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A Sporting Bet

Jul 2, 2004

By goldiemt

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By Dr. Bone.

Somewhere out in the Midwest, in a small town, two men learned a very important lesson. The lesson was ?Never bet your wives pussies on a sporting event, because they might want to pay up.?

?Jim, these two black men walked into my shop and started to take measurements and asked me questions about my business and when I asked them what this was about they said that you would know. I called Betty and she told me the same thing happened at her flower store. What is up??

Jim hesitated, he knew this would be trouble but it seemed like a sure thing. He looked his wife up and down and knew he made the right choice, with her big tits and blonde hair she bore a striking resemblance to that famous country singer. He could never ask her to do what they wanted, even if it meant losing the store.

He took a deep breathe and then said ?I made a bet and lost.?

?You are gambling again. How could you? You being out of work and all. So why were?.oh my! Did you bet my store.?

Now came the really hard part. ?Sort of. But you see, it seemed like such a sure thing. I never thought they would lose, but they did.?

?What do you mean sort of bet my store.?

?You got to see, I did not think they would lose. These men I bet with, they knew I did not have the money, and they knew what you looked like, so they said if they won it was either the store or you, and I can?t give you up, so I figure we could move back in with my folks for a few years and??

?Give me up? Do you mean..? At that point Sue threw everything that she could lift at Jim and he had to flee to the garage. He lived there for three days until Sue called him into the house for a meeting.

In the living room was his buddy Earl and his wife Betty. Betty had beautiful dark hair and a nice but small set of tits that everyone wanted to squeeze if they could take their eyes off of her tight little ass.

?This is just awful, we will be ruined.? said Betty near tears. ?How could you do this to us??

?I thought it was a sure thing.? Earl said for the thousandth time.

?Well there is nothing left to do. Betty and I have thought it over and we see no other way out of it, except to do it.?

?I know it will be hard giving up the shops but after a few years we will be able to get back on our feet.?

?Who said anything about giving up our shops, we had them before we met you two, we meant we are going to pay off the debt the other way.?

?You don?t mean you are going to? With these black guys?? said Earl frightened that his sweet little wife would ever even consider something like that.

?Isn?t there any other way?? asked Jim adding ?If this gets out my reputation will be ruined.?

?Oh! Any more than it is now. I found your bookie?s phone number and called him. It seems the only way to get things straight is to give up the shops or our pussies and we ain?t giving up the shops, is that understood??

Both men had slept several days in their respective garages and so looking down they said they understood.

?Well guys you might as well go to the garage and make yourselves comfortable as me and Betty have to make ourselves ready for our dates this afternoon.

Earl and Jim were surprised that it was this afternoon but could argue no longer and left to wait for their wives, stunned at what they planned to do.

An hour or so later Betty and Sue came down the stairs. Sue was wearing a tight black sweater and leather skirt with high heels, this outfit always gave Jim a hard-on. Betty had on a tight jean skirt and tee shirt. Both women were wearing heavier than usual makeup.

?I just want you boys to know that neither one of us is wearing a bra or panties.? said Sue as they got into the car.

The men, despite the situation were getting hard over their wives sexy outfits, but none the less they tried to talk them out of it the whole drive down.

Shortly they arrived at their bookie?s office. They made their way upstairs to the third floor to a luxury apartment. A maid let them in smirking. ?That will be all Cindy, you may take the rest of the afternoon off.? said a man from another room. Earl and Jim recognized the voice as belonging to the man that they made the bets with, Eric Smith.

?Mmmm! I do so love people who pay off their bets, and so well at that.? he said walking into the room and looking the ladies over. Eric was an older man whose every move bespoke of his power and wealth. He was short and stocky with the muscles of a weightlifter buried under his portly frame.

?Mr. Smith are you sure there is not another way? Maybe time payments? Or Betty and I can work for you. We both have business skills.?

?I am sorry my dears the only skills I need from you two are the carnal ones. Now why all the worry? Surely the thought of servicing some black men is not that repulsive to you? Is it??

The ladies of course could not tell the truth, neither of them had even kissed a black man before.

