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Mom Gets Pounded Because Daughter Is Grounded

Apr 5, 2005

By Davess

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Mom Gets Pounded Because Daughter Is Grounded
Copyright 2005 by Stormbringer

Megan tied the belt on her robe as she walked down the stairs. She was
running the water into her tub and planning a long luxurious soak. Her
husband was off on another week-long business trip. Megan used these
times to relax and catch up on her reading.

Megan entered her kitchen and retrieved some orange juice from the
refridgerator. She heard her daughter's voice coming from outside.
Michelle was on the phone and had left the screen door open.

"It's ok Nigel, mom's taking a bath. I'm sorry I haven't called. Yeah, I
miss you too."

Megan felt her cheeks flush as she listened in on her daughter's
conversation. Nigel was her daughter's new boyfriend and Michelle had
been walking around all dreamy eyed since she'd met him.

A few days earlier, Megan had caught her daughter talking to one of her
friends. Apparently, the reason Michelle hadn't introduced Nigel to her
parents was that the boy was a twenty year old high school senior and
Michelle had only just turned fifteen. Megan had immediately ordered
Michelle to quit seeing the boy. Now here she was talking to him on the

"I want to touch your thing again. I'm ready Nigel. I want that big dick
of yours to pop my cherry." Michelle looked up and saw her mom standing
at the door. "Oh shit! Mom!"

Megan pulled the screen door open and stormed over to her daughter.
"Give me the phone," she demanded snatching it from her daughter's hand.
"Listen up Nigel. If I ever catch you near my daughter, I'll have you
locked up."
Megan hung up the phone.

"But mom, I love him."

"You are grounded young lady. Go to your room."

"I hate you, you bitch." Michelle entered the house crying.

Megan started crying herself. This Nigel kid was bad news. Michelle had
always been a good girl. Suddenly, she was wearing low riding jeans with
the straps of her thong hanging out. Her shirts were small, tight, and
everything showed her navel. Her bra showed her cleavage which was
impressive on breasts nearing a D-cup in size. Michelle would eventually
inherit, Megan's double Ds.

Megan sighed. She looked at her juice and decided it needed spicing up a
little. Megan walked over to the liquor cabinet and poured some vodka
into her orange juice. She mixed it pretty strong, but hell, she
wouldn't be driving.

Megan locked the doors and headed back upstairs and was just in time to
stop the tub from overflowing. Megan drained the tub a little and added
some bath salts.

Megan walked over to the mirror and let her robe fall to the ground. It
was her habit to examine herself before her baths. No one would of
mistaken her for a mother of a fifteen year old daughter. She had long
straight brownish blonde hair, big full lips and piercing green eyes.
Now her eyes were streaked with red from crying. Her crows feet only
appeared when she smiled and she looked ten years younger. Michelle's
large bosum made most people assume she was at least twenty, so many
assumed mother and daughter were really sisters only a few years apart
in age.

Megan was also quite tall measuring a little over six feet. Hair, bosum,
and height were all part of her Nordic/Germanic heritage and her
daughter was following in Megan's footsteps. Megan was also quite fit
and trim. She struggled daily to keep her tummy flat and her body firm.
Her fit body, height, and large chest made her look like a comic book
super-heroine come to life. Of course, the reality was lower back pain
and a serious consideration to have her breasts reduced.

Megan slid her nude body into the tub. Taking it slowly as her body
became used to the heat. She sighed, laying back to relax a bit before
taking another sip of her drink. Megan grabbed her razor and lifted one
long leg out of the water. She shaved her leg and then did the other
one. Her husband was away, but Megan liked to show off her legs with
short skirts and shaved them daily. Afterwards, she shaved her armpits
and lifted her body out of the water enough to give a quick shave to her
pubic region. Her bush matched her hair and was prone towards bushiness.
She kept it trim and short with only a small triangle of hair on her

After shaving, Megan washed her face and slid her entire head under
water for a moment. When she came up for air her hair looked brown and
clung wetly to her head. She took the jasmine scented soap and lathered
her arms and shoulders before moving down her chest. Megan gasped as the
soap slid over her nipple. Her nipples had always been sensitive and the
simple touch had sent a spasm through her vagina. Her nipples were also
pointy and thick. They were prone to harden often and were easily
noticable through Megan's bras. She often covered them with bandaids to
protect them and to keep men from looking at her chest when they talked
to her. Both nipples were hard and aching now.

