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Married Mandingo BlackBull-Milkers!

Sep 27, 2004

By dajester

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Married Mandingo BlackBull-Milkers!
Chapter 1
TJ Ryder
Illustrated Interracial, cuckoldress Stories!

Hi, Timmy here from Mandingo's on the Panhandle. Mandingo's like the name says is for the convenience of white women, mostly wives in the old days, and now it's half and half, and of course big black bucks! Now if your'e a slim smallish white boy like me you don't work there unless you accept certain realities, I mean they wouldn't hire you or keep you on otherwise. As a poolboy at MAndingo's for two years now Iv'e had a lot of black masters and white women use and humiliate me, that's part of the job; but even so the longer I work there the more I become part of the inner circle of staff, and sometimes I get the opportunity to vouch for a new applicant, so I wanted to make it good.

MAndingo's like a lot of upscale interracial trysting clubs is located on a million dollar beachfront in a rich area, mostly white, but twenty miles away was a big mostly black town, and a big military base 45 miles away with thousands of prime young black bucks anxious for the weekend to begin to stretch willing white pussy. The economics for locating it were obvious. Rich white wives with hubby's credit cards and an ample supply of black studs.

Nobody can figure out who the management is for sure, but for sure theyr'e into the spread of BlackRule, the domination by the Black Male! They offer incentives all the time for Blackbreeding, flipping wives to go black, getting young white beauties hooked on black even in high school so they make sure the mostly white staff is okay with that. Even so, it seems like another management wants to turn a nice profit, and that kind of conflicts sometimes.

For example, many of the rich white wives coming in here during the weekday like to see only males, well, actually they don't want their bucks distracted by gorgeous young white chambermaids from town, so theyr'e more comfortable with slim smallish white boys. I know the bucks would like a hotel full of white pussy but the paying weekday customers don't like that!

On weekends however, couples and singles come to Mandingo's looking to hook up and that's fine too. In fact so many black soldiers and sailors come in along with the townie blacks that the staff has to pick up the slack to make sure everyone has a good time. Pretty much everyone is OREO'd during the weekend especially when the fleet's in. OREO means two blacks for every white, at least!

Anyway, even though I follow the OBEAH rules for white boys I got married probably too early, to a gorgeous blonde in the rural poverty town we grew up in, surprised that SueEllen would ever go out with me. But unlike all the brutish studs and her even more brutish brothers and the trailer park she lived in, I was a little different. I didn't try to knock her up, and in fact she liked me I think mainly because she wasn't afraid of me.

Buxom, athletic, an inch taller than my 5'5", a year younger than my 28, we separated several years ago when she decided she wanted a 'real man' as she put it, in this case Cletis Vander, pure bulk white trailer trash, which lasted only long enough to saddle her with a couple of toddlers.

Now, payments behind on her trailer, no jobs in Blossom, GA that paid anything, I knew she had to be real desperate to give me a call. I was worried she needed money or alimony, but it was worse than that.

"Hi, Timmy," she said, and I could hear the strain in her sweet voice.

"SueEllen, is that you?"

"Yup, sho is! Howv'e you been?"

"Ah, well, you know, working. How's your mother?" Her dragonlike mother lived in a trailer not far from hers, another repo.

"She's mean as ever," making us both chuckle, breaking the ice. I waited.

"Say, um, I guess you heard Cletis and I broke up!"

"Uh huh!" I wasn't going to make it easy for her. I was thinking she wanted to go through with the divorce and make it official.

"Well, I'm going to be catching a ride down to your area, and well, I'd like to talk to you about something, okay?"

"You even know where I am?" I asked. When I went home to visit a couple years ago Cletis had grabbed me by the shoulder, lifting me up with one paw, and let me know not to come back.

"Oh, sure, a girl friend told me you worked at Mandingo's on the panhandle!"

"Oh," I was a little embarassed she knew that, but what the heck. What girlfriend? She couldn't be a guest at Mandingo's, nobody from Blossom ever could afford even a motel room, although like a lot of southern towns it produced some of the most gorgeous white women on the planet.