He took their silence as their answer as he turned towards the two husbands. ?Gentlemen I hope you will be comfortable as your wives pay off your debts. Too bad your teams could not pull it together in the fourth quarter, eh?? The situation became too real for Earl and Jim and they took one more ill advised stand to protect their manhood.

?Now see here if you think you are going to use our wives as your whores you have another thing coming to you.? said Earl running forward and grabbing Eric by the collar.

?I anticipated it coming to this.? Into the room came four black men. None of them under six feet and unlike Eric they were all hard buff muscle. They wrestled Earl and Jim into two hard wood chairs in the corner of the room as their wives pleaded for them not to be hurt.

The two husbands were none too gently handcuffed to the chairs by their wrists and ankles. They started to scream obscenities at the men and even their wives calling them black loving sluts. This in retrospect was the worse thing to do. For the women it turned something they had to do out of necessity into an act of revenge.

?We wouldn?t be in this mess if it was not for your stupid asses.? said Sue full of venom. She was aroused by watching the men overpower her husband and Betty felt the same way adding that it was good to see some real men in action.

Eric could see his opening. He went over to Betty and Sue. ?I hope to make this mutually beneficial for all involved. He kissed Betty on the lips as his hands felt Sue?s big breasts. He then reversed the act kissing Sue as he felt Betty?s perky tits.

Neither woman had ever been touched or kissed by a black man. They noticed the huge bulge in Eric?s pants.

Eric began to disrobe followed by his men. As they undressed down to their briefs Eric told them ?You must forgive the men if they seem overly enthusiastic, they are from the prison work release program and have not had a lot of contact with women lately.

The girls got nervous at this. They could see the jail tattoos on some of the men, but they more so noticed the bulges that threatened to rip through their tight white briefs. They wondered how any woman could handle such big cocks.

?Oh my!? the girls both said. The guys laughed. There was a moment of tension when nothing seemed to move, then one of the guys went up to Sue and grabbed her big breasts and squeezed them.

?Dam! I dreamed of tits like this in the joint all the time. Come on jerk off my cock.? He pulled it out. Sue was stunned for a second by its size. Then her husband cinched the deal by telling her she better not. On spite she grabbed it and started to jerk it off while another guy went behind her and started to open her sweater.

Betty?s shirt was pulled off and two of the men sucked on her tits while Eric fingered her pussy through her panties. Soon both women had a cock in each hand.

The ladies could not believe how big the men?s cocks were and they told their husbands so, very graphically.

?Wow look at the size of this salami, I wonder if it will even fit in my mouth.? wondered Betty aloud making her husband squirm.

?I?m wondering if it will fit in my pussy.? added Sue.

The men were now totally naked and they concentrated on stripping the wives naked. Eric finger fucked Sue while another man did Betty. The girl?s groans both repulsed and aroused their tied up husbands.

?Just think about it this way, once they are done sucking our cocks they surely will be able to deep throat yours.? Eric said taunting them.

The guys eased the girls onto their knees and put their cocks in their faces. The men pulled off Sue?s sweater letting her big milk white boobs bounce into sight. Both women were nervous about doing this but then they resolved themselves to completing what they set out to do.

Sue grabbed the cock closest to her. She looked straight at her husband and gave the head a loud kiss. When she pulled it away it had her lipstick print barely visible on his dark cock head. ?Yummy!? she said then she stuck it in her mouth and started to suck on it while she jerked off the other guy.

?Now that?s what I am talking about!? said one of the other men as Betty sucked on his cock. Betty had two cocks in front of her face and sucked on one then the other.

?Take it deeper white girl. Oh yeah! The whole time I was away I dreamed of some shit like this. Thank you Eric, my man!? Said the man now getting his cock sucked by Sue. Eric was standing behind her. At a nod from the man in front of her Eric grabbed her head and held it in place. ?Time for deep throat school, just relax your throat baby.?

Sue choked a bit as the man?s cock went deeper into her throat than anyone ever had. ?Just relax yourself ?cause one way or the other it is going in.? To her husband?s amazement with each minute of training more and more black cock vanished down his wife?s throat. Eric switched places with the man in front.

