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Blackrule Lip Service

Jun 25, 2004

By dajester

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BlackRule Lip Service!    TJ Ryder http://www.midnightx.com/
(True Story Origin:  Guidance counselors and parent teachers organizationin an English high school have tried various means of keeping teenage girls fromgetting pregnant and found some success with offering sex education inoral sex technique.)
   Timmy J. admired the new girl in Roosevelt High from afar for too long, hewas thinking.  The luscious blonde transferred in at the end of last term,a year younger and one of the few white kids at this inner city magnet schoolthat dared remain by second term.  He had seen her driven up in her mothers'jaguar, tried to talk to her during phys ed several times.  Tried to coordinatebreaks and lunch hours, but the sophomore was on a different schedule andattended classes in a different floor.
   Now he had seen her change her dress to the slutty way all girls lookbut did it mean she had changed?  She was the first attractive white girl hethought he even had a chance with in two years and he was cursing his luck thathe had blown it.  No possibility of school bus, her attractive mom droppedher off and picked her up!  Why was she even in the school if they had a jaguar, rich liberals maybe?  HEck, he blushed as he realized what he hadjust said to himself.  He could have transferred out himself if he wanted to.All the white girls who stayed past their first semester at Roosevelt were coalburners, heck all the white boys were at least, he sighed, arranging his bonerdown his shorts in English class, well, were at least....  Aw mannn!
   What made it worse was Mrs Garber in English, a notorious married black cock slutand assistant guidance counselor who wore the tightest, lowest cut, highest hemlinedresses except for the students in the whole school.
   And now the semester dance was coming up, and he had only been able torelay his interest in asking Tiffanny White through a friend.  And no answer ina whole day.  Of course there were tons of big black studs who were probably alsomaking their pitches. And now all he could think of was Tiffanny's big breastspushing out her sheer sweater and Mrs Garber's bare white thighs and if shewas wearing panties as she teased the whole class.
   "Okay class, please, please Jerome, could I speak?"
   Jerome Bacon, all city center grinned as he turned back in his seat.
   "Anythin fo yo, Ms Garber!"
   "Thank you," she smiled warmly.  "Now, I'm going to read this announcementconcerning the school pregnancy prevention program, PPP, and please,(she raised her hands, making her big breasts jiggle and show her deepcleavage)  please, none of the usual jokes, let me finish!"
    The laughter and jokes slowly died down, and Mrs Garber waited it out,sighing, until she spoke again.
    "Yes, its about oral sex as an alternative, okay.  Can we try to settle down again, please!"  
    Timmy blushed as he heard some of the comments, especially from the severalattractive white girls in the room. 
    "Okay, is that it for a while? Good!  By invitation only,  select studentswill be able to attend a sex education seminar, seventh period!"
    "Haw, teacher," Jerome grinned, arranging his python in his lap,"Is this where de gals learn how to suck us off?"
    WIth all the laughter, Mrs Garber just smiled patiently.  "While its crudelyput, Jerome, the question was whether skills of oral sexual ministrations aretaught, and the answer is yes!"
    Sandra D, redhead with full firm 38DDs popping out her top, snickered.
    "I haven't had any complaints yet, Mrs Garber!"  With that she lickedher full upper lip slowly amidst the classroom glee.
    "Haw," grinned Darnell, clutching his huge lump, "ah kin vouch fo dat, teach!"
    "I'm sure, Sandra, but believe it or not all skills can be improved on.And because this school is an Afrocentric education model, all the sex educationtaught must be approved by the OBEAH Society.  I'm sure you boys don't mindthat too much," she smiled.  Jerome nodded, licking his big lips, and high fivedwith his buddies around him.  Timmy's mouth fell open at the news.
    "Of course, because OBEAH believes in Black Superiority, we have to make some,adjustments, to the participants!"
    "HAw," Darnell laughed, "dat means yo white wimps ain't gettin yo weeniessucked!"
    "As if I'd want to," snickered Sandra!
    "Now, kids, settle down.  It's true that white boys are not allowed in theprogram as, well, recipients, but OBEAH strongly encourages all white boys to participate!"
    "Yo mean on dere knees, raht, teach!  Haw haw, yeah!  Ah lahk dat!"

