notice was the fact that unless Jerry
was a contortionist there was no way that he was going to be
able to get his hand under my wife's dress. I imagined that
she was already soaked between her legs in anticipation of
his hand fingering her to a climax. I felt that it was only
fair for me to give her a better opportunity for a release.
Therefore, I first slid my free hand between that of mine
and her hand that I was holding. Knowing her, as I do, I
knew that if I simply released her hand she would think I
was upset with her. Besides, I like holding her hand .

With my hands transferred I then reached around her and took
a gentle hold of her shoulder. Then I gently turned her.
As I did I turned myself around so that I was facing her.
She was now at a right angel to the seat and leaning
slightly back resting against my chest. Now, at some point
during this Jerry pulled his hand back. And although I'm
not at all sure as to why he did, Jerry looked directly at
me. I simply gave him the beginning of a smile. I wanted
to convey to him that he was welcome to continue. Jerry
seemed to get a questioning look on his face. I turned my
head to glance at the TV, in order to see what was going on.
I also slid my hand downward and let it simply rest in a
position high on her tit with my finger tips resting on her
nipple and the gold ring that was in it. I then looked back
to Jerry who was still looking in my direction. I lowered
my eyes to look at my wife's legs before looking back to
him. I did this a couple of times and then stared him in th
e eye.

He took the hint and yet he appeared to not be totally
certain that he had understood that I was giving him
permission to continue. His hand moved slowly as if moving
it blindly through unfamiliar territory and he wasn't at all
sure as if he was going to get hurt or not.

Seeing his hand headed back towards my wife I lowered my
eyes to watch and I'm sure that a smile began to form on my
face. That was obviously all the encouragement he needed.
He placed his hand on her knee and finding us both obviously
receptive to the idea he began to again move along the
exposed skin of my wife's leg. As he did I could feel my
wife relax against my chest. It was obvious she was
enjoying herself and for that I was indeed glad.

It didn't take him long at all and he was being more
aggressive, occasionally giving some attention to the far
leg but spending most of his time on the near one with first
his fingertips and finally, his entire hand disappearing
under the dress and in between the slightly parted legs of
my wife. I don't think he once looked to the TV and perhaps
he never took his eyes off of my wife. I can't really tell
you what he was looking at for my entire focus was on that
hand as it moved up and down, back and forth, appearing and
disappearing under my wife's leather skirt. And I was quite
aware that my wife's breathing was becoming a bit erratic as
she became caught up in the feeling.

I slid my hand downward more and began to massage my wife's
breast through the material of her blouse. This caused a
low moan to actually escape from my wife. It was, however,
loud enough for both Jerry and myself to hear. Jerry was
quite obvious as he reached out with his other hand and
after taking hold of her lower leg, raised it up and placed
it on his lap. This afforded him a very unrestricted access
to the area between my wife's legs and an area that I was
sure was soaking wet by this time. He wasted no more time.
His hand found and I'm sure was quick to bury itself inside
of her. I felt my wife tense up and her breath seemed to
catch in her chest. I took a moment to turn my head to
allow me to gently kiss her ear.

I will definitely have to give Jerry credit for one thing.
He seemed to be able to read my wife's emotions. He would
work on her and get her to really enjoying herself and then
he would back off, going back to stroking her leg, letting
her cool down, so to speak, before again sliding under her
dress and building her up again. This was something he had
done a couple of times.

Now, a couple of different things happen pretty much at the
same time. First of all, the bar tender seem to appear
from out of no where to see how we were doing. Or perhaps
he had noticed and want to see WHAT we were doing. In
either event, he actually leaned over the bar to see Jerry's
hand under my wife's skirt. I was now looking at the bar
tender to see what he was going to do about what he was
witnessing. He simple looked to me for a second before
looking at Jerry and addressing him he said, "Lucky guy".
With that, he smiled and went to wait on others, or maybe to
tell them what he had just seen.

