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The Escaped Prisoners

Mar 18, 2005

By lokn4blkmilfs

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The Escaped Prisoners

By: Southboy

Eric and Joy Andrews had just settled down for the evening when they heard a pounding on the front door. Being as their bedroom was upstairs in front part of the house, Eric went to the window and opened it and shouted down. It was Henry Smith, the local deputy sheriff who informed them that there had been a jail break at the near by prison and several of the men who escaped were violent. He told Eric to make sure all the windows were locked.

Eric thanked him and went and told Joy of the jail break. He told her not to worry that he had a gun and no one was going mess with them. He got back in bed and went to sleep.

Later that night, Eric found himself being roughly dragged from his bed and bound to a chair. The lights were turned on and Eric could see that there were several huge husky black men in the room and they were dressed in the stripped prison garb of the inmates.
His eyes jerked over to look at his wife who was trying to cover herself with the bed covers. Her blue eyes were wide with fright and she was trembling in fear. The big husky black convicts were looking at her like a hungry kid looks at an ice cream cone.

Joy is a beautiful, 32 year old, extremely sexy and sensual blue eyed blond with a firm 38DD-26-36 mouth watering figure. She and Eric were both very committed to one another and had never been unfaithful. They took their marriage vows extremely seriously. They were both deeply religious Southern Baptist. While not a prude, Joy enjoyed having sex with her husband, she was very morally inclined about sex and would never indulge in anything other than just the missionary position.

Two of the husky niggers stripped of their convict uniforms and stood before Joy who was crouched on the bed. Her eyes went to their white boxer under-shorts, the huge bulges poking them out like a tent. They stripped off the boxers freeing their huge pulsing, throbbing black monstrous cocks. The other four husky niggers also stripped revealing their massive black manhood.

Joy knew what was coming and tried to scoot off the bed but was quickly grabbed and shoved back on the bed. No one had spoken a word there was no need to being as something was happening that doesn?t need words. One of the young black niggers got onto the bed with Joy pinning her down on her back. Her night shirt was pushed up off her sexy white body, her white panties ripped off revealing her blond pussy.

?Ohhh man?man?looks at dat prettie blond pussy?mmmm..I?s gonna loves fuckin? dat??ain?t had me no?s pussy in ?bout a year?mmmmm?..,? the husky nigger grunted as he forced his black knees between Joy?s white thighs, ?..bin wontin? me sum hot white pussy?..yea baby yo?s gonna luvs dis nigger cock..gonna fills yo??gonna fills it with my nigger cum?while ya ole man watches?.mmmmmmm??

?Nooooo..pleaseeeeee?.nnnoooooo?.don?t do this?I?m a married woman?nooooo..,? Joy pleaded to no avail as she looked down between her white body at the huge black cock that was about to enter her married white pussy, ??you?re tooo biggggg?.noooo pleaseeeeeee?.you you?ll get me pregnant?nnnnooooooo??.pleaseeeee??

The young husky nigger just grunted as he pushed the huge bulbous head of his huge black cock up to her blond pussy lips. A huge glob of pre-cum spread in her slit as it rubbed it up and down on her pussy lips lubricating it. Firmly holding his massive black cock he flexed his muscular black ass forward seating the huge tip between her blond pussy lips. Slowly he shoved forward the huge black tip entering her vagina, stretching her wider than she thought was possible. The thick black stem followed the huge tip and was sinking deeper and deeper into her.

?Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm?shit so fuckin? tight?.fuckin? tight white pussy?,? the young nigger grunted as he sank his entire length into Joy, ?God..baby win da last time yo? dun got fucked?..yo?s like a fuckin? virgin?..mmmmmmmmm??

?Stoppppp?.ooohhhhh?.pleaseeeeeee?.stopppp?.it?s too biggggg?.you?re killing me?.oooooohhhhhhgod god?noooooooo?.,? Joy cried as she felt the huge massive black nigger cock filling her completely, stretching her, reaching much, much deeper than her husband had ever been able to reach. The huge black tip pushed up against the cervix and entrance to her married white womb. I was perfectly lined up at just the right angle so the slit in the black head would shoot its massive black load of stored up baby making nigger cum into her womb.

