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White Couple, Black Owners

Aug 30, 2001

By nyjints2004

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White Couple - Black Owners (Part 1)

By WhiteSlave4Blacks

This is the introduction to my story (to be continued) of how my lovely wife and I came to be slaves to her black female boss and her well-hung boyfriend. This story is sexually explicit and minors should not exit this page now.

Content: interracial/ slut wife/ lesbian domination/ male domination/ cuckold/ humiliation

My descent into depravity began over 20 years ago when my wife was hauled up in front of her boss, accused of theft. To fill you in on some details up front, my wife Mary is a gorgeous, fair skinned woman of 45 - at the time this ordeal started she was just 25. She was 5'10" tall, brunette with a very firm 38b-26-38 figure and an angelic face. My name is Chris and I am now 52 years old and really not much to shout about in the looks department. We had met at a staff party (we worked for the same medium sized company) and I doggedly pursued her until she agreed to marry me. She was originally working as a junior accountant in the finance function and I was a manager in the IT section. She progressed rapidly and was appointed finance manager. Having no kids, our lifestyle was excellent - we were saving money, taking exotic holidays, we bought a house and each had nice cars. The dark cloud on the horizon was that Mary was desperate for children and, no matter what we tried, we just couldn't get her pregnant.

Coming back to past events, Mary was called to her boss's office one day and accused of theft involving $200,000 that had gone missing. Her boss was the finance director, Suzie Johnson, a late twenties, light-skinned black beauty who was as hard and calculating as she was successful. She had a reputation within the firm of being a real ball-buster and always getting what she wanted. It was said that she never hesitated to use her very feminine charms on other members of the board to make things go her way. As soon as she was accused, Mary broke down and admitted that she had taken the money to pay for fertility treatment, that she was desperate and that she would repay every penny if Suzie would only let her off. She even agreed to leave the company quietly.

Suzie would have none of it as it became clear that Mary and I did not have immediate access to that sort of money (unknown to me, Mary had already started fertility treatment and had used most of the cash she had taken). I was called into the office and entered to find my tearful wife sitting looking disconsolate in front of Suzie's desk. I looked quizzically at the two women and Suzie told me to sit down. She explained what had been going on as Mary sat in silence, with her head bowed in shame. I was devastated by the news and could only shake my head in confusion. I started to ask Mary why she had done it when Suzie stopped me and said that she must report the matter to the police so that the company could make an insurance claim to recover the stolen money. I begged her not to do it and that we would do anything to keep this from becoming a police matter. She replaced the telephone receiver and told us that she would think over the matter and that we should report to her office the next day (a Saturday) at 09.00. We left feeling shaken and confused.

Mary and I were up late that night, talking about the whole affair and, out of total love for my wife, we concocted a story about how I was behind the theft so that Mary would not be charged. I knew that Mary would not be able to stand a trial and possible imprisonment and so I gallantly said that I would take the blame. We spent a restless night thinking about what would transpire the following day.

We reported to Suzie's office at 09.00, as instructed and it was a little weird being in the otherwise deserted building on a Saturday. Suzie was already there and told us to sit. Before she could start, I went through our made-up story about my being at fault and Suzie listened intently to my explanation of events. When I had finished, she said that she did not believe the cock-and-bull that she had heard, but had decided that involving the police was the only way forward as the company needed to make an insurance claim for the stolen money. I, rather than Mary, would be charged. Mary burst into tears and I sat there stoically until the police arrived and arrested me. Our lives were turned upside down and ruined that day.

To cut a long story short, I pleaded guilty to the charges and was jailed for 2 years. Mary was demoted at work and became Suzie's personal assistant - the equivalent of her secretary - so that Suzie could "keep an eye on her". Mary wanted to resign but Suzie would not let her, threatening to expose our perjury concerning the theft charges and Mary agreed to stay on in her new, lowly role. The effects of the changed money situation had profound effects on Mary's lifestyle. She could no longer afford the mortgage on the house, she lost her company car when she was demoted (mine went back when I was arrested), she had to face legal bills from my trial and suddenly there was no cash for anything. She went to Suzie asking for a pay rise and explained the financial situation in some detail. Suzie was not entirely unsympathetic and invited my wife round to her house that evening to discuss how Mary could get out of the sticky financial mess that she was in.

That evening, Mary visited Suzie's magnificent house in a plush suburb and was plied with wine by her generous hostess. Suzie explained that, the way she saw things, the best would be for Mary to move in with her to save paying the crippling mortgage and that my wife could earn herself some extra cash by acting as Suzie's maid in the evenings and at weekends. Mary could see the sense in that and readily agreed to the proposal. Suzie explained that she did a lot of entertaining and that being the maid would involve a lot of out-of-hours work. Mary said that she was ready for that and it was agreed that she would move in the following weekend.

