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Ravished Nurse

Oct 21, 1999

By aryshi

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Ravished Nurse
Black Demon


Standard Disclaimer! This is a fictional story intended for the use of
Adults only!

Archie, a big stalking black, had only one goal in life. To rape
beautiful young white women. To defile their proud innocent and
immaculate bodies with is filthy black nigger cock. He loved to see the
fear on the face of a beautiful young white wife, as she looked upon the
black cock that would 'ruin' her precious tender body. To hear them
scream was music to his ears, especially the screams that were brought
about as he thrust his big black cock, 12" in length and 4" in diameter,
into their tight little pussies. Archie had one additional element that
he looked for in a beautiful young white woman - he wanted only young
married women. To heck with popping cherries, he wanted to screw a
white boy's prized possession and soil their pretty little white wives.

Once his prize was captured, he had them handle the quivering black
snake that would defile their beauty. He loved to see them weep and sob
in fear. Never in their young lives had they seen such a monstrous
cock, a black one at that. He had them jerk him off first, soiling
their dainty white hands as his creamy load would start to ooze down
onto their dainty fingers.

His escapades were many. The rapes hardly were ever reported. The
young white wives were too ashamed to tell their husbands that a black
cock had soiled their precious little gems. When a husband found out,
he was too embarrassed to have others know of his precious wife being
raped and ruined by a nigger. He loved to think of the young white wife
or husband and wife worrying whether or not the prim and proper young
wife had gotten knocked up by her black rapist.

Archie was now looking for a new and fun conquest. One that would
be challenging and exciting. Of course, the prize target would have to
be a young beautiful wife, white of course. It excited him to know he
was defiling some white boy's prize possession. To rape and knock up a
beautiful white woman was the icing on the cake. He loved to humiliate
and debase a young white wife, with his 12" black cock, as nothing got
him hotter and harder than hearing the pleas and screams as he wormed
his black snake into virgin territory. His hot seed was quite potent,
for it always managed to find a white bitch's egg when he planted his

On Saturday, Archie began his new part-time job in upkeeping the
hospital grounds. He had no previous reason to go to any hospital
before. But he sure was going to enjoy coming to this workplace. Never
had he seen so many beautiful women in one location. For some reason,
seeing a beautiful young woman in a nurses uniform made his cock twitch
like crazy.

As work ended that first day, Archie went to the hospital cafeteria
for employees. Archie couldn't believe he was among so many beautiful
women, of course he was only interested in beautiful white women. He
quickly stood in the line and ordered a cold drink, taking it to a far
corner where he would have a good view of all the young beauties. He
finished his cold drink and got up to leave, when he saw a gorgeous
young nurse enter and go to the ordering line. His cock immediately
began to rise at the sight of this beauty. He sized her up at being
about 25 years old, about 5'5", and 120 lbs.

Instead of leaving, Archie got into line behind this lovely
creature, with long white legs. Archie had his mouth watering just
looking at this beautiful nurse with honey colored hair. He got a good
smell of her sweet perfume as he stood behind. Then he glanced down at
her dainty left hand. His cock began to rise when he observed her
wedding rings, for now she would be his next prey. Then he purposely
dropped a pencil so he could get an even closer look at her trim legs,
encased in white nursing hose. He licked this lips wondering just how
long it'd be before having those long beautiful white legs were wrapped
around his neck and back.

After getting another cold drink, Archie followed his prey to the
cashier's line. Glancing at her name pin, he observed Deidre Simmons,
R.N. on it. Well, Mrs. Deidre Simmons, you'll soon be spreading those
beautiful long white legs for my black baby maker! Archie thought to
himself as he looked at his next victim.

Archie followed the beautiful nurse, who had purchased a couple of
cold drinks and was headed out to the front entrance. Taking a seat in
the main lobby, Archie watched his prey await for a ride. Five minutes
later, a new corvette convertible pulled up. He watched the beauty get
in and give a loving kiss to the white punk, who obviously was her
husband. "Well punk, I'm soon going to get a piece of your lovely white
sweetie pie. Don't worry, I'll give you something in return for the
loan of your beautiful wife. Yeah, a little black bastard for you to
take care of!" he chuckled to himself. As the car drove off, Archie
wrote down the license plate number.