Eric sat helpless, bound to the chair, his mouth covered with duct tape. His eyes watched the incredible sight before him a few feet away on he and Joy?s martial bed He watched the huge black niggers? cock penetrate his lovely wife?s blond pussy up to his black sperm loaded balls, the pussy that up until now only he had penetrated.. He was huge by any standard. It had to be at least 12 inches long and as thick as a coke can, making his 6 inch thin white cock look puny Eric watched as the young nigger convict began to thrust back and forth sending his massive black cock completely into his wife before coming back just keeping the huge tip inserted. He heard his beautiful white wife sobbing then grunt as the wind was knocked out of her on the hard inward strokes of the huge nigger cock. He heard the young nigger convict grunt as he fucked his white wife hard. He heard the young nigger telling her what he was going to do to her; how hot, wet and tight she was.

For several minutes the young nigger hotly, lustfully fucked Joy who having adjusted to his massive thickness and length felt her body begin to betray her. Never had she felt such sensations from Eric, her whole hot white body becoming a cauldron of molten hot desire. Trying not to show any emotion was impossible as her sexy white hips began to betray her as they started to slowly thrust up and down as the huge black cock moved up and down inside her. Her long sexy white legs lowered to cross his muscular black back helping him to drive deeper inside her responding married stretched white pussy. Her white arms circled his broad black back crushing him to her firm 38DD white tits. Her pleas had stopped and now she was moaning in passionate lust as the young escaped nigger convict hotly, lustfully fucked her in front of her bound helpless husband.

?MMmmmmmm?yea?yea?baby..yo?s likes dis nigger cock fuckin? yo? hot white pussy?don?ts yo??.yo? likes it I?s can tells?.moves dat hot white ass?mmmmm,? the nigger convict hissed as he continued to lustfully fuck her there on her marital bed, her husband only a few feet away watching in anguish.

?Ummmph?umphhhh?,? Joy hissed feeling the huge black cock stretching her beyond anything she?d ever imagined possible. It was reaching depths never before reached by her husband; it was like her very first fuck though she and Eric had sex for years now. This was different, exciting beyond belief. Though she didn?t want to admit it she was reaching sexual heights she never knew existed and it was causing her to passionately respond. Joy began to hotly, passionately kiss the young nigger convict as he fucked her, her pink tongue darting into his mouth as he stuck his into her mouth. Her whole beautiful sexy white body was on fire with lust.

The young nigger who had been so long with pussy, due to her tightness, felt his first of many that evening, climax rapidly approaching. He began to grunt and fuck her harder and faster.

Joy knew what this meant and for the first time began to really wonder if he would impregnate her however she realized that there was nothing she could do about it because he definitely was going to shoot his nigger cum up into her unprotected married white womb.

?Ooohhhhhh?.yeaaaaaaaaaa?yeaaaaaaa?.gonna cummmmmm?.gonna fills dat hot white pussy wit mys? nigger cummmmmmm?.sssss?.,? the young nigger convict grunted as he thrust forward hard burying his massive black cock to the hilt into Joy?s juicy hot boiling married white pussy. He was pulling her tightly against him hot black body as his huge black cock began to swell even larger.

?God?.God?..I?m cummmmmmmmmiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnn?.ahhhhhhhhieeeeee?,? Joy moaned loudly shapely, long sexy wite legs locking tightly around the young black convicts muscular taunt black ass pulling him even closer, her white arms circling his thick black neck and tightly pulling him to her full firm white tits.

?Yeaaaa?.yeaaaaaaa?.,? the young black convict moaned as he began to cum in powerful rapid fire spurts deep up in Joy?s pulsating married white southern pussy. A deluge of hot sticky virile nigger cum inundated her white pussy in what seemed to be buckets full, each one being felt by Joy causing her to have the most intense climax of her life.

?Oooohhhhh?baby?baby?yessssss..yesssss?.don?t stop?.cummmmm in meeee..,? a lost in passion Joy pleaded as she whipped her blond head from side to side as her white pussy pulsed and squeezed the huge fully inserted young black cock as it spewed a torrent of nigger seed deeply inside her.

