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In Too Deep

Oct 10, 1999

By chiefhazard1123

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In too Deep
by Watchher

My marriage was getting pretty bad. We were fighting all the time,
and mostly about stupid things. My wife Jill and I met when I was 19
and she was 18. We didn't get married until 10 years later, and then
waited another five before we started a family. Our one son is
great, and is now 5 years old. A lot of the trouble started when
Jill said that she wanted another baby. I thought that at 38 I was
too old for another kid, and that started a long fight. She got back
at me by not having sex with me for several months. We had always
had a pretty regular sex life (a little dull), so I was without
pussy for the first time in many years. I started to masturbate more
often, and after a while, I started downloading pictures, and
stories from the Internet. After a while, I found that the ones
about men watching their wives getting balled by other men,
especially big black men, were super turn ons for me. I kept many
stories and pictures of sultry brunettes getting banged by black
guys in my desk drawer for when I needed relief. One other thing...I
really liked the stories about women getting knocked up by their
black lovers. I found out about that quite by accident. When Jill
stopped having sex with me, she went off the pill. She figured that
she wouldn't need it, and if we did have sex, she would get her
baby. When I started fantasizing about Jill getting jammed by a big
black cock, I remembered that she was unprotected in real life. Well
that translated into the masturbatory fantasy I was having at the
moment, and I came right away! Now whenever I look at her, I picture
a black man's cum dripping from her fertile pussy...It always gets
me hard. Enough of the back story.

Jill and I went on vacation this summer. I won't tell where, but
there was a beach involved, and it was overseas. Our first day, we
went to the beach. Jill was wearing a 2 piece bikini. Not overly
flashy, but enough to keep me looking at her. Jill is 36, and about
5'8". She weighs only 135, and has thick dark brown hair. She has
smallish tits (though full) and the best ass in the world. She's not
twenty anymore, so she has a woman's body, not a fat ass, but a good
shaped ass you just want to grab a hold of. She has a dark hairy
pussy, with pouty lips, that gets very wet when excited. She is a
great lay, and cums easily, and loudly. As I said, I couldn't keep
my eyes off of her, especially when she would sit up cross legged, I
could see the sides of her cunt poking out, dark hair and all. She
loved teasing me.. she hoped I would break down and give her an
unprotected fuck. It seems that I wasn't the only one watching her.
Whenever she would go down to the water, or come back to the beach
blanket, she would make a point of bending over. You could see her
puffy pussy straining against the thin bathing suit. She had an
admirer besides me, and we didn't know it yet. Well the day passed,
and that night back in our room after many drinks, I was feeling
really horny. Jill teased me by changing down to her thin panties
right in front of me and getting into bed. She had a lot to drink,
and fell asleep quickly. I was wide awake with a big hard on, and no
where to go to jack off. I waited a little while, and then sneaked
into the bathroom with one of my stories to give myself a pull. I
read the story and came off in my had. I got up and went to bed. I
fell asleep quickly now that the pressure was off my balls, but I
woke up a little while later. Jill wasn't in bed. She must be in the
bathroom. I saw a crack of light coming from the bathroom and
suddenly felt a little voyeuristic. What the hell, I thought, and I
got up to spy on my wife in the bathroom. I didn't expect to see
this though. She sitting on the toilet, legs spread one hand in her
panties playing with herself! The other had was holding one of my
stories!! Spread out on the floor were various pictures of Jill look
a likes getting black cock jammed up the cunt! All this time I had
been jacking off, I never had thought that Jill was probably in need
of a good lay too, and here she was getting off on the same fantasy
I had! Not wanting to embarrass her, I started back to bed, but on
the way, I tripped over a suitcase on the floor, and made an awful
racket. "Ben, is that you?" she called.

I answered that it was. She flushed the toilet and came back to the
room a moment later. I was just getting into bed with a huge hard
on, and Jill was getting into bed with wet panties, and the smell of
pussy. We lay awkwardly next to each other for a while, until I
finally said, "I saw you in the bathroom." Well that broke it all
down. She was embarrassed, but knew I had seen her. I told her that
she could finish herself off if she wanted to, half joking, 'cause I
knew she would never touch herself in front of me. She stunned me
when she said OK, and started where she left off. I guess she was
so close she needed release. I got so hot watching her, that I
started jacking off again right in front of her. She watched me, and
I watched her, and we both got more excited by the moment. Then she
started talking to me.