?Yeah spit on the head. No not like that. Big and nasty. Yeah that?s it. Now take it your throat, lets tickle those tonsils. Hey look up at me as you do it I want to see those blue eyes as you deep throat my big black dick. Yeah!?

Across the way you could hear the slap as the man in front of sweet little Betty slapped her face with his cock hard enough to leave a red mark. ?Are you a nasty scum sucking white whore.? she said it too low. ?Hmm, what you need is a beat down.? Two men slapped her repeatedly in the face with their cocks while one hit her across her tits and back.

?Say it! Say it!?

?I am a nasty scum sucking white whore.? Betty said as they continued to slap her with their dicks.

?Louder slut I want your husband to have no doubt.?


?That?s it baby! Now keep sucking my dick. I am going to give you your first taste of black cum.?

It looked however that Sue was going to be the first one to get to taste black cum. ?Oh yeah play with your tits. I am about to cum! Yeah!? With that Eric blasted his cum into Sue?s mouth. Wanting to put on a show for her husband she swallowed as much as she could with some of it running down her chin. She noisily sucked his cock dry as she jerked off a man on either side of her.

?I wanna cum right on your titties. Put my head by your nipple, keep rubbing it. Oh uggghhh!? And with that Sue?s big left breast got splattered with ropes of hot cum. A moment later the man on the other side of her came giving right breast got the same treatment. After jerking the guys off she licked the sperm off her breasts. She was incredibly hot. She did not know if was the forbidden act of black and white sex, being treated like a slut or doing it in front of her husband but she knew she had lost all control.

?Honey I am going to swallow of drop of cum from these two guys cocks. You bet my pussy? You lose.? Betty said before plunging the first man?s cock into her mouth. She sucked and jacked him off like a mad woman. She looked up and told him to push her head and pull her hair while she did it.

Earl watched helplessly with his cock ready to rip through his pants as other men did to his wife what he only fantasized about

The man she was sucking off came and Earl did not see a drop of it as she greedily swallowed it all. She then turned just in time for the other man to frost her face and hair. He took his cock and like some sort of obscene beauty tool used to it rub the cum into her freckled face. She then took his cock into her mouth and polished its head with her pink little tongue.

Eric left the room and came back with two wet towels that the girls used to clean themselves up with. They wondered if they were going to be let go. They found it odd that instead of relief they felt disappointment.

?I am going to call the police if you don?t let us go.?

All the men had served time during one part of their lives or another so they laughed at Earl.

Eric got within inches of his face and said ?Don?t worry about that my man, as soon as we are done with your wives we will take care of you.?

One guy backed Sue onto an oversized coffee table while Betty was carried over to a leather couch. ?What are you going to do?? said Sue. The man pushed her down hard on the table, got down on his knees and spread her legs. ?I am going to eat that hot blonde pussy until you scream. Mmmmm! Look at that a real blond. I am going to really like this.? he said turning his gold toothed smile towards Sue?s husband. He started to lick her pussy and she started to groan,

Betty had her legs spread wide by one man who dangled his cock in her face while another one ate her pussy.

?Is this mouth taken?? asked Eric as he leaned her head over the table and began to throat fuck Sue. A third man put his cock between her tits and began to tit fuck her.

Even with their mouths full the two women moaned away. Both their husbands had precum stains in their jeans. They could not help being turned on by their wives slutty behavior and deep down they knew that it was their fault for what was happening.

Finally Eric could not take it anymore. He pulled his dick out of Sue?s mouth and stepped around her table. The other two men moved away. He turned towards the husbands holding his cock. ?Now this is power. I am going to teach you something. The pussy is a traitor. All these years white women have been kept away from black men. Why? Instinctively all cunts crave a bigger dick. They know to breed with the superior man, even if the bodies and brains that they are attached to don?t know it.? He looked down at Sue. ?Sue all you have to do is say no right now, I will even let you keep the store. The same goes for you Betty. All you have to do is say no and we won?t fuck you.?