Once he got home, Archie quickly called his cousin who worked at the
records department of the local police department. Quickly he learned
that the corvette was registered jointly to Deidre Simmons and her
husband. He jotted down the residence address as it was given to him.
Then checking the city map, it was easy to find where that street was
located. He circled the area on the map, for he'd have to begin by
checking the lay out of the neighborhood. His cock began twitching as
he mentally pictured the beautiful nurse, who would soon be screaming at
the end of his long black snake.

After work the next day, Archie drove to the Simmons' beautiful
suburban home and did a quick survey of the area and snapped a few
photos of the general area. Then he saw the corvette approaching the
home. The beautiful Deidre Simmons had taken off her nurse's cap to let
her honey colored hair blow in the breeze. He drove slowly as he
approached the home. As the garage door open, he observed a blue BMW
sitting in the two car garage. Archie sighed, thinking it was going to
be tough if the couple kept this schedule each day. How was he going to
get to the lovely young wife when she was alone.

For the next week, Archie stayed after work to stalk his beautiful
prey. But it was quite discouraging to see the beautiful nurse being
picked up each day by her loving husband. Each night he would have to
go home and jack off dreaming of her.

Then at the start of the next week, Archie waited to get his glimpse
of the beautiful nurse but she didn't show up at her usual time. Then
it hit him that many of the nurses had rotating shifts. He drove
through the employee's parking lot and there was a blue BMW, that
appeared to be the one he saw in the Simmons' garage.

Archie went out to a diner and ordered himself a steak. Lots of
time to kill till the current work shift got over at the hospital. A
half hour before the new shift started, Archie was parked at a location
that would give him a view to see if in fact the beautiful Deidre
Simmons came to this car. He did not want to go too near to the car and
arouse anyone's suspicion.

At 11 p.m., the evening shift was over and many employees were
headed to their cars. It seemed that the women traveled in a group or
at least with another person to avoid being accosted. Fifteen minutes
went by and no sign of anyone going to the BMW. The elevator opened and
Archie immediately recognized the beautiful Deidre Simmons, who was
accompanied by two other nurses. He whipped out his pulsing rod to
stroke it as he eyed the beautiful nurse.

He could follow her home and try to get her to pull over. But that
could easily get someone else's attention. Once she got home, she would
be in the safety of her punk husband. No, getting her in the parking
lot and during the drive was out of the question anyway. The only
place, that Archie wanted to tag this honey, was right in the marital
bed that she shared with her loving husband. Raping a white beauty on
her marital bed was the most pleasurable fuck ever. He loved to have
them beg and plead in fear when they saw the 12? black snake that would
slither all the way up their precious little bodies. And the humiliation
that was easily seen when he had ruined them and seeded their fertile

At work on the grounds, Archie nosed about and learned that all the
nurses had a particular shift for a two week period and then
automatically went to the next shift thereafter. Thus, he calculated
that all he had to do was wait another week. Then the beautiful Deidre
Simmons would be working the midnight shift that got off in the early
morning. That meant the beauty would be all alone in her home during
the day. Archie planned it for the next Wednesday, wanting to be
certain that Mrs. Simmons was indeed on the night shift. He'd call in
sick and say he was in bed, but he wouldn't tell them he'd be in the
marital bed of the lovely Mrs. Deidre Simmons.

Sure enough, the work shift changed like clockwork. Deidre Simmons
only rode with her husband when she worked the morning shift. Now
Archie got his old pickup ready to transport him to the big event. He
put on the phony magnetic sign giving the name and number of a
legitimate yard maintenance firm. Then he put on the stolen license
plates that he kept for such an occasion. People seeing the sign on the
truck, would get an actual maintenance firm if they wanted their yards
done. Some lawn equipment would be left visible in the back of the
truck to give it a legitimate look. If anyone took down his license
plate and furnished it to the police, if the innocent wife did report
the rape, it would not be traced to him.