Megan rubbed the soap around under her breasts before sliding it over
her tummy. Lastly she lathered her crotch and slid the soap along her
thighs. She was tempted to let her hand linger between her legs, but she
hadn't masturbated since getting married. The drink and rubbing her
nipples was making her horny.
She still had a week until her husband got back to take care of her
needs and even then he'd only be home for a few days.

Megan rinsed and relaxed for around fifteen minutes before pulling the
plug on the drain.
She lifted herself out of the water and toweled herself dry. The last
step in her bath was to rub baby oil over her entire body. She believed
the oil kept her skin smooth and youthful looking. Her skin was slick
and glistening when she pulled her robe back on. She quickly brushed her
wet hair.

Megan passed Michelle's room and listened a the door. There was no noise
until Megan started to walk off. Then she heard a giggle. Megan quickly
pulled the door open. Michelle was sitting at her desk at her computer.
Her bedroom window was open next to her. "What are you doing?" asked

"I'm chatting with Kimmy." Michelle looked nervous. Her eyes darted to
the window. Just a few years ago, Michelle had been a tomboy climbing in
and out of her room by the big oak tree outside her window.

Megan locked eyes with her daughter and they stared until the fifteen
year old looked away.
Megan looked at the open window. It was hot and a cool breeze blew in
through the window. Could she still trust her daughter? Would she sneak
out to meet this Nigel character? Megan made up her mind instantly.
"Young lady, grounded means grounded. That means no cell, no computer,
and no tv." Her daughter had all three things in her room. "You're
sleeping in my room tonight young lady."

"I'm not staying with you." Michelle crossed her arms and pouted.

"Then I'll stay here." Megan grabbed Michelle's arm and pulled her out
into the hall. The teenager shuffled her feet as her mother dragged her
into the master bedroom. "I'll wake you before school," said the mom
shutting the door. Megan still didn't trust her daughter. The frustrated
mother walked determindly to the closet and took the vacuums extension
cord. She tied the cord around the door knob and the other end around
the stair well. Michelle could get out with a struggle, but Megan hoped
the noise might awaken her. Otherwise, she felt her daughter and her
daughter's virginity were safely locked up for the night.

The frustrated young moher stormed back downstairs and fixed herself
another screwdriver. She thought about calling her husband, but they had
agreed to talk every other night when he was gone. He would flip when
she told him that his precious angel was looking to give up her cherry
to some twenty year old boy still in high school.

Megan refilled her drink and headed upstairs to spend the night in her
daughter's room. Megan turned off her daughter's computer and sat down
on the bed. It was a typical teenage girl's bed with pink sheets and two
teddy bears laying against the pillows. Megan grabbed one teddy bear and
hugged it to herself looking much like a teenage girl herself.

Megan surveyed the room. One wall held a poster of someone named Orlando
Bloom. She didn't see what was so special about him. The other wall
showed a poster of Justin Timberlake. He had his shirt open and Megan
easily understood why that poster was on the wall. There was a third
poster of Prince Harry.

On the desk rested a picture of Michelle and her friends in bikinis at
the pool from last year. Looking at her daughter's bikini clad body,
Megan was actually thankful, Michelle had made it this far without
losing her virginity.

Also on the desk sat her daughter's school notebook. On the cover were
hearts with Michelle plus Bobby (a nice kid she had grown up with) and
Michelle plus Tom (her tutor). They had gone to the movies chaparoned by
Michelle's father. Both boy's names were crossed out.

Multiple new hearts read, Michelle plus Nigel, Michelle plus Nig, and
Mrs Nigel Jefferson written down. Megan flipped the notebook over and
gasped at a doodle her daughter had drawn. The doodle was of a large
penis drawn with a pen. She'd colored the inside of the penis with the
pen to darken it. The outline of a small arm reached out for the penis
with the hand touching the tip. The penis was overproportioned and as
big as the arm. Michelle had mentioned touching the boy's thing in the
phone conversation she had overheard. This boy was definetly bad news.

Michelle also had a small clothing box sitting on her bed. Megan opened
the box and pulled out some skimpy underwear from some lingerie store.
The panty was little more then strings with a patch of cloth. The bra
was a little better, but sheer enough to leave nothing to the
imagination. Megan considered the underwear to be quite sleazy even
slutty. She knew instinctively that Michelle had bought it for Nigel.

