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My Wife, The Private Stripper

Oct 10, 1999

By chrsurf

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My Wife, The Private Stripper...by X. Marx Despot

"Oh Yes, Fuck me Honey" my wife cried out, "Oh damn, fuck me good." She didn't have to say it more than once, that's for sure. Gina had always been a damn fine looking woman but lately she had lost a few pounds and at 38 years old, she was looking as good as she did when she was in her twenties. I looked deep into her green eyes and then let my gaze drift down her naked body as my cock plowed in and out of her tight pussy. Any time I could I tried to talk Gina into leaving the lights on so I could see that fine body of her's while I fucked her.

My wife is 5'4" tall and weighs about 119 pounds with great legs, a fine round ass and a pair of pert B-cup tits that are as firm now as when she was 18 years old. Her reddish brown hair is done in a sexy short style and every place we go men are constantly staring and flirting with her. I was damn glad she was mine and I loved fucking her sweet tight cunt.

"God Gina", I groaned, "You look so damned good lately, I love your body". "Are you sure?", she teased me as she grasped her firm tits in her hands and offered them to me, "Do you think I look as good as those girls you saw last week when you went to the strip joint for Jake's bachelor party?" I took her nipple into my mouth and bit it gently and then shoved my cock in deeper and said, "You look better than most of them! You know how men stare at you all the time". I could tell by the look on her face that she was pleased that I was so proud of her body. Then she about drove me nuts when she said, "Well then maybe I should go get a job there and let all those men see what you've got at home".

She was only teasing, she had no idea that I had fantasized over and over about watching her flaunt her body to other men. I started to fuck her harder and harder, driven by the thought of her stripping in front of a roomful of men. "Maybe you should Gina", I whispered in her ear, praying that she wouldn't get upset with me, "Maybe you should strip down and show all those men your firm tits!" "You would like that wouldn't you?", she said as I pistoned in and out of her pussy, "Do you want other men to see your wife naked? Do you want me to make their cocks nice and hard Paul? Do you Paul? Do you want me to show them my cunt and make them want to fuck your wife?"

"God yes", I moaned as I fucked her harder and harder, "I want them to see your tits and ass and cunt, please make them hard." I plunged my cock all the way into her soaking cunt and began to spurt my load deep into her body just as she had a huge orgasm.

The fantasy of her being a stripper soon became regular part of our sex life and we would both have great orgasms every time. The more I thought about it the more I wanted to see her do it for real. Also I noticed that Gina slowly got to be a little bolder in her way of dressing, slightly lower necklines, her skirts a bit shorter, and I loved seeing the way that men lusted after her hot body.

One day we were sitting together on the back porch and I decided it was now or never. I only prayed she wouldn't get mad about what I was going to suggest. "Gina", I began, "You know our little fantasy about you being a stripper? Well, I think we should do it for real." She turned and looked me in the eye and said, "You must be crazy, I mean it's a really hot fantasy but I wouldn't want to work in some dive somewhere, with all those men putting their hands all over me." I explained to her that what I had in mind was completely different. I told her about a party I was at once for a friend and how his wife had hired a "Private Stripper" to come to their house and she stripped from her street clothes down to her bra and panties, and that also, I would be with her as her escort to make sure it didn't get out of hand.

I was shocked but thrilled when after thinking about it for a while she agreed to try it but that she would only strip to bra and panties and no farther, and only out of our hometown. I placed an ad in the newspaper of a neighboring city the next day and before it had been in for one day we received a call.

"Hello", I said. "Hello?", said a hesitant female voice on the other end of the line, "Uh, Is this where I call to hire a stripper for my husband's birthday party?" I assured her that it was and explained that the fee was $100 and that Gina would only be stripping down to her bra and panties. "Oh and one more thing", I added, "There is no touching allowed". The lady laughed and replied, "That's for sure! If my husband grabbed another woman I would have his hide!" She went on to assure me that the party was for couples and would not be a drunken brawl or anything like that. When I told Gina about her first job, she was very nervous but also really excited and after we talked about it we found ourselves in bed and fucking like crazy at the thought of her stripping for a bunch of horny men.

When the big day came I hurried home from work, almost beside myself with excitement. When I got there Gina had just climbed out of the tub and was getting ready to do her hair and makeup. She was extremely nervous but also just as turned on as I was. She gave me a deep kiss and told me to wait in the livingroom and she would be out in a few minutes.