Early Wednesday, the hunt began for the beautiful white prey.
Archie was parked near the Simmons' home when he observed the punk
husband's corvette leave. Making sure the coast was clear, he got a
rake and hedge clipper and casually strolled up the driveway to the back
of the home. From this point, it was a snap to break in. Once in, he
made a call to his boss at hospital advising that he was at home and
would be in bed all day. He neglected to say that he was actually in
the home of the lovely Mrs. Deidre Simmons. Nor that he'd be spending
the entire day in bed, between the lovely wife's long white legs.

Archie toured the neat home, then made it up to the prized master
bedroom. There he observed a large king-sized bed, the marital bed that
he was about to breed the innocent white wife on. Then to feel he soft
undergarments in the dresser. Going to the master bath, he observed the
clothes hamper and retrieved a silky lime green pair of panties. He
balled the tiny piece of cloth up and held the crotch portion to his
nose, inhaling the sweet scent of pussy.

A half hour later, he heard the garage door open and then a car
engine. He smiled knowing that the beautiful nurse had just gotten
home. He had already undressed completely, hiding his clothes deep in
the closet, where he remained hidden behind hubby's suits. A crack was
left open so he could observe his unsuspecting prey.

He held his breath as the unsuspecting beauty entered the bedroom.
She was in her uniform, minus the nurse's shoes that she removed upon
entering the home. Clad in her white uniform and white stockings, the
nurse's cap was first to be removed. Then Archie watched as the uniform
was unzipped and dropped to the floor. He then began to stroke his
pulsing black snake when Deidre sat on the bed, slowly removing her
white pantyhose to expose her flawless milky white legs and dainty
feet. Now in only bra and panties, the beauty stood up, gathering the
clothing from the floor, and went into the master bath.

The water began running and then the shower started. Archie smiled
with the thought that the young white wife was showering herself clean
just so she could come to bed with him. Archie got out of the closet
and hid next to the doorway. The young wife had put on a clean pair of
pink panties and was just putting on an oversized t-shirt to go to bed
in. With her arms up and the t-shirt just over her head, the young wife
was at her most defenseless point. Archie quickly clamped a big black
paw over her mouth, the other arm around the trim waist. In three steps
Mrs. Deidre Simmons was face down on her marital bed with a large black
hand over her mouth and a heavy giant man on her back.

Archie grasped the waistband of Deidre's pink panties and quickly
had them drawn off Deidre's kicking legs. Beautiful trim white legs
that were now being fondled by a large black hand. Deidre was pulled to
the edge of the bed. Archie snickered at her plight and began to lick
her dainty feet. He sucked each toe and inserted his tongue between her
toes. Deidre's head whipped from side to side in fear. Archie stepped
forward, bringing Deidre's legs together to trap his giant cock. Deidre
felt the iron bar between her legs. She looked up to see what appeared
to be a large seething black snake, drooling its venom onto her belly.

"Please leave me alone. Don't touch me. Please leave and I won't
tell anyone you were here" pleaded Deidre. Archie snickered "You can
tell everyone I was here for all I care. I'll tell them how I made you
squirm on my black prong. All your neighbors will know that a black
bastard fucked the hell out of you. They'll all imagine what you look
like screaming your head off, your ass squirming with your tiny white
pussy stuffed with a black sausage."

Archie withdrew his snake like cock from between Deidre's milk
white thighs. He inserted the tip of his black cockhead into the soft
folds of her tight little pussy. Deidre pleaded "Please don't rape me,
please! I haven't had anyone but my husband." He chuckled, "I'm going
to 'ruin' you Mrs. Simmons. You won't even feel your hubby's tiny pecker
after I stretch your sweet pussy!" Then he placed each of her dainty
feet above his shoulders. "Aieeeeeeeee..........." Deidre screamed as
the black snake darted forward, inserting half its squirming body up her
tight pussy. "Aieeeeeeeee............" she screamed again as the full
weight of his black body dropped down heavily, plunging nearly the
entire 12" into her. Never had Deidre had such a thick cock and never
one so deep. Her husband's seven inch cock was a mere toy compared to
this black monster.