"I've been reading your stories Ben. Are you picturing me getting
fucked by a black cock right now?" "Is that what gets you hot?
Having your wife balled by a big black cock right in front of you?"
I couldn't believe it. She was talking dirty to me, using my
fantasy, and we were both getting off. "It does turn you on. Look at
me Ben, I'm getting fucked, and the big black cock is going to cum
inside me!! I'm not on the pill... Oh God!!!! Just then I came all
over myself, and the bed. Some even hit Jill on the arm. As I was
coming down, she started to go off, and I sat there and watched my
lovely wife, laying on her back, legs spread wide with both hands
digging at her hairy snatch as she had a body racking orgasm. We
didn't talk about just what happened. We just both rolled over and
went to sleep. I was mortified! She knew my darkest secrets, and she
had just made sure that I knew it.

The next morning Jill said nothing. Every time I tried to bring up
the subject, she would say something else. I finally gave up, and
didn't try to explain anymore. I guess she got her point across. So
we went to the beach. The day was beautiful, and we sat in the sun,
and drank a ton. Jill was wearing the same bathing suit, and was
still bending over showing me her pussy like the day before, but
part way through the day I noticed that she was bending over, but
pointing her ass away from me. Also when she was sitting, she would
part her legs pointing her crotch elsewhere. After a while I finally
saw who was getting the show on the beach besides me. It was a young
black man, about twenty five years old. He unashamedly was looking
right at Jill's cunt whenever she showed it. I had to wonder how
long she had been doing that, but really didn't care. I just figured
she was teasing me again, playing off my fantasy, trying to get me
to give her a baby load tonight. Well it was working. I knew that as
soon as I got her back to the room, I would throw her down and fuck
her. I didn't care at the moment if she would get pregnant. I just
wanted her pussy. Apparently so did the black guy. But at the moment
I didn't know how much.

It started getting late, and Jill and I started to get our things
together to go back to the hotel. I noticed that when she bent down
to get her stuff, she Bent at the waist, legs spread just a little,
and gave our black friend a clear view of her cunt and ass. Just
then, he started t get up, and as we walked off the beach, he walked
behind us. Slowly he began to catch up to us, and a couple of times,
Jill stopped to let sand out of her shoes, which I was sure was a
way to let him get nearer. We got to a cross walk and had to wait
for the light. Just then he caught up to us. He waited a moment, and
then started up a conversation. The usual stuff, the weather, and
how nice the beach was. Turns out that he was staying at the same
hotel, and could he walk the rest of the way with us? Of course we
would say yes, that's just polite. But as we walked it became
apparent that he was very charming, and intelligent. He was also a
fellow American, a long way from home. I had to admit, it was nice
talking to someone from home. It was also apparent that Jill was
very attracted to this big black man, and that she really must have
liked the fantasy we shared last night. I knew that when I got
inside her tonight, she would be thinking about him, but I didn't'
care. If that's what made her hot, what the hell. We got to our
hotel, and I began to say good-bye, and guide my wife to our room,
when she asked John (that's him) what he was going to do now. He
replied that he would shower, have another drink and go to bed. It
was later in the evening, and we had all eaten and drank at the
beach. Jill instead asked him up to our room for a drink, saying no
one should drink alone, and that we Americans had to look out for
each other. I gave Jill a questioning look, and she looked at me
kind of strangely, and then said what about it John? Well John
didn't need to be asked twice, he said, "If it's OK with you Ben."
Jill answered for me, "Oh Ben doesn't mind," she said," he loves
company, right Ben?" All I could do was say yes, and John gave me a
funny look. John said that he wanted to stop by his room first, and
that he would come right over. We told him our room number, and
split up. AS soon as Jill and I were alone, I asked her what the
hell she was doing. With the same arrogant look she said, just being
friendly dear, and walked on a head of me. I grabbed her arm, and
said wait a minute.. She pulled her arm away, and said I've waited
long enough... Now let go, or we are through right now! I didn't
understand what she meant, so when we got to the room I asked her.
She said, "All these months I've been frustrated... wanting to make
love with my husband...wanting to make a baby... and then I find out
that my husband is jacking off, picturing his wife getting balled by
a black man." She was really pissed. "I heard you get up last night,
and I watched as you got your pornography, and pulled your pud in
the bathroom." So tonight I'm going to give you a show.