Megan was a little tipsy by this time. The atmosphere of the room had
her feeling like a teenager again. She even giggled as she laid out the
underwear and stood. Her hand reached for the belt of her robe...


Big Nig almost fell out of the tree branch when Michelle's mom took her
robe off. Gawd damn, did Michelle's hot mother have some big titties. If
they weren't sagging a little and if Michelle wasn't on her way to
having tits just as big, Nigel would of assumed they were implants.
The hot blonde milf looked like a nude supergirl. If supergirl worked on
the pole or made porno movies.

Nude was nice, but she looked even hotter when she turned to try on
Michelle's underwear.
The milf turned her back to him and bent down. Her long legs tensed and
a firm milky white ass thrust out at him. Her ass cheeks parted and he
got a quick peek at her gash as she pulled the thong up. Nigel's cock
was achingly hard at this point and watching her cram her oversized
tittys into a too small bra didn't help. When she managed to hook the
bra, her titties were thrust forward and upwards. He could clearly see
some rose colored nipples pushing at the material. The nipples were
large and sized for her big bosum. Nigel had come here to get laid and
looking at the mother, he decided it would be with her.

Big Nig froze as she strolled over to the window. He prayed she wasn't
about to shut it. He was dressed in black and his skin was a very dark
black. Provided he didn't smile, she wouldn't see him. Her breasts hung
like udders as she leaned out and took some deep breaths of the cool
night air. Luckily, the milf didn't close the window when she went back
in. Instead, dressed only in her daughter's bra and panties, the milf
left the room and entered the bathroom across the hall. Nigel slipped
inside the room and dropped some ecstasy into the milf's drink.

Big Nig was bad news. He hated the name Nigel because he thought it
sounded like a British faggot's name. After fucking a few of the high
school girls, he'd picked up the nickname Big Nig. He liked it.

Nigel had failed grades twice and found himself a twenty year old senior
in high school. Nor would he be graduating this year, but the school was
about to kick him out before he turned twentyone. He didn't care. He
only showed up at school because he pedaled XTC
and occassionally some weed.

This year he had scored big selling XTC to half the senior class. He'd
even nailed some cheerleaders in exchange for more XTC. The cheerleaders
had given him the nickname Big Nig. He still fucked them, but now they
paid for their drugs like everyone else. They fucked him because they
loved it.

Michelle had started hanging out with some girl's whose boyfriends were
white, hiphop wannabes. The stupid white kids thought they were cool and
tried to hang with Nigel and his brothers. One day, Big Nig had found
himself alone with Michelle when her friends were off smoking weed and
listening to rap. He had slipped a little X into the girl's beer. The
drug helped loosen her up enough to touch his cock when he whipped it
out. He was going in for a feel on her big titties when her friends had
decided it was time to go.

He set out to seduce her by being overly nice to the impressionable
young girl. It had worked. He'd gotten her to dress sluttier, but had
never had another chance to be alone with her. He'd also freaked when he
heard how young she was. He assumed she was a seventeen or eighteen year
old senior, not a fifteen year ofd sophmore. Her age wasn't about to
stop him. He was going to get his hands on her big white titties and his
cock up her pussy no matter what. Even if it did send him to jail.

Now Big Nig watched as something even better walked into the bedroom.
The milf took a big swig of the orange juice. She laid down on the bed
and drank some more before turning out the light. She never saw the pill
disolving in her drink.


Megan suddenly woke up. She didn't know how long she had slept and was
confused as to where she was. Strangely, she didn't feel tired nor hung
over from the booze. She felt fantastic! Her entire body felt alive. The
bed sheet seemed to caress her skin in a dozen or so places. Her nipples
were swollen and they ached. They ached bad enough, she quickly unhooked
the tight bra. She moaned once as her nipples came free of the bra, then
she immediately missed the contact as her nipples ached for attention.
She stretched once making her muscles tingle. Steretching had never felt
so good. Megan was also conscioulsy very aware of the thong underwear
between her ass cheeks and that her vagina was soaking the material on
the front of the panty. She lifted her hips and pulled the pantys off
hoping they weren't ruined.