The massive cock stroked in and out, bringing a reaction from
Deidre. Her dainty white feet entwined and locked around the neck of
her black rapist. What a contrasting sight this made, this delicate
faithful young white wife being raped by this ugly black nigger. Deidre
would die rather than report being raped and ruined by a black nigger.
She would keep this a secret rather than face the shame of everyone

Archie brought Deidre to a shattering orgasm as he slowly stroked
his 12" black cock in and out of her moist pussy. Her back arched and
Deidre screamed "Oh, please noooooo. Oh, God no, oh I'm
cominggggg.........." With that Archie sped up his plunges and rammed
his black snake all the way home. As Deidre's orgasm waned, she
realized that her black rapist was about to unload his seething scum up
her womb. Fearing the worst, Deidre squirmed, planting her feet at the
black shoulders and tried to dislodge him. "Please don't cum in me. I
don't want it. Please don't, I'll get pregnant. Please ..... please
.....nooooooo " she begged. Archie grinned, grabbed her waist and
slammed his dong in to the hilt. "I'm cumming Mrs. Simmons! I'm going
to plant my dirty black seed all the way in your lily white womb. I'm
going to give you a black nigger baby Mrs. Simmons" he yelled, as he
unleashed a torrent of his pent up cum. The hot torrent of the bursting
cum made Deidre shiver in an unwanted orgasm, her body lost control as
her arms wrapped tightly around the neck of her black rapist and her
trim white legs tied themselves around the pumping black ass. Deidre's
tight little cunt was soon choking with the black seed and overflowing
from her pussy lips.

Three hours later, Deidre tried to douche out the vicious scum.
Never had she been so full cum. The black rapist had shot four loads of
his potent baby making jism directly in her womb. Her husband had never
reached that depth and never was his cum as searing hot as what she just
experienced. Deidre closed her eyes and prayed the black's seed
wouldn't take root, as she knew that this was her most fertile time of
the month. She proceeded to shower, scrubbing herself and remaining
under the hot water for an hour.

Deidre called in sick that evening. Her thighs ached from the
vicious rape, for never had she been so used and having her thighs
forced so far apart. She could barely walk. She left a note for her
loving husband that she was ill and went to bed early. She just could
not face him, knowing that she had been soiled with the filthy cum of
her black rapist. She cried herself to sleep feeling that she would
never be clean again.

Over the next month, Archie kept his distance from the lovely Mrs.
Simmons. But just so she didn't see him, while he continued to watch
her and remembering those long white legs squeezing the cum out of him.
He did notice a gradual change in the relationship of the beauty and her
husband. Now when he picked her up, there was not the usual hug and
kiss as before the rape. Instead, it was more of a peck on the cheek
that she gave him. Archie suspected that something was now missing in
the couple's marriage. Something that only he could put the spark back
into the lovely beauty.

Archie was indeed correct. Since the rape, things were not the
same with the young couple. Especially in the bedroom department.
Never had the prim and proper young wife reached a climax as was brought
on in the rape, much less the numerous orgasms experienced during the
rape. The lovely Mrs. Simmons couldn't understand why her loving
husband couldn't bring any excitement anymore. Was it because his
manhood was a mere toy verses the long black snake that had 'ruined'
her? In the past few weeks during their love making in the dark, she
kept picturing that it was again the black rapist that was humping hard
into her body. But her poor husband always came so quickly and shrank
out of her snapping pussy, leaving her in total frustration.

One evening when Deidre Simmons was getting off at 11 p.m., while
walking with her two companions, she saw a black figure far off in the
parking garage starring at her. She recognized her rapist immediately.
Instead of staying with her friends and getting safely to her car, she
told them she had to go back to the nurses station for an item and
advised them she'd be okay and for them to go ahead. Deidre turned and
headed back to the elevator. As soon as her two companions turned the
corner, the beautiful nurse turned and slowly walked to where she had
seen her rapist.