The second thing that took place was that Jerry's friend now
moved from where he had been seated and was standing against
the back of my wife's bar stool, which put him in a position
directly beside my wife. He didn't hesitate at all, he
simply reached down and began to run his fingers over my
wife's outstretched leg. However, he wasn't really content
with this and soon he was forcing his hand up under her
skirt and I'm sure fighting with Jerry to get his own hand
buried inside of my wife.

I really have no idea as to what it was that caused Jerry to
do what he did next. He removed his hand totally from my
wife and then moving her leg from his lap, he stood up and
then replaced her leg back on the stool that he had been
sitting on. With this accomplished he stood between my
wife's spread legs as he took hold of his friend's arm and I
saw him lean forward to whisper something. It's really a
good thing that he did for the man was certainly working
aggressively at my wife's pussy and was quickly building her
to a major climax for she had indeed already had several.

Jerry turned loose of his friend's arm and then straightened
up. Our eyes were locked together and I was rather curious
as to what Jerry hand in mind. Jerry was a bit hesitant as
he took hold of my wife's hand and guided it to the area of
his crotch. My wife was quick to begin to massage it
through the material of his pants. It was quite apparent
that she was caught up in all that was happening to her.
Without a doubt I was anxious to see just where this would
wind up going. Already it had surpassed what we had ever
imagined, or at least admitted to imagining.

For some reason, something caught my eye and I turned my
attention to my left and noticed that we were generating a
bit of a crowd. I'm sure what happened was that when
Jerry's friend moved to a standing position he cut off the
view of those seated at the tables and they in turn had
moved to a position where they could still see, and perhaps
even get in on the action. Looking around I noticed that
there were others who seemed to be interested in what was
taking place, including two of the bar tenders, who were
quite obvious as they leaned over the bar for a closer look.
And I decided to give them more to look at.

I released my wife's tit long enough to unbutton her blouse
and opened it totally. I liked the idea of everyone being
able to see her. To see her fine shaped breasts and the
gold rings that I had placed in them myself. Jerry's friend
was quick to react and used his other hand to grab one of
her tits and squeeze it. To say the least, he was more than
a bit rough but due to the fact that my wife didn't seem to
object at all, I let him enjoy himself.

Jerry did seem to have a plan and I'm sure that what I had
just done was an encouragement to him. As my wife worked on
his cock he reached down and took hold of the him of my
wife's skirt before he leaned down and whispered into her
ear. I am going to guess that he told her to raise her hips
for I felt her push back against me as her hips lifted off
the stool and he raised her skirt up to her waste. To me,
it was the most erotic thing I've ever seen. For some
reason, if she were totally naked on our own bed she would
not have looked as good as she did at that moment.

With this task done Jerry released my wife's dress and stood
back up. I also heard someone say something about fucking
my wife. I liked the idea of others being excited by her.
I watched as Jerry did two things at the same time. His one
hand reached out to gently tease my wife's other tit.
Touching her tit, her nipple and playing with the gold ring.
At the same time, he used his other hand to unzip his pants
and it seemed my wife was extremely anxious to get her hands
on his cock, trying to get her hand inside of his pants
faster than he could open them. Finally, it was exposed and
she latched onto it as if she were drowning and that was her
life preserver. With this done, he then unfastened his
pants and let them fall and then pulled down his underwear.

I sat there feeling my wife leaning against me and noticed
that she kept climaxing. Watching as a total stranger
played with my wife's pussy and tit, as another stranger
stood between her legs, playing with her other tit and
having his cock worked on by my wife as others stood around
watching. And then, he took hold of her legs and pulled her
toward him. With this accomplished, his cock sort of lay on
top of my wife's pussy. My total attention was focused on
my wife's shaven pussy and actually anxious to see if she
was going to place him inside of her.

She seemed to be trying to do just that. The fingers and
hand of Jerry's friend seemed to be hindering this from
happening. I think that Jerry must have said something to
his friend but I'm not actually sure of that. I do know
that the hand was removed and my wife seemed desperate to
have the vacated opening filled again. Jerry was obviously
anxious and no sooner did my wife get it into some sort of
position against her and he shoved forward and buried
himself into completely. Again my wife's body tensed and
she came almost violently.