From that time, Mary's prison visits to see me reduced from being weekly to monthly and then they stopped after I had been inside for just 6 months. However, around that time, Suzie started visiting, which was unexpected but welcome, as I had no other visitors. She would always dress very provocatively for these visits and I would get jealous glances from other inmates when they saw that she was coming to see me. They wouldn't have been so jealous if they had been privy to our conversations, though.

Suzie delighted in visiting to tell me all about the degrading programme that Mary was being subjected to. She spared me no detail about how she had had my wife wash, clean, cook and do all the housekeeping for her. Later came stories of how my wife was now performing personal services for her (she did not elaborate at that time) and Suzie said that she was pleased to report that my wife was becoming "quite the little slut" in my absence. Shortly after that, she told me that Mary had been earning her keep by sucking on Suzie's pussy after her boyfriend had fucked her and that he was using my wife's cunt and ass when Suzie was having her period. As part of their evening entertainment, they would humiliate my wife by having her masturbate in front of them or by kneeling before them and confessing to all the sexual experiences that she had ever had. Suzie told me that Mary had confessed that I had a little dick and that she derived no pleasure from my penetrating her. She even showed me a photo of Mary sucking on a huge erect cock while tied to a kitchen chair, saying that she loved big cocks now and she doubted if my wife would ever be interested in my little thing again. It sure made me horny to see how low my wife had sunk, but the most amazing thing about the picture was that Mary could barely get her lips around the gigantic pole that had impaled her mouth - and it was black!

After the complete humiliation of these visits, I would be terribly aroused and would find a quiet place to jerk on my cock until I came, thinking about the abuse that Mary was taking at Suzie's house and the emasculating effects of Suzie herself visiting to report my wife's infidelity. As time went by and Suzie's visits became a regular occurrence, I could not wait for my weekly dose of Suzie's humiliation and news of Mary's submission to her black boss and her stallion boyfriend.

I actually served 14 months of my sentence before being released. I had nowhere to go when I got out so I took Suzie up on her invitation to stay with her and be with my wife while we sorted things out. When I arrived at her house, I was impressed with the grandeur of the place and thought how lucky Mary was to be staying in such a lovely home. I rang on the doorbell and it was answered by a tall, athletic young black man, who I was to find out was Marcus, Suzie's boyfriend. He could not have been more than 18 at the time but he possessed a confidence and body well beyond his years. With a knowing smirk, he let me in and told me to wait in the kitchen, as Suzie and Mary were busy. I sat alone and fidgeted for about half an hour waiting to see my wife for the first time in 8 months.

Suzie appeared in the kitchen looking flustered and wearing a short silk dressing gown, which did little to hide her ample charms. She welcomed me and was shortly followed by Marcus, who was holding one end of a dog lead. On the other end of the lead came my beautiful wife who was also wearing a short silk wrap and looking shamefaced, with her head bowed. She did not look up to see me or utter a word as she was lead to where Suzie was sitting and obediently knelt on the floor beside Suzie's chair. Mary looked somehow different - I couldn't put my finger on how at the time - but more beautiful than I had ever seen her, glowing and radiant. Suzie patted her on the head like she would a faithful dog.

"You see how obedient your little slut wife has become?" said Suzie. "She has been trained to obey any command given by myself or Marcus - watch this." She looked down at Mary and simply said "Suck my pussy" and my wife dived between her thighs to lap at her mistress's shaven cunt with an enthusiasm that took me aback. She was then ordered to take Marcus's penis in her mouth and the stud pulled out his gigantic cock for her to suck. I had never seen so huge a member in real life and I watched in awed silence as my wife expertly pleasured her black master as she had never done for me. As she paid homage to Marcus's weapon, Suzie turned to me.

"You see that your wife has accepted Marcus and myself as her master and mistress and you will have to do the same if you want to stay here. You have to make a simple decision - accept our terms and stay or leave here at once without your wife. Remember, though, that if you stay, our power over you will be complete, you will obey our every command and you will not be permitted to soil your wife or any other woman with your filthy, inferior seed. You will accept a life of chastity, even though you will witness countless men and women using your wife's mouth, cunt and ass for their pleasure. You will be expected to orally clean your wife's cunt and ass after they have been ravaged by superior black men. We may decide that you should become involved in servicing our or our friends' needs, but that will be up to us. Are you ready for that? We will give you a few moments to consider our proposition. If you are on your knees and naked when we return in 10 minutes, we will know that you have accepted the position. Otherwise, we will expect you to have left the house."

With that, Suzie and Marcus led my wife from the room and left me to ponder. Ten minutes later, I was naked and kneeling before my new master and mistress with the hardest erection I had ever had. As I glanced up, I could see the three of them gazing down at me with a look of satisfaction on their faces. My wife could barely contain a giggle as Suzie placed her foot between my legs and bounced my full balls up and down in their sac. A feeling of immense apprehension swept over me.

To be continued .

Readers may feel free to drop me line with any comments, correspondence or suggestions. You can contact me at mwmpussywhipped@hotmail.com

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