Eric couldn?t believe his ears, he couldn?t believe that his beautiful, sexy white wife could be encouraging or enjoying having a stupid, dirty black nigger fuck her They had often complained about ?niggers? and how they had only taken from society; how they had lowered the morals and educational standards. He knew that Joy was really a very biased person when it came to the races, especially the blacks, yet here she was urging a young big cocked nigger escaped convict to fuck her and shoot his cum inside her. She actually seemed to be enjoying the fucking she was getting from the young nigger. As he looked around the room he saw the remaining five young niggers, all with huge erect black cocks, watching intently. He knew they were all going to fuck his beautiful white wife.

Joy and her black lover lay locked tightly together as their climax continued for several minutes, hotly kissing.

?Ummmmm baby yo? sho? am a good fuck?..,? the young nigger finally grunted, ?jes wat dis big black cock needed???..yo?s likes it in yo white pussy?hummmmm?

?Mmmmmm?yesssss?yessss?..it was sooo goooodddd?..I loved it..,? a hotly smiling Joy moaned as she kissed his thick black lips again, ?I want you to fuck me again?and again?baby?want that big black cock in my married white pussy?I want it to fuck me good?want you to cum in meeeee?..mmmmmmm..?

?Sho? baby?we?s all gonna fucks yo white pussy?.gonna fills yo wit big black cock and hot nigger baby juice?.,? the young nigger convict hissed as he began to separated from Joy so one of the other young niggers could fuck her.

To that point Joy had forgotten about the other young niggers. As soon as the first young nigger pulled all the way out another was between her spread white legs and shoving his massive black cock up into her married blond pussy and began to fuck her hard with long powerful thrusts.

?Mmmmmm yeah?yeah?yo? is so fuckin? hot?fucks dis nigger?.fucks my?s big black cock yo? white ho? bitch??,? the second young nigger hissed as he hotly, lustfully fucked Joy. She?d hardly had time to catch her breath as he had entered her and began to fuck her.

?Ooohhhh?oohhhh?.,? Joy moaned as she felt the huge nigger cock thrusting up into her repeatedly, her sexy white hips rising and falling in lusty abandon as she immediately began to feel multiple climaxes course and surge through her married white body, ??Yes darlin?? ..yessss?fuck me good with that big black cock?.fill me with your nigger cum?.sssssss?.mmmmmm??.sooooooooo gooooooooodddddddd?.? Joy was in a world of her own now and was totally lost in lustful passion as the six niggers fucked her that night. Their huge black cocks lifted her to the apex of gratification sexually as they fucked into her. She didn?t want them to stop even though she was close to exhaustion. Her married white womb was flooded with virile, hot nigger cum repeatedly. Each of the nigger were finally sated having made up for years without a female to fuck. After about six hours they all dressed in some of Eric?s clothes and left leaving a totally exhausted Joy lying in the middle of she and Eric?s marital bed.

Joy lay there for close to an hour after they left. Her well fucked blond pussy stretched wide, a stream of thick nigger cum oozing down onto the sheets of the bed. Her beautiful white married body flushed pink, her full firm tits, nipples erect, rising and falling as her deep breathing continued. Her over loaded with erotic sensation, mind reliving the hot lusty fucks she?d received and yes, enjoyed. A satisfied slight grin on her full red lips that had passionately kissed the six nigger convicts as they fucked her with their huge black cocks time and time again.

Eric sat in the chair still bound and gagged. He was positioned so he could look up between her wife?s spread legs, at her gapping blond pussy, stretched beyond belief, and at the stream of thick, oozing nigger cum that flowed from out of her married white pussy. Tears formed in his eyes, the shame of having to watch as six young, husky escaped black nigger convicts repeatedly fucked his beautiful blond wife and to have to hear her begging them to fuck her hard, to shoot their nigger cum into her womb.

Later Joy would eventually untie Eric and their life went on. They did not report the incident. There were a few changes however. It seems that Joy now had a thing for big black cocks, young ones and multiple ones. She?d often go to another city check into a motel in a seedy neighborhood and pick up young nigger men and boys. She?d take them back to the motel and fuck them all. Some of these sessions would last for days with new young black cocks being sent over by their friends who?d already fucked her. Joy learned to give blow jobs and take huge black cocks in her sexy white ass.

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