When my wife walked out of the bedroom I thought I would cum in my pants just looking at her. She had done her short dark hair with gel so that she looked like some sexy cocksucker from a porno movie and her makeup and nails were perfect. Her outfit was incredible, starting with a lacey push up bra that was black with purple satin highlights and matching bikini panties. Then she added elastic top, black lace stockings, the kind that don't need a garter belt. In additon to her sexy underwear she was wearing black 5 inch high heels, a super short, black pleated skirt, and a tight, white angora sweater that left her midriff and her bellybutton exposed. I made a grab for her but she dodged away and laughed, saying, "Down Big Boy, Save it for the paying customers". Then she covered her sexy outfit with a dark blue trenchcoat since she didn't want the neighbors to see her and we got in the car to drive to the job.

When we arrived at the house Gina was so nervous and scared she was shaking like a leaf. She got up her courage and we knocked at the door and were greeted by the lady who had hired us for her husband. She snuck us into the livingroom and whispered to us that she hadn't told her husband or the guests anything about it and Gina should surprise her husband Jim with a birthday kiss and then start stripping. It was then that she slipped us the $100 we had agreed to over the phone. We went in and Jim's wife intoduced Gina to Jim as "an old friend of the family".

Gina made a big show of flirting with Jim and then when she had everyone's attention, (there were about twenty couples present), she said with a smile, "I think Jim deserves a nice big birthday kiss", and then she grabbed him by the back of the head and kissed him directly on the lips, making him turn red with embarassment. "That was awfully nice", she said teasingly, "But I think Jim needs more than a kiss for his birthday!" Then she winked at me and I switched on the boom box I was carrying, filling the room with a pulsing rock beat.

All eyes locked on Gina as she suddenly whipped off the trench coat allowing them to see the sexy outift she had underneath it. Jim's eyes almost popped out of his head as my sexy little wife began dancing to the beat of the music, her every motion telegraphing the message "Fuck me". Her full hips swayed enticingly and her pert little tits jiggled. After a few moments her hands went to her breasts, still covered by the tight, white angora sweater, and began to stroke up and over them pausing for a moment at her nipples and then traveling to her lips where she playfully sucked one finger into her mouth, licking it as though it was a hard cock.

Then with every man in the room staring at her every movement Gina suddenly grabbed the bottom of her sweater and in one motion pulled it up over her head baring her sexy firm tits only encased in the little black and purple push up bra. Gina's hands went back to her tits squeezing them until they threatened to pop out of the tiny bra and sensuously stroking the nipples through the lacey material. Next she spun around, causing her little pleated skirt to fly up, exposing her tiny black bikini panties to all the men. They let out a scream and some of them began chanting "Take it off, Take it off".

Jim was sitting down on a footstool and Gina was right in front of him not a foot from his face when she turned around and began wiggling her firm round ass at him and then reached back and slowly lifted the back of her skirt till he had a perfect view of her almost naked ass. She bent over at the waist and shook her ass right in his face and then turned around to face him. As she stared playfully into his eyes my wife then reached down, unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor and stood before the roomful of strangers wearing nothing but her heels and stockings, and her push up bra and matching panties. She continued to dance, her firm tits jiggling, and then she leaned forward and pushed her tits together with her arms and shook them only an inch or two from Jim's face causing all the men to hoot and holler.

Gina then turned and began shaking her panty clad ass in Jim's face and finally she started to actually rub her almost naked ass against the front of his pants, causing his cock to swell and making a tent in his trousers.

I was a bit alarmed at how far she was taking this and I could tell by the look on Jim's wife's face that she wasn't too happy about the rubbing of her hubby's stiff cock. My own cock was painfully hard and as I looked around the room I could obviously see that all the men had huge hard ons from watching my wife's slutty performance. Then I noticed that gina had turned back around to face Jim and she was unhooking her bra, which had a front clasp between her firm tits. I decided she was getting a little carried away since we had only agreed to stripping to her bra and panties and no further. Just as my wife pulled her bra apart exposing her naked tits to the leering men I grabbed her trench coat and put it over her shoulders and then grabbed her and the boom box and pulled her out of the house and out to the car.

When we got out to the car I started it and drove a few blocks down the street and looked over to see Gina with her trench coat wide open and her bra unhooked and one hand in her panties fingerfucking herself. "Oh God Paul", she begged, "Please stop the car and fuck me right now! If you don't I'll get out at the next light and fuck the first man I see!"

I pulled over to the side of the road and reclined the front passenger seat and fell upon my beautiful slutty wife, covering her naked tits with my hands and mouth. "Suck my tits Paul, Oh damn I'm so horny. They all wanted to fuck me Paul, every one of those men wanted to put their cocks in my cunt and fuck your wife." I ripped her panties and bra off leaving her totally naked and pulled my pants down to my ankles and then shoved my dick into her sopping wet pussy. "Yes", she cried out, "Fuck me good and hard. Oh God I wanted all of them to fuck me. If you hadn't stopped me I would have taken off my bra and panties and laid on the floor and begged them all to fuck my cunt, I swear I would have let them all fuck me! I'm cumming, Oh, I'm cumming so good!" I pulled my cock almost completely out and then stuffed it all the way back in and filled Gina's pussy with my sperm.