Deidre could not see where Archie had disappeared to. She slowed
walked past about twenty cars when, from a darkened corner, she heard
"I'm over hear Mrs. Simmons." Deidre bit her lip in fear yet
anticipation. Finally, she was a mere four feet away from the black man
who had brutally raped her in her own home. She swallowed, breathing
hard as the long black arm reached out and gently grasped her right
hand. Deidre couldn't breathe as her hand was brought forward. She
gasped loudly, as her dainty white hand encountered the pulsing black
snake that occupied many of her dreams, for in the darkness she hadn't
make out that the coal black cock had been bared.

"You want this long black snake again, don't you Mrs. Simmons?"
Archie tormented the prim and proper young wife. Deidre couldn't think
nor speak, but her hand responded on its own pumping motion. "Mrs.
Simmons, the only time you can have this black tool is in hubby's bed! "
Archie teased. Finally Deidre spoke, her hand slowly pumping the
seething black snake, "Please, no, the neighbors..... my
husband........not in my home....again...it's too risky!" she pleaded.
Archie laughed "I'll drop by tomorrow morning and we can spend the whole
day in hubby's bed again Mrs. Simmons". "No, please not there, the
neighbors may see you" Deidre pleaded but knowing that would only be the
way to get the satisfaction she dreamt of. "If you want it again Mrs.
Simmons, jerk me off right with your soft hands. Let me starch your
white uniform for you!" he demanded.

Ten minutes later, Deidre was in her BMW headed home. She prayed
her husband had not waited up for her and gone to bed. She'd never be
able to disguise the obvious stench of male cum all over her just
starched uniform. "God, how could I have done that? Why didn't I stay
with my friends and go to my car?" she asked herself, as she held her
sticky fingers up to her nose. Upon arriving home, she saw the bedroom
light still on, indicating that her husband had waited up for her
return. Thinking quickly, Deidre entered through the garage door and
stripped off her soiled uniform in the adjacent laundry room. She would
give her husband a little white lie that she was soaking her uniform to
remove some stains. She'd be leaving out the true fact that the entire
front of her white uniform had cum stains on it.

Early the next morning, Deidre got up to make coffee for her
husband and to see him off to work. She planned to then sleep another
couple hours. She looked up from the sink upon hearing a tapping on the
window. She gasped to see the now familiar black face. She shook her
head 'no' but saw Archie walking to her back door. Deidre opened the
glass sliding door, leaving the locked screen between them. "No, you
can't, my husband is still home!" she pleaded. "I'll hide till he's
gone. Now let me in!" Archie commanded. Biting her lip, against her
better judgment, Deidre slowly opened the screen door to allow in her

"Please, he's coming down in a few minutes" Deidre begged. "Well,
I'll hide real good in the closet but we got time for you to give me a
nice blow job!"Archie smiled. Deidre couldn't believe what he was
asking of her. She had never used her mouth on anyone, not even her
husband. But she slowly sank to her bare knees and began to tongue the
long black snake that was bared for her. "Better hurry Mrs. Simmons, or
your husband will be walking into his kitchen to find his beautiful wife
sucking on a nigger's cock!" Archie quipped. Five minutes later, there
was a call from upstairs "Honey, I'm running late. Please put my coffee
in the travel cup. Oh, put some cream in it for me". At that very
second, the lovely young wife was having a rare dosage of thick hot
cream herself.

Archie watched from his hiding place as the husband came hurrying
down the stairs to be greeted by his lovely wife. Then as the husband
took the cup of coffee from his wife, he got a very passionate goodbye
kiss, just as Archie had instructed the beauty to do. Deidre's husband
would not have enjoyed the kiss if he knew that a black's oozing prick
had just glossed his wife's soft lips with its creamy spend.

Before the car had backed out of the driveway, the lovely wife lay
back on her marital bed with her beautiful white legs spread wide
awaiting the black baby maker. And no thought of using any protection
was given.

End of Story.

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