Megan suddenly felt very lonely. She wanted to hug and hold someone. She
wasn't just horny. She wanted companionship. She pulled back the covers
and was on her way to her daughter's room to hug Michelle. They would
hold each other and cry and afterwards all would be right with the
world. Then she realized someone was standing over her undressing.
"You're early," she said assuming her husband had gotten home. "Come
hold me, honey." Megan didn't want her husband slipping onto his side of
their king-sized bed and falling asleep. Oddly, her bed felt smaller
then usual.

Megan needn't have worried. When he joined her he was practically right
on top of her. A hand touched her leg and moved up to her knee. Her
husband swung over and kneeled between her feet. He bent down and a wet
kiss landed on her stomach. Another kiss found her navel and his tongue
slipped inside. Her body was so alive with sensation, even his kissing
over her belly felt incredible. And the kisses were moving down. "You
know I don't like that," she reminded her husband, but her body was
tensing with anticipation. "Well, maybe just toNIGHT." Her voice rose in
pitch as his kisses fell on her pussy lips. A long wet tongue quickly
worked it's way between them.

Her hands first pushed against, then gripped tightly, big strong
shoulders. She gripped them tighter as she came. Her hands moved up her
husband's cheeks and into his hair. He'd gotten it cut short, almost
military style. She gripped his head tighter as his tongue burrowed

His hair felt strange, curlier, even kinky. Megan nearly ripped the hair
out of his head as his fingers clamped down over her nipples. Muscular
arms had encircled her thighs as his tongue lapped her pussy. His hands
had come up to her breasts. Her husband was squeezing her erect nipples
between his thumbs and forefingers, jerking on them a lot rougher then
usual. Her pelvis was uncontrollable as it bucked up into his thursting
tongue. She had the biggest orgasm of her life.

Megan was still gasping for breath and seeing stars in the dark room
when the kisses started moving up her belly again. They paused beneath
one of her breasts. His hot tongue pushed out of his lips and licked up
her large breast until it found her nipple. Megan's body writhed
uncontrollably as his tongue flicked over her nipple before sucking the
entire tip into his lips. She nearly had another orgasm just from having
her nipple sucked. Goosebumps grew on her other nipple just as he moved
his mouth over to it.

Megan couldn't take it anymore she needed his dick inside her. Her hands
grabbed her husband's back. It felt like she had grabbed a hard brick
wall instead of the usual folds of flesh. She pulled him upwards. "Fuck
me," she blurted out. "Fuck me right now." Megan only used the word
"fuck" when she was really into the sex. She hadn't said the word in
seven years.

What felt like the hard head of a nightstick pushed into her thigh, hard
enough she expected a bruise. The big, hard club slid up over her pussy
hair until the head pushed over her belly button. Megan open her legs
wide as his hips slid between her thighs. Her husband appeared to have
grown a great big horse cock just when she needed it the most. The huge
cock worked it's way back down her crotch until the head pushed between
her legs.

The tip of her husband's cock felt like it was as big as a golfball. It
was so big, hard, and unyeilding, her pussy opened wide for it even
though it felt like she was stretching wider then ever. Her legs opened
wider then normal too as they wrapped around another surprise, a hard
muscular ass.

Everything felt out of proportion. It wasn't so much that hubby felt
bigger. Megan felt like she had shrunk. Her husband was several inches
shorter then her six foot frame, Normally, he'd nuzzle her neck as they
fucked. Now he was kissing her neck and his back was stil arched because
he had only placed the head of his fat cock inisde her pussy.

Megan's husband was rotating his hips trying to work his new and
improved penis deeper. The image of her husband standing over her naked
body and popping a handful of Viagra popped into her mind. Whatever he'd
done, this penis felt good. It was almost too good. The shaft was
scraping every nerve ending in her pussy and now it felt like it was
reaching new territory. Plus, his back was still hunched like he had a
lot more to give her.

It occured to Megan that her husband had an important meeting tomorrow
and shouldn't of been home. Not that she was complaining as this was
turning into the fuck of her life. Plus, she needed his help to punish
Michelle. Michelle who was sleeping in the master bedroom. Megan was in
her daughter's bedroom. How had he known she was in her daughter's bed?
"Something's wrong," she muttered. "Your penis is too big."

"You touched it, Michelle. You done seen how big it is." The man's body
lowered on top of Megan as what was easily a foot long penis completely
filled her. "Now shut the fuck up before that bitch mother of yours
hears us"

"Nigel?" asked Megan just before he clamped his hand over her mouth. His
voice was deep and his slang sounded so ghetto.