    Mrs Garber smiled, looking over at Timmy, who swallowed.
    "It's not an insult, Darnell!  OBEAH believes its a priviledge for all whitesto serve the superior Black Male! And I happen to be a proud member of OBEAHas I'm sure you all know!"  It was long common knowledge that all white teachersat Roosevelt and the whole inner city school system had to be 'diversity trained'in OBEAH and several other afrocentric philosophies.  "In fact," she continued,looking directly at Timmy, "failure to pass the diversity training of OBEAHwill result in non graduation!"   Timmy groaned at that, he had been conditionallyaccepted at a college on a partial athletic scholarship.
    After class he hung around the room, watching Mrs Garber put her notebooksin a briefcase, and she smiled, realizing he wanted to talk to her.
    "Do you need something, Mr. J?"
    "Um, y-yes ma'am, about this, well, class, I was, well...!"
    "You can follow me to my office, Timmy, I have a few moments."  Heoffered to carry her briefcase and she smiled,  enjoying his gaze over herlush curves as he came into her small office she shared with the full timeguidance conselor.
    She sat down on a leather chair and crossed her shapely legs, as Timmysat across from her, trying to not look at her crotch and not to get harder.
    "Do you have a problem with the OBEAH diversity training, Timmy?  I'mfrankly surprised because your'e a senior!"
    "W-well, ma'am, um, I was just, well, wondering if...!"
    She smiled, "if I was going to have you participate?  I was thinking ofit because as you know, there are many more black boys at the school thanboth white girls and boys!"
    "Yes, well, b-but...!"
    "And I was under the impression you believed in OBEAH!  I received nothingbut praise from the basketball coach for your duties as manager!"
    'Well, yes, but...!"
    "Come now, Timmy, I remember your first term here, like so many smallthin white boys, frightened, beaten up daily by the black studs, until you learned your proper place here.  I think youv'e learned it quite well,the football team and wrestling squad seem to be quite satisfied with yourservice, isn't that what managers do?"
    Timmy blushed deeply, the image of giving after practice massages toa giant naked black stud, his huge hardon sticking straight up as heturned over, expecting the total worship all whiteboys must perform to stayhealthy at Roosevelt.
    "Yes, well, Iv'e, adapted, um, I guess...but!"
    "Tyrone Jackson told me just the other day he wanted you for his wife!"
    "He did?" he gasped.  "Wow, I-I didn't know, ma'am, um, I like Tyrone,b-but...!"
    "Not quite that way, hmmm?  A pity!  Iv'e always thought you wouldmake a lovely sissyboy for a proud Black Man!"
    It was an odd compliment, but coming from Mrs Garber he was somehowcomplimented.  "Thank you, but...!"
    "Okay, Timmy, you must realize I don't have much choice.  If you stayat Roosevelt you have to take all the diversity training, and this unwedpregnancy rate is simply unacceptable.  I can arrange for a transfer toa suburban school if you'd like!"
    "Oh," he said, stunned.  "You know I have a college acceptance, and...!"
    She nodded and smiled.  In fact she was instrumental in having him applyto a mostly black college in the midwest on a swimming scholarship.  Takingfinals at a white suburban high school would crash his grade point averageand kiss that goodbye! Timmy was thinking the same thing she was, and noticedpictures on her desk.  A white wimpy looking husband, several lovely white young teen girls, her daughters no doubt.
    "Well, Timmy, how's this then?  Why don't you take this class with thesophomores, you'd fit in because of the way you look!"
    That meant he was smallish and smooth skinned, but then he had the realizationthat Tiffanny would be there.  The only chance he had to meet her, maybe ask herout!  
    "Um, sure, that, that would be great! By the way, Mrs Garber, do you knowwho the teacher is?"
    "Why," she smiled, "I am, Timmy!" as she licked her carmine full red lips."But we also have guest teachers, and our first class will be mostly a film,at least in the beginning!"   She stood up, and he gazed up at her big swayingbreasts, as she smiled.
    "I think it will be a success.  So many of our black male students are sotestosterone driven, Timmy, that many of our girls are knocked up in theparking lot in vans and cars at the end of the school day.  The whole staffhas tried everything to deal with it, and wer'e not forgetting the help fromyou boys managing the teams, but the program has been a great success inother inner cities in reducing the pregnancies!"
    "Oh, I-I didn't know that!"
    "Oh yes, we hope that a whole period at the end of the day will be devotedto it, won't that be nice?"
    Timmy's bulge was obvious, her breasts saying, her tongue moving alongher full lips as his mind was flooded with the image of all the black studs with hardons ready to spurt by 8th period every day.
    "And actually, it's a good idea for you to come to the Sophomore class,most of the white boys and even a few of the girls are a little shy about servingthe Black Man, you remember," she chuckled.
    "Y-yes, haha!"
    A knock on the door and Mrs Garber opened it.
    Lattrell Washington loomed in the doorway, grinning, and in his sweatpantsTimmy looked and notice his huge black hand stroking a foot long thick lump.
    "AWMANNNN, Mrs. Garber, you ain't busy are you?"
    "No, Lattrell, it's all right, come in please," she smiled warmly at him.        Timmy was about to get up when he was surprised that Lattrell walked over toMrs Garber's leather chair and sat down with accustomed ease, spreading his hugemuscular legs.
    "Do you see what I mean, Timmy?" She smiled with a chuckle.  "I have hadseveral white girls watch but Iv'e never had a white boy, but if you'd like...!"
    Part of him wanted to, and it was obvious Lattrell didn't care but hisclass bell was ringing.  He thanked them both and said he had a class, andas he opened the door, he saw Mrs Garber kneel between Lattrell's legs.
   "Oooh, I'm so pleased you could make it, Lattrell, mmmmm!"
    As he closed the door, he heard Lattrell's guttal moan.  "YEAHHHHHHAWWWW!"
    And as he walked the crowded corridor, he thought of Tiffanny's sweet white face, her big breasts, kneeling beside him before a big blackdrooling cock with bloated teenage balls ready to blast negroe love juiceinto her sweet soft mouth just like Mrs Garber was doing!

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