The next day Gina seemed very upset and finally I sat her down and made her tell me what was wrong. "I don't think I should keep stripping at parties", she said softly. Why not Dear", I said, "That was the best sex we ever had, you were incredible last night in the car." "That's the trouble", she said softly, "I got so turned on that if you hadn't been there to stop me Paul I would have stripped totaly nude and begged those men to fuck me. I felt like a complete slut and I loved the way they all wanted me". I soothed her and assured her that I still loved her and always would. Also I told her that I loved watching her strip for other men and that she didn't need to worry because even if she lost control I would always be there to keep her out of trouble.

In the next few weeks she stripped at several parties and each time it was a lot like the first one and we wouldn end up having torrid sex in the car on the way home. Then one day the phone rang and Gina answered it herself and I could hear her end of the conversation and realized she was booking a job herself without consulting me about it. Before, I had always screened her jobs to be sure they understood the rules but this time Gina handled it herself.

When the night of that job arrived, Gina was dressed in one of her usual incredible outfits. It consisted of high heels and elastic top stockings, black lace bra and tiny thong panties and a black spandex dress that looked like it was painted on her tight, toned body.

When we reached the address Gina had written down I was a bit alarmed to see that it was in a rather seedy part of town. Always before she had worked parties at nice suburban type homes and I wasn't sure what to expect in this neighborhood. Then Gina dropped a bombshell on me. She informed me that she had received a special request from the guy who hired her and that she had agreed, but only if they paid her an extra $200. I asked her what she would be doing different and she said she had decided it would be an incredible turn on to strip clear down to her panties and even show the men her naked tits this time. Also she had told them that if they wanted to she would let them "Tuck a Buck" into her panties and then she would make a lot more money. I wasn't too crazy about all these changes but I felt it was too late to try to change things now. And I have to admit, the thought of my wife shaking her naked tits in some stranger's face was really turning me on. As long as I was there so it didn't get out of hand I decided to go along with it.

We knocked on the door and when it opened there was a huge Mexican guy on the other side. He must have stood at least 6'4" and weighed around 230 pounds, all of it solid muscle. He pulled us inside and then yelled into the next room, "Hey Guys, the gringo slut that's gonna strip is here and wait till you see the ass on this bitch!"

When we got in the other room I realized that there were only four guys there, all of them big tough looking Mexican dudes and no women except Gina. I was worried for her but there was nothing I could do at this point. I started the music and Gina went into her act.

As usual she danced and wiggled to the music and in no time she was down to nothing but her bra and thong panties. The guys were all over her stuffing dollar bills in her bra and panties and copping feels every chance they got. I could see by the look in her eyes that she was really worked up and I watched in fascination as she reached between her beasts and unhooked her bra and pulled it away from her body, exposing her tits for the first time to men other than me. Her pert nipples stood at attention and her firm tits bounced with the music, driving the Mexicans wild. "Shake those tits slut!" screamed one of them. How would you like to tit fuck that little white bitch?", yelled another. "Show us your cunt you gringo whore! We paid good money to see your pussy", they yelled.

I knew this was getting way out of hand and I started to step in and cover her with her coat but the guy who hired us, I thnk his name was Juan, grabbed me and pulled me back, saying, "The little slut is having fun Mister, she ain't ready to stop, not by a long shot!" Then he pulled me to the other side of the room and tied my hands behind my back to a stair railing and stuck a gag in my mouth and I knew we were in for it then.

My wife was so turned on and wrapped up in her performance that she wasn't paying any attention to what was happening to me. I watched with a mixture of horror and lust as she stuck her fingers in the waistband of her thong panties and slowly pushed them down over her voluptuous hips and then kicked them into the lap of one of the Mexicans. "Show us you pretty pink cunt white lady", they cried out. I want to see your asshole, spread your ass whore, spread your ass!" Gina looked at them with lust in her eyes and then turned around and bent over at the waist, reached behind and spread the cheeks of her virgin ass exposing her cunt and asshole to four strangers like the total slut she had become.

Just then one of the guys who was named Paco stood up and began to unzip his jeans and pushed them off to reveal the biggest cock I had ever seen. It must have been at least ten inches longs and dark brown with big veins running up the length of it. "Come her you fucking whore", he growled, "It's time for you to do more than cocktease!" He lifted her as though she weighed nothing and carried her over to a matress lying in the middle of the floor and pushed her down onto her hands and knees. "This gringo cunt is mine first", he grinned, "And then you can fuck her too unless you would rather have a blow job. I bet those pretty pink lips can really suck a cock good. White whores love to suck cock, ain't that true slut?"