"Don't call me that. Call me Big Nig. You loose yet? You vigins sho is

My god he sounded black? Her husband would freak if he knew his daughter
was dating a black guy. Jesus, she even had his penis inside her and she
couldn't remember even so much as touching a black person before. She
needed to get this punk off her. Megan grabed his hips and pushed back.

"I sees the virgin is ready to get fucked," said Nigel.

Nigel had mistaken her pushes as an attempt to start pumping. He lifted
up and started pulling his cock out. Then a funny thing happened. Megan
felt empty inside as his cock slowly slid out. A deep sadness filled her
and her eyes welled up with tears. The depression was so great her legs
squeezed his hips tightly and pulled him back in.

Despite her tight grip, Big Nig started bucking his hips. "I told you
once I took your cherry, you wouldn't be able to get enough of this big
black cock. This is one sweet pussy, baby. It fits my cock just right.
I'm gonna be fucking you a lot from now on. That alright with you?"

"Yes," she whimpered as Big Nig removed his hands from Megan's mouth.
She'd answered his question without thinking. His huge cockhead was
tingling every nerve in her vagina as it slid in and out. It thrust past
her cervix, tapping right at her womb every time he buried it. "No
condom," she cried as the thought of Big Nig cumming occured to her. She
skipped birth control since her husband was away so much.

"Don't wear them. Besides baby, you can't get pregnant the first time."

Liar, thought Megan. He even seemed to chuckle after saying it. "Pull
out when you cum."

"You gonna swallow it if I do?"

"Yes, just pull out." The thought of swallowing semen disgusted her, but
it was better then getting knocked up with a black baby. Now came a
period when Big Nig's cock began to have such an effect on her, she
could no longer talk. They were more like a couple of animals grunting
and moaning. Megan gave in to the pleasure and the orgasms started

The thirtyfive year old mother shuddered beneath her daughter's black
boyfriend. Her nails dug into his hard back. Big Nig was grunting harder
now and his thrusts were erratic. Megan was on the verge of her biggest
orgasm yet. Her legs automatically squeezed him tighter, pulling him all
the way inside just as his cock jerked. Megan's orgasm broke as her womb
was flooded with sperm. The thing jerked several more times, each one
sending a powerful torrent of sperm into womb. "Oh no," she stuttered
out still in the throes of orgasm. "Pull out."

Big Nig complied, but not before another jet of seed filled her as he
removed it. Another long trail of semen splattered on her belly leading
a trail through her pubic hair. Another hit her chin and breasts as he
quickly straddled her waist. How much can this guy cum, she thought? Big
Nig was still cumming as he positioned his cock between her breasts.
"Push them tittties together," he ordered as his cock tapped her chin.
Megan was squeezing her breasts together just as his hand grabbed her
head and pulled it forward. His cockhead entered her mouth just in time
for one last strand of semen to strike the back of her throat and roll
around her tongue before she was forced to swallow it.

"Damn, Michelle, them titties feel bigger then they look."

Megan's since of euphoric bliss hadn't slackened off any. Her pussy was
still tingling. She was still moaning as Big Nig was twirling her
nipples between his fingers. His cock softened and fell out of her
mouth, but he continued to thrust it back and forth between her tits.

Big Nig leaned over her. On no, she thought as she heard him fumble with
the lamp. She was blinded as the room turned bright. "I gotta see what
my black cock looks like on them milky white titties of yours. Hey, your
not Michelle."
Your her bitch mother."

Megan knew he was black, but wasn't prepared for just how black. Nigel
was nearly jet black. The only thing brown on him was the tip of his
circumcized cock and it was rising up to strike her chin again. He
certainly wasn't a handsome boy, though his muscular young body was
incredible. His facial features were borderline cruel, though at the
moment he was grinning like this was all a joke to him. "Yes, I'm Megan,
Michelle's mother." His cockhead was now thrusting at her mouth again.

"Your daughter know what a slut she has for a mother?"

"I'm not a slut," Megan said before letting his cock slip back into her
mouth. She even ran her tongue over the tip and licked around the head.
Even licking the tip of Nigel cock felt good to her. She'd never felt so
sexually fulfilled with her husband. Plus, with the way he was still
toying with her nipples, she was writhing with lust held down by Nigel's

"You are one horny white bitch." Big Nig quit straddling her. "Roll
over. I want to fuck you again." Nigel took his place behind Megan. Her
pussy was still dribbling semen from his last wad as he lined his cock
up with her slit. "You this horny with your hubby?"