I heard some children shouting in the background.

"So anyway, Timmy," she said, with a little trace of exasperation in her voice, "Mom's going to watch my kids while I come down there for a bit!"

"Oh, great," I said, and the truth is my dick was getting hard at the thought of re uniting with this woman I never really stopped loving. "You know, SueEllen, if you need some money, maybe,...!"

"No," she said with a bit of emphasis, "I want you to know I'm not lookin for you for any money at all. I do want ask a favor but you don't have to feel you have to give it neither!"

"Okay, um, fair enough!" I replied dubiously.

"I know I ain't, um, haven't done much with my life, Cletis and all, but ah just got to make a change an ah'm hopin you might do me a big favor to start, is all!"

"Um, sure, I'll do whatever I can, you know that!"

She thanked me with real warmth, and gave me her bus number for the morning run into Bailey, the nearest town on the beach to Mandingo's.

Bailey is like a lot of small affluent beach communities. You mostly see rich retired and young whites, but also some blacks from a nearby military base, which tend to be all male. I worked the night shift at Mandingo's and was a little more than anxious to see SueEllen, wondering if she had gotten fat or knocked up again. I was even thinking that if she didn't want a divorce or money, maybe she was thinking of taking up with me again! I cleaned up my studio apartment better than ever and laid in some groceries. I also put away a lot of the subslut blackworshipping toys in a downstairs storage locker so SueEllen wouldn't discover them.

Next morning I'm waiting for the bus from Blossom to unload, my heart beating and my unrelieved balls swelling along with my cock in my shorts, when I see finally emerging with a cheap suitcase, a knockout blonde in a tight sheer sweater. AWmann, SueEllen was still a hot babe all right! Her short skirt riding up so I saw her ripe pale thighs as she got off the bus, looking around, I came over smiling, and she smiled also. She then gave me a peck on the cheek, disappointing me majorly, but I also felt the brush of her big breasts.

"Oh Timmy, it's so beautiful down here. LisAnn told me how nice it was!"

"It is nice. You look, well, great!"

"Thank you!" I drove her around the town, pointing out the pier, the boardwalk, the lighthouse, the distant naval base piers, and she nodded absently, smiling, but took her first real interest when I pointed out where I worked, Mandingo's beachfront resort.

"Oh, so nice," she said, awe struck by the tacky dolphin statues on either side of the driveway entrance. From her trailer park background it didn't take much to impress this gorgeous hick, I'm thinking.

"Wow, I'd sure like to take a look at the inside!" I looked at her sharply at that. If her friend told her about my working there she must know what Mandingo's is all about. But on the other hand, the thing I always loved about SueEllen was her naivete, and maybe she didn't really understand it.

So I bought some time. "Well, um, I'm off shift now, and if I walk in there and they need more people I might just get put to work, so, um, perhaps later then, would that be okay?"

"Oh sure," she smiled.

Back at my studio, giving her an ice tea, her favorite, she sat on my Goodwill sofa and crossed her shapely legs, giving me a look up her short skirt. Just a few lines around her eyes and neck, still a great babe with her cheap hairdo.

"Okay," she said, a little nervously, "your'e probably wondering why I'm here." She put her palm up, took a sip, and took a breath. "You know I'm broke, Cletis left me an all, ah got two little kids, my trailer is getting repoed, and ain't no jobs and ah ain't got no skills neither, and wait, it's embarassing telling you all this cuz it seem like I'm begging and it's true I'm not pushing you for no money."

"I need help getting a job, Timmy. Cletis done ruined my credit and everyone is doin credit and background checks. I can't get no job at all!" Tears seemed to form in her eyes, and she brushed them with a tissue. "I'm sorry! There it is!"

"Um, gosh, SueEllen. This isn't an area good for jobs anyway. Bailey even probably does background checks for waitresses!"

She nodded, "I know, but LisAnn was telling me that you might be able to get me a job at where you work!"