Jerry didn't seem to care one way or the other about what
was taking place with my wife. He was quick to fuck her,
driving himself into time after time doing it as deep and as
hard as he could. I'm sure that his own release was going
to happen quickly. Looking back on it, I wonder if he was
actually aware of the fact that what he was doing was
building her toward yet another hard climax. I know that I
couldn't seem to take my eyes off of what was happening. I
actually wanted him to cum inside of her. I don't know if
the voice that I heard telling him to fuck her harder was my
own voice reaching me through my ears or that of my own
voice simply inside of my head. Either way, he seemed to
have heard me for that is exactly what he was doing.

So, inventive was I as to what Jerry was doing that I didn't
realize that Jerry's friend had now unzipped his pants and
had his own cock exposed. Certainly, he was waiting on his
opportunity to do the same thing as his friend. I also
wasn't aware that there were several others who were having
the same ideas as he.

Jerry had managed to get my wife very close to the second
major climax of the evening when suddenly he drove himself
deep into her and held himself there and started to dump a
load inside of her. My wife started to cry out "No, no,
you bastard, no."

Not only did this attract the attention of everyone in the
place, just in case there happened to be "someone" who
wasn't yet aware of what was going on, but to me it seemed
as if she were now upset cause he had cum inside of her.
Fortunately, I was stunned enough to cause me to hesitate
momentarily before reacting. It was during that hesitation
that my wife, continued.

"Please, don't stop."

Poor Jerry was finished. He couldn't have continued to do
my wife any good if his life had depended on it.
Fortunately for my wife, Jerry's friend was only to willing
to remedy the problem. In fact, he was so willing that he
almost pushed his friend out of the way and then stepped
over her leg. With this done and with a firm grip on his
cock he placed it against the open hole of my wife's pussy.
I was a bit surprised by it's size. It was perhaps eight
inches in length and assuredly wide. The two of them had to
work together to get it inside of her. Once they did he
started to fuck her himself.

With him between her legs people began to maneuver
themselves for a position next to my wife. Someone leaned
over and took one of my wife's nipples into her mouth, a
couple of others were attempting to touch her in different
ways. Someone said something that sounded to me like "She's
sure enjoying have two holes filled at once."

At the time I couldn't imagine that I had heard correctly
due to the fact that although this was the second guy to
fuck her in less than five minutes both were using the same
hole. What could they have meant by two holes at once?
What I learned later was that Jerry's wife had managed to
get some attention of her own and was actually spread out on
two tables and getting fucked by two guys at the same time.

As for my wife, she was most absurdly enjoying herself. I
don't know if she was even aware any more that what was
taking place with her was happening in a public bar in the
presence of so many persons. There were people standing on
the bar itself to be able to see and a couple were even
close enough that they could touch my wife. Here I was,
holding my wife as others had their way with her and she was
clinching my hand as if to insure herself that I would not
leave her.

There were two guys who were attempting to get Jerry's
friend to stop what he was doing in order to move my wife.
He didn't seem to be paying any attention to them at all.
His only concern seemed to be shoving his cock in and out of
my wife's pussy. I have no idea as to how long he had been
doing this. It may have been just a matter of minutes and
it may have been an hour. I don't think I really had any
concept of time. I was totally consumed by what was
transpiring before me. I know my wife was enjoying it and
so was I. I'd learn shortly just how much I had been
enjoying what was taking place.

My wife had already cum four times with Jerry's friend
pumping here. She was building to her fifth and he was
building for his also. It was such a rush to watch the two
and one could simply look and listen to either of them and
know that neither was going to last much longer. The man
was sweating so hard that it was falling off of him as if it
were rain drops. He had a vise like grip on my wife's hips
and was driving himself into her so hard that I don't see
how she was able to take the pounding she was receiving.
And then, he shoved himself deep within her and simply hung
on as my wife seemed to quiver on him like an impaled animal
with the last drops of it's life escaping it.