"No. I've never felt like this." Megan sucked her lower lip into her
mouth with anticipation. "I don't know what's gotten into me."

"Black cock," Big Nig pushed his penis back in, "that's what gotten into
you. I know hubby don't have this much cock meat to give you."

"Not even half what you have to offer, lover." Megan was already pushing
back into his thrusts. Another series of orgasms was starting to build.
She'd never cum this much in fifteen years of marriage. Big Nig was
fucking her with the entire length of his cock at one fast and
relentless pace. The orgasms came. They were small, but not
disappointing with an occassional big one. The black man's hands
squeezed her ass cheeks as he pounded his hips. One fat thumb slid down
her crack to rest on her anus. Megan felt pressure on her ass. "Hey!
Watch it. That's my ass."

"I know." Nigel pushed down and her ass opened as his thumb pushed

Megan found it briefly uncomfortable, but her pussy immediatly went
crazy. The small orgasms turned big. The big orgasms turned mind
blowing. "Oh god, fuck me, fuck me. Stick your thumb in my ass. Oh fuck,
this is good."

Big Nig thrust his thumb in and out of her ass in tune to his thrusting
cock. One orgasm apparently caused Megan's strength to give out
and she collapsed forward. He withdrew both his thumb and cock.

"No," whimpered Megan into the bedspread. "Don't stop. More please.
Don't ever stop." Her voice was so soft she wasn't sure Nigel could hear
her. "More."

Now that he had loosened her ass up, Nigel brought his cock up to her
tight little rosebud. "Damn, I been wanting to fuck me an ass and yours
is just as perfect as a white ass can get."
None of the teens he had fucked had ever let him near their ass. Even
the ones stoned on XTC knew better to let his monster near their ass

Megan's mouth still silently mouthed, "more," as Nigel brought his cock
up to her ass. At first she was pleased, thinking his thumb was
returning and soon his cock, but this time, her anus refused to yeild to
the pressure. Eventually, her anus pressed inwards and started opening
for something a lot larger then a thumb. Up until that point everything
had felt good. "Oh my god," she moaned as Big Nig's huge cockhead
entered her ass. Tears rolled down her cheeks. Her knuckles turned white
as they dug into the bedsheets.

"Damn that's tight," grunted Nigel. "Feels good though. Feel good to
you, baby?"

"No. Hurts... Too big." Megan's eyes rolled up in the back of her head
as the fat head pushed it's way deeper.

"If you want, I can pull it out and go stick it up your daughter's ass?"

"No!" The power of her emotions confused Megan. If she thought she told
him no to protect her daughter, she was fooling herself. Her dominant
emotion was jealousy. She wanted Big Nig to herself. "No, fuck my ass.
Keep your big black cock in my ass, Big Nig." As she spoke, Megan forced
herself back up to the kneeling position. It still hurt, but she began
pushing her ass back into his cock.

"Now you're talking. You're one hot white mama." Nigel started fucking
her ass with more then half his cock. Her anus unclenched a little and
she started fucking him back.

What have I become? Megan had gone to bed a loving and faithful wife.
Something had awakened her natural sluttiness even before Big Nig had
put his cock near her pussy. Now she had swallowed another man's sperm,
cheated on her husband, and let a man's cock inside her ass. She had
never been more satisifed.

Soon his mammoth balls emptied another load of semen, flooding her ass
with his hot sperm. Her ass overflowed with his seed that poured out of
her anus as Big Nig took his cock out. He shot several strands of semen
across her ass cheeks and her back. Some even struck her hair.

Megan collapsed forwards onto the bed. Nigel rolled over and collapsed
beside her. They rested half exausted and half asleep for nearly an hour
before Megan opened her eyes. "How old are you again?" Megan grabbed Big
Nig's flaccid cock as she asked the question.


"You're not fucking my daughter." Megan was delighted to see his cock
was already responding to her touch.

"I'm gonna fuck her," he said matter-of-factly. "I might wait till she's
eighteen, but I'm gonna need a little somethin somethin on the side
until then."

"I'll be in this room every night for a week." Megan slid down the bed
and kissed his cockhead. Before taking him back inside her mouth she
said, "after that I think we can work something out."


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