My jaw dropped open! "Mandingo's? You want to work there?"

"I need to work somewhere, Timmy! And not far from momma and the kids and it's all I could think of!"

"Mandingo's, honey, is for, well...!"

She smiled, "white women an black men, ah'm not stupid, Timmy, everyone knows that!"

"Well, yeah... but have you ever even dated a black man, SueEllen?"

"Course not, you know that. They'd lynch him in Blossom if Cletis or someone didn't just plain shoot him first!"

"Well, what kind of job...?"

"LisAnn said there was lookin for maids, and what made it good was they wasn't only takin black gals or mexicans for a change. So I figured I had a chance an with you bein workin there,"... she paused, looking at me worriedly. "You don't want to help me?"

I moved closer to pat her shoulder, "of course I want to help you!" She seemed vastly relieved at that. "But, there are a lot of things about Mandingo's you have to know first!"

"Oh, of course," she breathed, "I can learn, I mean ah will learn everything, and I'll work real hard too, you won't be sorry!" She put her soft hand on mine, looked into my eyes, making my heart skip. "Does this mean you can get me a job there?"

I was kind of torn here. Sure she was desperate and her story was okay. And the fact is I probably could get her a job there, but did she know what she was getting into? and was I ready to see this luscious woman who was still technically my wife work there, with all it mean't?

"You really are broke then?"

She nodded. "Flat broke, Timmy!"

I nodded, "and your'e ready to do whatever'e necessary?"

"Anything, you won't be sorry!"

"This girl LisAnn, how come she knows about the place and she was lookin into a job there?"

"Oh," she smiled, "I went to school with her. She's a coalburner, ever since she worked

in Raleigh and met this black guy, but she still lives in Blossom, so she comes down when this fleet of ships comes in, and she's been in Mandingo's, you know, with black sailors!" She blushed a little at that.

"And she wanted to work there?"

"She thought about it, but she needed a reference from a staff member for some reason, and of course she didn't have it, but she thought that I, well, and you...!"

"You know why they need a reference from a staff member, honey? And why they only take hot looking white girls there?"

"Well, um, I can, well from Lisann I heard some things...!"

"Did she tell you that if you worked there you couldn't let on we were married? They don't allow staff with relationships to work there, it's just too hard with all that goes on, jealousy and all!"

"Oh, well, I don't mind!" She patted my hand, "I mean wev'e been separated for a long time and I just haven't had enough money to do the divorce thing."

"I mean we can say we know each other, were roommates or something, that's all!"

She nodded, getting more hopeful.

"Plus, if I recommend someone, everyone assumes your'e a coalburner also. It's taken for granted at Mandingo's, otherwise, well, why would anyone go there?"

She looked thoughtful at that, nodding finally. I wasn't sure what that mean't. "Well, I ain't never been with a black man, lahk ah said. But, well, ah wasn't kiddin when ah said I'd do anything it takes. I got to get work, Timmy! Promise me you'll help me!"

I nodded, trying to force a weak smile.

"Naturally you can stay with me until you get settled with a paycheck!"

"Oh, thank you!" She said warmly. I knew she had to stay with me, but I also wanted it.

"But, well, there's some rules to work there. You got to remember them!" She looked serious, nodding. "You got to pretend your'e a coalburner cuz everyone expect you are anyway. That's number one. Black guys will pitch at you and you got to be friendly. In fact that's what the staff does, suck up to everyone. Can you handle that?"

"Oh sure, ah do that all the time in Blossom even!"

"Okay. Second rule, most important probably. I'm not even going to mention no stealing and working and being on time and all cuz I'm not even worried about that. But your'e a real beautiful white girl, SueEllen, and you'll be going into rooms where all kinds of stuff will be going on."

"Oh, I'm an adult, Timmy!"

"Sure, but the white women, mostly wives with credit cards, well they pump in the cash that runs the place. These rich cheaters will look carefully at any cute white maid that bats her eyelashes at their black bucks, and it would only take a word to the front desk to get fired for it. You can't ever give the impression your'e trying to steal their bucks!"