The guys around us were more than anxious to take their turn
with my wife. Someone was giving out orders to get her to
the table. They were pulling her up into a sitting
position. As they did I pulled the back of her blouse down
and off her one arm. Even though she seemed so exhausted
that she was close to passed out she wouldn't release my
hand in order to let me totally remove her blouse. I was
now concerned about her and began to yell at the different
ones, pushing a couple of them away from her and once I had
her away from them I pulled her to me and held her tightly
to me, calling her by name and telling her to open her eyes.

By the time she finally seemed to be reacting to me I was
beyond concern. Relief rushed over me when she finally
opened her eyes. Her legs were wobbly but she did seem to
be holding up her own weight. She looked at me as if she
wasn't sure who I was. I asked her more than once if she
was OK and she didn't say a word as if she couldn't hear me.
Finally, her eyes seemed to focus and a smile came to her
face and her lips moved as if she were trying to say
something. It took her three times before she said she was
fine. In fact, she actually smiled.

As we stood there and talked for a moment she sort of looked
around herself at all the guys standing around staring at
her with nothing but lust in their eyes. She said that she
was having a very gratifying orgasm that had yet to subside
when she heard me calling to her asking if she was alright.
Although I already knew the answer I just had to ask if she
was enjoying herself. She hesitated and seemed to be
searching my face to see how I felt about what had

Time itself seemed to stand still. The room full of people
seemed to vanish. The two of us stood there and searched
each other's face for answers spoken and unspoken. And
then, I asked the same question again inquiring as to if she
had enjoyed herself. Her mouth started to move to give me
an answer and then she stopped.

"You promised you would never lie to me," I said quietly.
"So, just give me an honest answer."

She lowered her eyes and nodded her head, yes.

I ran my finger through the back of her hair and taking a
firm grip pulled downward, tilting her face upward to me and
her eyes then returned to mine. I then smiled at her before
asking another question. "Are you worn out or do you still
have some energy left?"

The muscles in her face began to tighten to bring about a
smile but before that was achieved she answered my question.
"I've still got energy left."

With that I told her to turn loose for a second and I began
to pull my hand from her's. Instead, she gripped it tightly
and the word "No" escaped her mouth as if she were yelling
at a small child not to touch a hot stove. Some of you may
be familiar with the teaching of the Realm Utopia and if you
are then you will understand that she has every right to
tell me "No" at anytime she feels that she needs to. On the
other hand, she is not allowed to talk to me in that tone of
voice any more than I would talk to her in that fashion.
She knew the moment that she had yelled that she had done
wrong. She started to apologize but before she could I
simply leaned down and gave her a brief kiss on the lips.
This totally confused her.

As I straightened up from her I simply said, "Trust me".

With that I again started to pull my hand from her and she
released my hand. With this done I completely removed the
blouse from her and then told her to turn around. She had
no idea as to why I was doing this and yet she didn't
question it. With her back to me I unfastened the catch and
pulled down the zipper so I could drop the skirt to the
ground and then had her pick it up and hand it to me. As
she did this I asked her where her shoe was since she had
one on her foot but the other was not. She said she had no
idea or even when she had lost it.

I had her kick off the shoe and simply leave it and then I
took her by her opposite hand and pulled her just past me
which put her almost face to face with someone neither of us
knew. In a loud voice and to no one in particular I simply
said, "Let's get her on this table and give her some more

The table I referred to was actually two tables that had
been pulled away from the wall and placed together. This is
where just a short time before the guys there were
attempting to place my wife when I had ordered them to stop.
Needless to say, the men were very quick to follow out my
command. Within seconds my wife, now totally nude, found
herself laying on the two tables. I have no idea as to
where it came from or who was the considerate person but
someone had taken the time to place what appeared to be a
large towel which many person know as a bath sheet, on the
table which I'm sure was more comfortable than simply laying
on the tables themselves.