You get off on that fantasy stuff, so let's see how you like the
real thing." "Hey Jill, you can't mean to fuck John tonight, it's
just a fantasy!" I said. She replied that was just a fantasy. I 'm
going to act like the sluts in your stories. Let's see how far
you'll let me go!

John will be here in a minute. You can stop this anytime you want
to. OK, good I thought. I started to say stop, but there was a knock
at the door. It was John. I looked at Jill and said, "we have to let
him in for a drink, but just one, and then he goes." Jill looked at
me and said, "It's up to you Ben...I'll go as far as you'll let me."
She was toying with me. OK I could do the same with her. Looking at
each other in a standoff, I went to the door and let John in. We
made a pitcher of Pina Coladas, heavy on the rum, and sat down to
talk. Jill was drinking hers really fast, and needed a refill before
either John or me. Jill was sitting on the bed, in her bikini, and a
half tee shirt. She was parting her legs again, showing John her
cunt. She noticed both of us looking, and then noticed that I had a
hard on, It was obvious in my bathing suit. John got up to get a
refill for his drink, and Jill and I both saw the hard on pressing
against his shorts, and I think we both knew that he must have a
really big cock. That's when Jill suprised me big time. She
suggested that we play strip poker! Just a friendly game of course.
John waited to see what my reaction would be. Jill only looked
straight at me, waiting. We both knew that if I said no... hat would
be the end of this, but I wanted to see how far she would go. I
thought that it would be pretty funny when she had to peel off what
littler clothes she had, and refused. So I said sounds great. Jill
looked suprised, but apparently determined. She got cards out, and
said ,"Here Ben...you deal." I shuffled and dealt. I had a pretty
good hand, and beat both of them handily. John took off his shirt,
revealing a lean torso, with no fat... just muscle. Jill removed her
half tee shirt, and was now only in her bikini. Jill and John eyed
each other as I shuffled and dealt the next hand. I could feel
tension in the air, but I was still determined to see how far she
would go. I got another good hand and trounced both of them again.

John stood up and removed his shorts right at Jill's face level, not
2 feet away.. He was wearing only satin boxer shorts, and the lines
of his cock were clearly visible. He was truly huge, and I didn't
know if he was all the way hard yet. Jill stared at the massive
cock, and slowly, almost hypnotically, she reached behind her and
undid her top letting if fall free of her. I couldn't believe it!
Jill was sitting with her face not 2 feet from Johns black cock,
baring her breasts to this man we didn't even know. I watched the
erotic scene in front of me for a moment, and then said, "OK, next
hand." I knew Jill wouldn't go any farther, so I thought what the
hell. John won the next hand, and I had to take of my shirt. Jill
had an ankle bracelet on and argued that that counted. We let her go
on that, and then I knew she wouldn't go any farther. Just then she
surprised me and told John," When Ben and I play this game at home,
we have a rule that you can touch anything that's exposed. I say
let's play that rule." I was floored. John didn't even look at me
for approval. and Jill didn't either. Instead John said,"
Absolutely," and dove for Jill's breasts. Kneeling on the floor
between her spread legs, John began sucking on Jill's exposed
breasts. Jill stroked his head, and pulled him to her. This went on
while I just watched them for what seemed like an eternity. Then
John looked up at her, and started kissing her. A deep, passionate
tongue kiss, all the while kneading her breasts, and rolling her
nipples. Jill finally broke the kiss and said to me. "We don't have
to stop until you deal." and went back to her passionate exchange
with John. I hurriedly dealt the hand, and stared at my wife in
disbelief as we played the hand. John and I lost. Jill won. I took
off my bathing suit, and stood naked before my wife and John. But
neither John nor Jill were even looking at me. They were staring at
each other! Slowly, John reached down and pulled his boxer shorts
down. Standing again, 2 feet in front of my wife's face, he dropped
his shorts, and his massive black cock stood out pointing right at
Jill. He stood for a moment looking down at her, and then put his
hands on her head, pulling her face towards his cock. I should have
screamed, "Enough!." but I was too shocked by the sight unfolding
before me. Jill didn't fight him. She just opened her mouth and let
the black monster into her mouth.