"Oh," she sighed, "now why would ah ever do that? Ah'm only like you say, a pretend coalburner in the first place!"

"Okay, and, um, before I take you over there, we have to change your, image, a little, that's another thing!"

"Ah don't have any money for new clothes, Timmy!"

"It will come out of your first paycheck, honey, if you like, I'll loan it to you, cuz you need to give out the right vibes when you go on over there, even with my recommendation." She reluctantly accepted that. I didn't know where to begin. I knew where to take her though. A little boutique that specialised in setting up girls for a night on the town cruising for big black cock! In fact it was mentioned in OBEAH's literature.

The BlackBull Milkers was on Grant ST. and SueEllen was blushing even as we walked in. The fact is I wanted to see her in some real hot outfits myself. Despite her squealing with shame, I got her thong panties, high heels, slut lipstick, and short low cut dress, a silver anklet and necklace proclaiming BLACK ONLY! And finally, looking at a glass counter while she was torn between dying of shame and desperation to leave, I asked her if she had any piercings.

"Of course not!"

"No nipple rings or tongue studs at all?"

"Well, surely not!"

"Well, mmm, I don't think Iv'e ever seen a maid there without a tongue stud and nipple rings. Here's a pretend one, I think it will fit if I, um, remember right." I succeeded in making her blush again.

Back at the room, I was trying to arrange my hardon while she dressed.

"Timmy, I'm afraid to come out!"

I laughed, "I'm sure you look beautiful, honey!"

"No, really, wait, in the box with the dress I found a card. Timmy, have you ever heard of OBEAH BlackRules?"

"Wait," I said, "that's for later honey, I didn't want to...!"

"(Giggle) Oooh, just what LisAnn said, but I didn't want to believe her," she laughed, "or maybe I did!" After several minutes, she came out, holding the card with the printed OBEAH rules on them.

"Have you read this?" she was handing me the card, and stopped, "what's the matter?"

I swallowed, because I was just gaping at her generous curves bursting out of the tiny dress.

"Oh," she said, looking down at her luscious breasts almost baring her nipples, and blushed. She meant to bring her hands up to cover herself, but I stopped her.

"Wow, you look, gosh, super hot!" She had even put on the necklace and BLACKONLY medallion, hanging between her cleavage. She held it up and smiled.

"Cletis would kill me just for wearing this! I think it's too low, do you think?" I swallowed, and nodded, and she turned around, and I stood behind her, and looked down at her big firm breasts again, moving the clasp in back of her slim white neck so it came out of her cleavage, prominently displayed for the world to see now. BLACKONLY! Admiring herself in the mirror, she turned around and noticed my projecting hardon before I could sit back down.

"Oh, Timmy, I wanted to, well, I know your'e helping me and I'm so grateful and all, but, between us...!"

I stammered, "of course, honey, whatever you want is fine!"

She breathed a sigh of obvious relief then. "Besides, if I wear the BlackRule buttons to get the job, I should probably follow them. And it says quite clearly, I mean I just glanced at it, but...!" She sat down besides me, her lush body warm and her big breast brushing my arm, as she looked at the card again.

"Gosh, yes. It says 'White Women are the property of all Black Bulls!' And by wearing the medallion I am proclaiming my 'obedience to all Black Males and my body is only for Black men now!' Imagine, Timmy! And look, it says in Rule # 4, 'a white woman is not allowed to have sex with a white male', who they regard as whiteboy sissies! (Giggle) Except, oh my, well look at this rule too! 'BlacKBull Milk is holy and must always be recycled if possible', that's where it allows contact with you sissies I guess!" I squirmed, was very uncomfortable and blushed, because to my surprise she was taking it pretty good.

Driving to Mandingo's the next morning I looked at the very nervous SueEllen in her slut outfit, her shapely legs crossed. I was early for my shift but I'm sure they would give me some overtime. I was figuring that morning maid shift was the hardest to fill job and it was a lot tamer than the evening and weekend shifts I was pulling.

