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Auctioned Wives

Jul 5, 2005

By m13

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Cindy had butterflies in her stomach as she waited for the ride that would
take her away from her husband and her home for the next several weeks.
She stood in front of the living room window, wishing that she had never
agreed to do this silly thing in the first place.

Gary walked inside from the backyard and walked up behind his wife and
said, ?Honey. Are you sure you want to go through all this? We can
always give the money back they gave us and call it all off.?

Cindy turned and grabbed her husband?s arm and leaned over and gave him
a kiss and said, ?Gary. We already spent most of the money on a new
truck and we signed the contract and I?m afraid they would take legal
action if I backed out now.?

Before they could discuss the matter any further, the limo pulled into
the driveway and Cindy turned to her husband and said, ?Honey. Make
sure you eat while I?m gone and I?ll call you every day.?

Gary gave his wife a hug and a long kiss than took her hand as they
walked out the front door to the waiting limo. The driver was holding
the back door open for her as they made their way out to the waiting

Gary kissed and hugged his wife for several minutes until the driver
finally said, ?We?re going to have to be going here soon.?

Cindy got into the back seat as Gary kissed his wife one more time and
backed away and said, ?I love you.?

Cindy replied, ?Honey. I love you too and I?ll call you as soon as I can
and let you know I?m all right.?

The driver shut the door and got into the car and backed out of the
driveway. Cindy had rolled the window down and was waving at her
husband as he watched the car pull around the corner and got onto the
main street.

Gary waited until the limo was completely out of his site before he
turned and walked back into the house. Gary walked directly over the
kitchen counter and took the contract they had signed and sat down at
the table and began looking it over for the hundredth time.

It all started several weeks ago when Cindy got laid off from her job at
the accounting firm after four years. She had heard about this
opportunity from a man that worked at the mall. Gary had remembered how
Cindy had told him how the man approached her with a clipboard in his
hand and said that they were looking for certain type women to do a new
reality show and that she was the type they were looking to sign.

The man had told Cindy that they were going to pay $25,000 if she was
one of the lucky women they choose for their show. He explained to
Cindy that she had an opportunity to win up to three million dollars.

A week later, they got a phone call from their agency that said that
Cindy had been selected to participate and if she was interested then
she would have to sign the contract that day.

They were so excited that both Gary and Cindy made an appointment for
them to come out to the house that afternoon and everything was signed
and sealed when the presented a check for $25,000.

They went out that day and bought a new pickup truck with most of the
money and the following week, Cindy was taken to their doctor and given
a complete physical.

Cindy had said they gave her the most complete physical she ever had and
they said that because of their insurance policy with the show that she
could not take any medication that wasn?t prescribed by their doctor.

This included Cindy?s birth control prescription which they exchanged
for a prescription that their doctor prescribed. They were also
concerned with her weight and said she was exactly the size they wanted
her to be and wanted to make sure she stayed on a strict diet to
maintain that weight.

They explained to Cindy

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