She reached up and held his staff with her white hands and began to
stroke his cock as she noisily sucked, and slurped at his wand. John
began to fuck his cock back and forth at her head an I watched as
her cheeks bulge out with cock. John put his hands on her head, and
said stop... She looked up at him, his cock still in her mouth,
waiting to hear what he wanted next. John laid down on the bed, and
said, "OK, this is better, you were making my knees weak." Jill
climbed onto the bed between his legs, and started licking his balls
while stroking his huge cock. Her hand barely could close around
it's girth, and it had to be 10 inches long! His balls were fat and
hung loosely in his sack. I was dumbstruck. I never thought Jill
would go this far. But now that she had, I knew I couldn't stop her.
She was loving the black cock in her mouth, and was sucking it with
all her energy! After almost a year of no sex, she was going crazy,
and John loved it. Even more amazing...I loved it!!! I always
thought that it was just a fantasy, but the reality was better! Here
was my wife... my beautiful white wife, kneeling between a black
mans legs, her scantily clad ass and pussy pointing in the air
dampening the fabric of her bathing suit with pussy juice, while she
sucked on a massive black cock, her head bobbing up and down, her
long dark hair spilling over his stomach. I was naked and stroking
my cock while I took in this incredible sight. I sat in the chair,
and got the view I wanted. From behind and off to the left of my
wife, I could see the saliva covered black shaft in her mouth, and
still see her pussy hair poking out from her bathing suit as I
jacked my cock. Then I had an overwhelming desire to get up and do

I stood and began to pull Jill's bathing suit down over her ass to
expose her cunt. I wanted to see the glistening dew on her hairy
bush. I wanted to lick her, and then fuck her. That was not what
would happen though, and I should have guessed. I still didn't'
think that Jill would go any farther but was wrong again. Halfway
down her legs, with her ass and cunt displayed before me, she took
the long cock from her mouth and said, "Ben, you know the rules.
Whatever is uncovered can be touched." I knew the rules and was
ready to lick her from bottom to top, when she suddenly rocked back
and climbed up his torso. She took his massive cock in one hand and
rubbed it on her slit, then began to sit down on the invading black
monster. From my position on the bed behind her, I could clearly see
his cock part her thick hair and push inside of her vagina. From no
more that a foot away, I watched as my wife's pussy engulfed Johns
black cock! I couldn't breathe, and just stared as she began to sit
down on his cock. Soon she had all of it in her and she began
rocking back and forth starting a slow fucking motion. After nearly
a year...Jill was getting fucked...but not by her husband, by a
complete stranger. A black man! I started to stroke my cock again,
and started to cum. Jill noticed that, and smiled at me. She said,
"I knew you couldn't stop me. I knew you wanted this." With that she
Bent down, laying atop John, her breasts pressed to his chest, and
kissed him deeply.