The men now wasted no time at all. There was a little
bumping of the guys as they attempted to acquire the
position or place around my wife that they wanted. As they
did, I used my foot to catch the rail of one of the chairs
to drag it over to me close enough to grasp and then moved
it to a position so that I could sit at the head of the
table, watch the action, and continue to hold my wife's

Someone was very quick to get between my wife's legs. If he
had taken his cock out at any point prior he had put it
back, probably when my wife and I were having our discussion
as I'm sure he thought the party was going to be over and he
didn't want to be standing around next to a bunch of guys
with his cock out of his pants and no woman who was going to
service it for him. Of course, now that he was where a lot
of men would want to be which was namely between my wife's
legs, he was quick to get his cock out of his pants and
attempt to get it in my wife's pussy.

While this was transpiring, some enterprising individual had
taken a position close to my wife's head and was turning her
head to the side in order to be able to feed her his own
hard cock. I guess I should tell ya that my wife loves to
suck a cock more than she likes to get fucked and she simply
adores getting fucked. Therefore she did more than just
open her mouth, she quickly gobbled the hard tool up as if
she were starved and what was offered to her was a meal.

At about this same moment, the guy between my wife's legs
began to fuck her. I doubt that either man had any interest
in if my wife was receiving any pleasure or not from their
actions. Their only desire was to satisfy themselves. I
was confident that she was indeed gaining pleasure from what
the two men were doing. I have learned that another thing
my wife enjoys from time to time is when I simply attack her
based on nothing but pure lust for her body. Here were two
men who were currently doing exactly that.

For the next two and a half hours there were two guys inside
my wife at all times. In addition to that there were guys
touching, stroking, grouping, squeezing or finding some
other way to get some soft of pleasure from my wife. More
than one guy found that they could not control themselves
long enough to wait for a hole to become vacant for them to
use and they wound up masturbating and cuming someplace on
her body.

During that time Jerry made his way to me and pulled up a
chair beside me. It was here that I learned where Jerry's
wife was at. She was in the process of receiving the exact
same treatment that my wife was receiving. It turns out
that this was the first time since there marriage that his
wife had experienced another man. I also learned that his
wife had expressed that she would like to be with a woman
but as of yet never had. Both of these were exact copies of
my wife. As we talked, I had an idea that I expressed to
him and he seemed to find it most appealing and left to make
some arrangement. In less than fifteen minutes he returned
handed me a hotel room key and again left.

It was now time for me to give some bad news to they guys
who were still waiting on their chance to partake of my
wife's body. I'm sure you can appreciate their situation
but I really didn't much care. Now it was my turn to pursue
my own satisfaction. It took a bit of doing but I did
manage to drag my wife off of the tables and with her
clothes in hand headed for the door. My wife wasn't
providing me much assistance in getting her out the door. I
think it was a combination of being worn out, muscles that
didn't want to respond, her mind being clouded from the
number of climaxes she must have experienced and probably a
few more. However, I did finally get her outside and there
I helped her put on her skirt and blouse. With this done, I
started to lead her to the hotel located next door to the

You may be able to imagine what my wife looked like after
have spending two and a half hours of sucking one cock after
another, being hard fucked by one cock after another, having
several cocks shoot their load on her. She was some site as
I help her maneuver on her wobbly feet through that hotel
lobby and into the elevators. The ride was short to the
floor our room was on and within a minute I had the door
open. My wife stepped inside as I took a second to place
the room key on the ledge above the door and then followed
her inside, closing the door behind me.

I caught up with her just as she was stepping into the
bathroom and stopped her by grabbing her arm. She looked
over her shoulder at me as she said "I need to pee and take
a shower."

"No you don't," I told her as I pulled her toward the bed.
There I set a new world record for striping the clothes off
a woman. With this done I shoved her back onto the bed and
started to remove my own clothing.

"Honey, I'm a mess. Let me take a shower first."

"No way." I told her. "You've pleased so many men this
evening that I lost count. Hell, if I'd charged just five
dollars each I bet it would have made the truck payment and
still had money left over. And now, my dear, you are going
to please me."

