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Oct 10, 1999

By hoosiercpl

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Things got way out of hand last summer when my boyfriend and I went
to a pool party just before school started. The people who owned
the house were out of town and their son invited about 30 of us over
for a beer bash.

We were mostly couples with a few singles. We partied and danced
until early evening then some of us began to pair off for some
heavier stuff. Some of us smoked some good dope. A few snuck off
to the bedrooms for a quick screw. When the beds were occupied two
or three couples just pulled blankets over themselves and began
playing with each other "under the covers."

I went to find my boyfriend. I hadn't seen him in a while and I was
feeling a little horny. He had popped my cherry earlier in the
summer and I was anxious to do it one more time with him before I
left for college.

I found him in the hallway with Sherry. Her bikini top was up
around her neck and she had slid the crotch of her bottoms aside to
make room for him. He had her pinned against the wall and one of
her legs was wrapped around his waist as they fucked in plain view
of anybody who had to go to the bathroom.

I left before either noticed me. I was angry and planned to show
him a thing or two. I found JD, one of the singles and a good
looking black guy who had flirted with me a lot. He was one of the
few blacks at school and his attention to me really made my
boyfriend mad. I thought I would flirt back a little and get my b/f
really mad.

JD flirted a lot, making some crude sexual comments that should have
offended me. I was a little high, though, and angry so I went
along. He gave me a little more to smoke and we danced. His hands
were nudging the back of my bikini bottom, trying to push it lower.
He was trying to nibble on my neck. I can't deny I wasn't feeling a
little turned on.

Some of the others at the pool noticed and made comments. JD turned
my back to them and rudely shoved his hand down inside the back of
my bikini, grabbing my ass and grinding his hardon into me. I heard
someone say something about the black stud showing off with another
white woman.

JD just smiled as I tried to get his hand out of my pants. He
pushed me against a small round table and told me no girl could dick
tease him. He told me he was a man who was about to have some of my
white pussy. His hand pushed upwards and removed my bikini top.
His quickly bent down and took my nipple between his lips. This had
gone farther than I bargained for. I tried to move his head away
and hoped my boyfriend would come out and intervene. Most of the
people around the pool were to cool to act like they noticed.

His hand slipped between my legs and he started to massage my pussy
through my bikini. It only took a minute before i gave in
completely. He kind of leered as I settled back against the table
and spread my legs for him. He tossed my top aside and began
kissing his way down my belly. When he got to the top of my bikini
bottom, he quickly yanked it off and pushed me back.

I was lieing on the table as he picked up my legs and began to eat
me. That was something I had never experienced and it felt
sensational. I had forgotten about everybody else and was just
enjoying the sensations of being ravaged by a black man in public.
I came on his tongue, stretching back like a cat until my hair was
brushing against the pool deck.

He whispered that we had an audience and he was going to show them
how to fuck a woman. I felt him position his cock at the entrance
to my pussy then grab my legs and hold them up high and wide. With
one thrust, he was all the way inside me. I heard someone remark at
how black his cock looked sawing into my white pussy. I must have
come 2 or 3 times before he came inside me. As I lay limp across
the table, several people applauded.

A couple of days later, the guy who made the comment about the black
cock and white pussy dropped off a photo he had taken. I still
bring it out at night and fantasize about it while I do myself with
a black dildo. I haven't seen my boyfriend, who wouldn't talk to me
when he found out what I had done, or JC since.

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