?Please.? said Sue. Their husbands half hoped she would say no. ?Fuck me.? Betty said the same thing.

Two of the guys brought over leather recliners and brought them within feet of the two now whipped husbands. The girls got into them backwards, kneeling with their butts and cunts high in the air.

?Now watch as me and my friend take care of your wives in the style they will become accustomed to.? He steadied his cock with his hand. Sue trembled. She could not believe this was happening to her or how turned on she was. All those years of listening to her family say all that racist shit and now she was going to be fucked by a black man. If her family could see her now they would disown her and she did not care.

Slowly Eric pushed his cock into her wet hole. She made a sharp groan as the head pushed against her pussy then slid in. ?Oh fuck! I feel so full!? she said as Eric rested a second then began to thrust. ?Now your wife?s pussy will be a black fucked one. See how her cunt adjusts to take my bigger dick.

Sue began to moan telling him to fuck her harder which he did.

?I ain?t about all that talk.? said the man behind Betty. ?What I do know is I am going to turn you wife out.? He had Betty turn around and spit a nice juicy glob onto the end of his cock then he pushed it in. Betty started to moan and chant ?Oh Shit! Oh shit! Oh shit!? with each thrust.

Soon Eric announced he was going to cum and did so moaning. When he pulled out his cock cum ran out of Sue?s pussy. This was followed by Betty?s lover cum into her pussy also. Before the women could recover another man got behind each one of them and shoved their cocks into the women and started to fuck them again.

For four hours the two shocked husbands watched as their wives were passed around from man to man, twisted into practically every position possible. They saw their uptight and proper wives lick the men?s balls, cocks and assholes.

Their hair was matted from all the sperm in it. Their faces, tits, even their backs had drying cum all over them. Their husbands ears still rang from their wives moans and groans. From their declarations of love for black cocks. Finally the women were led out of the room and told they had two last things they had to do and they were done.

After a shower the ladies were led into another room. All the husbands could hear was a giggle followed by a yelp, then a few minutes latter a buzz. An hour later the ladies came out. Both women had a huge gold hoop through their left nipples and a black eight ball tattooed on their right breasts. A man they had not seen before left after getting paid by Eric.

?Honey guess what the black ball is about?? said Betty making her husband softly curse.

?By the way you guys will do nothing. First off sports betting is illegal and I tape all my calls to prevent, ahem, problems. Next off how would you like it if it got out to your families and coworkers on how you lost a bet and how much fun your wives had paying it off.?

Eric turned to leave but before he did he reminded the girls that they still owed him the interest on the bet.

As the helpless husbands wondered what that was about the women walked up to their respective husbands and opened their flies freeing their throbbing near purple cocks.

?My we have are work cut out for us.? said Betty ?But remember guys you got us into this mess. You were the ones who bet our pussies, not us. These tattoos and nipple rings will remind you of that forever?

?Yeah but they have been such good sports about it, let?s give them a treat.? With that the girls switched spots so each one was in front of the other?s husband.

The guys weakly protested but the pain in their balls overrode all sense of morality. Besides each had thought of doing this at one time or another, including their wives. Earl enjoyed the feel of Sue?s huge breasts brushing his leg as she sucked his cock while Jim enjoyed his cock sliding in and out of Betty?s cute lips.

Within minutes, and with no shame, the guys came. The women then got up on the chair putting their cunts in the switched husbands faces and got a lapping better than they had had in years.

?Hmmm! Can?t take them out to the car like this!? Betty said motioning to the men?s new erections.?

The girls mounted each others husband?s cocks. Betty faced away from Jim so he could watch her ass and pussy better, Sue let Earl go crazy sucking her tits as she humped his cock. The men lasted a little bit longer this time. After they were done the women uncuffed their husbands.

The girls had one last surprise, they told their husbands that they were swapping husbands for the rest of the weekend. Over the next two days the girls were humped relentlessly by each others husbands and then again by their own husbands when they returned to their ?proper? homes.

Paying the rest of the debt off would unfold over the rest of the year, which you will read about during the upcoming months.

Until then be careful with the bets you make.

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