John reached behind her and grabbed her ass, one fleshy cheek in
each hand, and spread her ass apart. I could see her
everything...her puckered asshole, and her stretched cunt, jammed
full of black meat. John took over as they passionately sucked each
others tongues, and fucked his cock into my wife. Her cunt hair,
soaked with her juices glistened, and hung damply from her crotch.,
Her round ass shook as she squatted over the massive tool invading
her womb. Their passion rose and Jill began to tense. Her release
was near, and she came with screams of Oh God! Oh God! John sensing
her peak plowed into her clutching hole, withdrawing all the way,
and returning balls deep on each stroke. When she came down from her
orgasm, she was like a rag doll. John rolled her to the side, laid
her on her back, got between her legs, and fed her cunt his cock
once again. Now that he was on top, he really began to jam her. He
would withdraw and then slam back all the way into her, driving her
legs up in the air as he pounded her body with increasing force. She
grunted and exhaled sharply with each slamming invasion. He held the
top of her head as he pile drove my wife. Jill was in another world,
and apparently didn't care that John, the stranger we just met, the
BLACK man we just met was fucking her like she had never been had
before. And she apparently didn't care that he wasn't using
protection. That he was fucking her fertile body bareback! This was
the final part of my fantasy, and I WAS excited, knowing that his
bare cock was invading her receptive womb. Knowing that he was soon
to be leaving his cum, his sperm in my wife, and that he could
impregnate her helpless body, and that she couldn't, or at this
point wouldn't do anything to stop him! But to my surprise, Jill
gasped between strokes "John...uh uh,, oh. you mustn't....uh..uh..
cum inside me. I'm not....uh.oh god... I'm not... on the pill, and
it's my ... ahh.. ahhh... unh...uunhh ..fertile time!
You...ahhhhahh... might get me.... unh unh.. pregnant! Her begging
not to be bred seemed to turn John on as much as it did me, and he
actually pounded her harder, and faster as he drove himself towards
orgasm. His swelling cock stretched her pounded hole even further
and he started to groan. Jill started begging
breathlessly..."Noooo...don't... cum..... preg.. Ben..... he's
look...ahhhahhh unh unhh.." Incoherently babbling, Jill begged not
to be impregnated, and then John roared, and buried himself deep in
Jill's cunt. His cock swelled and began spitting out his load of
scum into Jill's fertile body. The violence of his pulsing orgasm
sent Jill over the top again, and she grabbed his ass and pulled him
in deeply, her orgasm sucking his sperm into her womb. They began
tongue kissing passionately, as the sweat from their exertion rolled
off their bodies. I looked down between their legs, at the cock
buried in her cunt, and saw the cum leaking out from around his
cock. John left his cock in her body, holding the sperm in her cunt
while he kissed and stroked my wife in the after glow of their sex.
After 10 minutes or so, he rolled off, slowly pulling his cock from
her body. Her pussy made a sloshing sound as it withdrew, and now I
could see the true extent of her abuse. Her cunt was open, and the
cum was clinging to her dark matted cunt hair. She made no attempt
to cover herself, nor close her legs. She just laid there, showing
us both her most personal parts.

I don't know what came over me, but as I stared at her ravished
body, I had an overwhelming desire to have her, so I crawled between
her legs, never taking my eyes off her used sex, and still not
believing it myself, I opened my mouth, and sucked at her cum sloppy
cunt. She giggled, and then put her hands on the back of my head
pulling me into her crotch. I licked slowly at first, and then
liberally lapped at her entire crotch area, her hairy hole and slimy
asshole and her thighs until everything was cleaned. All the time I
was jacking my cock off, and when she tensed and pushed another load
of cum into my mouth from her orgasm, I spermed all over her lower
legs, and the sheets. Jill then rolled over onto her stomach for a
rest, but John had other ideas. He pushed me away, and lifted Jill
up by the waist. Between her legs, he rubbed his cock across her
crotch, and the inserted himself inside her again. She laughed,
almost unbelieving that she was getting it again so soon. He drilled
her and she taunted me. "Ben you wanted to see me getting laid. You
got it. At least I won't worry about him cumming inside me. After
that last load, another won't make any difference. She then begged
him to fuck her, and he did. She kept begging him to cum inside
her.... to fill her up with his cum, and knock her up She said
incredibly nasty things, all the while playing with her used cunt.
John did spray her insides with his cum again.. and again,,, and
again.. Jill fucked him several times a day for the rest of our
vacation. My job was to watch, and eat her sloppy crotch after each

When we got home, and I threw all my porno away...but of course it
was too late. Jill was in fact pregnant, her fertile womb sucked in
all Johns sperm that week and she goes out now looking to fuck black
men. She has another week to decide if she's going to keep the baby.
Because John's gone, she may not. But she will probably only get
knocked up again by some other black man. She says the risk of
getting knocked up by someone other than her husband, especially a
black man is what she keeps going for. Now I know that we were in
too deep.

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  • Blzbubb wrote 763 days ago:

    Jill needs to strap on a dildo and make Ben her bitch now that the brand new Adultress has been born.

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