"Timmy," she said, her hand on my thigh almost making me drive off the road, "I want you to know I appreciate this, however it goes. Even if I don't get the job I'm so grateful I got the opportunity to, well, see this side of things. Oh, and last night was just so much fun!"

Last night I decided I had to see if she could carry it out, so I took her in the OBEAH slut outfit to this interracial dance club, where I watched her flattered and pleased by all the big black studs asking her to dance, and groping her up on the dance floor after she had a few drinks.

"I'm glad you liked it!"

"I know you took me there to see if I would freeze when a black man touched me!"


"And I know it made you a little jealous seeing me dance close with all those horney black bucks, and maybe a little foolish when you had to buy drinks for us at the booth!"

"It did make me jealous. But at the same time, it was kind of exciting!"

"I thought so, you naughty little sissy!" She teased with a smile. I half expected she would take one of the bucks home but she didn't, begging off with a promise to several. She wasn't ready for more, and I wondered how much slack the bucks at Mandingo's would give her and how long it would take!

Dave the day manager smiled when he saw us, having been alerted by a phone call the previous day. Fact is that SueEllen was precisely the type they looked for and couldn't find in a rich town like Bailey. If Blossom was within 50 miles they'd have wall to wall gorgeous white sluts lined up for a maid's job. There wasn't much of an interview, Dave took a cursory look at the flags she was flying, watched with a superior smile as she blockprinted the application out, mispelling lots of stuff.

"Oh, and by the way, you know, Timmy, we don't like staff having relationships, your'e not related are you?"

"Uh, no, sir. Just roommates. I know SueEllen from back home!"

"Okay fine. All right honey. Get your uniform from laundry, you can report anytime for day shift!"

"Oh, thank you sir!" she gushed, "Ah promise I'll work real hard, sir!"

"I'm sure you will, honey. Just remember some of the work has to be maid service and we'll get along fine, okay?"

SueEllen looked puzzled by that, but nodded and thanked him again, and said she would prefer to start that morning as soon as she changed.

I waited by the bar nursing a coffee wondering if Dave would let me start pool boy dutes early, when she came out in her short French Maid outfit.

"Wow, even the staff wears slutty stuff. What do you wear Timmy?"

"Um, depends, usually as a pool boy I just wear a speedo and sandals, except for party nights!" I didn't want to say some of those nights the male staff members just wore chastity tubes!

"I'm going to report to Housekeeping, but will I see you later?"

"Sure, and if you get off earlier than me, the extra car key is under the seat!"

"And you know the pay rate is 2 dollars over minimum, with BENEFITS! I can't thank you enough, Timmy!"

"It's okay," I replied, smiling at her sincerity.

I worked until 1 before I saw her again, briefly, in the lunch room.

"How's it going?" I was kind of anxious, because it wouldn't look good for me to have her not work out. She looked very nice, kind of glowing with excitement.

"Oh," she sighed, as she lifted up her tray because she just ate, "it's really nice. Roxie, the housemistress in charge of all the maids, gave me all the best tips on how to get along here. Some were," she whispered, biting her full lower lip, "a little naughty. Some girls make great tips! I'll tell you later! But, wait, I met this man, Deon, who wants to meet me later during break. He seems very nice. What do I say if he sees us together?"

"Oh, just like with Dave, wer'e roommates is all!"

"Okay, you don't have a problem then neither do I, I guess!" She sounded a little uncertain and I know I was uncertain.

That evening we celebrated with some wine her first day, and the truth was I was hoping for maybe a little nookie, seeing her come out of the bathroom in this tiny little robe. But she smiled and pointed at my projecting little hardon through my shorts and teaseingly wagged her finger from side to side.

"Oh, no, Timmy. Roxy was very firm on following all the OBEAH rules for behavior. But I wouldn't mind going back to that same dance club tonight!"

(Continued as Illustrated story at http://www.midnightx.com/ )

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