She just lay there staring up at me. Although she hasn't
admitted to it I do believe that I hurt her feeling. It
wasn't something I had intended to do and not anything that
I would have said if I would have even considered as being
something that would have hurt her.

With my clothes off and being aware that we would soon have
company I had my wife move to a position more in the center
of the bed. With this done I moved to her and lay partially
on her. My cock was as hard as a bar of iron and my heart
was almost pounding with the anticipation of what I was
about to be able to do with my wife.

With myself in position I softly told her to put me inside
of her. She took hold of my cock and when she did her face
seemed to soften. I think it was at that moment that she
realized that I was indeed excited. And once I felt myself
against the opening I moved myself forward. I slid in
easily. Not only was she stretched out due to not only the
number but also the different sizes that had been inside of
her but there was also the fact of how slick she was due to
the amount of cum that had been deposited inside of her.
Once in position, I began to move myself in and out of her,
doing so rather slowly.

As I moved I ran the fingers of one hand through her tangled
and sweaty hair. With my other hand I gently ran my finger
tips over her cheek and over her hair. Our eyes were locked
onto each other. Each of us were stepping deeper and deeper
into our own thoughts. Of course there is no way I can tell
you what her thoughts were for she has never shared them
with me. Speaking for myself, it was important for me to
let her know that in no way was there a negative thought
inside my head in regards to what had taken place that

I leaned over and down to bring my lips extremely close to
her ear. This is something that I had been doing since the
first time we had made love and it allowed me to whisper
things to her and it was most often to express to her what
was going on inside my head or my emotions. At this moment
I was expressing to her the fact that my love for her in no
way had wavered. As I spoke to her, still moving slowly
back and forth inside of her I felt her start to respond.
She wrapped her arms around me and held me tightly to her
and I'd hear her tell me that she loved me. As she did, I
started to move a little faster inside of her and I also
told her to close her eyes for me.

As I moved within her I was very aware of her body. I could
smell the sweet and the sex on her. I could feel how our
bodies slid across each other, riding on a film that was a
combination of her own sweet and the cum that other men had
deposited on her. There was her pussy itself. Not only was
there the openness that was a result of being stretched by
cocks much wider and longer than mine, and it wasn't the
slickness that was a result of the number of cocks that had
gone off inside or her. There was the heat. Never had her
pussy felt as warm as it did at this moment.

She wrapped her legs around me and told me to kiss her. I
don't think that she had given any thought to the fact that
where she was asking me to place my tongue is the same place
that different men had not only had their cocks but had also
deposited their loads, the result of her fine mouth. I can
assure you that just prior to my honoring her request I had
not thought of what had gone on inside of her mouth. All I
knew was that I was making love to my wife. A woman that I
loved more than any one else in this world. I knew that
when we fucked we seldom kissed. When we made love, it was
an entirely different story. At those times we kissed a lot
and I willingly did as she asked.

Now, there I was, still taking my time inside my wife and if
anyone is curious as to how I was able to restrain myself
from cumming at this point let me say that if it were not
for the fact that twice already I had jacked off on her I
probably would have. I wanted this to last. No, actually I
had a need that was greater than my release. I wanted to
wait for her surprise to arrive before I came but more than
that, I needed to be in control of her body.

I have no idea how many times she had cum already. I did
not care. I knew that she would cum for me, but that was
not good enough. I needed an explosion from her in order to
assure myself that I was a greater lover than anyone she had
been with that evening, even though not a one of them had
she made love to, there wasn't a one of them that she had
even fucked, for each one of them had simply fucked her, it
was still something that I felt I had to do.

Now, backing up for just a second, let me say that I had
done what she had asked of me by kissing her and as our lips
met passion flowed through the two of us like electricity
through a wire. Since there was more passion in us than the
lips alone could handle the tongues began to play with each
other and within seconds I had my tongue deep within her
mouth, attempting to explore ever portion of her mouth and
even strained to go down her throat. It was about then that
as if we had been cued we both pulled the other one closer.
I knew what she wanted and normally I would have been more
than willing to comply but I had to remind myself to wait.