My precious wife spoke for the first time and I was shocked when she looked right at him and reponded, "Yes it"s true, I'll suck all of your cocks and I want to be fucked by every one of you! Please treat me like the whore that I am. Fuck me PLEASE!"

"Show your husband what a fucking whore he married", Paco laughed, "Spread your cunt open and beg me to fuck you!" I couldn't believe what I was seeing when my sweet conservative wife leaned back on the mattress and spread her legs wide open exposing her tight little cunt to the four men. She stuck two fingers of each hand into her pussy and spread the lips wide open so far that the men could see right up her tiny cunt. "Please Paco, please fuck my slutty cunt, show me what happens to whores who cocktease and strip in front of men. Please fuck my pussy, I'm begging you!"

Paco laughed and crawled down between my wife's thighs and started to rub his hairy 9" cock against the lips of her pussy. "Is this what you want whore?", he sneered as he slowly started shoving inch after inch of brown cock into her married cunt. "Oh God yes", she groaned, "It feels so good, I've never felt a cock so big before, Keep fucking me, Please!" Paco had his cock all the way in my wife's pussy now and began pounding in and out of her like a piledriver.

Juan had taken his clothes off and had his dick up by Gina's face and with no protest at all she started licking the head and running her tongue all around it. "That's it bitch", he grunted, "suck my big brown cock, you fucking whore". Gina ran her tongue all over his cock from one end to the other and then started to concentrate on the peehole as though she wanted to force her tongue right down inside of his cock. "Now take it deep slut", he said as he worked it deeper and deeper down my wife's throat. He began fucking her face, his balls slapping against her chin as she eagerly sucked his cock.

Suddenly Paco groaned and said, "Oh yea, I'm filling this whore's cunt with cum, damn she's hot!", and he shoved his dick deep in my wife and filled her with his potent seed. That was when it hit me that she had stopped taking the pill a few weeks before and her fertile cunt was totally unprotected from his powerful load. As he pulled his huge cock out of her body the sperm ran down the cheeks of her firm ass and even from across the room I could see the quantity he had dumped in her.

Juan was almost ready to get off and he shoved his dick all the way down her throat and shot his cream into her belly, causing her to gag but then as he pulled his cock out of her mouth I saw her licking it to get every drop of his load she could.

The other two men stood naked above my naked wife and she looked at them with her big green eyes and begged, "Please, I need to be fucked again, somebody please fuck me!" One of them got on the mattress beside her and pulled her over on top of him and she reached down and guided his cock into her well lubricated cunt. It slid in easily and then she started pumping her cunt up and down on his cock while he reached up and played with her sexy little B-cup tits. The fourth man got behind her and began to stroke and massage the cheeks of her naked ass causing her to moan with pleasure. "I'm going to fuck this fancy gringo slut in the ass", he laughed, "Then she won't look down her nose at Mexican men like the other white bitches always do!"

I struggled to cry out but couldn't because of the gag. In all our years of marriage Gina had never even let me have her ass and now this huge Mexican stranger was getting ready to shove his cock deep up her pretty round butt!

He spit on his hand and smeared the saliva across her asshole and then started rubbing his cock back and forth against it. Gina moaned, too wrapped up in the pleasure of the big cock in her cunt to think clearly about what was happening. Then he put his dick agaisnt her asshole and forced it in causing her to cry out in pain but as I watched she began to respond in a way I'd never imagined and the more of his cock that he forced into her tightest hole the more she started to like it.

"Yes", she screamed, "Fuck me in the ass, Oh God it's starting to feel so good in my ass, don't stop!" Both men were fucking her furiously, one in her cunt and the other deep in her previously virgin ass and before long she started to cry out, "Oh damn I'm cumming, it's never been this good before, Keep fucking me, Oh I'm cumming!" Her body almost went into spasms from the force of her orgasm and then both men, almost at the same time, started shooting their creamy loads into her beautiful white body, filling her with their seed.

After they climbed off of Gina she still layed there with her legs spread begging for more cock. Juan laughed and handed her a beer bottle and said, "Fuck yourself with this slut, you've worn us out!" The four of them stood above my precious wife as she shoved the bottle in and out of her well fucked cunt, having one orgasm after another. Finally they started to get hard again and they all four stood over her while she begged to be fucked and played with their cocks until they sprayed cum all over her face, tits and cunt.

Finally they tired of their game and they released me from my bonds and allowed me to take Gina out of there. As we walked out the door Juan walked up to me and handed me a wad of bills and said, "Hey Mister, Don't forget your $300. Your wife is the best whore we ever had".

That was three weeks ago. What worries me is that Gina is pressuring me to let her accept more stripping jobs. In fact she has one booked at a frat house for next weekend. I know I should say no but I find myself wanting to see her get gangbanged again.

I think I'll say yes, what would you say?

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