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Not Over The Hill

Mar 2, 2005

By goldiemt

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"Not Over the Hill"

By Dr.Bone who sez: Ya gotta be an adult to read the story below.

"I guess I am just getting over the hill." said my wife Nancy sitting down for diner. She was about to turn fifty and even though she kept herself in great shape she felt she wasn't getting the looks she was getting when she was in her twenties or even thirties.

"Oh you have to be kidding me, you still got it." said my coworker Eric, sitting next to her. He was twenty years her junior, I always knew he had a little crush on her, that's why I brought him over. With a little wine everyone was getting a bit more loose.

"Come now! What could a young guy see in an old lady like me?" Eric told her that he did not think of her that way and that she had a lot more sex appeal than some of those young ladies out there. She laughed and told him not worry, it was not like she was going to sit on his lap or anything. He pushed his chair out and told her to go ahead. Nancy did so and the minute that she did she went "Oh!" as she could feel his erection through his slacks. "Now I know I did not cause that." she said hopping off.

She looked down to see his cock straining against his slacks and blushed. "Honey if you started it I think you ought to finish it.? She took another sip of her wine and asked did I think so? I told her yes. She got down on her knees in front of Eric, he looked at me to see if it was okay and I gave him a nod. It was turning me on to see my wife like this. She undid his belt buckle and pants snap, then with nervous hands she undid his zipper. Then she reached in and pulled out his cock and it was a whopper. She had never handled a black cock before and marveled at its size. She gave it a pump and was surprised as it grew bigger still in her hand. She started to jerk him off. I was tempted to get my camera but decided not to. But the sight of my wife of thirty-some years jerking off that huge python turned me on, and her too judging by the look on her face and the hard nipples poking through her blouse.

"Give it a kiss." I told her. She hesitated a moment then leaned forward and kissed Eric's cock's head. He shivered in pleasure, emboldened she kissed it again then she opened her mouth and started to suck on it. "Mppph! I can barely get my mouth around it." she said as I wondered if her mouth would have stretch marks after this.

I got down behind my wife and reached my hand up her skirt and started to finger her pussy through panties. "No fair, double teaming me like that." she said. I pulled her panties down and began to finger fuck her wet snatch. "Come on baby give him something to remember you by." I told her.

"Right here? At the kitchen table?" she asked as she hiked up her skirt after taking off her panties. Eric held his cock straight up as she slowly lowered herself onto it. She made a groan as her pussy adjusted to its large size. Facing away from him she bounced up and down on his dick. He grabbed her tits and squeezed them. Eric and I helped her off with her blouse and bra.

I sat up on the kitchen table and Nancy leaned forward and sucked my cock like a mad woman as Eric banged her from behind. When he came in her I sat down on a chair and she bounced up and down on my cock facing me as she jerked Eric hard again.

After I came Eric bent her over the table and stuck it in deep inside her. "I need this so bad!" she said then looked at me and said "Thank you honey." He pulled out of her so we could get her skirt off, now she was completely naked, Eric pushed it back into her and pounded her good and hard, I got the camera out and took some shots of her getting fucked by her huge black lover.

Eric got her to lay on the table on her back. He went around to where her head was and leaned it over the table and fucked her face while I took some more pictures, wanting to show Nancy sucking his cock as deep as she could. I fucked her while Eric fucked her throat.

Then she was one her knees playing with her pussy while she sucked and jerked off both our cocks. I snapped a good shot of Eric's cum flying all over her face and tits as she showed off some more for the camera, this was followed by me cumming in her wide open mouth.

The next day Nancy and I had a great fuck session. The pictures turned her on, and she has hinted she would not mind being filmed with a lover as long as he is big and black like Eric. Lastly she does not feel over the hill anymore, she feels on top of it.

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