It was then that I felt something touch my shoulder and
begin to softly stroke my back. I knew that my wife's
surprise had arrived. It was with great reluctance that I
pulled myself from her mouth and as I did a soft "No"
escaped. "Keep your eyes closed," I told her. "I have
something for you."

I turned my head to see Jerry's wife, May, standing next to
the bed, totally naked. I nodded my head to her and she
began to climb onto the bed in such a way that she could put
her pussy to my wife's mouth. As she did I could see that
unlike my wife who was totally shaved, May only shaved the
lowest most portion and then around the edges. I was rather
curious as to how it looked when it was dried after being
washed. At the present time, the hair was soaked, there
were gobs of cum on and in it and the hairs were flattened
out against the skin and total disarray.

I was so close to her pussy that I had to back away some in
order to be able to see my wife's mouth. I watched as May's
lips touched my wife's lips. I could smell her and knew
that my wife had to be very aware of her before feeling her.
Thinking of it now, I wonder if my wife had opened her eye
prior and had seen what was coming her way. In any event,
no sooner did May make contact with my wife than her mouth
opened and her tongue quickly rushed out to probe and lick
what was before her. So full was May's pussy that cum was
actually flowing out of it and my wife seemed determined to
capture every drop.

I had slowed down my strokes as I had separated my kiss from
my wife and now I stopped totally. When I did I felt my
wife's legs tighten and I understood exactly what she
wanted. However, I was being selfish. I had a need and did
not feel as if she would be upset with me for fulfilling
that need, even though at the moment that was not at all
what she wanted. She was attempting to get me to continue
by using her arms and legs to pull me against her as she
eagerly lavished the pussy that was pressed against her. I
could actually see my wife's tongue, or at least a portion
of it due to the fact that most of it was buried within May.

Whatever my wife was doing it obviously was appealing to
May. Already she was moaning. She placed her hands on my
back in an effort to steady herself. She worked her pussy
as if she were trying to get her pussy even closer to my
wife's mouth. It didn't take long at all and May was
starting to quiver. I also noticed my wife was beginning to
stir. It was getting difficult for her to simply lay still
and eat. Her arms began to move around my back and try as
she might, she was unable to keep her legs wrapped around
me, they continued to move.

I took one hand and began to massage one of her tits.
Running my thumb over her nipple, flipping the gold ring
back and forth. When I think back about this evening I find
myself wandering how many men had cum on the tit that I was
massaging. At the moment, however, the thought didn't cross
my mind. I was enjoying what I was doing and confident that
she was enjoying it also. I heard her moan. I also heard
May say "That's it, that's it, don't stop." I didn't think
it possible for a woman to reach a climax this quickly but
it seemed that both of them were very close.

Without thinking of what I was actually doing I released my
wife's tit in order to reach over and pull her other breast
to my mouth and then captured the nipple with my teeth. I
delayed squeezing. And as I held the nipple I reached up
and found one of May's small breast with a most unusual
nipple. If I had been blindfolded and allowed to only touch
it with my fingertips I do believe I would have said I was
touching an eraser. I took it between my thumb and finger
and began to play with it. Suddenly, I felt May dig her
nails into my back and felt her squeeze her knees against
me. Definitely, she was cuming.

I was actually glad that May had cum as quickly as she had.
If it were possible to go back in time I would not have
invited Jerry and May to join us. I will always think back
on that night with favor and am indeed glad that my wife was
able to enjoy May as she had. Talking with her since then
she has expressed with excitement what it was for her to
have the first woman she ever put her tongue into was one
that was so packed full of sperm. Yet, my selfish side
would have enjoyed the evening more if I had been able to
make love with my wife and not had the interruption of May.

Once she came, May seemed eager to move from my wife's face.
I think she was just totally exhausted. She moved to a
position beside of us on the bed. For the first time I was
aware that Jerry was there also. He was laying on the bed,
next to the wall, and seemingly content to simply lay and
watch. May moved next to him and lay with her back to him
which allowed her to cuddle with him and watch my wife and

My wife's face and mouth was shiny from the combination of
sperm and May's own fluids, both of which had flowed from
May's pussy. There was something very erotic about the way
my wife looked at the moment. At the same time, I still had
my need. More important to me than my cumming inside of my
wife and more important than building on the excitement that
she was currently feeling, I needed us to share a climax
that was the result of us working in unison with the idea of
pleasing the other.

I knew what she wanted, but I refused to move my cock within
her. I did, however, release her nipple, which was not at
all what she wanted me to do. I also told her to open her
eyes. I had to tell her a second time before she complied.
When she did our eyes locked onto one another and I could
tell that again she was searching for an answer. Her face
showed concern and I'm sure it was concern that I was
feeling regret over something or perhaps all that she had
done that evening.

I gave her a smile and asked her a question. "Do you love

"Oh, God, yes," she responded softly.

"Then, close your eyes," I said softly and she did so
without hesitation.

I buried my face into the area where her neck and shoulder
join. I began by softly kissing her and again began to move
myself slowly in and out of her. I began to again stroke
her matted hair with one hand and pulled myself closer to
her. I started to take the muscle of her shoulder in my
teeth and squeezed slightly.

As I worked on my wife, she was quick to respond. It didn't
take long at all and the two of us were lost in a world of
just the two of us. She pulled me closer and closer to her
using her arms and her legs. My movements in here were
becoming more rapid. I alternated between biting her neck,
kissing it and running my tongue up along the side of her
neck all the way to her ear where I would begin to kiss her
ear, running my tongue over it and capturing the ear lob to
gently chew on it momentarily before tracing back to her
neck and starting all over again.

I felt her passion building and so was mine. I felt her
pull me tight into her with her legs and I was driving
myself into her harder and harder. I knew I was getting
close and yet it wasn't time. I needed to do this with her.
I slid my other hand from her hair up under her back so I
could pull us closer together. Our bodies slid across each
other and I was loving the way my chest slid over her
breasts. Her nipples were as hard as a rock.

Suddenly I felt her tense up totally, pulling on me as if
she were trying to pull my body totally inside of her own.
She was cuming and yet it wasn't time for me, we were not
yet bonded that would allow me to do so. I had to restrain
myself when suddenly she I heard her speak in a tone that
said she was crying, "I Love You, more than I can ever tell

That was all I needed. I pulled her as tight against me as
she was pulling me to her and I began to pump my own juice
into her allowing it to join with what others had deposited
within her earlier in the evening. In truth, there may not
have been more than a drop of cum within me but the way my
cock was jerking it felt as if I were pumping a quart of
fluid within her.

I have no idea how long I lay motionless on top of her. At
some point I had obviously close my own eyes. It seemed as
if I'd been asleep and was now awakening. I opened my eyes
and it actually took me a second to realize where I was and
why. I was then aware that I still had my teeth in the
muscle of her neck. I opened my mouth and released her
neck and then gently applied kisses to the area. I heard
her softly moan and then again tole me that she loved me.

It took us a few minutes before either of us noticed Jerry
and May beside us. Jerry was watching us but May was
asleep. My wife said she needed a shower and I wanted one
also. I told Jerry we'd be back and he simply said OK. In
the shower we didn't do hardly any talking at all. We did
wash each other and I noticed she had a lot of places that
would be a bruise by morning. She had taken a lot of abuse
that evening. A lot more than I was at all aware of. I did
comment on them and her response was that each was received
with pleasure. I decided not to make any additional
comments on the matter.

After our shower we returned to the bed. There was only one
and we just climbed in as if we were totally alone in our
own home. We snuggled up close with myself on the outside
and she was close to Jerry and his wife. Within minutes I
was aware that my wife was asleep. I lay there with a smile
on my lips as I thought about the evening. I was still
smiling as I drifted off to sleep.

Now, if you are interested, you can write and I'll tell ya
what took place in the morning.

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